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Found 19 results

  1. Once again a long period without a word to say. Time to change that. A lot has happened. I don't even know if this post will have any direction. I'll just let it flow to wherever it goes, and hope that you may take something from it in whatever way you wish. What's going with you today, tomorrow, or what happened the day before on behind that one? What do you see in yourself or of yourself? Are you happy? Yes, no, unsure? Quite frankly I hope you are doing well, but let's face it. Life tends to mostly be skewed in the direction or form that we find disdain in. This seems to become more true with every passing year. In all honesty when I look out the world I begin to wonder why humanity seems as if it is pointless in all respects and why I should bother respecting it myself. I just realized something by the way. What I'm writing seems to fake to me. I think I am filtering out too much of what I'm really thinking in order to try and make sure I don't cross some imaginary line or something, like maybe offending someone or breaking the rules. Okay, I'll make sure I don't break the rules, and i don't like offending people either as I try to be a pretty courteous person myself to others, but answer me this. Should I feel bad about offending someone when what I speak or type breathes truth and silences ignorance? Should you? I really don't think so, yet that human nature in you at the same time just keeps you from saying what you really want to say to someone, like someone upsetting you or basically being such an annoyance that you'd like to knock them a good one on the skull. Please don't be like me for the majority of your life, letting people say and do things to you for the sake of wanting to be that, so called around good guy that everyone just loves, while at the same time screaming inside and sacrificing your sanity and own self image to your own demise. Get real, and be yourself. Not the yourself that everyone likes. We already have too much of that going on and quite frankly, it's BS and part of the reason why things that should get done, do not get done, or conversations that need to be had, are never spoken. I'm not saying to be a complete jerk, but realize that you sometimes, you have to hurt feelings in order to get progress. It's something that no one wants to do, but unless you speak your mind, then you will only continue to suffer, and others will be oblivious to their own short comings and issues that they cause. You say you don't like fake people? Then don't, and or stop being one yourself, and say your words. Not the words of your well liked but not true self. I think I'll close out with that. Stay frosty, and through life, keep burning through.
  2. There are many ways to make our life easier or better. Share you ways on how to be more efficient, effective, or perhaps make jobs more fun to do. Let me start. Hate household chores? Play some music to keep yourself happy while doing them!
  3. So...this seems to be the month of blow ups for everypony, seems like all of my buddy's are having the worlds blow up on them in more ways then one and its also for me as well. Let me explain After roommate drama went down so much to the point it took me for several months to reach the idea I'm in over my head. I originally moved in with two buddy's of mine to help keep the place afloat, dungins and dragons, and to move out of my parents....the end result? 21 feeling like 41 as I forgot to take care of myself to the point where my work shoe is falling apart for the past month and I'm now going shopping to replace on top of being broke and my family begging me to leave that mess..... There is more to it but I'm not going into bigger details do to privacy and al that point is do to my insane IRL drama you all will be seeing me go away then pop on then go away for a while. my current residence is my older bro and his fieance, the place doesn't have wifi, at the time of writing this I'm at a buddy's place just waiting to give him a ride. my main goal is to focus on just finding my own place/a better place to move into that doesn't have as much crappy drama as ive been going through. Also I have no cell again so the posts are going to drop like a big mack laying down so fast that ponyville has an earth quake....ok bad joke anyways. I'm not by all means leaving the fandom as I love it too much just going to be off the radar till I get myself properly set up. I'm open to idea's/advice as my friends I trust and love you guys. all your support is helpful and ill keep writing no doubt and I will be back. just need to work on adulating love ya guys -cwhip9
  4. I apologize if I'm asking in the wrong spot, but where did the life advice snowman go? They were cute and welcoming, and I'm a bit sad to see them gone. If they can't come back, can we put someone else on the chair? An empty chair feels ominous and spooky. Again, I apologize if I should be asking elsewhere.
  5. (Please note: the following points raised are from my perspective and not official in any way. Feel free to add your own and discuss.) From the title, it may seems odd as they are ones who needed to learn the lessons to get their cutie marks. What I am going to discuss is about the kind of lessons that we can expect from the show when they do eventually get their marks. The writers seems to be finding the best way to push the CMC toward their marks and it seems like that they are getting closer. However, there is a mix feeling about them getting their cutie mark and not getting it. I support what the writers are doing right now with the CMC as it would still keep them in the show despite eventually getting their marks. They tackled these issues lightly with "Bloom and Gloom" but I feel that they are either setting up something here or they are doing it early so that they can keep avoiding going into the eventually end. The issues arising from the cutie marks and what would happen to them was a good setup for conflict. I feel that the writers did a fantastic job of framing the problem through the CMC's individual worries about the future, they also made a subtle link to how we sometimes worry about the uncertainty of the future. In a typical format of a story, this is what I would call a build up to a climax. The climax would be the unavoidable conflict between the CMC when their friendship is tested due to their talents. They became friends under the same umbrella of being blank flanks. I mean, look at Twist. It would be interesting to see this as an episode in the show to see, given the tension that the build up is going for. Next, I am thinking about who would get their marks. Thanks to "Show Stoppers", we all know what they are good at already so there is a loss of the unexpected and guessing fodder. "Bloom and Gloom" gets more right but I am not going in that. Twilight has been doing well in guiding the CMC in the right direction: Apple Bloom is getting to learn more of what I would interpret as the subtly behind alchemy and getting her to calm down and be patient so that she may soon see the way to her mark, Sweetie Belle is learning magic for unicorns and this is what I would call the discipline and confidence that she needs to eventually get her own mark, Scootaloo is learning basic mechanics and this is what I would say is the most obvious of the CMC and what Twilight was going for was that she would soon see her love for her scooter and lead her to her marks. From pure speculation, I think Scootaloo might be the first CMC to get her mark. She had one key episode in "Flight to the Finish" and her mark seems to be the most obvious comparative to her other two friends. According to the brony analysis community, they raised a point that I like to add: Scootaloo's main issue is that she has to face limitation both physical and emotional. Limitation can also spark adaptability to play with their limitation and overcome what seems like a hurdle. So who do you think might get their marks first or do you think it is possible for all 3 to get their marks at the same time? Do you think we will see this develop eventually or will the writers try and avoid this for as long as they can?
  6. Ask me anything like anything oh so you want examples? Video Games,TV,Music, Ya know that stuff *WHispers* You can tell me anything it'll be my pleasure Also I do life advice
  7. (if the Mods feel this thread is more appropriate for "Life Advice", please move it there) So, this thread is about...the internet! The internet has done many good things for our lives. It has given us more outlets to purchase goods and services from, it has opened up news sources that wouldn't be able to exist before, it has given us forums to communicate with other people regarding every topic under the sun...but unfortunately, the internet is taking over our lives in unpleasant and alarming ways too. One infographic claims that in 2002, 9% of the world used the internet and they used it an average of 46 minutes per day. 10 years later, it had increased to 33% for an average of 4 hours per day. ( That's a severe diminishing of our offline lives. And that's not even considering the internet's ability to fuel our narcissism (or sexual perversions), or the toll that tapping away at a keyboard takes on our wrists. So I've decided that I'm going to make a huge effort to reconnect with my offline life. To not be submerged in screens. If this sounds like an appealing idea to you (it's a new year, so it could be a new years resolution), I invite you to join me. I've written a list of tips that will help us on this journey. To make this post as un-ironic and un-hypocritical as possible, I wrote it out in a notebook with a pencil and paper during the time when the site was down, these last few days. THE LIST 1. Find a job where you can't use the internet while working. Delivering packages, cooking meals for diners, cutting people's hair...the choice is yours. 2. Consider downgrading from a smartphone to a dumbphone. I personally use the same cell phone I did in 2007. It works great and on the day it no longer can work great, I'll replace it with another dumbphone. The benefits of a dumbphone are very numerous; this article by Peter Cohen does a great job of listing them. ( 3. If you choose to keep your smartphone, for the love of God, TURN IT OFF AND PUT IT AWAY WHILE INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE. I can't even begin to describe how rude it is when people look away from you every few seconds to send another text or to play "Angry Birds". It is the bane of life in the 2010s. 4. Instead of using a smartphone, master the art of deep, engaging conversations with no distractions. I, in particular, love these. Meaningful communication is the foundation of all friendship, and friendship is magic. 5. If it's possible, don't keep a computer in your bedroom. This will break the temptation to stay in bed all day on your laptop. I've also heard that the wireless internet connection being so close to you will disturb your ability to sleep. 6. Try to obtain as much information as possible from books. An article from a newspaper or on the internet will be buried by the arrival of new events but a book is eternal. It cannot be washed away. 7. make more time for offline interests: sports, playing a musical instrument, learning to cook, and so on. 8. If you need a list of activities to do with friends that don't involve the internet, some of the ones I came up with are: board games, darts, billiards, karaoke, working out at the gym, writing a story together (even it isn't that great), seeing a band or standup comedian live (for those financially able to) or acting in a play together. If you and your friend both believe in God, why not attend church with them? If you live in an area with alot of outdoor activities, why not go boating, mountain climbing, bike riding, hunting or camping? 9. When you need to break free from the internet, just go outside and head for a walk. A nice little adventure. You never know what you're going to find. 10. Write letters to people. Snail mail style. Especially to people like your grandparents and great-aunts and uncles. They almost certainly are not as internet-savvy (read: addicted) as you so they'd appreciate the old-school communication methods. More to the point, they're your family and they'd almost certainly be happy to hear from you, about what's happening in your life. 11. Instead of posting photos on Facebook and Instagram, why not make a scrapbook? Scrapbooks can be very elegant and sentimental. A Facebook wall isn't very sentimental, though the words written on it sometimes can be. 12. Before taking a photo of anything, especially yourself, pause for a moment and ask: "if I don't share this photo, what will the consequences be?" If the answer is "it won't be the end of the world", strongly consider not taking the photo at all. 13. If a practical time limit will help prevent the internet from taking over your life, try for less than 3 hours online per day. It may also help to have areas of your residence where the internet cannot be used (see Tip 5). - - - - - Certainly there are some things I'm forgetting. If anyone has a tip not listed here that you think is really good, post it. Best tips will get added to my list. For additional awesomeness, print this list out and keep the paper somewhere you'll see it every day. Good luck.
  8. Okay, so you guys might already know what this is, and there might already be a topic like this. The concept is simple. I start with a word; then the next person adds a word, and then so on, to make a story. Here we go: There
  9. Hey, everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. We've got a few announcements to make, and it's our hope that you'll find them useful. Drug Discussion Some of you might remember an old announcement back in March, which covered the basics of drug policy: It's worth revisiting this policy so we can address concerns that came up in recent times. As always, illegal substances are prohibited outside of an academic context, but you are allowed to joke about it (within reason; don't break other rules, and don't glorify or otherwise encourage their use). You can also seek help in life advice, but if you're struggling with drug-related problems, you should seek professional help. Legal substances like alcohol and tobacco are allowed, but be sure you don't do anything that encourages underage drinking and smoking. The same applies to electronic cigarettes. By legal and illegal, we're talking from a general North American (which is where the site is hosted, and where the majority of our members are from) standpoint. For example, it doesn't matter if weed is legal in some states; for the sake of consistency, consider it banned under our rules. As a general rule of thumb, you can treat illegal drugs as you would piracy: discuss it in an academic context, but don't glorify them, encourage them, or otherwise promote their use. Shortened URLs If you've ever seen links like tinyurl,, and, you've seen short URLs. While helpful at times, they can, have, and will be used for malicious purposes. In the past few months alone, they've been used to link to screamers, viruses, and other harmful content. On a site that allows you to set custom text for a hyperlink, like so, there's really no need for shortened URLs. One thing I'll readily acknowledge is that you don't have this option in statuses. Regardless, it simply isn't worth the risk. Don't use short links. If you see a short link, don't click on it immediately. Instead, use a URL lengthening service like LongURL to see where it takes you. If you see one on MLP Forums, please report it. The one exception to this rule: shortened URLs that redirect only to one (reputable) site. These include (YouTube) and (deviantART). Easier Ban/Suspension Disputes A common problem with bans and suspensions is that many are unaware of how to dispute a ban or suspension. While the dispute email address has always been public, it's not in an easily-accessible area. Now, if you're banned, you'll be provided with the email address. The staff are fallible, and disputes are an important part of ensuring that the system is fair. Meetup Forum The Meetup Map thread was useful, but it had a problem: it was too big, and your post tended to get buried by a dozen or more others. To help make life easier for people looking for fellow bronies, there is now a dedicated meetup forum. Prefixes for Life Advice and Equestria Girls You may have noticed some changes to various boards on this site. Life Advice now mandates the use of topic prefixes, which serve to define each thread's purpose. To make this possible, you can now choose from four different categories: Brony Advice, Giving Advice, Seeking Advice, and Vent. Hopefully, these names are clear enough to explain themselves, but for the sake of completeness, I'll go over them: Brony Advice: Same as it was originally. If your topic is specific to being a brony, then use this prefix. Giving Advice: If you want to provide life suggestions, tips, and other advice to your fellow members, you can use this prefix to help people find it. Seeking Advice: Probably the most commonly used prefix. If you're looking for non-brony advice, this is the prefix for you. Vent: Feeling sad? Frustrated? Need a virtual pillow to punch? The Vent prefix is for you. Remember, you can make however many vent threads you'd like, and you can reuse the same vent thread. The Equestria Girls forum also has a new prefix. In order to help differentiate EqG1 threads from Rainbow Rocks threads, you can now label RR threads accordingly. Miscellaneous Staff now have role indicators underneath their badges. It's our hope that these will help you find the assistance you need Gender options have been updated. Transgender males and females now have the appropriate male and female symbols Additional contact fields are now available. You can now link to your Twitter and FIMFiction profiles The last survey-related emails have been sent. Finally, we have something fun in store for you guys in the coming weeks. Expect an announcement on that in a few days! As always, if you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, or suggestions, be sure to leave your thoughts down below!
  10. I know I have leaned toward the suggestion of another subforum before this, but I thought I should recommend this, if that's alright? I noticed that you guys have had some alterations done for the life advice section of the forums, and have been worried about those who aren't going through such a good time right now. I came here to suggest that the Life Advice section should be in plain site for all to see. Something like this: I think that it should stand alone from those discussions, and stand in plain site on the front page of the forums. Something like I have pointed out in the picture. Hopefully you guys get what I am trying to say, and consider this. If not, I understand completely. Thank you!
  11. I consider this a serious concern, so I'm putting this here. I am noticing a lot of threads made by people who are seriously contemplating ending their own lives, and as proud as I am of them for reaching out for help, I feel that they should have easy access to professional help as well here on the forums. I don't think that making a sticky with some crucial links would hurt much, right? To start off, (USA, national) (USA by state) (Outside USA, by country) (Canada, national) (United Kingdom, countrywide)
  12. Hi I'm Flutterplex001 and please let me know of what you think about this...It's a little confusing at the start since I suck at organizing my ideas but please take time reading till the end. This might be pretty darn stupid to some you but here it goes.. Let me start off by saying that playing video games had been my life since I was kid and I was really not interested with the other hobbies I tried (sports, flute playing, and a bunch of other stuff). I remember the time when I used to play with my old Win 95 computer and my PS1(I was like one gen behind btw). But back then, I really did not think about it that much at all. Time goes by and I got to play on a ps2 (when the ps3 came out...I wan't really aware of these things back then, I was only having fun really) and eventually my cousin gave me a Wii (2 or 3 years before the WiiU came out..not really sure). Now, this is a cousin of mine who migrated to the U.S. when he was young and eventually grew up there. He was a medic in the U.S. navy btw when he gave me a Wii along with 10 or so original games (yes I pirated all my games back then except for RA 2, WC3, DMC, and C&C The First Decade...and i really didnt care or couldn't tell the difference between a bootlegged copy with the original one)with 2 other gaming magazines(I believe they were gameinformer ones). I was like mehhhhh I wonder what games are in this issue. BOY...I should not have read those magazines ( Ooh ooh and btw the first mag has Red Dead Redemption as the cover and the other, Portal that time, I was like wtf could these be?). As soon as I've read the contents of the magazine, I was like holy shit these games are awesome. At that very moment I learned how the gaming industry works (or at least in the U.S.), how the community was like, and other fun stuff I'm missing. I started playing with my Wii and of all the games that I played, I enjoyed Okami (Zelda: SS comes second)the most and it is still by far my most favorite game ever. I had like a total 5 playthroughs and the first time I finished the game I almost cried. The story was just too darn awesome and that deepened my liking to video games. I mean how could a simple video game teach me a lot of life lessons and inflict certain emotions on me? After that I got into watching youtube videos of playthroughs of different games and the process of it helped me realize more what I was missing and boy I was missing a lot. A year later I got a computer ( a crappy one...I still didnt know back then ) and I played MOH (its an orig. copy) and my dad played Civ. 5 (also original) for like 12 hours straight everyday for like one week until we got mad at him XD. Anyway, Civ. 5 retail required us to install STEAM. WTF is STEAM? Downloaded it to play Civ. 5 and learned that it was a digital store where you buy games and get deals on original copies of games. At that very moment I was completely made aware of what I'm missing. Whenever I go to community pages one guy talk about like 5-10 games a month. All the good games are on steam so yeah. So after a while, Iv'e been wanting a copy of Skyrim so I asked another one of my relatives in the U.S. for a copy since I bet he knows more about these things. As soon as I got Skyrim, I installed it and it said that it set the graphics settings to high. Mmmmkay then i guess. It lagged a lot yeah I wasnt really aware that minimum requirement means reduce the graphics dramatically in order for it to be playable. As I said, I was an idiot about these things back then. Ok so after that, I googled a lot about pc gaming in general and pc games and I knew that my comp. was crap the day that we bought it. I also learned that I was missing a lot of info and stuff all these years. I also learned that original copies of games are still better and less of a hassle than pirated ones even though theyre cheap. A year after I participated on steam deals ( steam still using U.S. prices but still a lot of good games have prices gone down dramatically). Currently, I mainly buy fairly old games and games that my comp could run and that are usually 5 bucks on flash deals. <Oh and feel free to add me on steam> -_- Huh what is this all about? Please continue on reading and thanks for the time. So I asked myself this: How come people could afford buying 5 20-40 games a month ? After thinking about it, I realized that the economy of my country is not the same with the economy of the country of most people who play the latest games and all that. So yeah, this might sound really really stupid but the thought of my comp. prolly wouldnt really last that long and I'm missing a lot of good games really pains me. Planning on getting a slightly low end gaming pc this year but I am still unsure about it. Again, this might sound stupid but that's just how I feel honestly...It's like the universe doesnt want me to play games. makes me really depressed really... Another thing that bothers me is that gaming is generally frowned upon here. Even my mom doesnt really fully acknowledge the whole idea of it. The most played game in here doesnt really seem to interest me that much and the other games that people play here are generic free to plays (keep in mind that I still prefer a five dollar game than most of the usual free to play games here...You might say that I should just stick to free to plays but I'm telling you I've played a lot of them and just got tired of them after a day since the day I opened those magazines and learned that better games exist. I just couldn't last a month at most with playing a usual f2p ( although there are a good number of them out there). Because of this I feel out of place from the gaming community here...and I also feel out of place from my steam friends. So yeah...I dont really know why but this has been bothering me for a while...dunno why ... Weird? yeah i think so too...sorry about that PS: Sorry I wouldn't be able to reply back goin to bed
  13. “Get Off The Scale! You are beautiful. Your beauty, just like your capacity for life, happiness, and success, is immeasurable. Day after day, countless people across the globe get on a scale in search of validation of beauty and social acceptance. Get off the scale! I have yet to see a scale that can tell you how enchanting your eyes are. I have yet to see a scale that can show you how wonderful your hair looks when the sun shines its glorious rays on it. I have yet to see a scale that can thank you for your compassion, sense of humor, and contagious smile. Get off the scale because I have yet to see one that can admire you for your perseverance when challenged in life. It’s true, the scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That’s it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength, or love. Don’t give the scale more power than it has earned. Take note of the number, then get off the scale and live your life. You are beautiful!” - Steve Maraboli May this be a little something to those who feel they have to be perfect to live in society. Truth is, it doesn't matter what you look like or how you look at yourself. Be yourself. Be you. Live you. Scales cannot measure what you have to offer to the world.
  14. Hey guys. So as you can tell, I am really into music. I use music to help when I am sad, or I just listen everyday in general to make me happier. Sometimes when I am sad I listen to sad music to cry-I mean who doesn't want to just let all of their tears out once in a while? Music really helps, especially when your parents are fighting constantly. It gives me the courage and the strength to keep going every single day of my life. If it weren't for music, I may not be on this planet. :') I guess I am just asking what the title says. How DO you use music to help with your feelings, or just everyday things in general? Just curious. And please, share some music that you use everyday with me and everyone else. Wub on! /)
  15. This is likely something to be totally out of the left field for most of you so a little disclaimer is in order. I'm not here to tell you what to think and I'm not pointing any fingers. Or hooves, whichever makes it clearer, I suppose. Alright then... Alright, so what does the title mean? By "the needy" I'm talking about those in need who you could say are pretty desperate for supportiveness that they haven't been getting in the real world for some reason or another. OK now about what I mean by "parenting". Before I typed that last sentence, the title was "fathering the needy" because I've been thinking inside the context of my own experience which is what this blog entry is backed up with, in fact... Moving on. So yeah, the idea is to be like a parent for those desperate for support. Just keep that in mind for a bit as I'm just about to elaborate on this. So what is it about this approach that's noteworthy? For some background, I had been doing some research on addiction and the effects of stressed parenting on children. At one point I saw someone on a pony forums ranting about something immensely tragic--suicide of a loved one, in fact--and he was totally out of it. How on Earth was I to help someone cope? After facebook had made me cynical about motivational quotes, I clearly wasn't going to give him any of that cheesy ****. Then the idea struck me. BE the kind of parent that would put him in a much better direction. I'll try to summarize the logic behind this in a single sentence. Stressed, depressed or abusive parents adversely affect brain development and because brain development only stops when you die, I might be able to steer his brain development in a better direction if I were to be the kind of parent that would promote it. When I thought about doing this, I felt bold and scared at the same time thinking about what I was toying with here. But I did go through with it and there was a different set of emotions by that time. Stoic was one of them. You see, I realize that this is going to be a commitment. I wasn't just going to write him a poem about life is beautiful and just move on; I was going to be at his side for the long term. Yeah, I was to be this non-stressed, non-depressed, consistently available, emotionally available and attuned parenting caregiver to him. It was going to be me. Heck, when I announced this move at the time they thought he was lucky to have me which only helped to prime me up for this even more. Another thing I'm aware of is that this is not something that can nor should be made into an act or be faked or any form of artificiality; it had to come from inside. Bolded for emphasis. Well, how did that work out? Well, a whole lot had happened and I'm already at 2147 characters so I'll try and keep it short. It felt amazing for him and even myself. It's like our hearts melted together and it was like he was in this protective, nurturing womb of a cocoon and I was the cocoon. It made a world of difference to him. We're not in a relationship because of our orientations doesn't allow for it but if it did, I'm pretty sure that's what would've happened. How does the idea of having the option to expose yourself wholeheartedly to a person who only seems to provide you with more comfort in response to that? Even I wouldn't dare to speak for him as to what it must've felt like. So... What I just did was present an alternative to helping a person out. It's a little different from what I tend to see. Though I have to admit, I've gone to the life advice section before and have gotten overwhelmed by some of the cases there X__X Well, before trying this, I used to do my best to try and solve the other's problem by being technical. I'd try to dissect the problem, see what cues, signs and symptoms I could pick up and then give a set of instructions that the person could execute. I'm not so sure how it goes around here since I very rarely visit the Life Advice section of MLP Forums.
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  17. So todays my first day working at one of the worlds best amusement parks according to National Geographic. I am nervous, i fear i might mess up really bad. I am working in one of their restaurants and i am required to get a food handlers card. i have yet to do that. I aslo have to wear the company uniform and i was given a code so i can check my company issued clothes in and out. I forgot that too. So other than waiting for the inevitable to happen I have the want or desire to listen to dubstep/house music when im working. Now the music that i have heard them play is nothing but beach music. Don't get me wrong beach music is great and all but when you are working you want music that will pump you up and make you want to dance. Beach music doesnt do that for me. It actually makes me depressed and sleepy. Don't know why; its kinda wierd when i think about it
  18. I need advice, and since my level isn't high enough to post in the life advice forums, I'm asking you here. Here's the story: I moved to college recently. My parents encouraged me not bring my Xbox up here during the first two weeks, so that I could focus on my studies. I obliged, but I wasn't too happy about it. After two weeks, I returned home to take my Xbox where it belonged: In my dorm room at school. To my surprise, my parents begged and pleaded for me to leave it at their house. "Derek, please!" my mother said. "You spent so much time on the Xbox this summer, and I would hate to see it ruin your grades and your social life!" "Mom, it's not that big of a deal. Like, 1 out of every 2 people in my dorm have a game console of some kind. It's very common." "Then 1 out of every 2 people on your floor are going to be dropping out of college too. Please Derek, people who play games amount to nothing. They waste their time away living in somebody else's fantasy world, they don't contribute to society, and they don't take care of themselves. I don't want you to become one of them." "But mom, I--" My Dad cut me off. "Derek, I am prepared to give you $400 right now if you give me your Xbox and all of your games. And you have to promise...promise me that you will NEVER play an Xbox again. Do you hear me?" I stared at him for a while, then i backed away. "...I don't accept your offer....but I won't take the Xbox up there if you don't want me to." My parents hugged me. "Thank you so much." they said. A few hours later, my Dad and mom decided to go to Walmart to pick up some groceries. While they were out shopping, I quietly packed my Xbox and my games into my car with me, and drove back to college. It has been 5 weeks since then, and they haven't noticed that it is missing. Did I do the right thing? Or was I acting immature? Update: Well, as luck would have it, today they caught me. They came down for a surprise visit to my dorm room, and they saw it with their own eyes. We stared at each other for a good long moment as tension filled the air. I cleared my throat and said, " you want me to show you around campus or anything?" My Dad looked like he was about to explode in anger and give me a lecture, but my mom grabbed his hand and looked him in the eyes. "Yes...we would like that, wouldn't we?" she said, giving my Dad a pleading look. "Just drop it." I heard her whisper. My Dad looked at her, then back at me. "Ok..." he muttered. As of now, I'd say that I'm not in the clear quite yet. They're probably both upset about it (my Dad more-so), but the hard part is over. At least it's out in the open. Kind of. None of us said anything, but there was nothing to say, really. you guys think I owe them an apology?
  19. We live for many years before we die (or at least most of us do.) I recently noticed that Im leading a dead-end life and I wondered how I got there. I made this timeline of my life in years to try to make sense of how I got into this desperate existence. Maybe this could help you, too. If not, it’s cool to see how your life may be similar to others. I’m just trying to sum up my main feelings and important stuff that happened each year of my life. 1995: Born. Pretty Confused. 1996: Brother is born. We didn’t get along much. 1997: start destroying my dads CD collection. A lot. Don’t really know good from evil. 1998: begin attending preschool. Didn’t really like it. Had trouble focusing 1999: Begin to get scared of a lot of things around me. I didn’t get most of the world that was opening up before me. 2000: Start to realize happiness. I took life in small chunks instead of worrying about the future or what could happen. 2001: Actually start to meet some friends. Although I am nervous most of the time, and I don’t know how to accept things, I try to maintain inner security. 2002: Get bullied more and more. Pressure comes from all sides of me: My parents, my teachers, and my peers. Normal stuff, though. Normal for my life, anyway. 2003: pressure raises and I think it may start to take over my life. I might spend all my time in a high-strung state because of everyone around me! People pressure me into things I’m not comfortable with, but it’s mostly okay. life is mediocre, but noting TOO bad. 2004: Get more friends, and start to understand life more. This could possibly come from just growing up and realizing things about the world that I never knew before! 2005: Friends start to stray from me. Start to get the feeling that the world is working against me. Like I was a mistake and humanity is trying to get rid of me. My new understanding about the world isn’t really helping me. 2006: I learn what sex is. Still a lot of pressure from all ends, and i start to become very confused about sex and social structure and stuff. so much that I cant communicate properly with anyone. Terribly uneventful year. 2007: Starting to figure out how life works. Still cant put my finger on it. I often stay up late just wondering; 'what is life?' still very unhappy. 2008: everyone starts to become resentful of me. I can’t realize why some people do the things they do? Is it because someone told them o? Is it because they think it is right? I start to lose interest in everything, and nothing makes me joyful anymore. I’m too wrapped up. 2009: Not any bullies in high school. Start to take out the pressure by becoming a spazzy class clown. Like a human Pinkie Pie, except with less sense making and coherent thought. I realize that thought has driven me into a state of depression because of thinking about life, so I almost give up all coherent thought altogether. 2010: Become crazier, and my parents start to become annoyed with me. I make more 'friends' at high school, but still waning for a place to fit. My social craziness doesn’t make me happy, however. 2011: I give up on being a spastic pinkie pie and become mellower. I realize that I’ve been kind of a loser all my life and I don’t think things are going to get any better. I think of what I have in my head, and I have food and shelter, but not much else. not any friends. not anything that makes me happy. I realize that my life has been a comedy of errors and I might as well just die. I start cutting. 2012: Discovered MLP. Didn’t change much. I start to figure out about life more and I live more simply. I used to be a sad pessimist who thought life was pointless. Now I’m a sad mislead misfit who doesn’t know what to do with him. I didn’t mean for this to be bitching, I just thought that If I wrote it down, I could make sense of how this happened. Maybe I’m dealing with things that everyone deals with, but I don’t know that because I don’t delve into other peoples lives too often. I’m fine with my own, thank you. I don’t want to share to many imitate details. This is merely how I’ve felt throughout my life. Maybe if I summarize how i felt throughout most of my life, and what happened to me, I can find how I got into this dead end life. If I know how i got here, maybe I can get out? History repeats itself, as they say. Maybe you can share yours, too?