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Found 59 results

  2. Dear Princess Celestia, Carbs are the enemy. That is all. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle. P.S. Please send another dragon errand-boy. This one is broken. Five down, one to go...
  3. Got paper. Art on! So I decided to take up drawing. I am doing line art for now but I will move on once I get better. My first 2 drawings ever (serious drawings) and first 2 ponies are Chibi Rainbow Dash and Princess Luna! Princess Celestia has been completed!... I had trouble with her though. The hooves and giant wings gave me issue but in hindsight I really should have drawn her base bigger. It's all in the learning experience I guess Chibi AJ has been completed! 8:29AM 6/9/2014. Her right eye is a bit derp and I couldn't get her hat down but she turned out decent in my opinion ^^ Octavia has been completed! 7:45 AM 6/10/2014. I say she turned out quite classy! I made a new OC and I set out to make her design. Her Cutie Mark is a Bass Clef with a glow bracelet for all who are curious x3 Updates: Forte Aria has been completed! 5:09 PM 7/8/2014 Request by Faded up next
  4. This is a drawing i did of pinkie pie. I like how it turned out, I think I may need to tweek a couple lines on her. What do you guys think?
  5. It's not quite finished and I have to clean it up a little because I don't have a scanner but yea. Human Rarity in her studio about to take a client. Would that be you darling?
  6. Hello Everyponey, This is my first art post here at the forms so I would like to start with a new picture of the first pony I ever successfully drew from FIM. Princess Luna! critiques are appreciated and I hope to colour it soon. Have a wonderful day! P.S. I don't have a scanner and had to adjust it after taking the picture with my phone thus the odd random pixels.
  7. It occurred to me that I could just post all my non-pony arts into the same thread (as opposed to inefficiently spamming the forums with a bunch of individual topics xD). And this way I can post pieces that show the progression of a work I'm actually bothering to color. Here's what I'm currently working on in AA: Sketchpad for Wii U: And I'll post the colored (or partially colored) version(s) later. Made some progress on the Mario Kart piece:
  8. Hello everypony, l am reasonably new to drawing ponies in particular, but l draw for quite some time now. l was wondering if anypony out there could spare a second to look at my deviantart and give a few comments on my drawing. l recently uploaded a line-art pony drawing and was planning on making more, please let me know if l am going the right way with this especially on the patterns l thank you kindly. P.S. if there is anyone who specialises in making black and white paintings, l would be happy to exchange info and drawings with you. *squee*
  9. Hello there! So, this is my first time drawing Discord, the famous draconequus. I made this drawing in some minutes, and I think that the drawing is very good, because I draw dragons a long time ago, and the body isn't very hard to draw. I think I made some mistakes on the drawing, but I don't know. Any critique is accepted.
  10. PUNS!!!!! Happy Holidays, everybody! Also, DeviantArt.
  11. Nah, just kidding, it's Sparity mood swings, lololololololol This was fun one to do. Decided that after all this time I needed to do something regarding these two, so I decided to try my hand at the surprisingly prevalent "Rarity is preggers with Seed of Spike™" genre, except without the cuteness and warmth and more of the insanity. I actually like how Adult Spike turned out, though he still sort of has a chubby face. Must be a genetic thing. With apologies to pregnant women everywhere. Will definitely vector when I have the time. UPDATE: VECTOOOOOOORRRRRRR... ...DEVIANTARRRRRRRRRRRRRRT... ...AND SEQUEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL. And yes, I totally changed the leg.
  12. Started off as a silly little Rarity drawing for practice, needed something for Rarity to be angry at. This is the only time I will ever draw this goddamn thing. May vector later. Sorry about how dirty this looks. All the erasers around here are horrible.
  13. Have some Derpy drawings. Not planning on vectoring any of them, just did this for practice. Unless anyone has anything to say, imma stick with this mouth style. UPDATE: Have some mediocre shading practice: Some pointers on how to shade would be nice.
  14. "Didn't anyone ever tell you? There's one thing you never put in a trap if you're smart. If you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there's one thing you never, ever put in a trap... ...Derpy's ass." And they say you can't kill stone. I mean, seriously, why haven't anyone ever tried taking a sledgehammer to those things, or maybe some Nitro 9 or something? Anyway, got bored in school and this happened. Not the official Weeping Angels drawing project, just a little something to tide you guys over. Baby got back UPDATE: Special Edition edition. What do you guys think of the slight changes I made? This one looks dirtier because I didn't bother to clean it up in Photoshop. I am so very, very tired.
  15. Back in May 2013, when I was just starting to draw ponies for kicks, a criticism I was consistently seeing, and still sometimes see, was the height and slenderness of the ponies. It threw a lot of people off, and the suggestion that was being hurled at me bu the masses was to make the ponies a bit shorter and stouter. So I did just that, but to a comical extreme. I wouldn't say it "took off" but these stupid drawings became popular in some circles, so I kept feeding the beast until all of our patience and sanity was spent. But the recent rediscovery of Princess Cadence has got some people requesting more. So I've created this singular thread to post new drawings in the New and Improved Saga, along with vectors and Special Editions of older drawings in an attempt to bring them closer to my more refined, still kind of crappy style. Not going to be updated regularly, but expect some more stuff here soon. In the meantime, have a newly vectored New and Improved Spitfire, aka, the most navel-tastic pony who ever lived. Quick question, though: should I be uloading these to deviantART in the near future, or is it a bit too strange outside our weirdo community we got going on the forums?
  16. Going through my old art to find an old picture of Spike I could use as reference (oh, new Spike pic later on today by the way), and I came across this. IT HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN.
  17. Spent all day cooped up in my room making this. Totally worth it, because this may be my favorite pony art that I've done so far. Made for the training grounds "grieving pony" theme. Decided to cut the schtick and do something serious for once. Had this image in my head for a while, so this was a stroke of luck that I had an excuse to this. But I need you guy's opinion on something: does this work better with just that empty, desolate feel, or with this slightly modified quote from the Third Doctor's final adventure, "Planet of the Spiders"? I need to know soon so I can submit to EQD and DeviantArt before midnight, so have an opinion like there's no tomorrow! Edit: Deviant Art, yo!
  18. I'm so sorry... ...but it had to be done. But hey, it ain't all bad. Look, I gave her a navel. That has to count for something, right? I forgot how (unfortunately) fun it is to draw these.
  19. @@Godspeed Edge, Okay, so that got a more positive response than I anticipated. Some of you guys wanted more not-so-lean ponies. Well, here you go. Drawing her mane sucks. This is one of the oddest requests I've ever gotten for a drawing. Good times.
  20. ...THE LAW. I am genuinley distressed by how this turned out, so shall not submit this to EQG's training thingy. Not even gonna vector it. Also, I guess this is my first official Octavia drawing.
  21. Okay, so I decided to sketch Rainbow Dash, the first in a while. As such, I am a bit rusty. But this post represents something even more important. You see, when I posted Lyra and Bon Bon yesterday, I got a great response, but also some critiques. Mainly, the noses are a bit big and the ponies I draw are too slender and tall-ish (at least compared to show style). And thus, this drawing is an experiment in refining my style and developing my ability to draw ponies closer to what the audience wants to see. And so, I give you, new and improved Rainbow Dash. I made her a bit stockier as opposed to making her too lean like I usually do, as well as making her a bit shorter. As for the nose, I made everything else huge so it wouldn't feel inadequate. What do you think of my new art style? I did it just for you guys!
  22. A little thing I put together for the most underrated VA on the show. Seriously. However much you think you like her, believe me, it is not enough. Cheers, mates. EDIT: Major linkage, brah.
  23. @, It's the style. Most styles completely ditch the proportions, so they may look a bit... different from show-style ponies. Very nice work, @@CITRUS KING46! I love seeing your work, could you do Pinkie Pie? o3o
  24. Yeah, I know the file is huge as ass, but I don't care. Forever. Anyway, on kind of a MST3K/Rifftrax kick lately, and this image popped up in my head. Have no idea what those are? Educate yourself. Have a deviantART link. Also, in case you're wondering...
  25. I'm sticking to that head canon. I've decided that if I'm gonna keep on using Illustrator, I should do some more practice with the program, especially with layer management and shading. Don't have time to explain why Amethyst's cutie mark is incomplete. Also, a bajillion brohoofs to the poster who can tell me which Doctor's sonic screw driver that is. May have to click on the image to see it clearly, though. UPDATE: Here's the complete version! I actually had a fun time doing this one. Not exactly good, but I think I'm getting marginally better. Here's the DeviantArt page for everybody who actually likes this.