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Found 23 results

  1. To any and all writers and readers of fanfiction here on the forums, it is my great pleasure to announce that Poniverse has officially opened an official group on This group will serve as a hub on FimFiction for the Poniverse, and any members of these forums or one of her sister sites (along with anyone else really) are welcome to join and add your own stories if you've got them! Like the MLP Forums Authors Helping Authors group, there are a few restrictions on what type of stories you may add to the Poniverse group: very Mature-rated fics are not welcome, such as clopfics, gorefics, or slashfics. There are plenty of other groups on FimFiction where such genres are acceptable, and seeing as many members on MLPF or her sister sites are quite young, we'd rather not risk having any stumble across said fics in our own group. If you already have a FimFiction account, then all you have to do to add your stories is join the group and add any you have to their appropriate genre folder. It's that easy! Besides adding stories, members of all sorts, whether authors or readers, should feel free to utilize our forums in the Poniverse FimFiction group. You can discuss writing, certain fanfictions, or more general topics (though we ask that most threads be kept pony-centric; our FimFiction forums are not the place for more personal threads or serious topics debating weighty issues). We also hope to host contests of some sort at some point in the future once the group is well established and has a fair number of members and stories. At the moment, the Official FimFiction Group is being administrated by myself, Destiny (FimFiction user name: Theres Always Tomorrow), and Kolth. If you have any questions, feel free to PM one of us, either here or on FimFiction. We hope many of you decide to join and participate in this new expansion of the Poniverse! Official FimFiction Group:
  2. Welcome to the Poniverse Authors Helping Authors group! Here, our hope is that this group might serve to help build ties between the MLP Forums fan fiction community, whether we be writers or readers, by providing a number of services. Namely, this group will serve as MLP Forums first ever official fan fiction library. Fics will be stored and categorized in the thread's OP, where they will be easily accessible to readers and writers alike in one easy to find section. In order for this group to truly have an impact on our fan fiction community, however, there are a few rules that those who want to see their fics stored here must follow: Group Rules (PLEASE READ!!!): MAJOR UPDATE, PLEASE READ!!! Hello everypony! In case you're wondering where the library has gone, well, we've been having some technical difficulties lately in this thread. Sadly, we're no longer able to store the entirety of this group's library in a single post, and any other solutions that involve threads on the forums themselves are simply too much trouble to be bothered with. That's not to say that this group is being disbanded, no no, far from it. Instead, we're simply going to meld it into Poniverse's bustling group on FimFiction, so if you're not a member of that group already, go on and join up right now! It'll be a lot easier from now on to have your fics submitted, since once you're a member of the group you can just add it to the group yourself, in the appropriate folder of course. On top of that, with only one group to manage, I'll be able to more easily organize events such as contests or fic features, etc. I apologize again for this, but I think it'll be for the best in the long run. If you have any questions, feel free to still leave them here in this thread, by all means, or to contact me via PM. To join the new group (if you haven't joined it already), just follow the link below: Poniverse Official FimFiction Group
  3. OK, so it's finals week at my college, and I'm ashamed to admit I had never been to the top floor of my library until last night. While there, I found a "rare books" room. This pretty much means a "books no assignment ever needs" room, and therefore it didn't seem like anybody had been in there in years. A thought struck me...what if I put a time capsule-y thing in here. And then another thought struck me (as it does about 4 times every hour): PONIES. So, I made this thing and I'm gonna hide it in a book. Yup. I'm wasting my time on pointless derping when there's real work to be done. As per usual.
  4. Hello, For this thread, you will be taking a look at your musical library (e.g. iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.), and using it to fill out the following questions, and post them below. Also, since the list of questions is rather small, feel free to suggest any question ideas, and I may add them to the list. Thanks, and have fun! Questions: Most Popular Genre (Genre with most songs for): Most Popular Artist (Artist with most songs): Longest Song: Shortest Song: Song With Most Listens (Thank you for the suggestion): My Response: Most Popular Genre (Genre with most songs for): Alternative (88 Songs) Most Popular Artist (Artist with most songs): Coldplay (111 Songs) Longest Song: Octavarium - Dream Theater (23:59 minutes) Shortest Song: Cranky Doodle Donkey - Daniel Ingram (0:10 Minutes) Song With Most Listens: Atlas - Coldplay (Played 87 Times)
  5. It's her thing. Some of the best scenes in this show have revolved around Twilight and her books. Remember "reshelving day"? I can't believe we still haven't seen her new library. Does the castle even have one? I think they mentioned it in Castle Sweet Castle, but I'm not sure. Moreover, I'm surprised we haven't had a Twilight spotlight yet. She had a lot of parts in some of the episodes, but not a real spotlight like Lesson Zero, or It's About Time. If I didn't know better, I'd almost say the writers are avoiding her because they're afraid of us complaining that it's becoming The Twilight Sparkle Show. But it seems surprising that we got a CMC spotlight, and an Applebloom spotlight, and still no proper Twilight time. (Rarity is due for more screen time as well. :/) Actually, it seems like the show may be succumbing to a common tv pitfall--getting more and more intense and extreme to try to attract viewers, but losing some of it's original charm in the process. I, for one, would love to see a simpler episode, revolving around Twi's new library, without something catosrophic happening. They could open with Twilight receiving a shipment of books from Celestia, you know, to replace her books that were burned up. Yeah. 'Member that? She could start setting up her new library, and then something amusing, and non-calamitous, could happen. Call me something or other, but I'd love another cozy, Look Before You Sleep type episode. I don't think they've exhausted the possibilities for those kinds of episodes yet. I want books, and a slumber party at Castle Twilight, dammit.
  6. Alright, for this forum game, you will list a random keyword (whatever word you want) and the next person to post will search that keyword in their music library (e.g. iTunes, MP3 Player, Windows Media Player, etc.) and post how many songs come up. Then, that person will come up with another keyword, and so on and so forth. The keyword can apply to the song title, artist, album name, and/or whatever else that may match the keyword. Alright, I'll start with: Rain
  7. I'm doing a fanfic where there's a scene in Twilight's house, and I'm trying to figure out how the thing is structured. Flipping through a few episodes I think I have the general outline, but I was wondering if anyone had something more detailed, the kind done by someone with way too much time on their hands. From what I saw after going through the front door there's half the library. Spike's greed episode had her lock Spike in another room with more books on the ground floor. From the same episode and Twilight's first sleepover episode we see that there's a second floor when you ascend the stairs, and above that is a loft where Twilight sleeps, along with a balcony to stand on. From the episode where Twilight gets Owliscious at the beginning Spike runs under an archway to another part of the library, so that makes 3 rooms in total on the ground floor? It can't connect to the room with the door, as it wouldn't make sense for Twilight to lock Spike in a room with another exit, or did the library change structure and that door was just removed for that episode? So confusing! >_< Is that it?
  8. Somewhere in an alternate universe... How great could it be if that actually happened... Hasbro & LEGO would make a lot of money, I guess. I would so much buy it It's not 100% show-accurate, but Hasbro's toys are no better in this case.
  9. Alright everypony, open up iTunes or Windows Media Player and tell us all about the music you've got stockpiled on your computer! I'm not the kind of pony who listens to Pandora or all the time. I'm the kind of pony who if she hears a song she likes, she'll buy that whole album. Maybe even that whole artist! So here's some numbers for you: Deadmau5 - 300 songs - 18 albums Tiesto - 152 songs - 9 albums Kaskade - 125 songs - 9 albums Coldplay - 72 songs - 6 albums Owl City - 62 songs - 5 albums Swedish House Mafia - 59 songs - 2 albums Metric - 52 songs - 5 albums Vinyl Scratch - 48 songs - 2 albums Daft Punk - 3 albums - 40 songs The Living Tombstone - 32 songs Passion Pit - 29 songs - 3 albums AWOLNATION - 16 songs - 1 album There are other songs from various artists such as ACDC, Journey, Guns N' Roses, and Wolfgang Gartner not included above. 1259 songs total. So go ahead and share what you've got with everypony!
  10. So on this day, Twilight's library was destroyed by Tirek. It was a fine library, great for storing all of her books, but it unfortunately was killed. Hopefully in season 5, Twilight's new castle will store her books just as great as the old one.
  11. Was I the only one who wondered about Spike during the scene? Did Twilight even consider him in the instant she was in the tree? If Spike had been off cleaning some corner of the library or upstairs she wouldn't have known at a glance that he wasn't there. The way things had been going this season I can't shake this feeling that Spike's safety would've been disregarded. Moments like Twilight only saving herself during the fall in PTS or just ignoring his feelings in Castle Mania and AEBB don't help this. Thoughts?
  12. I am pleased to announce a new addition to the Creative Resources section: the MLP Forums Authors Helping Authors Group, the first MLPF Fan Fiction Library! With all submitted stories categorized for easy accessibility to readers and writers alike, you are bound to find something new and exciting to read no matter what genre may peek your interest. Not only that, but writers who submit their work can also have their fan fictions reviewed, gaining critical feedback to help them learn and grow in their writing skills and, in turn, have the chance to give reviews themselves. So, if you are a writing wishing to give your stories a bit more attention and exposure, or perhaps you are a avid reader seeking something new, you can click here for more information. Have fun and take care!
  13. DON'T BRO-HOOF!!!!!!!!! I decided to site down and draw this, not for me or any member of the forums. But for the wonderful people who run this site. All of the Moderators, Administrators, and Pony Staff. You guys work hard and i'm broke. So this was the next best thing. Just a little thanks to the great people who run this site: I just wanted to take some time to thank all of the Moderators, Administrators, and Pony Staff members because i don't think enough people do. You guys are awesome and run one of the best Brony sites on the internet, which is saying something. This site runs smooth and it's thanks to all of you. Hell, you guys are the reason i keep coming back. I real appreciate you guys allowing me to post my Semi-Grimdark drawings here, even the ones that should probably just be classified as Grimdark. You guys are fair, accepting, and fun to talk to. Amazing job! Keep doing what you do and thanks for running this great site. DON'T BRO-HOOF!!!!!
  14. Attention all MLP Forums fan fiction writers! I'd like to draw your attention to the the recently created "MLP Forums Authors Helping Authors Group", now pinned in Creative Resources. This group is MLP Forums first ever fan fiction library, and all you need to do to join and see your work posted in our library is click on the link below, which will take you to the group. Please review the rules, post which fics you'd like posted, and we'll take care of the rest and see to it that your fics are added to our library. We hope that this group proves to be a valuable resource to you all and not only helps your fics to gain views/ratings/feedback, but also allows you to meet some fellow authors on the forums. Enjoy!
  15. Hello. Here I present my attempt in mapping the library in Ponyville. I started from making a list of all occurrences of the library in the original show episodes, with their corresponding timestamps, for quicker searching through them for particular screenshots. Here it is, in a plain text file: This list will be updated and expanded along with my work. And then I started from mapping the second floor, because it's where the action of my fanfic is supposed to start. Here's my attempt in making such a map, according to the reference screenshots from the show: Unfortunately, there are some "paradoxes" which I cannot resolve :-/ First of them is the staircase leading downstairs to the first floor: In the beginning of the first episode it is located just below the "tree column", as you can see in the pictures B and C above. It's separated from the desk by two bookcases inside the wall, just under the bedroom. But then something strange happens in picture O: The hole with the staircase totally disappears! And in its place appears the bookcase which was on its right. Also, the part of the "tree column" seems to detach and moves in between the bookcases. It's occluded by Spike for some time, but when he goes out of the view, this is what we can see. The staircase reappears later just next to the desk, and under the Twilight's bed, as we can see in picture N, and it stays there for most episodes. I don't know which location of the staircase is right. I tried to resolve this paradox by stuffing in these two bookcases between the staircase and the desk, and stuffing two other staircases on the other side of it (just below the stairs leading up to the bedroom). At first, this seemed to work, as long as on the shots like in picture N we assume that the desk occludes the two bookshelves behind it, and only the staircase (next in a row) is visible, and then the two other book shelves, which look pretty much the same as the former two, but swapped, are visible there. Unfortunately, this cannot work, because we should see the desk from the side in picture N to make it occlude the two missing staircases. And we see that the desk is just next to the staircase, because there aren't any discontinuities in the edge of the bedroom floor above it, which could explain such a perspective :-/ This leads us to the other "paradox" of this floor: the round bookcase paradox. The round bookcase with hearts and flowers ornaments around it, seen in picture N as the second from the left under the stairs to the bedroom, magically changes into a window/door leading to the reading balcony :-/ We can see this window/door in pictures M and L, and partly in picture G. This paradox can also be solved if we assume that the round bookcase didn't changed into a window/door, but just stood in this place for some time, occluding the window locating behind it. And then Twilight discovered the window and removed the bookcase to reveal it. But this collides a bit with the staircase paradox, because both seem to be located in the same place in pictures B and C, just next to the small bookcase under the stairs, and just below the "tree column" (of course before the staircase magically moves to the right, nearer to the desk, in later episodes ;-P ). Do you have any ideas how these paradoxes could be solved? If we agree that these magical changes of locations are just errors of the artists, then which ones are errors and which are the correct locations? :-P There are also some other, minor inconsistencies for this floor. For example, the gratings in windows sometimes differ. Once they're round oval shapes, the other times they're made of a grid of straight lines. This is the case for the kitchen window, just behind the writing table. Compare pictures F and G, for example. This is the very same window, as you can match the writing table, the curtains, the shelves with plates, and the fireplace. Other things are more consistent on the other hand. For example, picture H is a view as seen from the bedroom, when standing next to the Twilight's bed and looking a bit diagonally to the left. Then you can see the kitchen window at the bottom, and the two other windows above it, as compared with picture G. You can also match the part of the chimney, the flasks on the shelf above the shelves with plates, and a photo standing on the fireplace. Just after Spike's bed (basket), there's a little bit of the top of the desk visible, and a bit of Twilight's bed. Just above the bed there's visible a part of the dark wall behind the bed. This is the part of the wall visible also in pictures N, O, B, and more visible in pictures D and E. When you compare pictures D and E, you can also see some round window located above and to the left from the kitchen window. I cannot quite match this window with the exterior view. The stairs on the left of pictures O, N and M (visible also in pictures J, K, L and G from another point of view) definitely leads to the bedroom. This part has been quite uncertain for me for some time, until I catched the frame seen in picture A, which is the best proof that there is a pathway connecting the bedroom with the vanity/mirror and stairs. This passage is located between the huge dark bookcase in the bedroom and the beige "tree column", which hides it from the view in pictures B and C. That's why it was uncertain to me that there is any passage; I thought that this is a wall, until I saw the frame from picture A and I saw Twilight going there and then going down the stairs in the next scene twice in a row (see the episode with falling stars). Unfortunately, there are even more "paradoxes" at the first floor :-/ Like some windows or doors appearing from nowhere, just to disappear in the next episode o_O MAGIC EVERYWHERE! :-P And some inconsistencies in interior-exterior scenes (for example, with matching windows, or levels). I'll describe them next time. For now, I'd like to know your ideas about how to resolve these paradoxes I already described. I need to map the library correctly for my fanfic to be as much show-accurate as possible, because it intertwines its storyline with the official series, and it will be "visual" (I mean, a comic book), so it needs to match the appearance of the original show. Edit: Here we go again! ;-/ This editor has screwed my formatting again! It glitches royally. Let someone repair this or I gone crazy sooner that you can say "crazy" ;-P
  16. Didn't you notice that the blanket was sideways? Not upward. Its wierd cause you sometimes find yourself cold like that in the morning.
  17. So here it is! My finished WIP! After seeing all the encouraging comments at I decided to go ahead and finish her this evening though I was a little tired. EYES! Y U SO HARD TO DRAW?! Anyway, I think she looks great! I still use the same style as before: sharpie on pencil with colored pencils. I'm pretty much using the art supplies carried around by the average third grader, But this is my style of hand drawing and I love it. I figured I'd just drop Twi in her normal setting: her library! Even though it's a beautiful day out there, she's gonna stay in today and read a book. Let me know what y'all think! As always, thanks for the criticism. I don't have a whole lot of experience in doing this so any constructive criticism is very appreciated. That way I can use your suggestions in my next work and sharpen my skills. You guys are all awesome! Dang! I make reading adorable!
  18. Finally finished up the last bit of this wallpaper and I must say, I like how it turned out. In total it took around 13 or more hours as everything, including the characters and background, was drawn by me. I hope you enjoy. Resolution: 1920x1080 Background Development (many images): Character Development and such can be found within my art thread.
  19. Hey guys! Here's Twi and Discord hanging out at the library: Created in Photoshop Elements 10. Hope you like it Please comment!
  20. Currently, I'm trying to fill a rather pathetically empty niche in this fandom: 3D Animation. Yes, excellent models currently exist for our favorite ponies, fully articulated and ready for use by creative persons... in Garrys Mod and Source Filmmaker... That's nice if you like restricting yourself to Teamfortress 2, Half Life and Left 4 Dead maps, props and characters by forcing them to barge in on something you probably only wanted to be pony-related. But hey, you're working with Valve's resources, and that means you're working with Valve's maps unless you want to bother yourself with learning Hammer so you can make a seriously awful Brush-based map of Ponyville! Ick... Okay, admittedly there are SOME decent maps made, but you get what I'm saying. An entire medium of artwork and animation left unplumbed and neglected, solely represented by some SERIOUSLY limited productions involving a game-engine, adding another hurdle to the process of making videos by exporting models and textures into Source. What if you wanted to go BIGGER? Where is the content necessary to make a 3D scene NOT constrained by game-engine limitations so you can have huge spaces to work with, or use fluid, cloth and general physics simulations on a grand scale? Maybe you want better effects, and to NOT have to deal with a game's particle engine to do it? Well here's the thing: I'm such a person, who wants to do scenes and trailers and all sorts of other cool things to supplement my written work for the fandom (a little fic on EQD called "Black Equinox"). And I'm currently working to make tons of 3D pony content available for those who work in the realms of 3DS Max, Maya, Blender or whatever 3D package you favor. Want an idea of the sort of thing I mean? Well, here's a teaser trailer I did recently for my fanfic: What you see here is not possible in Source Filmmaker, and if it were, it would be massively inconvenient. Already I've been hard at work extracting Nahka's 3D pony models and rigging them for animation, finding a way to implement the facial expressions he added that would otherwise be unavailable beyond Source Filmmaker or the like. Here's an example of a cel-shaded test animation I did with the current Twilight rig: Cel-shaded, smoothed over during the render to prevent low-poly edges, and open to ALL the possibilities raw CGI offers. Ah, but even with the characters, you need places to PUT them, right? And what yahoo is going to bother modeling all of these environments? Well, look no further than THIS yahoo. I am, at this moment, working to make detailed models of the buildings and structures located in Equestria, from Ponyville to Canterlot. I warn that my work is primarily exterior, but it's better than nothing. At the moment, I'm working on the Library. Yeah, pretty rough, but it's a WIP, obviously, and I haven't modeled the leafy-portions, just the core woody bits (mainly because I plant to set the former on fire in a scene, and I need the husk of the tree). So here's where you guys come in: To do this right, I require references. Here, for example, the Golden Oaks Library (to my knowledge) is only EVER seen from the very front. Any exterior shot of any kind ensures we get the same angle, the same iconic profile. While I'm getting that down in the model, 3D isn't 2D. I can't use an eternally isometric perspective and make the Library a facade with no back. As it stands, I don't think ANYONE knows what the back of this damn tree LOOKS like! I can wing it if I must, fill in a random window on the second floor and call it a day, but in 3D, something should look good right ANY angle. Similarly, (and a bigger long-run concern) Canterlot is shown to be both a palace and a city. By now we have a general idea of the city layout and the palace layout, but the relationship between the two is nebulous at best. Like the Library, we ONLY see the city from the South in that same angle, showing off the aesthetically pleasing silhouette. We assume the rest of the city is past what we can see, but it's shown to be a pretty big place. Big enough that when we see individual ponies on balconies in zoomout shots, we KNOW what we're seeing must only be a small part of the city. Or else, the city must curve around the back of the mountain out of sight. And true, you could do like THEY clearly are and make exterior city shots and interior city shots separate scenes, but it'd be nice to be able to pan a camera all the way through and not rely on cut-away shots.
  21. So there is this desk covered in graffiti sitting in the corner of the library of my university... one day I said "why not draw a pony, it is already covered in doodles after all!" I drew the Fluttershy. You see there. ^ ^ That was a year ago. I came back to the desk today to check up on it. No surprise at all - Fluttershy was covered in dicks, and had a bullet hole through her forehead. XD Oh, I love it when they give me a challenge! However, some awesome person had drawn this cute person riding Fluttershy, and a Rainbow Dash in the corner!!! I'm afraid the face isn't the one they made. >.<; I had to erase it, and make a new one because it had been very heavily defaced. Of course Rainbow Dash was covered in dicks too. Alas, after a hard couple-of-hours' work, the drawings are touched up and better than ever!!! - all critiques welcome! First pic - closer up Second pic - slightly zoomed out Third pic - with me holding a pencil to show scale of drawings
  22. Here is a tune I composed for an RPG game in progress for a stage for Twilight's dream It is called Beyond the Nightmare. The game currently needs more programmers and artists so here is a GDD if you want to help out! Thanks! EDIT: Because of some errors in the audio export I just happened to discover after I uploaded, I deleted the previous and uploaded a better "version".