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Found 7 results

  1. Yoouyu

    Follow limit

    I assume that the issue that I was facing in the previous version of the board is still present by i which I mean the notifications stop being sent after you have above certain amount of followers/friends though the friends changing to followers brings up a different situation since as I was aware in the previous version the friendship had to be accepted on both sides and the follower system sounds like a system where people can follow you without your consent like in most social media sites and as far as I'm aware you cannot remove individuals from following you though I haven't tested it but due to this the number of people following people will only increase since based on my experience people aren't very active unfollowing people and thus I think it would be more wise to create a upper limit on how many people you can follow rather than limiting how many people can follow you until the notifications stop being sent I don't know if this is something that is possible to fix or alter but I just thought I'd let you know
  2. Foxy Socks

    Character limit?

    If there is a thread for this to go i can't find it, but apparently forum games has a cjaracter limit now. Other sections which didn't previously could have it too. I don't have a picture, but it seems a bit annoying considering the forum games usually don't have much text
  3. Nickelodeon was a network that made made entirely for kids between the ages of 2 and 15, as well as kids at heart. Its programing was diverse, you had preschool shows in the morning, cartoons for elementary schoolers in the daytime, and middle/early high school tween shows for 11-15 year olds in primetime, and Nick at Nite comedies for late night. But Lately I feel the network wants to skew a younger and younger audience. Look at nearly every animated show on the network so far, they're all trying to ride the Cartoon Network surreal train without understanding how those shows worked, and throw butt and fart jokes at the screen constantly to keep 6 year old jimmy's attention (even if its insulting his intelligence). What made the old nicktoons great was that they knew their audience, but they didn't pander to them, they weren't always about butt jokes, and farting, and gross-out. In fact, 9/10 times, that kind of juvenile humor was almost nonexistent, this ment that Nicktoons could be enjoyed by anybody and were some of the best written shows for kids. But Nick thinks kids today don't want that same kind of wit and maturity, which probably one of the reasons why Korra was kicked off. Their live action shows have also suffered. Remember when Clarissa Explains It All could say hell and sex? Or when Are You Afraid of the Dark? tackled themes like murder, death, and truama? Now we have wacky superhero shinanagains and haunted houses filled with ghetto ghosts all with annoying laugh tracks. While Nick's live action shows weren't masterpieces (even in the 90s-early 00s), There was a charm to them, and the kids on the shows were just normal, relatable 12-14 year olds, rather than the high school beenie boppers today. They don't even feel like real tween shows anymore, they feel like fantasies for 8-12 year old elementary school girls. I know Nick is a kids network, but they never tried to limit its audience this much before. Nickelodeon was fine with older viewers watching as long as kids enjoyed it too, now they seem hell bent on making sure nobody 12 and older can watch the network. So what are your opinions?
  4. I've noticed a few times when embedding videos in posts, only two will embed, but for any concurrent videos, only a link will show up. Granted, this is not severely limiting, but it can be inconvenient at times. I am curious as to the cause for this, as well as if there are any bypasses that don't involve having to add junk posts for the sake of a couple videos. Apologies if this was mislabeled, thank you in advance for reading this and for (hopefully) providing an answer.
  5. Ok so as I've become a more frequent poster on status updates of my friends on here an such, I've also started to make some long replies, some so long that they exceed the space each post on a status update may take, and then I get a ... At the end and have to retype whatever I didn't get in because I never know exactly where this point is. So I suggest we should have something sorta like the charactor indicator on posts, that tells how many characters of the maximum you've posted. It would be a nice convience to people who post long stuff like me. I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement or the technical stuff behind it, or if it's even possible really, but I would like It if it's something possible. Or something along these lines. Regardless thank you for the consideration.
  6. Dreamsong

    Two music-players per post limit?

    I've run into this a couple times when linking to mp3's streamed from other servers, (including,) that only the first two links receive players, the rest are just click-on-me-and-open-in-a-new-tab links. I was wondering if this might be able to be increased. This would be helpful for, (including but not limited to) : For having a listing of one's music on one's profile page For actors submitting multiple mp3's for auditions Just wondering!
  7. Quite frequently, the character counter has not shown up on my post box thingy, and it get's quite confusing because I don't know how far off I am from the character limit. I have also posted with posts under the 100 limit, and had to go back and edit them to make them 100. Is this just me, or is it happening to anyone else?