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Found 74 results

  1. Title: Castle Mane-ia Air Date: November 30th, 2013 Leak Date: November 27th, 2013 Synopsis: While in Luna and Celestia's old castle, the ponies are convinced it is haunted by the Pony of Shadows. Did somebody say something about exploring spooky old castles that have ghosts? Like, zoinks, Scoob! We better get movin'! Wow, this is the first time we've had an episode leaked this early, since Wonderbolt Academy. That's an academy record. Let's not link to any torrents or other files of the leaked episode here in the thread itself, please. If someone has the file or knows how to find it, please share amongst folks looking for it, amongst yourselves, privately, or post a Google search term that will get you to it. Yes it's inconvenient but it's also a matter of legality
  2. Hub Welcome to the Rainbow Dash fan club! Rainbow Dash claims to be the fastest flier in all of Equestria, and she isn't just boasting. She is able to break the sound barrier and once performed the famous stunt, the Sonic Rainboom. She likes living life on the fast lane and enjoys adventures. She may be the fastest flier in Equestria, yet she will slow down to help her friends and Ponyville. She likes sleeping and eating and is the element of Loyalty. Kyronea's analysis on Rainbow Dash Rules of this thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. This is the Rainbow Dash thread, please only post her. If you have recomendations for another pony club, go to the hub (linked at the top of the screen). Fan Art Trophy Case
  3. What is that you like about the above user's avatar?
  4. I looked to see if there was a thread about "Favorite songs" and such, and I couldn't find any . So I decided to create this . Title is self-explanatory. Just list your top 3 favorite songs (They can be from ANYTHING). Mine are...... 1. Republica - 2. The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid 3. Mark Knopfler - 4. AC/DC - Thunderstruck 5. Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing What are yours ?
  5. Okay, most of you have seen Equestria Girls and probably heard that remix of the MLP:FiM theme in the opening sequence. If not, here is a link: Anyway, my question for you all is if you liked this remix or not. Which one do you like more: this remix or the original? Vote above and put reasons below. I liked it, but I didn't really like the beginning of it. I prefer the original over it.
  6. Simply put... This topic is all about "The Cape"... Probably by far the greatest piece of garb or article of clothing ever made. The cape is also known as a cloak sometimes "royal robes". The Mexican poncho could also be a cape too, I guess? I think we'll only count the ones that either are draped over the shoulders like military personnel or Italian Renaissance men, or draped around the shoulders down the back. Let's begin... What are your thoughts on capes? Do you like capes? Do you dislike Capes? Would you like to see the cape maybe make a fashion statement come back and or could be worn daily in public like the good old noble days of lore and not just as an accessory to a child and some adult Halloween costumes? Is it a heroes best quality of do you go for "The Incredible's" clause of "NO CAPES"... Something I find ridiculous if Batman didn't have his wings, he'd look like a pointy ninja if you look at it? For me... Personally, every time I see one in film or on TV; usually worn by noble counts and royal lords of epic lands and medieval worlds, mighty warriors of the sword and shield and swashbuckling heroes. On the backs of dastardly leaders and honorable leaders and the ladies and gentlemen of the late Victorian ages and most often in films and cinema's greatest heroes and villains. One thing was certain... The cape is freaking bad ass. See them flap in the air as the dark avenger stands vigilant high over the city he protects or the watchful guardian angel floating high above the Earth with his great red wings or giving an Imperial Lord a dark and menacing, cold appearance that strikes fear in the souls of men as he moves about the halls of his galactic imperial fortress, or the daring hero as he dashes dashingly down the stone halls and corridors of a dark gloomy dungeon on a quest of thwarting a great and terrible evil and restoring hope to a heart who's hope is slowly fading from as she fears her situation is growing ever closer to darkness with fear and despair. Also I love to wear them because they always made heroes and villains look so awesome and when I'd throw one on and see for myself. I must agree, the cape does give one a certainly agreeable appearance doesn't it I mean it just seems so fashionable and good looking. I wouldn't mind seeing them become just another article of clothing people wore as they went about their daily lives. Sure people don't do that... But every year on the 31st of October I see people let loose their "cape love" they do it's just not the norm for people to wear them like out in daylight every day like someone throwing on a raincoat or a jacket. So if you have anything that you'd like to add or take away from this discussion? Feel free to... I'd love to read what you all think about this, because I'm generally curious. I really hope this catches on... because, I know people really do like capes, they just keep it deep down inside until the 31st of October comes around to unleash their cape love on the world. This has been SuperBrony87... Do you like capes... I like capes... capes, cloaks and robes it's all good. the longer, the flappier, the better, the badasser. Thanks for reading! BTW on a side note... NBC once debuted a show The Cape where the titular Hero character uses his cape as a tool to fight crime. Think of that when next time you "anti-capes" and "NO CAPES" out there who say the cape is useless and pointless. To that note, I say, yes it is useless but that cause it's true and only purpose is making the hero look good... That's the cape's only purpose... Truly, it's "cape awesome".
  7. i know it's early to be asking this kind of question, but what do you like/hate about summer vacation. I like being away from school, hot days, and too much other stuff. The only two things I hate are sunburns and mosquitos(or any bug for that matter)
  8. I don't really like being questioned about it because I dunno how to explain my reasons.
  9. Very important topic, do you have a beard or if you don't have a beard do you like beards? I have a beard, reddish viking beard that I'm growing towards infinity.
  10. If you don't already know, you can go to to find out. Average human I.Q. is 100. My I.Q. is 134, considered "Gifted". 2.5 percent of the population scored this high.
  11. Personally, as a vegetarian, you can image I don't like meat...which includes bacon...please don't kill me. Meat Onions Tomatoes Pickles Sunflower Seeds Mushrooms Eggs Any type of chips Burritos Can't think of anymore. I generally love candy, sweets, vegetables, and fruits, so... How about you all?
  12. For example: Almost everyone loves to drive a car. Well, I hate driving. Why? Because I MUST pay atention to everything that is arround me and if I ignore it, I could hurt someone. There is always this a****ole crossing the street whenever he wants, there is always a driver that drives so baddly and if it is not a person is an animal crossing the street. Is way to stressful for me....
  13. What languages do you like? Languages you don't? I don't like English, but I want to know Japanese some time. English is weird.
  14. So we know Pinkie Pie has rapped in the past. But if you were say to show her N.W.A's F**K Tha Police how would she react. On one hand I think she would think the music sounded cool. On the other hand I think she would not like the lyrical content. Also gangster rap made Pinkie do it.
  15. I for one never really li- lived for the like/dislike system. It is a 50/50 split between liking or disliking it. Usually some of the videos I watch on YouTube are average, so I do not click on the like button. If I liked the video, I click the like button. Simple right? Youtubers just asking for a like at the end of a video is just annoying to me. I get that clicking on the like button would bring their video higher in the search results. However just liking every single video I come across loses my definition of what 'like' means. It just turns it into some involuntary action. Basically I will like the video if I like it. I still miss the 5 star rating system YouTube used to have.
  16. Alright, for this thread, you will post a letter of the English alphabet and the next person will name something they like/love that starts with that letter, and so on and so forth. Ex. Person 1 - A Person 2 - Apple F Person 3 - Frogs U Oh, and multiple word answers are allowed. I'll start with: E
  17. I know, I know there are like a billion topics about this. but i am actually analyzing this and telling you why those two make 2 amazing ponies. (even though I prefer Rarity ) so as for Rarity: she might get all whiny, but it adds a touch of comedy to her. She might be obsessed with fashion but it is what she likes, after all. She really is generous, but only her dramatic behavior covers up that so not many people see that in her. She is smart and creative and she is loving. She has The Best Design and Really is cute and when it comes to friends, she wouldn't mind getting her hooves dirty even though she is a dirt hater. She also actually has some sense of proper presentation, and has a good heart. And one more thing........ DIAMONDS!!!!!!! :idea: :idea: Rainbow Dash: yes, the pony who is full of herself. That only builds up her character and she cares for her friends. For what her friends do, she is unique and tom boyish, and she preferred tank because he was loyal in the end and she is cool. I like her color scheme and even though she might be all into sports, the thing amazing is she loves Daring Do books. Her love for flight is Awesome and how she helped Daring Do is just WOW. And if it were not for rainbow, and her love for flight and winning, Equestria would have Been Done with. and plus, sonic rainbooms look amazing this, people is the reason both of them are amazing ponies.
  18. I was thinking to make this thread while watching Battleship. It's self explanatory; what movies do you like yet most other people hate or just find to be lame/stupid/uninteresting/anything negative? For me it's...... -Battleship: I love this movie, and it's mah 4th favorite movie of all time, yet most people found it stupid, mainly because of the "Based off the board game" gimmick (Which, IMO, wasn't the smartest choice to advertise), since it involves aliens, and the fact that Rihanna was in the movie. Plus, acting isn't really that good and ackward dialogue at times doesn't help. It's visuals, sound effects, lighting (Strangely enough) action scenes, alien ship design (Especially the peg-shaped mortars), and somewhat epic with feel with the destroyers and battleships are the reasons why I like it so much -Any Transformers movie: I'm mostly talking about the 3rd one, since I can barely remember the 2nd one, and most people found TS1 to be decent or good. I like the 3rd one a lot, even though it is one long ass movie -I guess G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: The reason why I put this was because the critics didn't like it at all. Only around 30-35% of them did, same rating as Battleship. I'm not exactly sure why though. I don't find acting to be all that bad, and visuals aren't as corny as some of the critics made it out to be. Maybe I'm just blind to all it's problems the critics found. I'm not sure how fans or regular movie-goers reacted, though....... So what are YOUR movies you like yet most other people don't?
  19. To take a go at Facebook, I have designed this photo in a matter of seconds and will now share it with you. Give me all the likes, btw.
  20. Here are some of the more "odd" reasons why I like MLP besides the usual reasons like "they're cute" or "the characters are well developed", etc. I first really took an interest in the show because of how good the animation was for Flash. I was like... Working with Flash in the past a little bit was something I really enjoyed. I understand what's going on from a technical standpoint because of it (e.g., symbols, tweens, keyframes, etc.) MLP has some of the best animation I've seen for a flash cartoon. I sometimes like to think about what the animators may have done to animate a certain action/scene that interested me for one reason or another. I also was able to pretty quickly guess correctly the truth about Derpy's origins- as confirmed in an interview by animator John Martin Wong. (Derpy was made as a joke- it was just an error that she was visible in the final episode) I also like the movement of quadruped (or four legged) animals. Basically how they walk/run- kind of in the same way I like how an engine in a car moves/works. The reactions that intelligent animal characters can portray in addition to normal human reactions is something I really like also. What I mean are reactions such as slinking down/cowering when scared, happy jumping (like a dog for example), showing teeth when angry, lowering ears/head when sad, and other quirky things animals do. For some reason I also really like the blank stare/confused look of a crowd of ponies. It just looks kind of dumb but funny at the same time to me. So do any of you have some odd reasons for liking Ponies/MLP or am I just a weird rock here?
  21. I gotta ask, Seriously, Why exactly do so many people dislike Rarity so much and say that she's their least favorite pony? And why exactly do so many people like Rainbow Dash so much and say that she's their favorite pony? Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy I can easily understand why people like but Rainbow Dash? Really? She's alot more selfish and obnoxious than Rarity if you ask me...She's a conceited show-off and mostly seems to only think and care about herself alot of the time...She's definitely my least favorite out of the mane 6...Why exactly do people like her? (Don't hurt/kill me for saying that please RD fans) But at least Rarity shows acts of generosity sometimes and does things for other ponies like making dresses etc...What exactly do people have against her?
  22. Hi everypony, I'm new, and I just got on this site to say, I like FIM. To me, I feel as thought the show is somewhat like SpongeBob SquarePants. But that's just my opinion. What are you're thoughts on the show and SpongeBob?
  23. Lets face it, if you watch pony youtubers as much as I do you know that most Brony reviewers really don't like Friendship is Witchcraft. Each reviewer supplied a good number of reasons why they disliked it ( be it reasonable or not). Most wondered why people even liked it and why it has a big fan following. I personally like the show, but as I thought about it I asked myself why exactly do I like it? I could only find a few answers: •In my pre-teen through teenage years I spent a lot of my time watching flash videos on websites like Newgrounds that hosted endless amounts of parody works. I can find easy humor in most anything now because most parody humor is non-sensical. I admire what I call "chaotic humor," which could be described as humor based on the rediculousness of the situation. And is sometimes even funnier when the situation is made even more chaotic. •I can also say I like the show for it's music, high quality visuals, and voice acting. While iffy in rare instances the sound quality is generally good. (And a response to some reviewers) Some say the humor isn't funny because it doesn't fit into some imaginary jurisdiction that the reviewer sets a standard for. In my experience with parodies the humor has no rules. You can parody whatever you want and still find it funny. Just because it didnt fit into your imaginary rules does not make it humorless, you're just overanalyzing it and setting false standards that ultimately ruin your own experience. (Like I did to myself with Iron Man 3) The final question: So thanks to reviewers we all know what'a wrong with Friendship is Witchcraft, but this fanwork has a significant following so it must be doing something right. What do you like about Friendship is Witchcraft? What makes it good specifically?
  24. Basically this is a poll to show how many people on average like or hate skylanders, now before you make your choice let me tell you of mine. Yes, Narcissistic me. I personally hate skylanders for many reasons tied into two characters. Cynder and Spyro. I love them both in their original games, but here.... no... For those of you who don't know, Spyro is a purple dragon from 2 video game series. 1st was just regular Spyro the Dragon and 2nd was The Legend of Spyro series. Now I've been with Spyro through both series growing up. (The first game came out in like 2000.) I've grown up with this purple dragon and he has been somewhat of a childhood hero. I could make a long and sappy paragraph, but Im going to keep this short and to the point. Now just slightly off topic, but still relating to it. Imagine your favorite MLP Character, got it? Now imagine that character being beaten with a baseball bat, ran over by a lawnmower, and horribly disfigured in about a 100 different ways to make them look like a gremlin of their former self that looks like it wants to be put out of its misery. Now imagine that they are given their own show with their name in the title (They are still that disfigured creature) however, at most they are a background character that doesn't really have anything to do with the plot except for the odd cameo. Thats basically what happened to Spyro. I've given my stance that I hate the skylanders series with a passion. But feel free to share your opinions, by pony law I will love and tolerate them.
  25. Besides water and the essential stuff, What can't you live without? For me: -Internet -My phone - MLP and it's community -Cars -Music -Friends What about you guys?