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Found 19 results

  1. I don't know you're feelings on the subject but i feel Pony creator is under-appreciated and kind of discriminated against. There have been multiple occasions when my work was thought to be less genuine because pony creator vectors were used. For us non-talented ponies Pony creator is an Ultimate tool, it allows us to creator nearly everypony we could think of. I will admit, there are time where I've said "Pony Creator! Y U NO..." poses can be made but strictly from the side view which is where most issues seem to come from. Art works that used the program are said to be less than great just because it was used. On Devianart most if not all MLP art groups will not accept anything that used Pony creator. If if because that images using it are horrible and poor quality, then that is a misconception. I will demonstrate what can be done with Pony creator, Photoshop(for transparency) and GIMP, as they are tools of Choice and Trade. None NONE of any of these vectors would not have been found nor created without Pony Creator. As i have demostrated Pony creator can serve as a valueless tool of Trade should the artist actually try to learn it. But what are your thoughts on the subject.
  2. So, many know I love art, but this is my first attempt at a physical piece of mlp art. Its a wonderbolts chain necklace. I was gonna use fishing line, but chain just shouted wonderbolts. I made this out of cardboard, paper, markers, and a chain.
  3. So I decided to do more Star Wars stuff, and tried to see if I could make a cool picture with my editing software. Tell me what you think.
  4. I know that this is my current avatar, but I figured I would upload this and show you my finace's OC and mine together
  5. LIGHTNING RIDER MINI-COMIC: THE TEST FLIGHT I've always wanted to write my own fan-fiction of my OC, Lightning Rider, and I really wanted them to be drawn as a comic. Before going into the main series, which I've planned for, I first tried to make a mini-comic to test myself if I can manage to handle the work, and I'm glad I can. Right now, I'm currently working on the next episode, but this is so far the complete version I've made. =) I hope you will enjoy this one. ^^ *This comic actually occurred around the events of "Hurricane Fluttershy", just to let you know. A brief explanation about my OC: Lightning Rider is a pegasus pony currently living in Ponyville. The ponies who usually accompany him are Thunderlane and Mercury. His special talent is fast-flying, but he's having a hard time trying to realize his full potential. In all his life, he lived with insecurities, fears, and personal doubts, wishing to live a simpler life; never wanting to become the best, but his friends, especially Thunderlane, don't want him to think like that, and they will try to help him all they can for him to do his best in every situation he'll be in. Although it won't be easy convincing him to be because he is highly self-effacing. It will be Lightning's greatest challenge if he would take the path to find himself.
  6. A drawing of my OC, Lightning Rider. Just thought of wanting to post it in here too. =3 Hope you like it~ ^^
  7. I was practicing on lineless art, and this is what I wanted to draw out. We have Thunderlane, Mercury, and my OC, Lightning Rider. =3 So far, this is the progress I've made. It's kinda hard to get used to it, especially when using my own style. But I hope you enjoyed it for now. ^^
  8. Heyo everypony its me Lightning Dash -draws something- Oh hey im Lightning Sketch Ask us anything!!!
  9. This is very nice indeed! The font really suits her and I loved the effect around her body shape. As always I love all of your artworks!
  10. I thought of something last night... I've been told that when someone gets struck by lightning, their mind set can be altered drastically, assuming they survive. Would this happen to ponies? If so, would their cutie mark reset or be replaced? I mean, we have seen many ponies get struck by some kind of lightning bolt in the show and weren't really affected at all, nor were they really hurt. That kind of leads me to believe that lightning created by Pegasi isn't really as afflicting as the lightning that might happen naturally. Lets just say for now, maybe, in the Everfree Forest, lightning bolts that are as powerful as the ones we all know of can strike. So, if a pony were to be struck by a powerful bolt of lightning and lived, would their mind be altered? I am not exactly sure, it may just happen by chance. If it did happen though, what would happen to their cutie mark? (Assuming they have one already; fillies probably wouldn't be able to survive the blast, anyway.) Either whatever magical force created their cutie mark just reverses and removes the cutie mark, or it stays there like a tattoo and is just overlapped with a new, different cutie mark. If neither of those happen, the old cutie mark might just fuse with the new one, or it just wouldn't change, and the pony would have a misleading mark on his/her flank. I don't know if this would even happen. It probably wouldn't happen to unicorns, since their horn supposedly would act like a lightning rod. Or, maybe it would. I don't know. What do you think?
  11. this is Lighting Blitz he is my brothers oc and i have been meaning to draw him for a long time but just now got around to it. the little cloud he is holding is something he likes to do. he can overcharge thunderclouds and use them as mines. which comes in handy for his job as a demolition pony
  12. Ask me anything! I'll answer back!
  13. I was looking through one of my sketch books, and I found this. I was bored, and decided to scan it in and finish it. RIDE THE LIGHTNING! When I drew this I was really bored. Any thoughts?
  14. Hello everypony... body... whatever. Anyways,here is my most recent PMV based on the song "Ride the Lightning" by Metallica. WARNING: DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU HAVE ANY MEDICAL CONDITION TRIGGERED BY FLASHING WHITE OR COLORS!
  15. I did a quick drawing of the new character from the newest episode! it's not that great, colors and anatomy is off, but that is mainly because it's to early in the morning for me. :I By the way, does anyone remember her name? I was too busy trying to remember her colors/ design, I kind of forgot her name. It was like "Lightning" something... *EDIT* It was Lightning Dust, right? I'm clueless... . Also, I am getting to work on all those requests right now!~
  16. Hello everybody and by everybody i mean you totally random person on the internet who ended up clicking on this because u where curious and if you already haven't left yet what are your favorite pictures or memes here are my favorite P.s I NEED THAT TRUCK WHOS WITH ME /)
  17. One of the first concurrent thoughts I had while watching Rainbow Dash for the first time was imagining her as a fighter jet. Obviously something fast but also fairly agressive as well. This was due to my great interest in Ace Combat 5 for the Playstation 2 at the time, as well as my wish to keep my skills honed with Autodesk Maya. I taught myself a lot about shader trees while making this. The plane itself is a Mig-31 Foxhound, a Russian Interceptor with a top speed of around Mach 2.8, or 2180 mph (3400 kph). It's arguable that Rainbow Dash would be better suited by something that has more manoeuvrability, or at least something that trades less of it for flat-out speed. The model and texture together took about 6 weeks to make. It was basically the focus of a poster I wanted to make. However it came nowhere close to as popular as a copy version I made in about half an hour. Also in-process is a Lockheed F-35 Lightning II, the work-in-progress texture sporting a healthy coat of gray and yellow, with an Ace marker of the Muffin Queen.
  18. Now as from i've seen, there are no plans for a MLP FPS. Yes, i am excluding the GrimDark ones because i really don't think that suits what MLP is like. But back when i was working with EA, i went all crazy over trying to make my own FPS. i didn't know where to start so i just searched "FPS Creator" and ofcourse i got a flurry of great software at my hands. but when i left, i left my Dream of my own FPS too. but now i think it could be Possible with this i think its very possible, but i dont believe any one tried it with it being grimdark. So what do you think ponies, is this possible at all? of just a dilussion?
  19. Some of the veterans of the forums are saying that Most of the Blank Flanks that have been coming in have been getting confused about what goes into a thread like a story or fanfic and what goes in your status like Good night. I'm trying to point out before you post it make sure its meant for what you're putting it on. I mean.... It should come naturally, i mean i read the rules (most of) and just started posting, you were there and i don't think i even introduced myself and i didn't do anything like this with all the posting i did. and its not just one Blank Flank, its some but not all either. this is probably the Number #1 rule in all forums but make sure what you are about to post is meant for what you're posting it to. (i became an Advanced member within a day or 2 and i'm probably the reason why Feld0 changed the post counter, lol.)