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Found 7 results

  1. I mean, besides be true to her friends and just generally BE awesome. I've never seen anyone mention this moment before. But remember when that uncouth, countrified colt washing the windows recognized her from a "hoedown" ( oh, I HAVE to hear the story on that one) and embarrassed her in front of the upper-class couple she was talking to? ("Rarity, is that you?!" *falls*) She could have just pretended not to know him. In fact, a LOT of ponies might have done that. But instead? "Oh, yes! How are you?" Naturally this ruins any chance of her befriending the snobs. But she takes the disappointment in stride. Didn't even lash out at 'Hayseed' (fanon name?) for embarrassing her. Rewatch that scene and tell me Rarity is shallow or not generous.
  2. The real world, Equestria, or both are in danger. You must lead a rag-tag group of FIVE ponies on an RPG-like quest to save the day. Here are the rules! You may pick: 1. ONE of the Mane 6. 2. ONE side character or minor villain. 3. ONE of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. 4. ONE stallion. 5. ONE background pony. 6. ONE non-pony character (no major villains allowed). I will brohoof anyone who also posts good reasons for each of their picks. Have at it my friends!
  3. Okay, I was messing around on the forums a few days ago and I went into the role play section. I had everything set up and was ready to do as the role play said... But then all of a sudden I didn't go in. I WAS SHY. I don't know why, its as if I did not want to disturb their RP... In real life, I'm lively, unafraid, and characteristic. Is anyone else having the same problem, and and advise?
  4. Like a boss, I just put an epic MLP tattoo on. My friend made me. It is all her fault. All her, Yup. And mine too. hehe. She has a Twilight Sparkle cutie mark one on her arm, someone called it the Russian red star. But now to more impotent news, Bronyclub (The club which Simply-Rainbow and I are forming at our school) was approved by the vice principal. I was so happy and nervous during the interview. Now we only need our teacher supervisor to approve or disapprove. Well we were doing an interview with the teacher we want to supervise our group. And we showed her an episode of MLP:FiM. It was Lesson Zero. (I wanted to show her the episode where Fluttershy learned how to be assertive but we forgot the name.) I heard her laugh a few time well we were watching it. And when Fluttershy was massaging the bear... oh man was she surprised when she 'cracked the bears neck'. But in Bronyclub we are planning to do charity events, like bake sales, and car washes. Also small things like show discussion, writing, drawing, etc. It is going to be amazing. I really hope the teacher gets back to use soon!! <3
  5. :3 Yah, I was bored. Also, I got my webcam working again <3
  6. I HERP U LIEK IT!11 Yeah... I think I need to fix it some how... any ideas? I think I might need to fix its background a little bit I think I need a better/more original title. Direct link http://flare3.devian...-boss-295592469 Oh and a special thanks to everyone who was in the live stream for helping me with ideas and motivating me.
  7. So, I've had a pretty good week. And by that I mean awesome. It probably started on Valentines Day when my friend Gray turned a lesbian into a bisexual. I didn't think it was possible, but apparently he's just that BA. (Edit: For those of you who didn't understand what I meant by this, see: and One day later, I saw that this neo-nazi sociopath from my school was being a jerk to this girl, so I told her that I was gonna get his facebook password and change all of his picture to MLP: FiM stuff. I got it from this hacker I know who goes by the name Ferrari, and I changed all of his pics to ponies and his profile pic and name to Fluttershy. Now everyone thinks I'm awesome (people making facebook statuses about how awesome I am) and this girl is all over me. My life is awesome right now. More confirmation here: Pl0x on pix: This one is real, but it has my real name in it, so I edited. Paste of facebook convo that also helped (My friends: Gray, Chris; Nazi: Steven; Girl that likes me: Stephanie)