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Found 4 results

  1. It might actually be a challenge, but I don't know so here it is: I call it The Randomizer Challenge. I didn't offer anything for Christmas or make any pictures for it, so consider it a late present from me. The rules are simple. I'll provide a link to the Pony Creator creator made by generalzoi. There's a Randomize button on it after the creator loads up. You just have to click it to get a random pony and send me a screenshot of it and I draw it no matter what it looks like. A few things to note: - Some of the wing and horn designs are similar looking. I'm not really gonna change how I draw my horns and wings. I may not be able to do it for different noses either. - You're free to pose the created pony if you like. - Try not to customize it too much. The point of this is to get a randomized pony, though I won't be able to tell if you have or not. - If you want a cutie mark included, put it on the pony since there's an option on the creator to import a cutie mark, or include a separate image you want on it. - If you want to adopt your randomized creation you're free to. If you want a name included let me know what it is. - Only one entry per person. - Please try and use a screenshot/picture from the pony creator if you can. I suppose I can do ocs too though, so it doesn't explicitly have to be from the creator. - Post an entry on this thread or pm me. I'll also be posting it to my twitter and tumblr. You can find likes to those in most of my recent pictures and on my 'About me' section of my user page. - As of the day I post this, I start work by up on January 7th, so posting pictures will be slow, and commissions come first before these. I will get them done when I can though. I'll be keeping this free offer open until January 12, 2019. You have until then to send me an entry. After that day this offer will close and I won't accent any new entries. Link to generalzoi's Pony Creator: Pony Creator Full Version My Deviantart: My Twitter: My Tumblr (mod/art blog):
  2. TheMisterManGuy

    Is FiM's potential being limited?

    There was a recent post on a topic I made a while back called "Why is "Its for kids" being used as a cop out?". It basically said that MLP should remain this innocent Slice-of-Life show designed to sell little girls toys and nothing more. This makes me question, are these people trying to limit the show's overall potential? If Friendship is Magic was your traditional, episodic gag cartoon with no continuity, or character development, like SpongeBob or Ed, Edd n Eddy, then it's fine for it to remain a silly slice-of-life show. But it's not, whether you want to accept it or not, FiM is more like Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, My Life as a Teenage Robot, or Codename: Kids Next Door. A character-driven show that, while episodic, has things in the world that change, characters that evolve and develop, and plot points that come back into play in later episodes. To say it should not evolve past a Slice-of-life structure, and should remain this safe cartoon to sell toys for it's entire run not only limits it's potential, but it can also turn fans away. Believe it or not, fans in and out of the target audience want the show to grow and change. There can still be Slice-of-Life episodes, but they shouldn't be the only focus. If Season's 4 & 5 are any indication, there's going to be more adventure in the series from now on. So do you think FiM's potential is being held back?
  3. Rainbow S.D.

    Pony Artwork on Miiverse (3DS)

    If you didn't know, Miiverse is a social network by Nintendo created for the 3DS and the Wii U. In posts, instead of text, you can draw. But the drawing parts is severely limited, only 1 color, and only 3 brush sizes. Here are some of the art I drew. Hope you like it!
  4. These days, there are plenty of games that are free roam. This typically means that the game gives you the option to explore the world around your character. Some games use this to their advantage and give you big, fun open world to explore. Other games don't do that. Some set it apart where the world around you is so limited, there's almost no point in having the free roam option there at all So, is free roam sometimes too limited? Which games have the best and worst free roam?