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Found 32 results

  1. Often times, I ask myself on what kind of people should be offered a second chance. Had they not acted so rashly or even rudely, they could have gone to be more than just some "selfish turd" with no concept of teamwork or friendship. Their desire and ambition to perfect themselves are, as a result, detrimental to those around them and they are often bashed in the end. We get angry, of course, railing on them to watch themselves and harshly criticize them for being "bitches" and other crude terms of the sort. But we often don't take into account on what drives them to behave that way... whether it's fulfilling a life-long dream they had to wake up everyday of the week to work for, or even just in hopes of impressing others. Lightning Dust was coined to be the biggest "bitch" since Gilda from the episode Griffon The Brush Off, tossing aside her fellow peers aside with force in hopes of passing her trials with flying colors. Spitfire coined this as excessive but allowed Dust to stay as she had the tools needed to be a Wonderbolt at the time. This was met with controversy and rightfully so, negative/snide remarks on how her character was deserving to be kicked out of the Wonderbolt Academy in the end - thoughts I would like to shed light onto and challenge. Although Dust appeared to be kicked out in the end, with her talent, work ethic, and if she is given the proper guidance, she can return to form and make the most out of herself the right way. Lightning Dust's special talent lies within pushing herself to be the very best in what she does - flying and flying abnormally fast. She was known to be so fast that she almost outdid Rainbow Dash in an obstacle course in terms of allotted time, and this was with the settings put on the highest of levels. That of course, immediately invoked praise from Spitfire was critical in naming her the Lead Pony along with Rainbow Dash as her partner. Lo and behold, after several trials and more obstacles, Lightning Dust not only promptly showed off her quicks, she also passed these trials with explosive results and in emphatic fashion as well. There are very few pegasi that can say flying is their special ability, as everypony with wings can take flight. But what happens if you do it professionally? You would be considered in the class of the Wonderbolts, if not exactly a part of them. Make what you want of her, but she is definitely talented and it was all too certain here. Spitfire would be insane not to give her another chance should there be another academy session in the near future, if there is one of course. Dust's work ethic overshadowed her talent and made us believe that it is hard work - not natural gift - is what makes you the best of the pack. Her desire to push herself beyond her current level of focus and style of play paid dividends, which is exactly what the Wonderbolts were looking for. As it stands in the real world, hard work and determination pays off in big chunks and she has the skills needed to do just that. There also comes a point in time where professional athletes can feel content with how they are performing, especially if they are performing well, and they tend to forget how they got there - either through their natural ability or their hard work. In other words, they catch what is known as the "couch and video game syndrome" and it distracts them from becoming better and better in what they do. In the professional leagues, one slow step can result in a loss and it will make you remorseful. Fortunately for Dust, she was so locked in that she never did once sway away from her goal, and did not let anything distract her. She may have a militaristic attitude with that line of thinking, but as Spitfire said it herself - she can make amends and learn how to work hard the proper way. In my own lifetime, I've seen professional athletes that are so tremendously gifted in what they do, it's hard to think of them any less or not be amazed at their skills... but there is sometimes one thing that keeps them down. One thing that prevents them from being truly great... their personal lives. As such, they are often referred to the media as bad influences even though they have legitimate skill and would be better if they weren't so immature! As someone who follows these professionals in his spare time, it's quite maddening to think about, especially if they're one of the players on your favourite football team or something. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel for these guys - they just have to look for the right guys to be around and to try to give themselves an opportunity to grow. This is Randy Moss, an NFL wide receiver who's had a hall of fame career... and a bunch of personal issues in his past that made people uncomfortable, doing a lot of crazy things that were either maddening or controversial. Before he was drafted, he had issues with the law which caused his draft stock to plummet all the way to the late first-round of the draft. Why? Because teams were afraid that he'd cause problems among his new teammates. You certainly don't want to go in that direction, right? Off-the-field incidents are a hindrance to professionals and as it stood, folks would not want to be around those kinds of "immature" guys. As it turned out, he ended up having the best rookie season by a wide receiver in NFL history, grabbing 17 touchdown passes and his team was a force to be reckoned with... however, as the years went by, he became unsettled and his off-the-field issues finally came to life. It was disheartening for his team and he was traded to another team at the end of the 2004 NFL season. Unfortunately for him, Moss could not start anew and his issues got the worse of him. He did not appear engaged at all in games and his new team unperformed greatly in the end. At the end of the 2006 season, he was noted to be a "quitter" and a "loser" by a lot of folks... no doubt causing him to feel bad and such. But his fortunes took a turn for the better as he was traded again, this time to a team with a coach that knew how to turn troubled players into world-class athletes. This coach would be Bill Belichick but I am not going to discuss his greatness on this thread. Needless to say, under a new coach and new system, playing with teammates who saw him as family, he had the best season for a wide receiver in NFL history, grabbing 23 touchdown passes (an NFL record, mind you) and he electrified his team's offense. His team went all the way to the Super Bowl, but they lost in the end. However, for a guy like Moss, it did wonders for his personal life and somepony like Lightning Dust can benefit quite a bit if they're pushed in the right direction. Like Moss, she has the talent needed to be a true professional - she just needs the guidance to do it. From then on, you're looking at a low-risk, high-reward type of option going forward. This was all the result of someone knowing that he has the talent to succeed at the professional level, but needed a good push in the right direction to do it. Bill Belichick knew it and even though Moss is nearing the end of his career, he's a much happier individual now all because he has had the right guys to be around with and has really come a long way from being a troubled person. Even though Lightning Dust has caused problems for the cadets in the academy, her desire to win was profound and her talent spoke for itself. They are undoubtedly part of the things you need in order to succeed, but all this time she has lacked the figure to guide her in the proper direction. While Rainbow managed to learn that on her own, some of us need that sympathetic budge and that is perfectly fine. The name of the game is to make friends and have fun with what you're doing, and Dust has also demonstrated that with her time alongside Rainbow Dash, the two making a formidable duo. Under more tutelage, she can learn and she can learn quite a bit. Rest assured, giving someone the chance to succeed if you're willing to take them under your wing will no doubt save their lives if they are willing to work for it, which I'm absolutely sure Lightning Dust is.
  2. Hub Lightning Dust is a young hotshot flier with skills nopony can deny. While her dedication to pushing herself and improving is admirable, she has some issues to work out before she can perform at the highest level, particularly with teamwork. Nonetheless, if she ever gets her head in the right place, the Wonderbolts will be all the happier for it. As a rival to Rainbow Dash and with electrifying flying ability, many will be taking close interest in her future. Rules of this thread: -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. This is the Lightning Dust thread, please only post her. If you have recommendations for another pony club, go to the hub (linked at the top of the screen).
  3. Yunno, if Lightning Dust comes back, I just realized that I don't think she should try to have her revenge on Rainbow Dash for having her kicked out of the academy! Yunno what should happen? Her returning episode could have a moral that teaches depression! I mean, Lightning Dust's dreams were crushed! Yes, by her own actions and she'd realize that and lost hope for ever being happy again. So Rainbow Dash would feel sorry for her, and would probably blame herself for having her kicked out which Rainbow probably didn't expect to happen cause what if it was Rainbow that was reckless that caused to get kicked out? So she'd try to fix things, but it wouldn't be that easy because Spitfire's decision is final! This episode would definitely make Spitfire look like the villain! Y'see Lightning probably didn't know better when she was reckless - she let pride take the best of her, and without warning, without probation, she's just gone. At least Wind Rider knew exactly what he was doing so he deserved to be kicked out, but did LD really know better? I don't even see her as the revenge type, which is why Grandpa Wind Rider did it! Oh c'mon, that 'flight record' reason was just a cover-up! Depression is a big problem today, and if MLP were to address that, it could help inspire some people that do have it! Lightning wouldn't be a villain, but a victim of her own actions, and that would be a huge change for the show!
  4. Ever since the Wonderbolts Academy episode, we haven't seen or heard from Lightning Dust in quite some time. Now the show likes to reform a number of antagonist ponies, even those who we don't want to be reformed. Chances are they might bring her back and reform her. But it's been 5 seasons since we've heard from Lightning Dust. So what do you think the chances of her returning are?
  5. Following the events of "Wonderbolt Academy," Lightning Dust reveals to Spitfire the real reason behind her recklessness and is given another chance to become a Wonderbolt. However, will Rainbow Dash and the other cadets accept her new outlook?
  6. Yeah, it's an old legend they said. It can be done in real life by anypony they said. Then Rainbow Dash comes around and finally does one. What if it's not a legend? It could be just a story somepony made, but maybe it actually happened in the past by another pony a long time ago. I mean basically, all you need is a rainbow mane, and know how to fly really, really, REALLY fast to be able to break the sound barrier, and wallah, a rainboom is made! The only reason nopony else can do a Sonic Rainboom is because they don't have rainbow hair. Spitfire looks like she can easily make a Sonic FIREboom! I mean mainly because she has different color hair, but she has the strength and velocity to break the sound barrier. Same with Lightning Dust being able to do a Sonic Lightboom! So what if the Sonic Rainboom actually happened in the past, and Rainbow's not the first one? Perhaps somepony in the past had rainbow hair and knows how to break the sound barrier. Rainbow Dash's ancestor, maybe? What if Rainbow finds another fast pegasus pony with rainbow hair and can be able to do a rainboom like her? I'm just saying... it's possible.
  7. Is Lightning Dust every going to come back? Seriously, after Siege of the Crystal Empire, it feels like she went into exile.
  8. Inmates Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust doing their 6 hour shift of janitor duty
  9. Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, Lightning Dust, and Suri Polomare in Prison uniforms
  10. This post may spoil the possible season 5 finale for you, so read at your own risk. Y'all know about the fake season six episode list that was posted on 4chan, right? Well, yesterday I thought just for fun, I wanted to make some fake summaries of each of those fake episodes. Oh, and did I mention this is all fake? Because it is. Not real. Not canon. This was all made by my cleverness mind. I might've just made these pathetic attempts to trick us a little less pathetic. There was a fake season six episode list that was posted on 4chan, and since it wouldn't hurt, I decided to make a few fake summaries for the fake episodes. Also, did I mention this is all fake? Because it is. Not real. Not canon. This was all made by my cleverness mind. S6E1: The Cutie Castle - Part 1: Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's new foal Princess Skyla has been born, which has brought happiness between the duo, and Twilight and her friends. But after finding out that a newborn alicorn's magic may be too unstable, the Mane 6 travel out to locate the castle where Starswirl the Bearded has trained Princesses Celestia and Luna to find the key to controlling her magic. S6E2: The Cutie Castle - Part 2: With Skyla's magic becoming too unstable, the Mane 6 are having a hard time locating the answer at Star Swirl's castle on how Skyla could control her magic. S6E3: Starlight Express: Starlight Glimmer wants to make amends to all the ponies she has wronged during her life as a dictator. So with the help of Twilight and her friends, she makes a list of ponies she wants to redeem herself to and they travel around Equestria to locate these ponies so Starlight can make it up to them. (This is kind of like a My Name is Earl type episode. If you seen that show, you'll know what I'm talking about.) S6E4: Cutie Marks the Spot!: Students in the Ponyville School keep going to the Cutie Mark Crusaders for advice on what their cutie marks might mean, or to help them get their cutie marks. After days of trying to help them out, the CMCs realize that helping other ponies find their destinies is even harder than their past occupation in finding their own special talents. S6E5: Rainbow Rescued: When Fluttershy saves Rainbow Dash's life, Rainbow thinks that she may lose her ego and think she might be losing her edge - so she makes up a tale in saying that she was the one that rescued Fluttershy. S6E6: Most Excellent Princess: When Princess Celestia gets overworked in her royal duties, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Discord try to convince her to take a vacation. But with her being gone, she gets too paranoid that they may not know how to take care of the kingdom themselves. S6E7: Runway Success: Rarity's employee Sassy Saddles gets a job as a model which means she has to leave Rarity's business. When she finds out that Rarity is becoming overworked running two boutiques by herself, she must choose between her dreams or her friend. S6E8: Apple Family Recipe: Granny Smith gets kidnapped by Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings once they find out that Apple family recipes are made of love. AppleJack and her friends must journey out to the outskirts of Equestria to rescue her. S6E9: Fall for the Cutie: When the Cutie Mark Crusaders to go to Manehattan to visit their old friend Babs, they find out that her cutie mark is not what they expected it to be. S6E10: Flutterspy: Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie are assigned by a secret agent to go under cover and investigate a disturbance in Canterlot. S6E11: Out of this World: Twilight wants to learn about Starswirl the Bearded]s many secrets, so she and Rarity travel back to Starswirl's old castle for research. But to learn about his secrets, Twilight might need to travel to beyond the universe and ask him herself, which may be too much for her to handle. S6E12: Royal Guard: Fluttershy gets a visit from her little brother Pop Fly whose a royal guard cadet at Canterlot Academy. When Fluttershy's friends meet him, they see that he and Fluttershy are two very different ponies. S6E13: Wonderbolts Premiere: Rainbow Dash officially gets accepted to become a part of the Wonderbolts, but during the first few shows, she keeps messing up. While her new squad believes that the flight shows might be too much for her, Rainbow actually believes that it could be sabotage. (It's an episode where Wind Rider and Lightning Dust team up against Rainbow as revenge for getting demoted.) S6E14: Everfree Caverns: A legendary ruby that symbolizes the noble dragon has been found within the caves of Everfree Forest, so Spike journeys out to locate the ruby; but before he could get the ruby, he must pass a set of challenges within the caves, as well as race other Dragons to get to it - including a a gang of dragons from Spike's past. S6E15: Lesson Hero: Discord gets jealous when the Mane 6 keep getting praised for being heroes of Equestria, so Discord decides to keep watch over Equestria for any trouble so he too could get praised. S6E16: Fear and Clothing in Las Pegasus: The Apple family wins a free trip to Las Pegasus, but when Big Mac gets a little out of control with the gambling, they find out that their ownership of Sweet Apple Acres is at risk. S6E17: Holder's Boulder: Pinkie Pie and Applejack are asked to watch over the [[Pie family]] farm while her family goes to a Rock Convention, but things get a little out of control when Holder's Boulder goes missing. S6E18: Scoot Over: When Scootaloo gets desperate to fly, Rainbow Dash signs her up for the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp in hoping she would be able to successfully learn how to. S6E19: Starswirl Society: Twilight discovers that there is a community organization of unicorns that want to learn about Starswirl the Bearded's magic, so she and Starlight Glimmer try to find out how to earn them a seat in the club and use their help to unlock Starswirl's secrets. Meanwhile, Twilight runs into some old friends in the club that too wants to learn about it. (The two friends are Moondancer and Trixie.) S6E20: Uncle Spike: (I got two different descriptions for this episode) Number 1: When Spike finds out Princess Skyla is afraid of him, he tries to desperately attempt to earn her love. Number 2: When Spike gets lonely when the Mane 6 leave town to assist Starlight Glimmer with her list, he decides to make friends with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. But Spike finds out that hanging out with ponies more his age is much more different than hanging with ponies older than him, so Spike decides to take charge. S6E21: Darling Little Angel: When Fluttershy snaps after Angel's stubbornness pushes her to the limit, Fluttershy gets advice and thinks the best way for Angel to behave is to show discipline. That is when Angel decides to change his ways and become a good bunny. S6E22: Jokes on You: When Pinkie Pie plays a prank on Sweetie Belle that goes terribly wrong, Sweetie Belle disbands her friendship with her. So, Pinkie starts to desperately earn her respect back by doing whatever she asks. (It's kinda like that Hey Arnold episode with the bunny PJs.) S6E23: Cakewalk: When Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake finally reach the age to attend school, Mr. and Mrs. Cake receive a letter saying that Pumpkin is accepted for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, and Pumpkin is accepted to the Cloudsdale Flight School, but the Cakes fears that their foals may not be ready yet to attend the schools. The Mane 6 try to knock some sense into them. S6E24: Big Trouble in Little Equestria: As Spike gets troubled when he thinks his life just being Twilight Sparkle's assistant is wasting his life, an army of dragons led by the legendary Alphadragon attacks Equestria. (Musical episode) S6E25: Element of Courage - Part 1: After Twilight's experiment with Starswirl the Bearded's secrets, the magical balance of Equestria starts to go horribly wrong, so the Mane 6 as well as the Starswirl Community Club must find a way to stop the leak. S6E26: Element of Courage - Part 2: Starswirl the Bearded's magical spirit as been unleashed upon Equestria, causing havoc. When Twilight loses hope in trying to stop it, Starlight Glimmer volunteers to help out. Well, that's my list! I must say though, I even impress myself when I make these! They get better and better every time! Now I'm not saying any of these will happen; in fact, I'm probably wrong on most of them. But these summaries you have to admit are pretty realistic theories on what might happen on the show... well some of them. When I make these lists, I want to make sure all the important characters have a chance to shine, just like in season four. Plus since Starlight Glimmer is most likely reforming after the finale, she might be considered a Mane 7 and become the main hero this season, and I have this strange theory that Star Swirl might play a role too as the story arc. Also you can see with these Spike episodes I made that this season might be a big season for Spike as season five was for the CMCs. I kinda liked the second theory on Uncle Spike better than the first one to be honest. :3 Anyways, let me know how you think of this! Also I'd love to hear your theories!
  11. I was just wondering if they are going they bring back Lightning Dust to the how again,since hey already did that to Gilda are they going to do it anytime soon?
  12. Some of the antagonists in jail
  13. I actually really liked lightning dusts character, i mean RD isn't my favourite of the mane 6 but although they're kind of alike i liked lightning dust a bit more, I actually really hope we see her again, there was a certain charm to her (EXTRA: I also liked 'Raise This Barn' but everyone else seemed to hate it) Whats your opinion on Lightning Dust?
  14. Today was a joyous day in Canterlot and throughout equestria . The royal couple of Shining Armor and princess Candace were married and everypony was happy . Well almost everypony. Far away the changeling kingdom things were anything but happy. Chrysalis was badly injured as was the rest of the hive and they were all starving . Because of the starvation many of her subjects were already dead. Some of them were discussing plans to overthrow her. The queen as running out of options. She was so injured and starved that her egg laying rate was almost nonexistent she had to do something ! She needed a mate and a heir . Then she remembered something . Years ago changelings were being prosecuted. So in order to save the royal bloodline she had taken her 3 newborn baby daughters far away to ponyville so they'd be safe. Because they were to young to use their shape shifting abilities she had used her magic to change them into ponies . One of them was a blue Pegasus with a rainbow colored mane . The second one became a unicorn dark blue in color with a silvery mane .and the last one was turned into another Pegasus but was greenish blue and had a blonde mane. She thought back to the invasion . She'd seen a female Pegasus who looked exactly like the pony form of her daughter . She'd also seen a young dragon who looked attractive enough to be her ideal mate . It was decided she would go to ponyville meet her daughter in disguise, see if the other two still lived there as well as meet that dragon.turnedher body.into a blue Pegasus with blue eyes and green hair then told her second in command to be charge while she was away . With that she headed for Ponyville. It was long way to the town so she was extremely tired. Luckily when she arrived at a local bakery to eat the owners offered her a place to sleep upstairs . It just so happened that their employee a happy pink earth pony named Pinkie pie who Chrysalis recognized from the invasion was friends with her daughter who Pinkie said been named Rainbow Dash . When she and her bosses had asked Chrysalis her name she said it was “spectrum “. Because that's what she had originally named Rainbow Dash upon learning her name Pinkie Pie smiled .” Well it's super nice to meet you Spectrum !’m gonna throw a party for you tomorrow to announce you moving here to ponyville you're gonna love it! With that she bounced out of the room . The next day a large party was thrown in her honor. There was music , balloons and cake Chrysalis had never seen such a happy celebration. Even better was the fact that Rainbow Dash was there. She introduced herself and they began talking the queen said she was a psychologist and could help Dash with any emotional problems. Her second daughter who according to Rainbow dash was named Trixie was there as well they were both in the show business. Dash belonged to a stunt group called the wonderbolts and Trixie was a magician . Chrysalis was proud of her daughters . To blend in more she opened up a psychology clinic. Many ponies came to visit including Dash and Trixie both had self esteem issues and severe cases of egomania as well as sociopathic tendencies, both had a crush on one of their rivals Trixie had it on Twilight sparkle and Rainbow Dash had one on the God of chaos Discord. But neither would admit it because they claimed to “ hate “ their crushes. Soon a pony with the exact resemblance of her third daughter’s pony form cane to visit her name was Lightening Dust like her other two daughters had self worth issues a huge ego and was a sociopath but also sducidal problems because she been kicked out of the wonderbolts academy. When Lightning told her this she smiled and said “ Lightning everyone is worth something especially you.” This made the blonde haired Pegasus smile . Chrysalis slowly began to build up a friendship with all 3 of them attending Trixie's shows flying with Rainbow although it took time for her to learn to fly using Pegasus wings ) Abe giving Lightening dust self confidence lessons and Dash flying lessons . Eventually she figured it was time to tell them the truth. So she went backstage after one of Trixie's shows and told the unicorn to meet her at her house ( which was at the edge of the everfreee forest ).Trixie smiled “ well Spectrum the great and powerful Trixie might have to work out her schedule but she'll be there “! That same day she told Rainbow Dash and Lightening Dust to to come as well and they both accepted . Dash was the first to arrive being the fastest. She's miles as she asked “ so Spectrum you wanted to see me? What's up ?” Chrysalis smiled back “ I'll tell you soon .” Then Lightening Dust showed up Bursting through the door. She was about to say hi but then Dash noticed her .” What are you doing here Lightening Dust?” She asked growling slightly.” Oh h- hey Dash …” Lightening Dust said nervously . Her didn't sound herself. Eventually Trixie showed up “ what took you so long?” The disguised queen asked . “ It took Trixie a long time to walk here !” She whined .” Why didn't you just take your trailer ?”chrysalis asked .” The great and powerful Trixie doesn’t trust wheels .” The magican responed . The changling queen just rolled her eyes. Rainbow Dash looked at Trixie “ hey Trixie what are you doing here ?” She asked . Trixie responed with a slight smirk .” Trixie could ask you the sabe question. By the way who's she ?” Trixie asked pointing a hoof at Lightening Dust. Dash frowned “ this is Lightening Dust .” She growled . They began to talking and it stated getting very loud .” Silence!” She shouted still not completely used to not being royalty. They all stopped and looked at her strangely . She sighed “ the reason I called you all here is I have a confession to make but before I tell you what I'm going to tell you I have a question . Have any of you ever met your parents .?” Their answer was a synchronized “ no .” A slight smile appeared on her face. “That's because “ I'm your mother.” They're eyes all widened . “ How is that possible I see Lightening and I being sisters but Trixie's a unicorn how'd you make her ?” The smile on the queens face faded . “ well the truth is your … Changings “. She muttered . Taking her normal form. They all gassed at this .” It - can't be .. Your – queen Chrysalis! That means we're changelings !” The eyes of Trixie and Lightening Dust widened more . They'd heard of changelings but had never actually met one in person . “ wait so if you're our mom then how come we able to get our cutie marks ?” Lightening asked . Their mother shrugged “ I guess you were living as ponies for so long that you just got them “. Trixie looked t her mother “ so why did you you leave us here ?”she asked . Chrysalis explained that at the time the was under attack and she was trying to protect them . Then she went on to explain the currant state of the kingdom and that one of them would eventually become the new queen. After the lecture . Trixie smirked “ Trixie always knew she was royalty!” This caused her siblings to roll their eyes. “ Well I'm not to In to the royal thing but I always knew I'd be something as important . “ Dash said proudly. “ same “. Lightening Dust agreed . “ So how do we see what we really look like?” Dash asked . Chrysalis instructed them .” Just concentrate and totally clear your mind.” It took a few minutes but they were able to change into their natural forms . They over coarse had the same black bodies , holes and horns that symbolized nobility . But Trixie had lighter blue coloring including her mane and her wings and wing case were purple . Rainbow Dash what a darker blue coloring in her name , tail and wing case but her wings looked normal . Lightening Dust closely resembled Dash except all her features were blonde . The queen smiled at them “ I've seen a lot of strength in all of you whoever gets the throne I'll be proud of all of you . She wasn't expecting it but they all began to nuzzle her .” We love you mom .” They said in unison “ but I thought you 3 would hate me ..” She stuttered .” We don't hate you sure we're a little sore that you had to leave us but you did it because you loved us “. Lightening Dust said in a affectionate way . “ and even if you weren't in your own body you were so nice to us .” Dash agreed “ Trixie must agree you he,piped her with her show and deferred her against neighsayers …” “ You helped me get get my confidence back..” Lightnig added “ and you taught me some many new tricks and techniques fir flying ! You’re a great mom !” Rainbow Dash finished . Chrysalis started to smile .” None of my other children have ever said that to me before..” Dash looked annoyed .” Well they should! You invaded a country just to keep them safe! That's like the toughest thing a mom could do for her kids!” The smile on their mother’s fade grew huge .” Thank you girls you’re the best daughters ever!” She started to walk away but then Stopped . “ oh and your lessons start tomorrow don't forget .” She began to walk again but then stopped once again.” Can you girls do me a favor ?” They nodded eagerly.” Could you possibly get me a date with that young purple Dragon ? Spike I believe his name is ?” They all looked slightly confused on why their mom would want to date Spike but they nodded . As they flew away they didn't even bother to ask how to change back because now they now they knew they were changelings and they were proud of it .
  15. Seriously, we were hoping to see Trixie in S2, and he returned in S3. We think the same of Gilda, and well, since she was a weak and flat character she obviously didn´t return. Then Flim and Flam return and...ufff... But, why those one-shot characters can´t return? I refer to: Lightning Dust Cheese Sandwich Maud Pie Suri Diamond Dogs Steven Magnet The reason of why the two characters mentiond above returned and the other don´t was because they were fresh and really good characters, a large amount of fans, and because they serve to do a contrast to the protagonist, showing what they could have become. AND WHY THESE CHARACTERS CAN´T RETURN WHEN THEY HAVE A LOT TO SHOW!! LD served to show the bad aspects of Rainbow Dash, and since a lot of Wonderbolts episodes are coming, i can see her returning. Cheese Sandwich good development and is not really fair that they only use him for the keys. Suri was another counterpart to Rarity. These two last characters (Magnet and DD) got a lot of fans and fanfics, and the first one was a FUCKING MEME GODDAMNIT!! So, ¿What are the reasons to not bring they back? I WANT ANSWERS!!! I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!!! YOU CAN´T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! FORGET IT, IT´S CHINATOWN!! PD: I want Chrysalis and Zecora to return also, duh.
  16. During the ending of Wonderbolt Academy, Spitfire takes the gold medal off of Lighting Dust and then Lighting Dust walks away with her head down as two guards take her some where. Most likely to get her stuff and to make sure she leaves the base. Of course we don't know if she is getting kicked out or if she is going some where to think about what she did. Now I'm hearing people saying that they feel bad for Lighting. She was just doing everything she could to prove she was the best and should be a Wonderbolt and should not have been kicked or what ever they did to her. My problem is I don't feel bad for her and she should get kicked out. This is how I kinda see it and why she should get kicked out. Lighting Dust was not being a team player. She almost got Rainbow Dash hurt, the other students hurt, and almost got 5 civilians hurt. Four if Fluttershy remembered that she was a pegasus before hitting the ground. Also she did not feel bad for what she did. So after looking at this it's kinda the same reason I don't feel bad for Trixie. They were both jerks to everypony and only cared about themselves. They had it coming to them for things that they did. So what does everyone else think?
  17. So the Lightning Dust/Suri thread got me thinking, and I realized that each of the Mane 6 has had a personal antagonist in an episode, except for Rarity (who's had two IMO). Which of them is your favorite?
  18. For those expecting Trixie shipping... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. For those not in the know, this is based off one of the more infamous of the Doctor Who episodes following the 2005 reboot. Honestly, that episode wasn't too bad until it decided to go full retard at the last minute and we got the monstrosity before you. And the last minute or two is straight up nightmare fuel. Had a cool soundtrack, though. Have DeviantArt.
  19. I know this is an entire season ago and probably completely off topic, but I wanted to discuss it with a large group of people. It seems like I am the only one who would be so bold as to say he likes Lightning Dust, from Wonderbolt Academy. Even amongst my circles of bronies whom I am close friends with, they seem to be indifferent towards her, whereas I'm pretty sure everyone else in the brony community almost instantly decided they hated her. What are you talking about, CHAOS? Plenty of people like Lightning Dust! Not from my perspective. As aforementioned, every person I've talked to on the matter have opinions that range from "indifferent" to "seething hatred." I seem to be the only person who likes her, let alone wants her to come back. Another handy scale I find in this fandom is to gauge something's popularity by how much fanart it gets. I'm pretty sure Lightning Dust is second only to Prince Blueblood in terms of having the fewest pictures of her drawn by fans. Yep—I'm pretty sure there are more Diamond Tiara pictures than there are Lightning Dust pictures. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe how sad that makes me. Most people seem to say just about the same thing about why they don't like Lightning Dust, and, to be honest, I'm really not seeing what makes her a bad character. So anyway, I thought I'd open up this topic to see why so many people don't like her (Or to be proven wrong and find that I am not the sole member of her fanclub, which would be lovely). Discuss.
  20. Oh, hi. I was thinking that I was all alone up here for some reason. I usually am. Still, maybe it's not so bad and we can talk for a little while anyway. And don't worry, even if I have a lot on my mind I'm not going to bite your tail off if you ask me things
  21. Hope there isn't an 'Ask Pony' thread of Lightning Dust. Anyway, I'll try my best to answer all questions as soon as possible. Hey peeps. Name's Lightning Dust. I'm here to answer your questions so make it quick. Ask me anything you want and I'll be happy to respond.
  22. What, you thought that I was here to participate in Villain Identity day? Ridiculous. Although I admit that it wouldn't be hard to assume, considering my, ahem, history. Y'see, after I got kicked out of that academy, I decided to make some changes about myself. You all thought Rainbow Dash was a hero? Well, how about seeing "selfish" ol' Lighting Dust become a role model? How about that? What about her being even more of an idol? I'm the fastest, the boldest, and the strongest good guy around, and I've soared far above RD's record in lives saved per minute. Not that hard, admittedly... On a day so full of evil, MLP Forums needs a champion. On this very special day, you may ask me any questions on my quest for goodness!
  23. Here's a fic I've been working on in my spare time for about a week now. I don't want to give away too much, but just know that it's an alternate ending to Wonderbolt Academy that has Rainbow Dash's life taking a very different turn after her dreams of becoming a Wonderbolt are forever crushed. I appreciate any and all feedback. Help me to grow as an author, and to write better stories in the future! Oh, and one more thing: Enjoy!
  24. So I wanted to make a DnB song with Audiosauna and well... I did, and here's the result! The feeling i'm trying to convey is the feeling of, uh.... Recklessness! Which is why I added the explosion sound effects and the fast pace of it. Or something. Feedback would be very appreciated.