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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 10 results

  1. Don't mind the fact that some of these are sideways. Also don't mind the fact that these were drawn using pencil and paper. The other spoiler contains everything drawn using my primary art style.
  2. During the song in the season 8 premiere "School of Friendship" there is a part where the book is levitating but Twilight's horn is not lit and in the season 8 finale there is a pink stream of magic going into Pinkie. Is pinkie levitating the book? Does one of her parents have a kind of genetic disease that keep the horn from growing out but still exists, Marble and Limestone might be earth ponies but having Maud and Pinkie will explain "some" of their abilities with Maud's super speed and strength from "Maud Pie", and Pinkie's ability to teleport in "Party of One" and "A Friend in Deed", and being able to keep up with Rainbow Dash by using a speed spell in "Party of One". P.S. Please don't say that this was just an animation error in the first picture, i know it is, unless the writers go back to this in season 9.
  3. I generally avoid posting here because of how I never get any feedback, but I want to see if this is any different. I'd highly appreciate verbal feedback, not just a brohoof by itself. (Title idea based off a suggestion by my brother)
  4. Delzepp

    Limestone Pie Fan club

    Hi everyone. Welcome to the Limestone Pie fan club, the rules are as follows: No bad language (no swearing, cursing) No bullying (no badmouthing any other forum members, let's all be friends here) NEVER post naughty/NSFW images (please keep this fan club clean for all ages) If you wanna break the rules, then... That being said, have fun!
  5. Prospekt

    Ask the Pie Sisters!

    HEY, EVERYPONY!!!!!!!! Welcome to my super awesome totally PINKIE-TASTIC "Ask a Pony" topic! I know I've already got a couple here in the forums, but I figured I'd make one for all of my amazing sisters and I! So, if you've got any burning questions for one of us, feel free to ask them. *squee* What Pinkie said. Mmhm. DON'T TOUCH HOLD--oh wait, hi, everypony. I'm a bit busy here on the rock farm, but I'll try to answer questions when I can.
  6. Among the Pie sisters, it is very clear that Maud is the only other Pie apart from Pinkie that gets the most attention and interaction with other ponies. Suppose one of her other sisters such as the grouchy Limestone Pie tried to do the same thing. How much more of an uphill battle would that be for herself, for Pinkie, and for everypony else to get Limestone to interact and get along with other ponies?
  7. There's something about the concept of sharing traditions that drives me to think how wonderful differences are. We don't see the world on the same way; each one of us have our motivations, experiences and dreams to accomplish. We want to share our own perspective with the world, and also want to see what others have to offer. That's one of the bases of fandoms, expand what we think we know and learn about different ways to see one particular thing. To make it work, we have to learn how to listen, and try to understand why other person thinks differently than you, and be grateful that this idea can be not only spoken, but heard. Season 5 episode "Heartbreakers" portraits this idea wonderfully. It's not perfect, but goes well with the standards of the show. I enjoy seeing Pinkie Pie and Applejack interact like the knew each other for years. I mean, like a childhood best friend. It's heartwarming, and anyone with that one friend can relate. The are almost opposites in personality sometimes, but also share a lot in common, particularly the silly sense of humor. If you want Pinkie to be your best friend, just go along with that. The pies are also unique and interesting. The 4 sisters are three extremes and a neutral centerpoint in the spectrum of emotions. Limestone is anger, Marble is timidness, Pinkie is joy, and Maud is... Maud. It's a clever way to make a character. I'd love to see them around on season 7. A family related episode is always welcome to my list of personal favourites. Bring me the Pie and the Maud, gud sir. Twitter! deviantArt!
  8. PonyWaifu

    The Pie Sisters

    Finished this during this mornings live stream. I hope you enjoy it! Who is your favorite sister? Connect with me here:
  9. The Second Opinion

    Hearthbreakers (MLP FIM) - The 2nd Opinion

    The holidays in My Little Pony are brought to you this time by Nick Confalone. Can he do ANY better than his first episode? To subscribe:
  10. I've always enjoyed the notion and the idea of the songs we know and love to sing have a pony twist to it. A Pony Parody if you will. I got this idea from watching "Heartbreakers". And the idea of Maud rapping about her love for rocks in her deadpan state was hilarious to me. I thought the name Igneous Paradise would a perfect fit for the work. Feel free to give me any feed back. Hope you like Igneous Paradise by Maud Pie featuring Limestone Pie (In the style of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, and Weird Al Yankovic’s Amish Paradise) (Maud) As I walk through the farm in which where I was raised I take a look at my rocks, and I truly am amazed Coz life’s just perfect for a pony like me Where the rock farm’s the pride of my family. We got Marble hitchin’ a wagon of slate And Limestone’s chippin’ fragments of conglomerate But I can only contain my excitement for so long, that Even Pinkamena thinks my mind is gone I’m a mare of sediment, it’s my discipline We got flint, marl, and even travertine… fool I’m the Pie-ist Pie the little fillies want to be like Rock farming day and night, scoring’ points in rocktorate (Limestone) Been spending most our lives Livin’ in Igneous Paradise We make quartzite walls and tiles Livin’ in Ingneous Paradise Its hard work and sacrifice Livin in Igneous Paradise We sell shale at discount price Livin’ In Igneous Paradise (Maud) They got the situation, the got me facin’ Can’t live a normal life, because rocks are my passion But I wouldn’t change a thing, because rocks are my love For me to turn my back, you know that’s unheard of Boulder is my homie, my sisters are my crew And my parents would agree that rocks are totally dope… fool If you come to our farm, you’ll be spoilt for choice We have rocks of all kinds to add to your invoice Would I choose chalk or chert, or even breccia too? With all the options here I don’t know? (Limestone) Tell me why are we, so blind to see? That the pony in charge, is the one you see. Been spending most our lives Livin’ in Igneous Paradise We’re just plain and simple Pies Livin’ in Igneous Paradise Holder’s Boulder’s the gleam in my eye Livin’ In Igneous Paradise But stay away unless you wanna fight Livin’ in Igneous Paradise (Maud) Diggin’ up the quarry, wagon on my shoulder Cuttin’ slabs of sandstone, getting’ food for Boulder You say that rocks are all the same, but I’ll be here to teach you That rocks are much more than what lies beneath you They so grey, they’re so round And your new pet rock will certainly astound… fool (Limestone) Been spending most our lives Livin In Igneous Paradise We’re all crazy geo-ites Livin In Igneous Pardise Our mine’s full of stalactites Livin In Igneous Paradise But don’t you ever think it bites Livin In Igneous Paradise