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Found 35 results

  1. Considering how Windows XP support's demise is just around the corner ( April 8th ), what are your plans? me myself, I've gone Linux, and haven't really looked back ( in fact my newly installed win7 install is ticking me off. lol ).
  2. I've had on my mind the idea of making a discussion and support thread for Raspberry Pi users, so here it is. If you don't know what a Raspberry Pi is, it is a small, single board computer from the UK that's around the size of a credit card. It was mainly made for educational uses, but has evolved into many more applications, hobbies, and projects. Look up some RPi projects, people have made arcade cabinets, FM transmitters, robots, and more. The small computer primarily uses Linux distributions adapted for the RPi, such as Raspbian and Arch Linux ARM. Other OSes can also be used. I have only less than a month of experience messing with a Raspberry Pi, but I've learned alot more about computers (and Linux for that matter) than I have since I was in grade school. Discuss the Raspberry Pi, projects, and more.
  3. Hi, I have decided that sometime around January of 2017, I will "move" to Linux and continue my phase of slowly abandoning Microsofts product line and ecosystem (mostly because of privacy concerns regarding Windows 10, but also because now that I have tried Win 10 for almost an entire year, I can safely say that I do have problems with the stability and design of the OS). This is not the first time that I have decided to go to Linux. Last year after an "upgrade" to Windows 10 from 8.1 that did not go too smoothly on my old HP convertible laptop, I decided to create another partition on my hard drive using Ubuntu's installer app, and I believe I may have talked about it in various parts of these forums once upon a time. However, back then I was only considering Linux as a temporary replacement until I could afford a better machine, having known about the free nature of Linux distros. Since I still (unfortunately) need Microsoft's flagship product as I plan on going to TAFE next year to do courses relevant to Screen and Media, which will require the Adobe Creative Cloud, and after much research, I decided that maybe WINE/PlayOnLinux/Crossover and/or virtual machines is not a very good idea and that buying a Surface for this rather small amount of software I actually need Windows for would be financially shooting myself in the foot and will only support Microsoft further than if I just do what I did with my old laptop, and make a partition for Linux so that I can still keep Windows for what I need it for. I guess the reason that I made this post is because I am a long time Windows user wanting something different, and I only dislike Apple more than Microsoft (though honestly, they're just as bad as each other), and I wanted to hear from any Linux users on the forums any tips, advice and suggestions to help me make the most out of my "switch" to Linux. Especially since me (and my family) have been dependent on Microsoft and their product line and ecosystem for as long as I can remember. If it helps, this is my current specs: I have chosen Linux Mint as my distro to make the "switch" from Windows to because I tried it inside a virtual machine and was impressed by the Cinnamon desktop environment being so much like what I'm used to on Windows, but also more organised, I have heard lots of good things about its stability and speed (I even tried it on my old HP laptop that ran Ubuntu and Windows 10 before I had to give it to my dad, with Windows 8.1 reinstalled onto it because he needed Windows) and because Mint's source code is based on one of the major distros of Linux (Ubuntu), I thought that it would be just as good, and it turned out much better as my old machine never crashed once with it installed, compared to with Ubuntu installed.
  4. Hey! Have you checked out our series premiere? I'm writing blog posts everyday for the next month, so be on the look out! So how many of you own a Chromebook? Yeah? Nah? Okay. For those who are thinking of getting one, don't. For those who have them, I pity you and share your pain. And for the people who don't know what a Chromebook is, "A Chromebook is a watered down version of your Nokia 2002 Mobile set to run glorified Extensions only approved by the Google Store. No, it cannot run Android apps or any form of program built for your phone." Got it? Good. Well, I was unfortunate to overestimate the power of the Chromebook. When I heard you could mount a copy of Linux onto the Chromebook's main OS, Chromium, I jumped on it. I quickly downloaded a copy of "Chroot", a "root" or something that connects to something else. Yeah, I don't know Linux (and frankly, I don't want to [yet]). Anyway, the reason I wanted run Linux on my crappy Acer Chromebook was because I've heard that Steam is a big supporter on the Penguin platform and having been deprived of all PC games for over a month, I was at the point of modding my Aqua Blue 3DS to run EA's Battlefront. The installation took about 30 minutes. I had to wipe my hard drive, but 2 gigs of homemade vectors is hardly a loss. Afterward, I had to activate the chroot by going through the Shell. A couple lines of meaningless code later, and I was surfing on the most primitive interface I'd ever seen. Y'see, I made the mistake of installing a copy of "XFCE" which makes WinME look like Win7. Everything was just overall dull and bland. Simple Grays and Navy Blues; not very pretty. I know I probably could've changed it up, but I was too worried about overheating my Chromebook due to the OS mounting. About 15 minutes into my deep exploration, my Craptop suddenly stops and goes black. Now, my model of Chromebook, the Acer 17-inch White doesn't have a fan for the sake of size-reduction. That means my lap is on fire by the time I was even thinking of installing Steam. Not to mention the 2GBs of RAM and Intel i3 that came with the system. (Both of which are not upgradable; I couldn't even identify the 15GB HDD). So, with fuming defeat, I turn the laptop back on and try my hand again, this time making it to the point that I've successfully installed Steam. Steam was pretty much the same interface we've all come to know. The only problem is that it couldn't recognize those Unicode Characters that we all love spamming today. It was really depressing seeing familiar faces accompanied with a series of "ࡢ"s. I installed Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth without a problem. Only a few people know this, but I'm a huge BOI player. I've gotten a rough 70 percent completion, but I'm still going strong. What I can't handle, however, is when my computer crashes mid-playthrough. I know BOI is set to save every room entered, but come on, Chromebook! I think the funnier things about Linux on Chromebook, is that the hotter the Mobo got, the glitchier the game became. I started seeing weird physics placeholders in the Dank Caves. Lag became a big issue, too. I would've excused it if it were the original, "Wrath of the Lamb", but this was Afterbirth, so all that should've been fixed. I had a good time with Linux on Chromebook, but it wasn't my cup of tea, especially when the screen continued to black out every hour or so. Simply not acceptable for gaming. Ah well, more pony tomorrow. -RealityPublishing
  5. I currently run Ubuntu 14.04, but I don't like where they are taking the UI design and am thinking of switching. What distro do you use? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it?
  6. A while back I posted about needing help with a mlp linux distro This is the pre alpha of that distro, it is very buggy so I wouldn’t recommend installing it on real hardware Downloads 64 bit: 32 bit: Sorry there will most likely never be a 32 bit version since unity is quite heavy and most 32 bit PC's are not up for the task Known Bugs (If you find any more please let me know) *Most icons do not have the pony theme, if anyone is up for improving the icon theme please let me know *Most icons on the bar at the top of the screen are broke or using a unfitting icon, once again this is a problem with the icon theme, this can be fixed by installing another theme (I recommend Numix circle) *There are several black wallpapers on the wallpaper selection screen, I don’t know why this is occurring *There is no custom bootlogo, I attempted to apply one, however it did not work, just deal with the ubuntu one or install your own Additional Things I do still need help with several things these include *A theme/icon creator *Someone to make a custom ubiquity slideshow *Someone to make wallpapers *And testers you can do more than one if you want and if you want to something that isn’t listed go ahead
  7. I need some help making a mlp linux distro, it will most likely be based of ubuntu 14.04 if not 16.04 when its released. I will give you full credit if you want, with that out of the way I need the following Someone to make custom wallpapers It can be about anything, however do keep it clean and at least somewhat professional looking Beta Testers I'm guessing most of you came here to do this so here you go, all you need is to be able to report back to me with any bugs you find Someone to name it (Lol) Im awful at naming things so if anyone can name think of a good name tell me your idea I have some things I don't really need but it would be really cool to have, so if any of you want to do it that would be extra cool These are as follows *Application modifier or coder If you can modify a application to have a pony theme or make your own pony themed application you could help out and do that, the app must be in a .deb format when I get it however *Feature suggester If you have a suggestion I would love to hear it! Of course these are not the only positions available, if you have a idea please let me know Thanks for your time
  8. Kudos for the hackers to make other OS working on the console. I still have some questions about the possibilities like: - Do some of you have SteamOS? - Is it possible to run non-gaming software on it and GOG games? CDProjectRed indicates they're making their games working on the SteamOS. Just founded out that using some GOG games on the OS is possible. - Is it possible to erase the PS4 OS?
  9. Hello, I need some testers for my new linux distro, all thats set in stone is it will be beginner friendly, in its current stage of development the specs are as following Based of xubuntu Comes with additional themes Comes with additional software if your interested pm me
  10. Is someone else using Linux? Which distro? My main distro is definitely Arch Linux, but i spent a lot of time on debian. Also my fav. DE is MATE and KDE Plasma.
  11. Hey guys! I need help creating a ponysona based on my own personality. I love computers (and building them) and am very studied on computers. I also love Nintendo, especially Mario and Star Fox (the Arwing is amazing!). I love Linux and Windows, as well as math and science. Now, my favorite colors are red (MY NUMBER 1 PICK), cyan, and a hint of mint green (Linux Mint FTW!). I would like some help with a name for my OC, as well as seeing potential visual designs. If you want to try and design a cutie mark, be my guest! Thanks in advance! -Mario3D13
  12. In 9 hours, the Twitch community will try to install Arch Linux, apparently one of the hardest versions of Linux to install. I just thought I'd share it here for those who are interested in seeing the inevitable chaos that will ensue:
  13. Like I want to use Linux but iTunes isn't supported and I need to back my phone up and restore it if it goes wrong (hasn't happened yet) But on the other hand Linux is free and I like my geeky stuff, also more stuff is free and Linux looks nicer Also I'm a gamer but Linux fits my gaming needs Which should I use?
  14. Just curious. because I am a major Linux fanatic when I'm not watching ponies.
  15. So, as you may or may have not know: I'm getting a new computer build because Gateway sucks and I know someday one of the parts might just melt because I can't play TF2 on it forever. So, I look online to see if Windows 7 might be available for free. Sadly, there were no LEGAL downloads. But, there was one thing I do remember seeing online that was free: Linux Ubuntu. (How do you pronounce it? Ah-bunt-too? Yoo-bont-tuh? Tell me.) I know you can't play many games on it... Without Wine or an emulator. Although I heard some things can't run on it without bugging out or crashing. Yet, I think most I'll really play is some Valve and ID Software games and both I've seen can be played VERY WELL. As for Sony Movie Studio (Basically a $60 Sony Vegas. Same thing!) I might be skeptical, hopefully it'll work. If not I'll use on the the crap Gateway SX. (Sony movie makers are processor accelerated.) What do you think, should I go for it?
  16. Go ahead and ask me anything.
  17. 2 topics have been created that has been taken from me. so I've decided to make an official Gentoo thread as Gentoo is awesome! get discussing for team Gentoo!
  18. Maybe the user gave you the device, think of how you'd use it, or maybe they did give you an actual Raspberry Pie, what are you going to do with it? BEGIN!
  19. Debian Testing is okay, but if you want to go cutting edge, go Arch... seriously.
  20. I've been noticing a whole bunch of FUD being spread around about Macs, as I see with Linux. For the record, I DO NOT own a mac, so don't be callin' me a mac fanboy. So is your HP, Dell, Whatever you own, cause' guess what... they're ALL made in China , shocked much? Are we talking Macbook Pro? Mac pro? iMac? You might have a point there. If you mean the Macbook Air, okay, Enlighten me, Find me an ultrabook ( Keyword: ULTRABOOK ) that has the exact same specs as the base Macbook air 11", and for cheaper. For the longest time, I've thought this too, but as it turns out, it's far from it. If you know how to use the command line, it's far from it. It's a *nix just like Linux and BSD, So if you know what you're doing, you can do some impressive mods. sorry I felt like I had to vent a little bit, FUD spreaders are worse than any ol' Console, Windows, Apple, Whatever fanboy. Go on a head and enlighten me otherwise, happy clacking!
  21. if something like this exists, my bad. - Linux is more than capable of replacing Windows on the desktop ( already proven for servers ). - the Xbone is the worst console all because of its crappy DRM. - Both AMD and Intel are cool - Apple Macbook airs are the best valued ultrabook ( or flatbook ) you can buy at this point. - I think sound cards are obsolete, uneeded, and expensive. - Gaming laptops are pointless, Why would one need to game on the go? - Smartphones and tablets are pointless since they only consume media, and not really create. Go on ahead, post your unpopular tech related opinions. oh yeah... - Windows 8 UI, while usable, is very counter-intuitive, and thus steering many long time customers of M$ away.
  22. Does this "feature" bother anyone else? I'm programming away late last night and decide to stop and get some sleep. I hover over the shutdown button and apparently Windows needs to update before shutting down. I never leave my updates run unattended because that's just generally not a great idea. I don't do that for Linux and I certainly wouldn't for Windows. So what now? I can't tell Windows "do that stuff the next time I turn the machine on", it has to be done now. At 1 AM. Do I concede and install the update like Microsoft wants? No, I hold the power button for around 5 seconds and go to sleep at the risk of corrupting my file system. The update installs fine the next morning anyway when I turned the computer on. Why is there so little control over Windows Update? On the Linux side of my PC, it's a sudo pacman -Syu and you're up to date with the latest in security fixes. It doesn't say "Your kernel has updated! You will restart in 15 minutes!" or "A new kernel is available! It will automatically install the next time you shut down!", the user is responsible for keeping their machine up to date and in exchange, the system doesn't get in their way. That is good unobtrusive design that encourages users to stay up to date rather than disabling updates all together. Sorry, I just really needed to say this. I'm sure there's a policy somewhere that I can modify to change that behaviour, but I'm on Windows so infrequently that it isn't that big of a deal. It's just really annoying when it does... (Hah... first post ever on this thing and it's a rant about something regarding Windows. Fitting.)
  23. Forget Witcher 3 and Crysis... Doom is WAY moar hardcore than either of those! especially brutal doom Happy clacking!
  24. ^.^ Yay! Recently, I downloaded desktop ponies for linux, but there was the black square behind everypony and today I finally found a fix for it. Guess how am I going to spend the rest of the day ^.^' Btw for those who use Linux, here is a small guide how to get ponies on your desktop ^.^ (btw I tried it only on Lubuntu precise 64-bit, but it should work on all ubuntu like distros. Non Ubuntu users may need to compile it from source) 1) Download Qt ponies package here (aditional info can be found here) 2) Install the package (I simply just right click and select open with GDebi and then follow the instructions) 3) Run Qt ponies (from main menu in the games section) 4) If the ponies have black square behind them, it means you have desktpo effects turned off. (this is set by default in fallback mode) Fix for gnome users: a) Make sure you have gconf-editor installed (for example using synaptic package manager) b ) Run gconf-editor either from system tools menu or simply by typing gconf-editor in terminal. c) Go to /apps/metacity/general/ and make sure that compositing_manager and compositor_effects are checked. d) Now it should work ^.^ ^.^ They look so happy playing together!
  25. Thought I'd break up the chain! Before Fanbois/FanGoils be all like: The hell you talking about!? Win8/8.1 is best OS EVAR!!11!1!1!one!!!!! Let me just say this right now I don't exactly hate it, even though I say I do and have the title stating I do, I realize that even Windows 8/8.1 has a place as well, I'm just not their target audience. The UI - This is a common dislike of the OS, and don't get me wrong, I can use it.. I just choose not to. So counter-intuitive to me, and I don't see a point of it on the desktop at all. I know there are mods to make it look almost exactly like Windows 7, but I shouldn't have to modify my install for previously native functionality. The "Appstore" - Users might not be in a walled garden right now, but who's to say they won't be in the future? In my opinion at least, it seems as though M$ will eventually want to kill support for old software and force users to buy stuff from their store... I don't like that. Not ONE bit. The Internal Changes - The one that's most emphasized by Micro$oft is the fast boot, but what about other internal changes? Well being proprietary software, we're not allowed to see the code. Kinda suspicious of it but that's just me. Just simply explains a little why I don't like windows 8/8.1 , I might do this again and in more detail later. I just wanted to break the chain! happy clacking!