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Found 30 results

  1. So, do you prefer being in a light environment over a dark one or vice-versa, and why? Why do you think some people like spending time in the dark, or in the light? I personally enjoy being in a dark room. I find it very relaxing, and I'm the type of guy who just loves to think. I feel at ease in that environment, and I don't feel distracted by both mental and physical obtrusions.
  2. Equestria is a very powerful land/world (disclaimer: When I see Equestria I mean the planet, not the country) It has a strong force of friendship/harmony that can ward off even the most powerful other worldy foes like Discord. Harmony and the magic of friendship are one in the same and it is the most powerful magic in the MLP universe, but it is possible that Equestria is the last world with harmony, that the universe is drowned in Darkness and our lovely equines, fierce dragons, strong Yaks, and happy changelings the only thing left with light inside of them? I think it is certainly possible if you look at a few factors. One of them being Discord himself, he is not native to Equestria, is is the spirit and manifestation of chaos itself and hails from his own dimension, seeing as how he brings up the universe in casual conversation, and has access to every reality and non reality, that means he can go to any world in the universe. Yet he chose Equestria, because that is where the Elements of Harmony were, that was where any harmony was left, that was where he could actually fulfill his purpose of bringing disharmony, because it is the only place left with true harmony. The Pony of Shadows says "Once I extinguish the light, and hope of this miserable world" You could assume that means he is only after Equestria and screw the universe. Or, you could look at in a different way. Perhaps the shadow had already destroyed the light of all other worlds, and was somehow defeated before landing on Equestria, where it waited for a pony to come to it, so the shadow could take over, and destroy the last world of light. In Legends of Magic #1, Luna opens a portal to another world, and it is ridden with darkness and evil beings who want to use the evil inside of Luna for themselves, they also seem to know what is going to happen with Nightmare Moon, the same way it is implied the Tree of Harmony and the magic of Harmony itself knew that there was a greater purpose for Twilight. Starswirl says many worlds are evil. I think that during that time, most worlds were being devoured by creatures feasting off of the "light" of every world. "Many of those worlds contain evils worse than you can dream. Evils that have devoured the light of their own world, and hunger for a taste of a new world." -Starswirl I think this could imply that these "dark beings" (potentially controlled by "The Darkness" were going from planet to planet and destroying the light within them. Now very few worlds not shrouded in Darkness remain. And the only one with the power to stand against the darkness, is the world where the light shines the brightest in every pony, Equestria. I think that the light the pillars have and used to create the tree isn't so much their light magic, but the light magic of the universe being used to create a conduit for the lights power, so that it could one day gift a pony of destiny, Twilight Sparkle, and her friends. With the power to destroy (and sometimes reform) darkness for good.
  3. YAY! I just finished my first glowing tail tonight! I'm going to bring it to the con with me and perhaps show it off a little. I want to make more but I'll have to wait until I'm free enough. I might make the next glowing tail a light pink!
  4. Magic as we all know is found in every living creature in Equestria. This may not seem true, but it is all true. The problem is, creatures like ordinary birds, squirrels and bunnies don't have the capabilities of extracting and using that magic. In fact, magic flows everywhere around Equestria as tiny little particles. These particles are grey, unless influenced by a user. A user can change the color of these particles by attracting them with their own power from inside them. There are only two colors these particles can change into: black and white. White particles are the result of magic that has a positive influence. Black particles are the result of magic that has a negative influence. Think of a Venn Diagram... Imagine one side being black, the other side white and the middle being grey. Now, imagine every single particle of magic, flowing through the middle of the diagram. To put the particle theorem to the test, let's examine the conversion of Luna to Nightmare moon. Princess Luna is known for her giggly and happy personality... However, she can also be quite unpredictable, especially when there is chaos...we see her trying to resolve things the old fashion way... However, on that one night, we see Luna's particles change from white back to the middle and enter a light shade of black as the jealousy toward her sister starts to build. Once the last string is pulled, all particles have become black as Luna transforms into her alternate ego: Nightmare Moon. Because magic can always shift, the black particles can return to grey or even white. Purification items and reversing spells accomplish this task. The Elements of Harmony are an example of purification items. Once the purification process is complete, all particles have returned to white. In the case of Nightmare Moon, this caused her to revert to Luna. In the case of Tirek, since he had absorbed magic and became stronger, this reverted him back to his weakest form. Because the Mane 6 are the elements of harmony, they can dig deep within to completely restore all black particles to white. Sadly, some beings were entirely made from darkness and overexposure to purification items causes their bodies to go on overload and...either explode from the energy (like Sombra) or return to a neutral/frozen state (like Discord). Now unicorns do have free access to dark magic. They can recite some via spell book or dig deep within (if and only if the unicorn has mastery over control). As noted in The Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle had to use dark magic to reveal a hidden stair case. I know what you're thinking..."Wait! Didn't you say only black particles come about due to negative influence?" Well this is true. There is however a very small percent of dark magic that is used for positive purposes such as revealing hidden paths and uncovering deadly traps in a dark maze. While in the realm of the Crystal empire, Crystal ponies are an excellent demonstration of this theory. When crystallized, a crystal pony's particles are all white. However, when in fear and/or sad, they dull out as their particles become a lighter shade of black. Remember, a lighter shade of black just means that there is either a lock, sap or a host feeding off of magic. Love magic is considered the purest form of magic in my theory, as the particles are the brightest of white. Princess Cadence is the greatest example of this. When Queen Chrysalis pulls her trickery, she encases Shining Armor in an aura of dark magic. His white particles have turned to grayish black as Chrysalis is feeding off of his magic. Because Chrysalis doesn't have complete control over Shining Armor, his particles never go fully black. When Cadence uses her love spell on him, his particles return to white as he is freed from the dark sapping magic. When Shining Armor and Cadence combine to create the ultimate love spell, the particles are the whitest of whites. This is a 100% pure and perfect spell. Queen Chrysalis on the other hand has always had black particles. Because she never had a previous form, the white particles collided with her and pushed her away, rather than freezing her or reverting her to a weaker and good form. Speaking of changelings...Thorax plays a major key in our discussion of my theory. Because he had separated from the bunch and decided to become good, his particles became grayish black as well, and slowly moved towards the gray and neutral zone. Nonetheless, due to his need to feed off of love, some darker particles still lurked. At the end of "The Times, They Are A Changeling" and in the middle of "To Where and Back Again" there is a noticeable difference in Thorax's appearance. His wings have changed into crystal. According to the show, this means he does not even need to feed off of love anymore. In the final battle against Chrysalis, Thorax believes all the love is being taken away from him. However, when Starlight tells him to share all of his love, there is a massive change as Thorax's particles completely purify and become a bright white. Again, when the changelings perform this feat, Chrysalis is pushed away due to the absence of weaker forms. To tie this in with my previous blog about the neutrality of magic, let's add the particle theory to it. Twilight's Crown and other items of the like carry grey neutral particles. When Twilight wears her crown, all particles change to white. Nonetheless, there is no magical effect due to the purity of Twilight Sparkle. However, as stated in my previous blog, items such as crowns, gems and necklaces when worn by a pony with malicious intent will have a negative effect on said pony. The most popular effect is a dark transformation. The item feeds of the negative energy from the black particles within said being, thus triggering the transformation. SciTwi's magic-sapping necklace is a very unique element. You see, when the Mane 6 transformed into their half-pony states, they were using an "awakening spell" meaning one that requires a user to be their true self to awaken the power within. SciTwi's magic-sapping necklace could sap any magic and neutralize it, rendering all particles grey. When Principal Cinch finds out about this, she and her classmates beckon her to use the magic with a song. Now this presents a dilemma in the theory. However, it can be proved. SciTwi is very insecure and hesitant to do things. During the song "Unleash the Magic" the black particles from the auras of Principal Cinch and Twilight's fellow classmates were already influencing the magic. Therefore, when Twilight unleashed it all, she transformed into the evil Midnight Sparkle. So...after all of this, the magic we all see and know is all around Equestria. Ponies of all species have the ability to tap in and utilize this magic. However, it is unicorns, alicorns and any other being who can directly interact with the magic all around them that have the greatest influence on magic. Finally, it's not just about how a pony or being used magic, it is what their heart desires that ultimately defines the magic they use, whether light, dark or neutral. Thoughts?
  5. * I already ask any mod to change this topic's section if is in the wrong one, many thanks. * So, is about months that my head is producing head canons that my been or be not worth a fan fiction or an emplementation , so I decided to share them, to understand which is intresting and which, how can I say... oh yeah, bleah. Of corse, some will bein in a human universe, some not etc... Here we go: - Endless Night: the latest I came up with, is set into an human Equestria, and much more years before Luna's banishment. The plot of the story is this: in a now forgotten city, a young Celestia struggle with her decadent royal family, that's corrupting the kingdom of her father and Godlike figure Solaris, King of the Sun. One day, a mysterious female warrior in a terrifying armor kidnap her, and, after a long jorney into the dark forest that surrend the city, she'll find out the truth: the warrior in the creepy armor is her true sister, that's been replaced by a man called Daggarth, who brain washed theyre father after theyre mother died. In this story, the two have to find six powerful archgems, known by the legends as "the Elements of Harmony", forged by the Gods to prevent The Nightmare's dark come( which, actually, is a incarnation of darkness and corruption). Of corse, the first one is given by theyre first ally and Luna's father-like figure, Starswril, bearer of the Element of magic. The other five are in possess of the Five Princes, who, thanks to Daggarth, now rule behind their royal parents. But something worse lurk into the shadow of this story, behind even Daggarth. - The Cold Lands: pony universe, after season 5. Equestria has been cought by a cataclysm: a strange and actually mysterious winter has stricken the lands of the ponies. The earth itself is cold, her fire is fading, and the only thing that make warm this dieing land is the power of Celestia, the Queen of Griffins and Cadence. For getting things worst, a magical undead disease is stricking: whoever die will return as a undead, destinated to madness, and to travel into the cold realm of Coldashes. This is actually a more Dark Souls like story. - Strangers in town: a comedic story, with ponies. A strange duo has come to ponyville: theire names are Norm and Seed, and are a... clearly odd coupple of brothers. One energic, sarcastic, quietly disturbing and with odd passions (like spiders, spying others and drinking), the other gloom, solitare and grump all the time. This is mostly a Slice of life story, which will involves much of the characters. - The draconic wars: pony world, set in the past of Starswrill and Solaris. Not related to Endless Night. Before Equestria, or even the Three tribes, the world was wisely ruled by the dragons, but greed and savagery digged deeply into the beasts heart, and a war exploded. Kingdoms felt and heroes rised, and new legend birthed in those days. In this story, Starswrill is in his mid 30s, so he's still experimenting with magic spells and the studies on the various forms of it (like pyromancy, dark magic, Deep magic, etc.), plus he'll befrend a corpulent, yet heroic knight of Solaris: Rockshield the Dragonslayer, which will make a strong bound of friendship. - Dark Age: pony setting. In short, Twilight became "evil" after a fight with a not-so-important foe, caused by heavy use of dark magic. She become a tyrant, and is also saw like a traitor and loosed all her friends, who now are part of a resistance. Of corse, in this story there are new enemies, not all of them ponies: one of Twilight (now renamed by herself Black Nova)'s generals is a boar-like humanoid creature, known as Ohger (joke on Ogre) or Hog. The plot is simple: the resistance want Twilight away from the throne, Twilight want to rule over Equestria, and possibly stop her friends... or even kill them. But who knows, maybe Twiligth isn't that worse then the resistance (in a chapter, the resistance had almost destroied the Crystal Empire thanks to the Yaks branch)... or the disease that's spreading trought the land. - Stars-splorers: Sci-fi universe, with artificially evolved ponies (anthros). In a distant millenia, Equestria has gone far out her borders... and solar system to! It's the time of space travel, extraterrestrial commerce, conflict-solfing and, of corse, the exploration of the vast, expanding universe. Thanks to Twiligth's help, the ponykind is now capable of walking on two legs, and posses hands. Also, she is the captain of a squad of choosen ponies, all descendants of her long lost friends. Is an epic journy, comic too, sad at times, scary in a few times, and mysterious, thanks to a never reached planet... - Trixie and Starlight travel in the Multiverse: Trixie and Starlight travel into many dimensions, passing by videogames, comics, other cartoons etc. Thinked as a comic adventure and based on Family Guy's episode with Brian and Stewie. Ok, this are all the Head canons/story ideas I get into the past months. Is someone is interested in one (not endless night), is welcomed to share his thoughts, because will help me expand this. Plus sorry for the grammatical errors
  6. My initial plan was to make a similar video to Zach King, but unfortunately it didn't work out after some testing However, I took a scene from Behind The Scene and made something out of it Here it is!
  7. this is an orange pony it has an evil cloud mane or something and there is a light idk i thought it would look cool
  8. Something I threw together in Photoshop, because science. I do not own the Rainbow Dash and Isaac Newton assets, I just liberated them from Google Images and put them where they needed to be.
  9. Can anyone think of the illustration the art is representing?
  10. I'm sure no one's seen this super obscure anime titled "Cabal Z." It focuses on this alien species whose members look like a cross between a pug and a fish. The Cabal mothers, shortly after giving birth, send their ugly ass offspring away rather than raising - or even looking at - them. The Cabal children are sent off to various planets, where they instinctively begin to terrorize that world's inhabitants. That greater theme intertwines with the development of an unexpected love story between a being known as Porutaitan and his "Little Light." It's very adorable. But how will their burgeoning romance survive the inevitable onslaught of repulsive dog fish creatures from space? To make matters worse, that romance ultimately becomes a triangle when a presumably female robot named Roubouburesuto comes between the two lovebirds. There was one rather confusing episode where Porutaitan ran all over the place staring at blurry, suspicious shadows and levitating rocks that ought not be levitating at all; it was weird.
  11. Ask my oc's anything and yes interviews for them are accepted just ask me when. Light Fire's page: Pumkin Seeds Halloween Coustume: (This is the only picture of Pumkin Seeds,Please read the description in there) Pumpkin Seeds page:
  12. I have been waiting for this game quite a long time and it will be out soon, sadly not many people seem to know or talk about it. What do you people think about it?
  13. Ok, this may seem a bit weird. Here it is anyway... If you were a photon (a particle of light), would you perceive time?
  14. Yeah, we all know how inconvenient power outages can be, sometimes infuriating. Not only does it depend on how often it happens but also for how long the power stays out when it happens at all. Then there's this question; what's your opinion on your electricity provider's reliability? As for me, those tend to happen about once a or two year going out for maybe one or two hours at a time. Where I'm staying now, the past two years have gone without a hitch. I would say that our power company is reliable enough. Still, when they do happen, it can just about ruin your day.
  15. This topic's prefix can actually be Gaming & Movies/TV. Anyone here who knows this show is awesome and should send me a facebook friend request. Why? There's a game for it there.Probably not the best in the world or as good as it could be, but still it's amazing. Come on over:
  16. O.K., so some of us are comfortable with the transformation, and some of us aren't. I was eating supper a little while ago, and I thought, "Hey, being a princess is Twilight's 'destiny', isn't it?" So that makes it sound as if she MUST stay an alicorn. But who says you have to be an alicorn to be a princess? Maybe she'll sacrifice her wings in the Season 4 premiere, but she'll instead be the first unicorn princess! Of course that will take some getting used to. I mean, lots of ponies in Ponyville will be all over her. Comments, anypony? P.S. This doesn't mean I changed my mind about the Twilicorn thing. I'm still against it.
  17. This is a poem that was requested by a friend of mine who calls himself Red. It didn't come out exactly how I wanted it to and I wasn't planning on writing a poem about war but It still came out pretty good. Any feedback is appreciated. My Deviantart page for anyone who is interested: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Born into the light full of awe and fright, your life begins with fury and might. Your life has worth your father said, he raised you up without worry or dread. --- You’ve come of age, an adult you are, your time has come, you will go far. Duty calls to take up arms, you march to war with fear and alarm. --- The horror of war rattles your soul, you march across the field as fear takes its toll. As bombs go off you’re filled with fright, you wish to run but you must stand and fight. --- Injury takes you as you fall to the ground, Without a scream without a sound. You wake up at home within your childhood bed, wrapped in bandages around your arms and your head. --- “What happened to me?” you ask out loud. “You survived the war,” replied your father delighted and proud. Your father was there beside your bed, He was happy to see you as he caressed your head. --- You came home alive and well, from this point on you’ll have a story to tell. The war you survived and the lives you protected, you will always be remembered by the lives you’ve affected.
  18. This Soliloquy is just my inner thoughts, no explanation needed. My deviantart page if anyone is interested: -------------- I was born with the gift of life. As the tick of time began within me my mission began as well. My journey to discover who I am. The passage of time has aged me to 21 years and I’ve yet to discover who I am. I search high and low everyday. I ponder the depths of my mind and emit my thoughts outward to god so he may hear my progress. I feel lost. Each day a new mask is created and discarded, a new personality developed then disposed of to the wind, a new hope developed then recycled. Will I ever discover who I am? Will I ever touch the face of my focus? I feel doubt but even so I will never lose myself to sorrow and loss. No matter how many masks I try on no matter how many roles I play or costumes I acquire one thing is for sure. I will always be the same inside. My Soul will shine bright within the darkness emitting hope and love for others and myself. I will not die lost. I will not die confused and defeated. Watch over me God, save me from myself.
  19. Don'tcha just love Einstein? This is an OC of mine as he Squares the speed of light. He looks very energetic, wouldn't you say? I love science.
  20. Mega Man, first released and known in Japan as Rockman, made its debut in North America in 1987. The game did sell a whole lot, but it resulted in a wide appeal of fans who bought the game. It is infamous for being a very hard, but also very short game. Capcom would build on the first Mega Man and release many more sequels and spin-offs. Story: The game focuses on the events after the co-creation of the humanoid robot named Mega Man by the genius Dr. Wright (Named Dr. Light in later titles) and his assistant Dr. Wily. The two scientists also create 6 other robots in the process. Each of these robots is designed to perform specific industrial tasks for the benefit of mankind. However, Dr. Wily becomes disloyal of his partner and reprograms the 6 robots to assist him in world domination. Dr. Wright sends Mega Man to destroy the six robots and put a stop to Dr. Wily's evil plans. Gameplay: Mega Man is a platformer in which you take control of the little blue humanoid in a colorful 2-D world. The game is known for being somewhat non-linear, as you can do the six levels in any order you want. Each level has a boss, which is one of the robots that Dr. Wily reprogrammed. Part of choosing which level to do is a part of strategy, since at the end of each stage, after defeating the boss, you will be granted their special weapon, which can be used in combat. Some weapons can do more damage to certain other bosses and is therefore important in the selection of levels. When you start a level, you have to make your way through it by defeating enemies with your 'gun' and also avoiding obstacles along the way. When you get to the end of level, you will be faced with one of the six robots and you will have to defeat them to finish the level. When finishing all six levels, the final 7th level will appear where you will face of with Dr. Wily himself. Mega Man is making his way through the 'Cut Man' stage. Good/Bad? - Mega Man certainly did well in presenting a fresh, new series that delivers a fun, action/platforming experience along with great, colorful graphics. The game's high difficulty certainly makes it very challenging and rewarding in the end. Even so, the game is very short and so it kind of kills its replayability. Nevertheless, it is still quite fun and a great kickstart to the series. Worth the Price? - You can download it through the Wii Shop Channel for 500 points (5 dollars) which in terms could be a very cheap price, or a very high one depending on your love of platformers. If you don't like very hard games or platformers, then don't get it, but I am sure that most of you do enjoy them and so I think it is worth the price. Final Score: It all comes down to the final score, which is: 8.5. I hope you enjoyed this review of Mega Man and check back for more reviews coming soon.
  21. So, I've recently considered a possible expansion on the Light Reincarnation Theory. For those of you who don't know what that is, look here; Some people say "Oh, Light can't be a Shinigami, the deathnote said he went to Mu (Nothingness)". But, what if the shinigami realm IS actually Mu. After all, it's not literally black nothingness, but a bland, empty wasteland, a nothingness. Opinions, expansions, comments? Share them in the comments below.
  22. Happy Halloween everybody this new song of mine i put a lot of time and effort into making this and would like to know your honest opinions on it I hope you enjoy it
  23. If anypony here draws, traditionally or digitaly, which do you prefer more, the Air brush or the Paint brush and why? I use an air brush right now, only because I don't know how to exactly use the Paint brush yet, I wish I did though . The airbrush is pretty good for adding light bounce, and probably low opacity shades, but that's all I can think of that it's good for, as of with a paint brush amazing once you know how to use it . All goes with the individual's skill level with each brush type I think
  24. Currently I'm working on an art piece from my own OC Pony, but i'm letting it pass for later. I'm willing to shade, or lighten, make horn glow, etc. Right now, nothing in return If you want to see what i've done before, take a gander at my Profile pic. I just need to get quicker at doing the shades on this new programm, just make shure it's an art piece that looks from th show, or the OC Pony creater . Whenever you want, just send me the photo via messgae. I'll always be open to help with whatever you need! Made this for something ele, but it's just an example