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Found 63 results

  1. I attended the Bronypalooza rave/ rock-rap concert at Bronycon, and I'm having trouble finding the songs that were featured at the event. Any pony got an idea what was played those two nights? I'd appriciate whatever you can give me.
  2. Out of boredom, I'm attempting to work a Complete list of Celebrity Bronies, got as many as I could so far and just need some thoughts on it and what I can Improve and fix.
  3. Trust me, more will be added Soul Eater: Soul Eater Evans ♥️ Death The Kid Black*Star Crona Kiriku Rung Hiro Dr. Frankenstein ♥️ Justin Law Giriko ♥️ Mifune Fairy Tail: Natsu Dragneel ♥️ Gray Fullbuster Gajeel Redfox ♥️ Gildarts Clive Laxus Dreyar Freed Justine Bickslow Leo Scorpio Precht Gaeblog Yuri Dreyar Totomaru Lyon Vastia Hibiki Lates Bacchus Groh Sting Eucliffe ♥️ Rogue Cheney Rufus Lore Orga Nangear Dobengal Doranbolt Jellal Fernandes Cobra Zancrow Mard Geer Silver Fullbuster Jackal Erigor Sho Dan Straight Hughes Hisui E. Fiore Kama Zeref Dragneel Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Edward Elric Roy Mustang Jean Havoc Scar Major Miles Maes Hughes ♥️ Naruto/Naruto Shippuden: Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden) Sasuke Uchiha (Shippuden) Shikamaru Nara (Shippuden) Neji Hyuga (Shippuden) Kiba Inuzuka (Shippuden) Kakashi Hatake ♥️ Iruka Umino Asuma Sarutobi Yamato ♥️ Gaara (Shippuden) Kankuro (Shippuden) Hashirama Senju Tobirama Senju Shikaku Nara Minato Uzumaki Inoichi Yamanake Itachi Uchiha Shisui Uchiha Kisame Hoshigake Hidan ♥️ Kakuzu Deidara ♥️ Sasori Pain Obito Madara Kabuto Orochimaru Suigetsu Free!: Rin Matsuoka ♥️ Makoto Tachibana ♥️ Rei Ryugazaki ♥️ Goro Sasabe Momotarou Mikoshiba Food Wars!: Soma Yukihira ♥️ Satoshi Isshiki Takumi Aldini Ryo Kurokiba Akira Hayama Death Parade: Decim Ginti Seraph of the End: Yuichiro Hyakuya Mikaela Hyakuya ♥️ Yoichi Saotome Shiho Kimizuki Guren Ichinose Norito Goshi Makoto Narumi Ferid Bathory Crowley Eusford Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yami Yugi Joey Wheeler Seto Kaiba ♥️ Bakura ♥️ Duke Devlin Marik Ishtar Yami Marik Yami Bakura Odion Bandit King Bakura Dartz Rafeal Valon Pokemon: N ♥️ Lt. Surge Blue (grown up) ♥️ Red (grown up) Brawly Wallace Volkner Grimsley Leon ♥️ Raihan ♥️ Gordie Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works: Archer Lancer ♥️ Assassin Gilgamesh My Hero Academia: Tenya Iida ♥️ Denki Kaminari ♥️ Eijiro Kirishima Fumikage Tokoyami ♥️ Shoto Todoroki ♥️ Katsuki Bakugou ♥️ Izuku Midoriya ♥️ Hanta Sero ❤️ Hitoshi Shinsou Neito Monoma Mirio Togata Tamaki Amijiki All Might Shota Aizawa Hawks ♥️ Dabi ♥️ Muscular Tomura Shigaraki HunterxHunter: Killua Zoldyck ♥️ Gon Freecss Ging Freecss Black Clover: Asta Yuno Luck Voltia ♥️ Finral Roulacase Magna Swing Julius Nova Chrono Klaus Lunette Zora Ideale ♥️ Leopold Vermillion ♥️ Rades Spirito Gadjah Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic the Hedgehog ♥️ Knuckles the Echidna Shadow the Hedgehog ♥️ Silver the Hedgehog ♥️ Espio the Chameleon Vector the Crocodile Jet the Hawk ♥️
  4. (Or, words I will never ever use in a story) Spoopy Lit (as in “it was lit”) Fire (as in “this is fire”) Emojis (and the word emoji itself) Bae Boomer (“Ok boomer”) Low-key Yeet Dead-ass (to be continued too groggy to remember more banned words)
  5. Hello everyone. Woohoo here with another entry of Musical Manslaughter, because you can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter' and these songs are jokes. Now with my previous entries, I tore apart individual songs. For this entry, I'm doing something different... I mean way different. I'm going to list the ten things in music that I hate. I may love music but there are some things in music that make my face go full on Yellow Diamond. Trying to find only ten things was a bit difficult. Also, these things I hate are in no particular order so you won't see a "ten, nine, eight," etc. Alright, enough of my shuckin' and jivin', here are the 10 things I hate about music... Auto-Tune This one is pretty obvious as almost everyone has torn Auto-Tune a new one. What I hate the most about Auto-Tune is its use... or should I say its misuse. When Auto-Tune first came out in the late 90s, it was mainly used a special effect. Its first notable use was in Cher's 1998 #1 hit "Believe." Nowadays, for the most part, it's used a crutch for "singers" who can't even carry a tune. Another thing I hate is the sound. It sounds so mechanical and unnatural, almost like a robot is singing. Where's the heart? While Auto-Tune might be useful for covering up the occasional vocal mistake, sometimes it makes the mistakes even more noticeable. A big example is Emma Watson's singing in the live action Beauty and the Beast remake. Why are artists and producers so obsessed with everything being pitch-perfect? Do they think the listener would be bothered by a few flat/sharp notes?! I'm not bothered by flats and sharps, but jarring pitch shifts and stuttering do. I don't mind Auto-Tune as an effect, but as a crutch... STOP! Just stop! By the way, if you're looking for someone to blame for Auto-Tune, don't blame Cher. That's like blaming the Wright Brothers for 9/11. Fade-Outs This one is pretty nitpicky but fade-outs are something that's always gotten under my skin. To me, fade-outs are a cop out. They're bland, uncreative, lazy, and they make the songs sound incomplete. It just feels like artists didn't feel like writing a proper outro so they just kept playing while their producer slowly turns down the volume. Another thing I hate is that fade-outs tend to drag on for way too long, which just makes me want to hit the "next song" button on my player. The worst is when a fade-out is used over an amazing guitar solo. Why would you fade out your own work?! These were extremely rampant from the 50s through 2000s. Nowadays, fade-outs have largely... faded away. Songs That Start With The Chorus I couldn't really find a good picture for this one. Another nitpicky one but I hate it when songs start with the chorus. To me, they feel like a quick and sleazy way to get the listener hooked. Personally, I prefer being warmed up with an intro and verse before getting to the chorus. I view the chorus of a song as the cream filling of an Oreo or the Tootsie center of a Tootsie-Pop. Starting the song with the chorus just spoils the song for me. It also makes the chorus much more repetitive (I'll get to that later.) There are only a handful of songs I like that start with the chorus, such as Guns N' Roses' "Paradise City," Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time," Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls," and a few others. Meanwhile, some of my least favorite songs do this, including Charlie Puth's "Marvin Gaye," Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood, "Wham's "Last Christmas," and the list goes on. Again, this one is very nitpicky. Songs That Run Too Long Before I tear into this one, let me say that I love long songs, but only if they're done right and most of the time, they are. However, there are some songs that are seven, eight, or well over ten minutes long when only half the time is needed. The biggest offenders in my eyes, or should I say ears, are "Hey Jude" by The Beatles, "American Pie" by Don McLean, and "St. Anger" by Metallica. "Hey Jude" starts of promising for the first three minutes, but the last four minutes of relentless "Na-na-na-nas" utterly ruin the song for me. "American Pie" is nothing but verse-chorus-verse-chorus and a slight tempo change for a whopping eight and a half minutes. Boring! With "St. Anger," who knows what Metallica were thinking, especially since they've made some amazing long songs like "And Justice for All" and "The Outlaw Torn." These songs really should be only three, four, or at most five minutes long. In my opinion, the best long songs are the ones they don't feel long and you hope would never end. Some great examples include Rush's "2112," Pink Floyd's "Echoes," Iron Maiden's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and many more. If you're going to make a long song, at least make it interesting. Don't be afraid to be creative. Bad Audio Mixing Have you ever listened to a song and it's so loud that it feels like your eardrums might explode? So you turn it down to a comfortable level only for the next song/part of the song to be so quiet you can barely hear it? How about when the music drowns out the vocals and vice-versa? That's bad mixing and I hate it, especially the ongoing "Loudness War." An infamous example of the Loudness War's effect was Metallica's 2008 album Death Magnetic. A pretty good album but the mix is so loud that it's difficult to hear at a comfortable level. I would have to change volume constantly. Why can't these big time artists and producers mix their goddamn audio right?! Are they that oblivious?! Why am I you asking these questions?! *sigh* Time to move on... Songs With "Featured" Artists I don't really mind having another singer or musician in your song, but lately it's getting on my nerves. Some recent examples of this include "Baby" by Justin Bieber featuring Ludacris, "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar, "Right Round" by Flo Rida featuring Ke$ha, and "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry featuring Juicy J. What bothers me the most about this is it just feels like a commercial for the featured artist. They're usually there for less than a minute, sometimes a bit more, and they're done. It almost feels like they're featured just for a paycheck... wait. Another thing is they're not given a whole lot of time to shine. Why have them in your song if you're not going to fully utilize their talent? They really should be called "sponsored" instead of "featured." Once again, I don't mind this. It has been done right before, such as "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie. At least Bowie wasn't treated like a background singer and shared roughly the same amount of lead vocals as Freddie Mercury. But these recent examples just make me shake my head... and not in a good way. Annoying Vocalizations This thing I hate is pretty layered so let me break it down for you... 1. Non-lexical vocables: If you don't know what these are, they are nonsense syllables like "la-las," "na-nas," "doot-dos," "whoa-ohs," "hey-heys," "yeah-yeahs," etc. Except for very few instances, I've always hated these; they're so ridiculous and stupid. I always cringe if they're used as legitimate lyrics, such as "Hey Jude" and "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye." Blech! How about using some actual words! 2. Elongating Words: Whatever you call this. This one's nitpicky but I hate when a single word is stretched out to fill a measure. One big example of this that pisses me off is... say it with me now... "AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOU." -Whitney Houston ...And I will always loathe that song because of that. There's nothing impressive about elongating the letter I. You're just destroying your vocal chords. I also hate when singers "stutter" words to fill a measure, such as Katy Perry's "E.T." and Rihanna's "This Is What You Came For." It just makes my vocal cords crawl. 3. Poor Enunciation: This pisses me off the most. I absolutely hate not being able to understand the words of a song. I've heard enunciations so poor that they sound like a different language. Some of the worst 'enunciators' in my opinion are Ariana Grande, Sia, Vince Neil, and Kurt Cobain. Why be a singer if we can't even understand what the fuck you're singing?! Other vocalizations that annoy me include too much vibrato, over and under-singing, and overly nasally voices. Love Songs Aside from a very, VERY, VERY select few, I... really... hate... love songs! I can say, without a doubt, that love is the most oversung topic in the history of music. Most love songs to me are just "I love you, you love me," mixed in with some pathetically cheesy lines, overused rhymes like girl/world and fire/desire, all laid on top of some slow and sappy melody and beat. I also feel the same way with sex songs and breakup songs. Why the hell can't you sing about something else?! There's a whole lot more to life than love! Then again, maybe I just hate love songs because I'm forever alone. Every time I hear a love song, I feel ridiculed for being single... Incessant Overplaying Of Popular Songs Do you ever get annoyed with hearing the same old songs everyday? I sure as hell am! In the spoiler below is a short list of what I consider to be the most overplayed songs ever... OK, it's not really a short list but you get the idea. I don't hate all of these songs but some I've heard so many times that hearing even the slightest note makes my face contort with annoyance. Why do radio stations insist on constantly playing the same old songs? Because they're popular? It's like they think they're the only songs ever made! Have they ever heard of variety?! There's a whole lot more to these artists than just their hits. It's not just on radio, but in TV shows, commercials, movies, video games, and other media. Like I said earlier, I don't hate all the songs I listed, but there is one song in particular that I absolutely loathe because of its incessant overplaying. If you haven't already guessed, it's Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." When that song was released, I could not escape it. Everywhere I went, I heard that abomination of a song. Hell, I remember one day in November 2014 where I heard it playing on five different stations at almost the exact same time! For the love of all that everything in this universe, play something else! I don't care if it's #1 on the charts, PLAY... SOMETHING... ELSE!! That's... just... what's the word I'm thinking of? Oh yeah... Rampant Repetition Out of all the things I hate in music, this one angers me the most. I'm fully aware music is built on repetition, but there are some songs, especially recently, that are so goddamn repetitive! Some recent examples include Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," Justin Bieber's "Baby," and Carly Rae Jepsen's "I Really Like You." These three songs have one thing in common, they repeat a single word in their title over 50 FUCKIN' TIMES! Many artists are guilty of this, not just today's, but music legends have done this as well. You wanna know how many "na-na-nas" are in "Hey Jude?" 162! What were they thinking?! Sometimes it's not just single words or vocables that are overly repeated, but entire verses and chorus, too. I especially hate it when the chorus is overly repeated at the end of the song. Do I really need to give an example of this? It's almost as worse as a fade-out. It just makes me wonder, do they really think that the more they repeat something, the catchier it'll be? I guess we may never know. In my opinion, there is a very fine line between "catchy" and "annoying" and most songs either just cross it or obliterate it. I would rant more about repetition, but then I'd be just repeating myself. And those are the 10 things I hate about music. This is a blog I've wanted to make for a while but didn't have the inspiration... which I finally got when I watched TJ Kirk's "21 Things I Hate About Movies" video. What are things in music that you hate? Leave a comment down below. This is Woohoo, signing off.
  6. Mine: Check DeviantArt (because I'm watching like a hundred people) Check Youtube (charms, japanese magic food) Check the Welovefine Facebook page (for a date when they'll have the next giveaway) Check Club Penguin (for Whats New stuff but never actually play because I'm too lazy) Check Equestria Daily (for comics mostly) Check MLP Forums (roleplays and other stuff I posted) Stay on MLP Forums (post on practically all the Forum Games, go check) On occasion I also check: Stardolls (sometimes I'm too lazy but I check my guestbook) WattPad (hope someone read my story and commented) Boardgame Online (check for when they'll use my idea like they said they would)
  7. A lot of people are sharing their Spotify decades or 2019 Year in Review, so I figured, why not start a thread where we can post ours, for those who use or have used it in the past? You can either transcribe the info that Spotify gave you, or post screencaps of the images, or both! Here is some of mine for 2019 (look in spoiler): TOP ARTISTS A Day To Remember NF Black Veil Brides Hans Zimmer Wolves At The Gate TOP SONGS Memory Of You by Feed Her To The Sharks Faded by Alan Walker Flying Together by Kadenza (now known as John Kenza) Bullfight by A Day To Remember My Stress by NF My most listened to genres were as follows: Metalcore Soundtrack Christian Rock Post-grunge UK hip hop I was 'genre-fluid', meaning I refused to let one sound define me. Uh... Okay. XD I also listened to a lot of podcasts, 10967 minutes. Mostly Film & TV, but some Religion & Spirituality, and Society & Culture too. What was everyone else's? Feel free to share and discuss!
  8. Currently I'm at home sick so I thought it fitting to post a list of 15 things that always help me when I'm stuck in bed. 1. Tea: Drinking tea always calms me down and soothes my throat. Any teas will do, as long as they aren't too harsh. Usually the labels will say the best uses for each tea. 2. Heat pad: Whenever I'm not feeling well I get out the heat pad. Put it on your stomach and you should feel better and more relaxed. 3. Water: I always drink lots of water when I'm sick. This may sound weird, but you want your pee to be almost clear, not dark. This comes with drinking a lot of water. 4. Toast: If you find that you can't keep anything down, toast is always my go to option. ( with butter) 5. Soup: Like toast, soup is another go to food when I'm sick. Normal Progresso Chicken Noodle is what I buy, but whatever fits your needs. 6. Coloring: Being able to do almost nothing is unbearable. One thing that doesn't require much thought or skill is coloring. So get out your crayons, cat coloring books, and lets get started! 7. TV: Obviously, watching your favorite shows on Netflix or YouTube is the key to getting better. 8. Chicken Broth: When I was little, my mom made mugs of chicken broth when we were sick. At the time, it seemed really disgusting, yet it actually helped. I suggest adding some salt to give it some actual taste.. 9. Music: Listening to your favorite jams can distract you from how horrible you are feeling. 10. Sleep: Everyone needs rest to heal their sickness properly. Who hates sleeping and skipping school anyways?!
  9. This list has been sitting on my drive, first draft done and awaiting revisions, for well over a year now. Since then, I promised not only to publish the list, but to expand it all the way up to 26 to fill a whole season's worth of episodes, which only led to further delays. Part of the reason was that I hadn't seen several of my favourite episodes in years, and wished to binge the whole show in order to confirm my opinions and see if anything else threatened the top spots. What I want from My Little Pony has changed significantly over time, and I believe my favourite episodes are reflective of that. As such, I believe that assembling this list can help explain why I love the show so much. Now, if the show really does end after season 9, I'll be writing a new list before too long, and maybe it'll be completely different, but nonetheless, here are my top 26 favourite episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in chronological order. To start with, here's a few ground rules: 1. I'm limiting the list to the first seven seasons, simply to be fair to episodes I've only given one viewing, as season 8 is currently underway. With that said, if I did include season 8, the delightful "Horse Play" would absolutely be included. 2. To match my "whole season" gimmick, two-parters are being counted as two episodes. S01E23: The Cutie Mark Chronicles written by M.A. Larson In the show's chronology, "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" is the first time we learned about the protagonists' pasts, and we've rarely gained a window into it since. While this episode is little more than a weakly-organized string of vignettes, the individual vignettes are individually delightful, showing us how each of the mane six received their cutie marks in incredibly charming fashion. Each flashback has its own solid emotional underpinning, and moreover, they're able to successfully condense the show's early strengths into brief bursts of charm, with each vignette successfully encompasses what their character stands for. Rainbow's is about the joy of accomplishment, Rarity's is about finding beauty below the surface, Applejack's is about staying true to your roots, etc. Add on a bunch of funny dialogue and you've got a real winner. S01E25: Party of One written by Meghan McCarthy For the most part, "Party of One" is simply a particularly strong example of the show's greatest strengths: it's colourful, upbeat, and joyously silly, and it's all centred around an obvious but solid moral about jumping to conclusions. But although the misunderstandings which form the main plot are ultimately predictable, they're amped up for maximum absurdity here, and even though Pinkie spends much of the episode in varying states of displeasure, she remains entirely silly. This episode is mainly remembered for the surprisingly dark scene of Pinkie having an apparent psychotic break, but that scene is simply one expression of how this episode successfully delves into Pinkie's insecurities and anxieties. Excepting that one scene, it's brilliant in balancing the show's usual silliness with that deeper character exploration. This show is at its best when it centres around that sort of anxiety, and here is one of the first times that it hit just the right formula. S01E26: The Best Night Ever written by Amy Keating Rogers By some margin the best finale of the entire show, "The Best Night Ever" is filled with many of the show's funniest and most memorable scenes to date. Like "The Cutie Mark Chronicles," it's split among six different storylines, this time without much connective tissue until they all intertwine in delightfully chaotic fashion. By touching upon each of the main six's interests and giving each of them solid goals, it serves as the culmination of everything the first season had established. More importantly, the episode is comprised almost entirely of one memorable scene after another, and not only does that make this one of the most entertaining episodes of the entire show, it also allows for retroactive emotional resonance as these characters have grown and come to achieve more of their goals. Meanwhile, the final lesson - that a bad experience can be made better by sharing it with good friends - is lovely, and provides a perfect summary of the whole season. At the start, they were complete strangers, but now they're as thick as thieves. S02E03: Lesson Zero written by Meghan McCarthy "Lesson Zero" is why Twilight is my favourite character. It's not her brightest moment, but just like "Party of One" was for Pinkie, it remains the clearest representation of her own anxieties. Perfectionism defines her just as much as intelligence and nerdiness, and while it's exaggerated here, fear of failure is a universal concern. Twilight's behaviour is genuinely creepy, which remains unusual territory for this show, but it's also really funny, and much more importantly, the show always takes her feelings seriously, no matter how strangely she acts. The lengths Twilight goes to are hard to relate to, but her motivations are always sympathetic, even when they're not enough to justify her actions. This episode is great in part because its central gimmick is so strange and surprising, and in part because it's filled with memorable scenes, but most of all because it balances all the cartoonish nonsense with real emotions. If My Little Pony is an exaggeration of reality, that doesn't make it any less effective of a mirror. S02E07: May the Best Pet Win! written by Charlotte Fullerton Rainbow Dash has never been more charismatic than she is in "May the Best Pet Win!," an absolutely joyous episode with a rapid-fire barrage of great jokes and some of the show's best action scenes. This is an episode where Rainbow makes movie sound effects just for her own amusement, and there's a sincerity to its energy and constant forward momentum which is simply irresistible. Of course Rainbow would set up a pet race to decide which animal she'll adopt. Of course she'll whistle "Flight of the Valkyries." Of course those are things she'd do, and the simple quirks of the various pet competition are immensely charming in and of themselves, but best of all, this episode retains Rainbow's boisterous personality without having it lapse into insensitivity. She comes to recognize the value of persistence, but she doesn't need to make some tremendous mistake to do it, and that context is perfect for such an upbeat episode. S02E14: The Last Roundup written by Amy Keating Rogers Such a strong example of season 2's nuance is "The Last Roundup" that it's easy to overlook just how entertaining it is. It's primary strength is gooey, sincere melodrama, with particularly deep characterization for Applejack, but it's also got a lot of great humour, especially from the always reliable Pinkie Pie. Rainbow Dash demonstrates a fair bit of depth as well, and while other characters don't get as much time to shine, everyone has one or two fun moments, and the myth that Applejack is boring is thoroughly debunked here by her relatively complex motivations in staying away from town. Sure, they're ultimately good intentions, but she's still hurting others in the process. Episodes like this which balance pathos and depth with humour and the show's beloved innocence are exactly why it became so popular in the first place. S02E18: Read It and Weep written by Cindy Morrow From the very start, Rainbow Dash's bravado was tied to her insecurity, but "Read It and Weep" is perhaps the most direct expression of that dichotomy. Her primary lesson here, which is coming to terms with liking something that doesn't fit her image, is something that's particularly relatable for some of the show's male fans, but it's also just a great moral in general, and moreover the various scenes of trying to hide her reading add to her depth as a character. Here, her insistence on "coolness" is matched only by her fear of others seeing the cracks in it. On top of that, this episode features a genuinely exciting adventure story, with a solid riff on Indiana Jones which perfectly fits Rainbow's personality. Sometimes, getting into a new activity just requires finding the right entry point, and if your friends are any good they will never judge you for the things you love. S02E22: Hurricane Fluttershy written by Cindy Morrow Gooey melodrama of the highest caliber, elevated by deep character relationships and a strong, emotional plotline. Every note of "Hurricane Fluttershy" is in the right place, and befitting an episode for the most fragile of the mane six, this is an especially sensitive episode, demonstrating sympathetic anxiety on Fluttershy's part and an impressive level of understanding from Rainbow Dash, all in favour of some of the most satisfying emotional highs in the entire show. Fluttershy's stories often revolve around overcoming some anxiety, but here it's specifically linked to bullying in her past, which in turn makes her journey to overcome it assist the struggling Ponyville weather team all the more delightful. The main conflict here is just impersonal enough to have massive stakes, but the majority of the episode is focused directly on Fluttershy's personal journey, and every second of the episode is working towards a common goal. There's an endearing simplicity to the whole thing, but it's the sincerity of the execution which really sells it. S03E06: Sleepless in Ponyville written by Corey Powell The first of three solo episodes focused on each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, "Sleepless in Ponyville" succeeds most of all in how it takes Scootaloo's childish concerns seriously. Particularly significant is how this serves to deepen her as a character without leaning too much on her apparent wing disability. Like Rainbow Dash, she puts on a brave face to hide her anxieties, but Rainbow Dash knows that being brave doesn't mean you're not afraid. Hiding your fears to impress others is indeed a highly relatable concept, and as childish as Scootaloo's approach is, watching her learn to accept her fear is deeply charming. That she finally allows herself to show vulnerability to her idol is a genuinely moving character beat, and their relationship is truly adorable. This episode is as charming and funny as the best of the show, but it's that strong emotional core which really sells it. S03E07: Wonderbolts Academy written by Merriwether Williams Rainbow Dash has my favourite character arc in the whole series, and this is her last focus episode to get the balance between sensitivity and attitude correct. As interested as she is in showing off, she's still a sweet pony at heart, and "Wonderbolts Academy" stands out above all else for Rainbow's expressiveness, which enhances her story by wordlessly expressing everything she feels about what's happening around her. However disappointed Dash might be by becoming a wingpony, she still takes the role very seriously, because that's what's expected of her, and she only gives up when her values are directly offended. It's the best showcase for one of the best characters in the show, and it has a great antagonist too. Lightning Dust is as charismatic as Dash herself, and is one of the rare villains to seem genuinely remorseful at the end, providing yet more nuance to an already excellent episode. S04E08: Rarity Takes Manehattan written by Dave Polsky During my first few years with the show, I wouldn't have called Rarity my favourite of the main cast, and that was primarily due to her penchant for seemingly selfish behaviour. "Rarity Takes Manehattan" is the point where this changed, placing her generosity on full display by providing a profound challenge to everything Rarity values. The episode's charms all come down to her positive attitude and abundance of personality, and having that personality spun into something much more altruistic and positive is a refreshing change of pace from her earlier depictions. Providing a foil for Rarity's generosity in the form of a thieving rival allows for a genuinely powerful thematic conflict, where Rarity is forced to evaluate the value of such generosity in a cold world, and while her affirmative answer is inevitable, this episode makes her journey to reclaim those values convincing, and in both that and its plentiful superficial charms, it's absolutely irresistible. S04E12: Pinkie Pride written by Amy Keating Rogers Those essential challenges to characters' core values, as seen in "Rarity Takes Manehattan," were a recurring theme in the show's fourth season, and "Pinkie Pride" is undoubtedly the best take on them, an effervescent, infinitely joyous explosion of energy which just happens to feature deceptive depth. Even without the cameo from the one and only "Weird" Al Yankovic, the heights of absurdity this reaches are so inventive, so energetic, and just so happy that they'd still be utterly delightful, and better yet, they're paired with a meaningful bit of introspection from Pinkie Pie. Here, she lets her pride as the town's "#1 party pony" get away from her, and it's made clear how that pride in her status is intertwined with her need for approval, but also how it comes at the expense of the joy she so often strives to bring to her friends. You can never make someone happy by only thinking of yourself, and what makes this episode great is that it conveys that theme without making Pinkie Pie seem too selfish. S04E19: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils written by Dave Polsky After "Sleepless in Ponyville," both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom would receive episodes with similar takes on different themes, and of these, Sweetie Belle's is arguably the most well-rounded, with the best blend of moralizing and humour, and the most significant role for Luna to boot. Because Sweetie Belle is acting out of jealousy, Luna has a stronger connection to her than she had to the other two, and like the earlier episode, this episode boasts some fantastic nightmare imagery, albeit of an entirely different kind. Where Scootaloo was afraid of losing respect because of fear, Sweetie's problem is instead that she can't imagine the world outside of her own perspective. Her view of her sister is skewed by what she has and hasn't seen, and while this is what causes her to retaliate, she's also a sweet kid who never really wanted to hurt anyone, as made clear when she solves her own mistake. The Scootaloo episode established the winning formula of these CMC solo episodes, but "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" perfected it. S04E20: Leap of Faith written by Josh Haber The near-universal excellence of these "key" episodes from season 4 does a good job of representing what the show did best in this era. If "Pinkie Pride" had the best balance of charm and depth, "Leap of Faith" instead veers further in the direction of nuance, providing arguably the most meaningful challenge of the whole lot. Here, Applejack finds herself lying to make her family happy, despite the fact that she's enabling Flim and Flam to sell literal snake oil. Lying, something that Applejack has always been opposed to, suddenly seems like a necessity, and while she remains doubtful throughout, that genuine uncertainty provides this episode with a degree of thematic power beyond even what the aforementioned "Rarity Takes Manehattan" and "Pinkie Pride" conjure up. If it's not as energetic as those other two episodes, that's not for a lack of charm and humour, which comes in large part from the amusingly smarmy Flim Flam Brothers and the always welcome antics of Applejack's family. Here's one of the few times that the show has managed to balance genuinely mature storytelling with its original charms. S04E25-26: Twilight's Kingdom, Parts 1 and 2 written by Meghan McCarthy The show has never seen a change as significant as Twilight Sparkle becoming a princess, and many of her appearances in the show's fourth season struggled to come to terms with it. The finale, "Twilight's Kingdom," is widely remembered for its intensity and immense scale, but as appealing as it is simply as a spectacle, the episode's true strength comes in the smaller stuff. Twilight's coronation was a sudden and confusing event, and here the show acknowledges that, presenting Twilight being just as confused and adrift as you'd expect someone with such a spontaneous life change to be. The threat to all of Equestria isn't nearly as interesting as Twilight's internal struggle to find herself, and Tirek is such a great villain not just because of his menace but also because he's a perfect foil for Twilight's values. Season 4 spent so much time on the reiteration of values these characters already held, but only here is that intertwined with meaningful character development, as Twilight finds the reason for her coronation in the things she was doing all along. S05E11: Bloom and Gloom written by Josh Haber On one hand, "Bloom and Gloom" might be the least subtle of the CMC solo episodes which were such a highlight of the show's middle seasons. All of these episodes are defined by their nightmare imagery, but both "Sleepless in Ponyville" and "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils" save their nightmares for key climactic moments. "Bloom and Gloom," meanwhile, consists entirely of nightmares, surreal images floating in and out of existence but always representing sympathetic anxieties. The flow of events, which is only as choppy as Apple Bloom's emotional state, is exactly what dreams should look like in this show, and while the barrage of visual metaphors is always emotionally powerful, it's also surreal enough and treated with enough levity to be genuinely entertaining. All of these key concepts are tied together in one of the show's most profound morals: you may feel like your anxieties are absurd, but you're not alone. That this episode is so profoundly empathetic as well as clever and humorous marks it in my eyes as still one of the most impressive things in the show's entire middle period. S05E11: Party Pooped written by Nick Confalone In a show which doesn't always portray non-pony cultures in the most sensitive of lights, the cultural relativism at the core of "Party Pooped" is a welcome breath of fresh air. Here is an episode about respecting and accommodating cultural differences, all wrapped up in the form of a silly story about yaks smashing things. That remains unique within the show, and indeed, the specific form of humour utilized here is something not quite like any other episode. The quirky diplomatic focus of the story provides a peculiar undercurrent of anxiety to even the funniest jokes, and there's a unique thrill in seeing these characters freak out over new responsibilities which they're not even remotely qualified for. But that unusual tension only works because of just how clever the jokes actually are here, and the unique blend of quirky visual humour - a train being stopped by handful of grazing sheep, for instance - with the surprisingly high stakes is a joy not quite like anything else in the series. S05E15: Rarity Investigates! written by Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco Currently my favourite comfort food episode, "Rarity Investigates!" is one of the rare My Little Pony episodes where every joke lands, which is in large part due to an inspired combination of characters, gimmick, and premise. Rarity and Rainbow Dash are a particularly underutilized pairing in this show, but here they have as much immediate chemistry as many of their more common counterparts. As if to make up for lost time, their early scenes before the plot kicks in are some of the most charming scenes of friendship from the entire show, and while their dynamic becomes more tense when the conflict is introduced, they're simply two of the show's most charismatic characters. What Rainbow and Rarity have in common is ambition, and that underlines their relationship here without ever being stated aloud. The mystery may be obvious, but it serves the core theme of trusting your friends when they trust you, and the episode is just so jam-packed with funny gags that it's hard to resist. S06E01-02The Crystalling, Parts 1 and 2 written by Josh Haber "The Crystalling," which opened the show's sixth season, is in many ways a departure from the show's usual season premiere format. Rather than attempt to somehow provide even darker themes and even more exciting spectacle, it instead shifts its focus smaller, spending its entire first half on low-stakes slice-of-life hijinks. Not only is this a refreshing change of pace for this show, but the emphasis on insecurity, not only from the newly-reformed Starlight but also from her childhood friend Sunburst is as sympathetic and relatable as the show's earlier peaks, and provides a conduit for some of the show's more mature themes. Even when the episode dials up the spectacle in its second half, it's a simple, impersonal backdrop to Starlight's and Sunburst's issues, allowing some of the show's best character work to play out undiluted by the nonsense which plagues too many of the other two-parters. And it also has an infant with alarming, unmanageable superpowers, so that's a plus. S06E08: A Hearth's Warming Tale written by Michael Vogel A Christmas Carol has been done several times before, but never has it been submerged in this particular world, and I'd be surprised if it has been told in this particular way. "A Hearth's Warming Tale" already gets a lot of points for being one of the prettiest episodes of the whole show, and it earns even more for its phenomenal songs, but its most significant achievement is how it bends the source material. Greed never plays a part in the story, and instead, the Scrooge analogue is a metaphor for Starlight: a pony whose values have been twisted by a problematic childhood and who makes the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons, but means well enough to change. The sheer universal resonance which is rung out of this variation is enough to make Starlight's own backstory obselete, and in a show which is far too often risk-averse even in its original stories, this distinctive take on a classic tale is a welcome surprise. S06E09: The Saddle Row Review written by Nick Confalone Part of the tragedy of My Little Pony's safe storytelling is that these characters are all strong enough to withstand any sort of structural experimentation. "The Saddle Row Review" proves that with its unique mockumentary gimmick, which not only frames some of the show's best jokes in an unusual context, but which also allows for a refreshing touch of modernity even beyond what's seen elsewhere in the later seasons. Here, the show indulges its most sitcom-esque instincts, and allows for strong examples of character comedy which would so rarely be seen elsewhere in the show, such as Pinkie Pie passing off a large restaurant bill to the anonymous interviewer. It's this willingness to experiment with genre and structure which makes "The Saddle Row Review" so funny, and this show would do well to try this kind of thing more often. S06E19: The Fault in Our Cutie Marks written by Ed Valentine Dramatic irony forms the backbone of "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks," the show's most adorably dramatic episode to date, and the characters know it. From the very start, the premise - a griffon wants to have a cutie mark, but only ponies can get cutie marks - can only end poorly, and the episode's success is playing on that not for comedy but for drama. Levity instead comes from the chipper attitude of Gabby, whose sweetness and enthusiasm contrasts powerfully with the Cutie Mark Crusaders' growing desperation not to let her down. It's a perfect embodiment of the show's optimistic atmosphere, where everyone involved is genuinely sweet and only wants the best for the others, and that makes the looming spectre of disappointment all the more concerning. In the end, when the episode subverts expectations and goes out on a high note, it could not possibly be more satisfying. S06E24: Top Bolt written by Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco A recurring feature of the show's later years is various attempts to position the protagonists into mentorship roles. These stories centre not around the mane six or Cutie Mark Crusaders learning their own lesson, but on them trying to teach a lesson to someone else, and how well it works is dependent on how good those secondary characters are. "Top Bolt" is the absolute best expression of this formula, with profound nuance from its new characters and even a smaller lesson for the old ones. Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle make a funnier pair here than ever, their contrasting personalities never getting in the way of their easy chemistry, and the new characters immediately show themselves to be among the most charming and three-dimensional in the show's entire run. It's fundamentally a story about the lies which keep us going, and how to persevere once they can no longer be maintained, and that strong theme resonates even as the episode sticks to silly banter and sight gags. If the show is gonna keep pushing the main characters into these roles, this is what it should look like. S07E03: A Flurry of Emotions written by Sammie Crowley & Whitney Wetta If there's one thing that was missing in the years since Twilight became an alicorn, it was an idea of what those new responsibilities would do to her already severe perfectionism. In its own way, "A Flurry of Emotions" depicts that perfectionism even better than "Lesson Zero," as it grants her more altruistic motivations and less horrifying behaviour while remaining nearly as funny. Here, she wants to be the best aunt possible and the best princess possible, but never does that intention seem selfish, and it's accompanied by the dorky enthusiastic charm which had been lacking from so many of her recent focus episodes. Meanwhile, baby Flurry Heart is made somehow even more charming, as not only does she retain her infantile silliness, but it's been combined with genuine sweetness, albeit from a very immature point of view. Together, Twilight and Flurry Heart are almost unbearably cute, and that cuteness is delivered in the form of numerous inventive sight gags and the occasional sweet cutaway to Flurry's adorable parents. It's an exceptional delight which proves the show still has some juice left even after all these years. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic isn't what I would consider a show of consistent quality, and some episodes are certainly more entertaining than others. Still, even within a single show's run, I maintain that "good" and "bad" are largely a matter of taste, and the above are simply what I consider to be the most enjoyable episodes of this show. Perhaps you might have different choices, and if so, I'd be delighted to hear your reasoning in the comments below.
  10. With season 8 on the horizon, I thought I'd share my own personal rankings of each season, from my favorite to least favorite. I wasn't sure where to include the My Little Pony Movie, so I included it with season 7. Season 1 The Best Night Ever The Cutie Mark Chronicles Sonic Rainboom Party of One Swarm of The Century Feeling Pinkie Keen Suited For Success Winter Wrap Up Green Isn't Your Color Dragonshy Over a Barrel Friendship Is Magic Stare Master Call Of The Cutie A Dog and Pony Show Fall Weather Friends Apple Buck Season A Bird In The Hoof The Show Stoppers Boast Busters Griffon The Brush Off Bridle Gossip Look Before You Sleep Owl's Well That Ends Well The Ticket Master Season 2 A Canterlot Wedding Lesson Zero Read It And Weep The Return Of Harmony The Last Roundup It's About Time Luna Eclipsed Hurricane Fluttershy Sweet and Elite Sisterhooves Social Hearts and Hooves Day A Friend In Deed Ponyville Confidential May The Best Pet Win! Family Appreciation Day The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Putting Your Hoof Down Hearth's Warming Eve Baby Cakes MMMystery on the Friendship Express Secret of My Excess The Cutie Pox The Mysterious Mare Do Well Dragon Quest Season 3 Magical Mystery Cure The Crystal Empire Sleepless In Ponville Too Many Pinkie Pies Magic Duel Keep Calm and Flutter On Wonderbolts Academy Apple Family Reunion Games Ponies Play Just for Sidekicks One Bad Apple Spike at Your Service Season 4 Twilight's Kingdom Pinke Pride Filli Vanilli Rarity Takes Manehatten Flight To The Finish Equestria Games Daring Don't Princess Twilight Sparkle Maud Pie Castle Mane-ia For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils Bats! Twilight Time Three's A Crowd Simple Ways PInkie Apple Pie Trade Ya Power Ponies Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 Inspiration Manifestation It Ain't Easy Being Breezies Somepony to Watch Over Me Leap Of Faith Rainbow Falls Season 5 Crusaders Of The Lost Mark Amending Fences Slice Of Life The Mane Attraction Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? Rarity Investigates! Tanks For The Memories Make New Friends But Keep Discord The Cutie Re-Mark The Cutie Map Castle Sweet Castle Scare Master Party Pooped The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows The Lost Treasure Of Griffonstone Brotherhooves Social Canterlot Boutique Hearthbreakers Appleloosa's Most Wanted Made in Manehattan The Hoofields and McColts Bloom & Gloom Princess Spike What About Discord Season 6 A Hearth's Warming Tail The Saddle Row Review The Fault In Our Cutie Marks Gauntlet of Fire To Where and Back Again The Times They Are a Changling Top Bolt The Gift of the Maud Pie No Second Prances Stranger Than Fan Fiction On Your Marks Every Little Thing She Does The Crystalling Spice Up Your Life 28 Pranks Later Viva Las Pegasus Buckball Season Flutter Brutter Where the Apple Lies P.P.O.V (Pony Point of View) Newbie Dash Dungeons & Discords The Cart Before the Ponies Applejack's "Day" Off Season 7 The Perfect Pear Shadow Play It Isn't the Mane Thing About You A Royal Problem Forever Filly Secrets and Pies (One of the funniest episodes) Fame and Misfortune All Bottled Up Celestial Advice Parental Glideance Rock Solid Friendship Once Upon a Zeppelin My Little Pony the Movie Fluttershy Leans In Hard to Say Anything To Change a Changeling Discordant Harmony Campfire Tales Daring Done? Triple Threat Uncommon Bond A Health Of Information Marks and Recreation A Flurry of Emotions Not Asking For Trouble Honest Apple Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks Forgotten Friendship Friendship Games Legend Of Everfree Dance Magic Mirror Magic Movie Magic Better Together Shorts Summertime Shorts Choose Your Own Ending Shorts Equestria Girls (2013)
  11. Futurama - Seymor Waits (Jurassic Bark) Futurama - Grave Scene (Luck Of The Fryish) Futurama - Who is Inspector 5? (Lethal Inspection) (MASSIVE SPOILERS) Futurama - Fry and His Mother (Game Of Tones) Adventure Time - The entirety of "I Remember You" Adventure Time - Simon Loses Himself (Simon & Marcy) Adventure Time - The Future Of Ooo (Lemonhope) Adventure Time - Johnnie disappears (Bad Timing) Adventure Time - Being Grown (The More You Moe, The More You Moe) Batman The Animated Series - Baby Doll's breakdown (Baby Doll) Batman Beyond - Mr Freeze's Final Moments (Meltdown) We Bare Bears - Burrito Justice League - Sitting With Ace (Epilogue) Avatar The Last Airbender - Leaves From the Vine (Tales of Ba Sing Se) Samurai Jack - Grand Finale (CI) Regular Show - The Ultimate Sacrifice (A Regular Epic Final Battle) (Massive spoilers) Courage The Cowardly Dog - Courage's backstory (Remembrance Of Courage's Past) Kung Fu Panda 2 - What Really Happened to the Pandas? Transformers Beast Wars - The Rest Is Silence (Code Of Hero) Transformers Beast Wars - Transmutate's Final Moments (Transmutate) Steven Universe - I Think Your're Pretty Great (Rose's Scabbard) Steven Universe - Amethyst takes Steven To the Kindergarten (On The Run) My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Find A Way (Magical Mystery Cure) My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - The Perfect Pear
  12. Where i can see favorite musician list?
  13. Of course the show needs to end someday, there's no doubt about that! Nothing lasts forever! But one thing I'm afraid of is the show ending prematurely, and there are still quite alot of questions that still need answering before the show ends for each character. Now I don't think ALL our questions will be answered before it ends, but I'm hoping some of the most important ones at least get answered! Some are more needed than others! The ones with the star on them are the most important questions that need answering! After this, feel free to comment below on the things you feel like that needs to be done before the series ends! Twilight Sparkle * Needs an episode with AJ. * Needs an episode with Rarity. (Most of Twilight's arcs are completed, and there's always gonna be new stuff with her!) Pinkie Pie * Needs an episode with Fluttershy. * Needs an episode with Spike. * Needs an episode with the CMCs. * How does Pinkie's family feel about her leaving the farm? * An episode with the Cake twins as toddlers. Applejack * Needs an episode with Twilight. * Could use an episode with Starlight. * AJ's parents' fate. (Probably not gonna happen) (There's not really much of AJ that is needed after her parents, and also she seems to have everything she needs in life!) Rainbow Dash * An episode answering Lightning Dust's fate and how she feels about it.* * An episode featuring the return of Wind Rider. (I wouldn't mind not seeing that though, but LD is important) * Needs an episode with Spike. * Could use an episode with Starlight. Rarity * An episode about her business having a rival. * An episode featuring the return of Suri Polomare. * Needs an episode with Twilight. * Could use an episode with Starlight. * A final decision on what to do with Sparity. Are they gonna end up together, or is he gonna not crush on her anymore? Probably the latter, but we need a conclusion to this.* Fluttershy * Needs an episode with Pinkie. * Needs an episode with Spike. * Needs an episode that explains more about her fear of dragons, and fascination for baby ones. * Could use an episode with Starlight. Spike * An explanation to how Spike ended up at Princess Celestia's school.* * His family.* * A final decision on what to do with Sparity. Are they gonna end up together, or is he gonna not crush on her anymore? Probably the latter, but we need a conclusion to this.* * A destiny. What is his true purpose in Equestria?* * Needs an episode with Pinkie. * Needs an episode with Rainbow. * Needs an episode with Flutters. * Needs an episode with the CMCs. * Needs an episode with Starlight.* * An explanation about his relationship with the Sparkle family.* Cutie Mark Crusaders * Still need to meet the Manehattan CMCs and proper conclusion to the Babs arc.* * Needs more development with reformed Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. * Needs an episode with Pinkie. * Needs an episode with Spike. * Needs an episode with Starlight. Scootaloo * Her family.* * An explanation to her lack of flight, and/or meeting somepony else with another physical disorder so she can relate to them (other than Gabby not having a cutie mark).* Starlight Glimmer * A destiny. What is her true purpose in Equestria?* * Needs an episode with Spike.* * Needs an episode with the CMCs. * Could use an episode with AJ, Rainbow, Rarity, and Flutters. * Her family. Discord * Meeting another draconequues. * His origin.* (Though this could be saved for the comics if needed, but should be answered either way) Princesses * An exploration through the alicorn species and history.* Other * Zecora's homeland. Where did she come from? Also why did she leave?* * Snips could use a chance to shine, much like Snails did in Buckball Season. Villains * Queen Chrysalis: A final revenge plan and fate. Will she be reformed, will she end up in Tartarus, or will she escape and promise to never return?* * Lord Tirek: An explanation to the fate of Scorpan and how he feels about leaving Tirek behind. Probably a whole arc is needed here.* Now it's your turn! I want to see what you feel like you need to see on the show before it ends!
  14. Welcome to the official MLP Forums Fan Clubs section! In this topic, you'll find a list of every fan club related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As usual, all global rules apply. Please also ensure that you only create fan clubs related to MLP:FiM and its fandom. Don't hesitate to comment in this thread to tell us if we're missing a club! Additionally, please make sure to look through this list before posting a new fan club to ensure that it doesn't already exist. It'll go a long way toward reducing clutter! Note: characters in each category are sorted in alphabetical order. Mane Cast Applejack Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Rarity Twilight Sparkle Starlight Glimmer Spike All Mane Six Cutie Mark Crusaders Apple Bloom Scootaloo Sweetie Belle All Cutie Mark Crusaders Princesses Princess Cadance Princess Celestia Princess Flurry Heart Princess Luna Wonderbolts Fleetfoot Soarin Spitfire Secondary Characters Big Macintosh Bulk Biceps Cheese Sandwich Coco Pommel Daring Do Maud Pie Princess Ember Shining Armor Zecora Background Characters Bon Bon Button Mash Candy Mane Derpy DJ Pon-3/Octavia Doctor Whooves Lyra Roseluck Shady Daze Sunshower Raindrops Villains & Antagonists Adagio Dazzle Aria Blaze Babs Seed Diamond Tiara Discord Gilda Iron Will King Sombra Lightning Dust Nightmare Rarity Queen Chrysalis Silver Spoon Sonata Dusk Sunset Shimmer Tirek Trixie Cozy Glow Midnight Sparkle Student Six Ocellus Yona Gallus Silverstream Sandbar Smolder Ships AppleDash FlutterDash LunaShy RariJack RariPants SoarinDash Sparity SunLight TwiDash Fluttercord Pets Boulder Opalescence Other Bat Ponies Minty Momlestia Nightmare Night Snowdrop
  15. Okay, so short of Fallout Equestria and those two gorefics which somehow got popular back in another age, I want to know what the most iconic, well known and otherwise influential brony fanfic stories are. Been in the fandom since s2, but I know of nearly none. I'm sure other people would be interested in this too, so I figured, why not ask? (I don't know, just start linking things? And no gorefics/ clopfics please! It's against the rules, and thus would get this thread removed.) ... (I almost feel like this should be in Octavia's hall but I wouldn't know exactly where... calling all mod-like pony-people?)
  16. No one has made a topic for this? Whoa. Anyway let's get this started...if you couldn't tell from past threads...I LOVE lists. I'm organizing by Console. Original Xbox: Conker Live and Reloaded Doom 3 The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie's Revenge Sonic Heroes The Suffering Xbox 360: Alan Wake Alan Wake American Nightmare Alone In The Dark Assassin's Creed 2 Bioshock 2 Condemned Criminal Origins Condemned 2 Bloodshot Fable 3 Fallout New Vegas FEAR FEAR 2 Project Origin Forza Motorsport 3 Gears of War Gears of War 2 Gears of War 3 Indigo Prophecy Kinect Adventures Megamind Ultimate Showdown Mirror's Edge Portal: Still Alive Portal 2 Rock Band Rock Band 2 Saints Row Saints Row 2 ShadowRun Silent Hill Downpour Silent Hill HD Collection Silent Hill Homecoming Sims 3 Skylanders Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sonic Generations Sonic The Hedgehog Tony Hawk Shred Gamecube: Barnyard Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Mario Party 4 Pac-Man Fever Pokemon Channel Shadow the Hedgehog Simpsons Hit and Run Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Sonic Gems Collection Sonic Heroes Sonic Riders Spyro A Hero's Tale Spyro A New Beginning Spyro Enter the Dragonfly Star Fox Adventures Taz Wanted Wii: Calling Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Pokepark Wii Super Smash Brothers Brawl DS: Digimon Dusk Mario Party DS Pokemon Black Pokemon Black 2 Pokemon Conquest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Sky Pokemon SoulSilver Sonic Classic Collection Sonic Rush Super Scribblenauts Gameboy Color: Pokemon Blue Pokemon Gold Pokemon Red Pokemon Silver Pokemon Yellow Gameboy Advance: Sonic Advance 3 Sonic Battle Spyro Seasons of Ice Nintendo 64: Pokemon Snap Pokemon Stadium Super Mario 64 I think that's about it.
  17. This is a pretty simple activity that lets you show which fandoms you're in in an interesting way. Create a to-do list of tasks from fandoms that you're in. They don't even have to be "main" objectives, just have fun with it! Here's an example: Fix a friendship problem in 20 minutes (My Little Pony) Find the computer room (Sonic the Hedgehog) Rescue Toad a million times (Super Mario) Help Takana/Katana get laid (Star Control II) Ruin the franchise with horrible prequels (Star Wars) Watch my language (Marvel) Live Long and Prosper (Star Trek)
  18. This is the list I used for my Non-Brony friends who are interested but planning on watching the full show. What I've done was break the show into story arks. that way they can narrow down the episodes to watch. This is what I got so far. If you got more to add let me know. Grand Galloping Gala S1 E03: The Ticket Master S1 E14: Suited for Success S1 E26: The Best Night Ever [bonus] S5 E07: Make New Friends But Keep Discord The Crusade for the Cutie Mark S1 E12: Call of the Cutie S1 E18: The Show Stoppers S2 E06: The Cutie Pox S3 E04: One Bad Apple S4 E14: Twilight Time S5 E06: Appleoosa's Most Wanted S5 E18: Crusaders of the Lost Mark S6 E4: On Your Marks[bonus] S1 E17: Stare Master S2 E23: Ponyville Confidential S4 E05: Flight to the Finish The CMC Nightmare Trilogy [For Context] (Search) CutieMark Crusaders----- S3 E06: Sleepless in Ponyville S4 E19: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils S5 E04: Bloom & Gloom FlutterShy’s Struggle S1 E07 :Dragonshy S1 E17: Stare Master S2 E19: Putting Your Hoof Down S2 E22: Hurricane Fluttershy S4 E14: Filli Vanilli [special] S4 E16: It Ain't Easy Being Breezies Rainbow’s Strive to be a WonderBolt S1 E06: Sonic Rainboom S3 E07: Wonderbolts Academy S4 E10: Rainbow Falls S4 E21: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 S5 E15: Rarity Investigates! S6 E07: Newbie Dash Rarity’s Strive for Fashion S1 E14: Suited for Success S1 E19: A Dog and Pony Show (small part but important) S2 E09: Sweet and Elite S4 E08: Rarity Takes Manehattan S4 E19: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils S5 E14: Canterlot Boutique S6 E03: The Gift of the Maud Pie S6 E09: The Saddle Row Review [bonus] S5 E15: Rarity Investigates! “Dear Princess Celestia” saga Season 1 : (Weekly) Season 2 : (Post-“Lesson Zero) ( officially Ends in season three) The Equestrian Games S3 E12: Games Ponies Play S4 E05: Flight to the Finish S4 E10: Rainbow Falls S4 E24: Equestria Games [For Context] S3 E02: The Crystal Empire, Pt. 2[bonus] S3 E11: Just for Sidekicks Princess Twilight/The “Box” (Twilight’s NEXT Magic Studies) More or less all of Season 3-------- S3 E13: Magical Mystery Cure S4 E01: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pt. 1 S4 E02: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pt. 2 S4 E08: Rarity Takes Manehattan S4 E10: Rainbow Falls S4 E12: Pinkie Pride S4 E16: It Ain't Easy Being Breezies S4 E20: Leap of Faith S4 E25: Twilight's Kingdom, Pt. 1 S4 E26: Twilight's Kingdom, Pt. 2 [bonus] S2 E20: It's About Time[special] S5 E03: Castle Sweet Castle “Cutie Mark Map” [special] S1 E16: Sonic Rainboom S1 E12: Call of the Cutie [For Context] S1 E01: Friendship is Magic, Pt. 1 S1 E02: Friendship is Magic, Pt. 2 S2 E01: Return of Harmony, Pt. 1 S2 E02: Return of Harmony, Pt. 2 S2 E15: Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 S2 E25: A Canterlot Wedding, Pt. 1 S2 E26: A Canterlot Wedding, Pt. 2 S3 E01: The Crystal Empire, Pt. 1 S3 E02: The Crystal Empire, Pt. 2 S4 E25: Twilight's Kingdom, Pt. 1 S4 E26: Twilight's Kingdom, Pt. 2 (Search) Zecora Maud Gilda ------- S5 E01: The Cutie Map, Pt. 1 S5 E02: The Cutie Map, Pt. 2 S5 E08: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone S5 E12: Amending Fences (?) S5 E16: Made in Manehattan S5 E22: What About Discord? (?) S5 E23: The Hooffields and McColts S5 E25: The Cutie Re-Mark, Pt. 1 S5 E26: The Cutie Re-Mark, Pt. 2 ------- [bonus] S1 E23: The Cutie Mark Chronicles S5 E17: Brotherhooves Social Starlight's character arc The Cutie Map Part 1 The Cutie Map Part 2 The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1 The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2 The Crystalling Part 1 The Crystalling Part 2 No Second Prances
  19. Inspired by the Evil Overlord list, name some things you should if you ever wish to become an MLP villain. I'll start with the first rule: NEVER underestimate the power of friendship, failing to do so will leave your evil plan dead on the water before it even starts.
  20. The fist time I clicked on 'Manage Friends' I felt like I was going to a page meant for the sole purpose of adding and removing friends. There are more features on there than just adding and removing friends, and more features could be added to it in the future, such as a visible online status (I use the desktop site on a mobile device so 'mousing over it' to see this isn't an option for me), or a 'Thread Invite' option where you can add a link that shows up in their notifications (just a random suggestion). My point is 'Manage Friends' isn't an accurate description of the page. I feel it would make more sense if it were labeled as what it is, a 'Friend List' or simply as 'Friends.' Clicking on 'Manage Friends' still just doesn't feel right to me. It doesn't seem like a 'friendly' description, but more like a place to delete people. If anybody has any ideas for other features for the Friend List, feel free to list them below. I feel that renaming it would be better justified if the new name also came with new features. It's like renaming a restaurant, if the name changes but the place stays the same, it's still the same restaurant.
  21. Name 5 - 10 of your favorite musicians/bands. my list(not in order) 1. Limp Bizkit 2. Big L 3. Marilyn Manson 4. Nas 5. Gang Starr 6. Hopsin 7. Papa Roach 8. Mobb Deep 9. Tech N9ne 10. D12
  22. This...isn't a fanfic at all, since there's no narrative. But since it's written, I figured this was the place to post it. Long story short: the game I have in my signature is something I've been working on for a long time, and while it might be a pipe dream, I'd someday like to submit it to Hasbro for official approval. Having worked on it for years, I've had a long time to think about what Hasbro wouldn't let me do in that game, no matter how hilarious, and every time I think of one that's funny, I try to write it down. ...I've by now accumulated well over a thousand of these, and it's now a very Skippy-ish or Mr. Welch-ish list, and I've posted a chunk of it here for your entertainment EDIT: as the first few posts indicate...well, the first draft needed work. So I've reordered, reworded, and/or replaced quite a few of these. I started with a hundred, but now I've gone on to 200. By the by, many of these tie into other Hasbro franchises and products, like Battleship, Mr. Potato Head, and Transformers (in its many incarnations), so keep in mind that those properties are all under Hasbro's umbrella. . . First things first; this list is intended to entertain, not to tie anyone's hands. As such, if Hasbro thinks some of these are actually good ideas, they (and anyone they give permission to) have my permission to use, create derivative works of, sell, and in general do whatever the heck they like with anything and everything in this list. The only exception is an original character named "Reverend Putter" who remains copyright to me; I'm using him as part of a separate game which Hasbro may one day want to license a card came for---but let's not get ahead of ourselves.... THE GRAND LIST OF THINGS HASBRO WON'T LET A BRONY DO WHILE ADAPTING A FiM GAME: 1) When naming OCs for the Canterlot Royal Guard, the following names are off-limits: Cannon Fodder, Red Shirt, Brown Pants. 2) Adding random tie-ins with other Hasbro franchises like Mr. Potato Head are okay. Making a GLaDOS Mr. Potato Head as a boss is not, until and unless Hasbro secures the rights for a GLaDOS Mr. Potato Head toy. 3) Pinkie-Swears aren't the kind of things I should need to bleep over. 4) No matter how common they are in actual horsemanship, or how funny their high-pitched voices would be, I may not have geldings in the game. 5) I may not base the guards of any castle in Equestria or beyond on the playable characters in Castle Crashers. 6) Fluttershy's pet Angel Bunny doesn't have a yen for Trix cereal. 7) Making a level where Canterlot Castle is attacked: okay. Making part of that level entail galloping through the servant's quarters and/or the royal chambers: okay. Changing the background music to an instrumental version of the viral "Bedroom Intruder" song upon entering these quarters/chambers: NOT okay! 8) Sorry, but a scene where Scootaloo rides on Arcee is out of the question. 9) Rainbow Dash doesn't have a pot of gold at the end of her tail or mane. 10) No matter how adorable or epic, I can't base the small, furry critters Fluttershy cares for on the cast of Hamtaro. 11) Not allowed to have a background pony say "Wilbur!" all the time and name him "Bamboo Harvester" while sitting in a pastiche of a Studebaker. 12) She-Ra, Princess of Power, is Mattel's IP. Therefore, her flying unicorn "Swift Wind" or anything named similarly cannot appear or be mentioned in the game. 13) Not allowed to depict unicorn blood as silver---in fact, not allowed to depict any blood at all, unicorn or otherwise, even if Harry Potter showed unicorn blood and still qualified for a family movie. 14) Killing a unicorn is a terrible crime that will get me cursed forever by Hasbro's attorneys. Whether there is a curse on the fictional character who killed the unicorn, however, is optional. 15) Not allowed to deliberately misspell "unicorn" during a narration and have the Transformer "Unicron" make a brief cameo, only to vanish when Twilight says, "Actually, the 'o' comes before the 'r'..." 16) Porting the game to the Nintendo 3DS is okay. Adding a minigame in the process that makes heavy use of the 3D features is also okay. Naming the minigame "Agh! My Eyes!" is not okay. 17) The mayor of Ponyville is named Mayor Maire, not "Geri Mandering"! (Say it out loud. I'll wait.) 18) Fluffy Ponies are not to make an appearance, even if I have a logically-flowing plotline where Twilight's magic accidentally causes hair growth. 19) None of Twilight's spells involve the words "Azarath metrion zinthos" 20) In all and any Battleship product placement, I cannot assume that the battle is taking place in the Bermuda Triangle. 21) Twilight Sparkle, as she is now a princess, has authority, not "authoritah". 22) If anyone utters the phrase "prince consort", the project is cancelled. 23) Having a minigame where Fluttershy gives veterinary treatment to animals is okay. Making a part of that treatment involve lancing a cyst is not. 24) Having a variety of gems as collectible items is okay. Naming one variety of gems the "Dosh Garnet" is not. (Say it out loud. I'll wait.) 25) Bringing back the Smooze from G-1 as a boss is okay. Defeating him by packing him into a magical steamer trunk is also okay. Having someone ask "What'cha gonna do with all that gunk? All that gunk inside your trunk?" is not. 26) "Human repellent" is not the ponies' natural musk. 27) Adding product placement for other products Hasbro makes is okay. Adding product placement for products I wish Hasbro would make (e.g. "Nerf Arenablast II for Wii U: the First Family-Friendly FPS") to try to pressure them into making them is NOT okay. 28) Even the omnivorous Spike, after claiming something vehemently and being proven wrong, is not allowed to literally "eat crow" for a visual gag. Even if he caught them trying to steal Applejack's corn. 29) Not allowed to have someone spoof Monty Python by having them complain that Twilight shouldn't be a princess just because she wrote her own magic and grew wings by saying "Making startling advances in a field of study and growing new appendages on account of it may be no small thing, but it isn't a reason to weild supreme executive power! I mean, if I went around saying I was emperor because I discovered the Higgs Boson and grew a prehensile tail, what would they do? They'd lock me away!" 30) Not allowed to incorporate any of Lauren Faust's trolling tweets into the game, especially not the ones about ponies' large intestines and the products and contents thereof. 31) It's Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor. Not Mi Amore Credenza and Shining Armoire. 32) Giving Fluttershy a spread-shot that involves birds is okay. Stealing Angry Birds sound effects and images for this attack is not okay, regardless of the fact that they are angry and they are birds. 33) Mac Tonight is not Princess Luna's court jester, knight-champion, or any other member of her royal court. 34) Spike is not an Amway salesman, and may not become one. 35) Fluttershy may not get her hens to be obedient by threatening them with the following phrases: "Jiblets", "McNuggets", "Chick Fillet", "buffalo wings", "extra crispy", "The Colonel's Secret Blend of Spices". (This is regardless of the fact that there was a Mr. Potato Head Show with a character named "Jiblets".) 36) There's an ancient legend that a unicorn will walk right up to a virgin girl sitting in a meadow, allowing hunters to then catch the unicorn. I am not allowed to incorporate this into the game in any way whatsoever. 37) Teaching kids about various subjects of science to make it an educational game is okay. Focusing entirely on medicine is not a good idea. Focusing entirely on proctology is right out. 38) As a demigoddess, Twilight may smite the wicked---but she's not allowed to say she's doing so in so many words. 39) Having money as a collectible item is okay. Having certain events unlocked when you collect enough is also okay. Making one such event "Buy Zecora a house in Ponyville, pay for her moving expenses, and then burn Everfree Forest TO THE GROUND, BABY!" is not okay. 40) Not allowed to create a pony version of Lwaxana Troi from Star Trek: the Next Generation. Even if the pony version of Q went well. 41) Applejack may not commit insurance fraud, even if it is a plot point about depowering her Element of Harmony. 42) If I can find a way to make math fun, then I'm not only allowed, but encouraged, to add an educational math/calculator minigame. However, if I do so, I may not allow Pinkie Pie to divide by zero. 43) If I make a veterinary game with Fluttershy, not allowed to include enemas. 44) Add "Pistol Shrimp" to the list of forbidden royal guard names. Especially if he'd end up a caricature of mexican banditos. 45) Not allowed to create product placement for products that I know Hasbro will never license, e.g. "Mr. Potato Head's Microwave Seppuku" 46) Even though Mr Potato Head originally began as accessories you stick into a real potato to make a doll, not allowed to invent Mr. Potato Head's Microwave Seppuku as a minigame. Not even if I end with an aesop about playing with your food. 47) All the characters in the show are strictly herbivores. As such, none of them may ask "Where's the beef?" 48) None of the characters may say "Up yours!" even if it follows "Make 7". 49) Even if they're both bipedal reptiles with green bellies and purple everywhere else, Beast Wars Megatron cannot stand in for Spike, nor can Spike stand in for Megatron. 50) Not allowed to recreate the famous "butchering cow no comparison" scene from the Red Green show where they are discussing how disgusting it is to butcher a cow, and Red says "The cow is not an animal in the wild, it's...well, it's like a crop; it's like that apple. This is harvest time, that's all," to which Herald replies "There is no comparison! I didn't have to murder this apple first before I ate it!" and Red's snappy, gross-out reply is "No, with the steaks, we're doing the humane thing, which is to kill the cow first: you're eating that apple alive!" 51) Yes, Celestia is white. Yes, Luna is blue. Yes, Cadence is pink. No, I may not use this to recreate Charlie the Unicorn scenes. 52) Not allowed to kill a villain by dumping a large number of pogs in the ton-range onto them, just to make a gag about remembering them. 53) Spike, and any songs about him or starring him, are not and may not be allegories for marijuana as a reference to Puff the Magic Dragon. 54) The following technologies do not exist in Equestria: any forms of nuclear energy, the space program, matter/antimatter reactions, torpedoes, "rods from God", and socks. 55) Eddie Murphy won't be voicing any donkeys. 56) Bird is NOT the word! 57) The following creatures do not exist in Equestria: Slithy Toves, Morogoves, Mome Raths, Jabberwocks, Jub Jub Birds, and Bandersnatches. 58) Add "Hula Hagula" to the list of forbidden names. It's not just forbidden as a name for characters; it's also forbidden as a name for islands. Especially with what looks like one blue dancer introducing it, only for two more to pop out behind her. 59) Making that tennis player from the first episode featuring Apple Bloom appear again is okay. Having him say "Nothin' but net!" is not okay. 60) Not allowed to have "Beating a dead horse" be mentioned or acted out as a visual gag. 61) In real life, a horse's broken leg will often never be able to heal, and horses whose legs get broken are generally euthanized. I may not incorporate this fact into the game in any way whatsoever. 62) Unicorn magic is ~not~ unicorns using their horns to prod the laws of physics into submission! 63) First of all, the Weeping Angels from the Doctor Who series won't be in the game. Secondly, "Weeping Angel polish" is a terrible, terrible idea. 64) Even if the only recognizable lyrics are "Need more candy cane" and "The power is yet unknown", can't use a remix of Twister from The World Ends With You as background music for the help-Pinkie-Pie-fill-orders minigame, no matter how fitting. 65) When Luna was stuck on the moon for a millenium, she was not whaling. 66) Not allowed to use Tiptoe Through the Tulips by Tiny Tim as a form of torture, for the player OR characters. Even if it sounds like it's not real (it is real). 67) There are no microwaves in Equestria, and I'm not allowed to introduce them---even to teach kids never to put metal in the microwave. Especially not if the metal is pins stuck into a voodoo doll. 68) Having certain obstacles require inventory items to overcome, such as a special lock that only one, magical key can open, is okay. However, if one of the obstacles is water full of pirahnas, the item to get past it may not be bleach. 69) No plot points where Celestia sues a solar power plant for a cut of their profits. 70) In real life, foals are sometimes taken from their mothers at birth and raised by humans instead, a practice called "imprinting". Not allowed to incorporate this practice into the game in any way whatsoever. 71) Neither Rainbow Dash nor Fluttershy digivolved from Patamon and the digi-egg of hope. 72) Not allowed to name ANYTHING "Scrotch" 73) Using lasers as a weapon is frowned upon. Having the Baby Sea Ponies from G-1 pop in after using one and sing "Shoop da woop, shoop-shoop-da-woop!" is out of the question. 74) It's okay to tell kids not to mix certain chemicals, like bleach with ammonia or peroxide with nail polish remover. However, I am not allowed to tell them why with any level of specificity beyond "It's very dangerous", because if I tell them they can make poison gas and high explosives at home, they'll do it! (Bronies, don't try this at home---seriously, DON'T!!) 75) Not allowed to have any pony realize that they're all technically miniature horses, not ponies. 76) Furby may NOT be a boss! 77) Nor may Furby be a regular enemy, nor an NPC that threatens the player. 78) Having Rarity complain about "The Fickle Masses" when she's trying to sell clothing is okay. Having Pinkie Pie misspeak it as "The Fecal Masses" is not. 79) Equestria has no need for a High Lord Executioner, nor for a High Lord Everything Else. 80) I may not have any plot points that change #79. And even if I could, I wouldn't be allowed to have a thank-you letter from the school, showing gratitude to the Princess for giving them free glue. 81) Yes, there are three Cutie Mark Crusaders. Yes, they are from school. Yes, they are little. Yes, they are female. No, I may not give them Gilbert and Sullivan's "Three Little Maids From School" as a theme song! 82) Not allowed to drag God into the MLP franchise in any way, even if I hilariously refer to Him as "The Whatever From High Atop The Thing". (Especially not then.) 83) There is no "human cage at the zoo", and even if there were, it wouldn't be at maximum stinkage during feeding time. 84) The ponies aren't all speaking Korean. 85) Applebloom's catchphrase is not "Destroy, destroy, destroy!" 86) Provided the result doesn't offend anyone's sensibilities and fits with the fantasy setting, I may flesh out the ponies' religion. However, baptisms may not be performed with a Super Soaker, even if Super Soakers are Hasbro IP. 87) Cranky Doodle Donkey doesn't have chainguns, a green robotic alternate form, nor a rhino alternate form. 88) Nor does Cranky Doodle Donkey have a sword that he just plain never uses, even though he HAS it! 89) Not allowed to recreate the "Sunny Muffins" sketch from Robot Chicken. 90) Babs Seed's catchphrase cannot be any of the following: "Fer bootin' up cold!" "We're all gonna die" "SLAG!" 91) Add "Hookah Bazooka" to the list of forbidden royal guard names. 92) In real life, a stallion will fart loudly as an alarm signal to his herd. (I'm not making this up.) I am not allowed to incorporate this into the game in any way, shape or form. 93) Electricity doesn't exist in the Ponyverse, and I'm not allowed to introduce it. Especially not if I'm going to show Pumpkin Cake electrocuting herself because her parents didn't foalproof the outlets. 94) In real life, the unicorn myth originated because of medival-period misunderstandings in a traveller's description of a rhino. (I'm not making this up.) I am not allowed to incorporate this fact into the game in any way whatsoever. 95) Even if Twilight makes a mistake and upsets the populace, no one is allowed to say, "Hey, Twilight ascended to godhood---let's take HER name in vain!" 96) Have Derpy Hooves (possibly renamed "Derby Hooves") become an investor is okay, as long as I don't make any insinuation about the fact that her cutie mark is bubbles. 97) Pinkie Pie may not work as a collections agent. 98) Sweetie Belle is neither a robot nor possessed; she is a normal unicorn. (That's right, we did just say the phrase "normal unicorn". Get used to it.) 99) Applejack doesn't use a curling iron to cook bacon for her dog. 100) If the plot involves a rainy day with no school, then I am not only allowed, but encouraged (perhaps even required) to depict colts and fillies playing with Hasbro-created toys and games, even ones from the past. However, if I do so, I may not have anyone dump Beast Machines toys into the garbage just because I didn't enjoy the Beast Machines Transformers cartoon as a kid. 101) In addition to #100, no "TRUKK NOT MUNKEY!!" debates allowed. 102) No matter how appropriate it is for the Apple family to play it or how much fun I think it is IRL, "Apples to Apples" is Mattel's IP, and I may not have product placement for it. 103) Sweetie Belle can now use magic because of practice and just plain getting older, not by "taking a level in Wizard". 104) In real life, horses who are kept in a stable become pathologically bored and develop "stable vices"---things like "cribbing": biting a hard surface and sucking in air, which can damage their teeth. As such, there are real-life inventions that deliver a minor shock to the horse when he or she "cribs". ...I may not depict ANY of this in the game. 105) Even though Equestria is a pastiche of pre-electric America, and even if my own grandfather lived in that time and did this himself as a prank, not allowed to have anyone throw a cake of yeast into an outhouse. 106) Add "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to the list of forbidden royal guard names. For so many different reasons...! 107) Not allowed to include the Bristol Stool Chart in any way, shape, or form. Even if I were allowed to do so, and even with the magical nature of Equestria taken into account, said charts wouldn't burst into flame when someone especially ugly passes by them! 108) Not allowed to have product placement for discontinued toylines from companies that used to be Hasbro's competitors, but were later bought out by Hasbro. Even if they ARE Hasbro's IP. 109) In the spirit of #108: Transformers are NOT a ripoff of Go-Bots! 110) In a Dungeons and Dragons sourcebook, it says only females may use a unicorn as a mount. I may not incorporate this into the game in any way whatsoever. 111) There may be "dire" versions of unicorns and pegasi in Dungeons and Dragons, but not allowed to have them in the My Little Pony universe! 112) Singing the "Modern Major General" song from Pirates of Penzance is not part of the promotion ceremonies in Equestria. 113) The Bagger 288 may not be: a level, an end boss, a regular enemy, a neutral NPC, or a playable character. 114) Nor is the Bagger 288 feuled by hate the way the Elements of Harmony are fueled by friendship! 115) Not allowed to have the Cutie Mark Crusaders performing any behavior that would make the Stallions watching them want to geld themselves to avoid having daughters. 116) Giving Hasbro the idea of licensing Friendship is Magic breakfast cereal is okay. Doing so by creating product placement for it before they actually license it is not. 117) Even if Friendship is Magic breakfast cereal existed, and even if the mane six were eating it, not allowed to have any characters point out the disturbing implications of them eating themselves. 118) If I need to say "Kids, don't try this at home!" more than twice in the same conversation, I'm not allowed to have that conversation. 119) Even if the word just means "rumors and gossip", I may not introduce the word "scuttlebutt" in the game. 120) Princess Cadence is NOT Shining Armor's "Battle Axe"! 121) Even if it IS legal, not allowed to have "Salvia" as part of a pony's name. 122) Nor will "Saliva" be allowed to be part of anyone's name! 123) Not allowed to make a running gag where a character says that the word "Unicornia" sounds like an eye disease. 124) There is a real-life fairy tale called "Seven Foals" where the foals are really the bewitched sons of a king, and they are turned back into humans by having their heads cut off. I may not incorporate this fairy tale into the game in any way whatsoever. 125) Lunar Eclipses don't turn Princess Luna invisible. 126) No matter what fan-theories may say, Pegasi and Alicorns don't have their wings stand up and become stiff when they are madly in love. 127) No creature in the Everfree Forest has boogers made of C4! 128) There was once a My Little Pony named "Pillow Talk". (No joke, it really once existed. Check the wiki.) She's not allowed to make a comeback. 129) Snips's special talent will NOT be gelding other stallions! 130) In real life, apples can make people gassy. I may not mention or imply this in the game, especially not from a rival fruitstand that's trying to ruin Applejack's business. 131) The game is a promotional piece and a community outreach, not a vehicle to pitch my ideas for Nerf: the Series! 132) Not allowed to quote Lord of the Flies. Especially not the hunting chant. 133) If a given problem's optimal solution is "pee on it", I'm not allowed to have that problem come up. 134) The name of the clergyman who was presiding over the funeral is "Mr. Waddle", not "Reverend Putter" (Note that Rev. Putter is a character copyright to me, used in a different game...which Hasbro may someday want to license a card game for, but let's not get ahead ahead of ourselves) 135) No one may open diplomatic relations with King Friday the 13th from Mister Roger's Neighborhood. 136) Any additional fantastic hooved creatures I want to add to Equestria must pass inspection. Centicores (creatures who are more or less to goats what unicorns are to horses) are okay. Heithrun, the goal of Valhalla from Norse myth whose teats produce mead instead of milk, is not okay. 137) Red Bull cannot turn earth ponies into pegasi, nor can it turn unicorns into alicorns. 138) Rainbow Dash cannot excrete Skittles. 139) First of all, not allowed to discuss mating, being in heat, or the estrous cycle, no matter how educational it might be. Second, even if I were, pegasi do NOT molt when they're ready to mate! 140) If rampant pollution is going to be present, it must be treated as a serious problem: NOT as a hilarious solution! 141) In the early 2000s, the Beast Machines Transformers toy line had a Maximal robot that transformed into a unicorn. (I'm not making this up.) This "Battle Unicorn" Maximal transformer may not be a character in the game. 142) While I am encouraged to have product placement for other Hasbro franchises like Mr. Potato Head, I am not allowed to create a legal nightmare by including both Superman licensed Mr. Potato Head parts and Captain America licensed Mr. Potato Head parts. 143) And I'm especially not allowed to have Superman Mr. Potato Head fight Captain America Mr. Potato Head. 144) Nor am I allowed to mix and match parts from the Superman Mr. Potato Head and Captain America Mr. Potato Head: not even if I call it a tribute to the big Marvel/DC Crossover Comics! 145) In reference to #143: if there's a fight between two Mr. Potato Head superheroes with a major difference in power levels between them, I'm not allowed to have anyone take bets on whether the one with less power will end up mashed or au gratin. 146) First of all, there are no telephones in Equestria. Secondly, it's not in Twilight Sparkle's character to flaunt her royal wealth by prank-calling 900 numbers. 147) Even if I were allowed to base a story arc on Ragnarok from Norse myth, not allowed to call it "Twilight Sparkle of the Gods" 148) The rays of a red sun do not sap Celestia's power. 149) The name "Robin Hoof" is taken. Besides, with more than one good princess on the throne, it shouldn't be necessary to rob from the rich and give to the poor. 150) Rarity's tail cannot be used as a spring to jump to higher locations. 151) If boorish behavior triggers an embolism or aneurysm in Rarity, that is a reason to remove that behavior from the story: it's not a segue to explaining the science behind an embolism or aneurysm to make it an educational game! 152) Adding a minigame where Twilight transmutes hay, fruit, etc. into meat to make food for pets is okay. Setting the game up so that she accidentally transmutes the hay/fruit into a cartoon bomb if you goof too many times is okay, too, provided it is of the black-ball-with-a-fuse-sticking-out variety: anything with fins, pineappling, biological payload, or radioactive material is out of the question! 153) Rarity's gem-finding magic can neither find nor accidentally detonate energon crystals or dilithium. 154) There was a villain from the Mr. Potato Head show named "Donkey Waddlefoot", who was never on-screen, except for a pair of hands with socks over them. Making a shout-out to him by adding a Donkey character is only okay if he loses the socks. 155) Remember how #86 says I can expand on the ponies' religion if it doesn't offend anyone's sensibilities? If they worship Unicron from Transformers, it offends sensibilities. 156) Rarity may not sell pea coats if I'm just going to make urination jokes about them. 157) Not allowed to open diplomatic relations with the King of Town from Homestar Runner, nor with Strongbadia. 158) Not allowed to make jokes about marijuana when I say the ponies eat grass. 159) Fluttershy's pet bunny, Angel, does not scoop up field mice and bop them on the head. (Thanks for stealing that joke for Fluttershy's chapterbook, G.M. Barrow!) 160) GIJoe names aren't rejected My Little Pony names, nor are MLP names rejected GIJoe names. 161) The pet falcon Rainbow Dash rejected from "May the Best Pet Win" may not be named "Captain Falcon", nor may he have a Falcon Punch or Falcon Kick. 162) The demonic spellbook "Ars Goetia" doesn't exist in Equestria, and even if it did, it wouldn't be in Twilight's character to use it! 163) If I keep using the term "frisbee" in the game, the result will be that Hasbro will make me change it: NOT that Hasbro will decide to acquire Wham-O Toys to make the use of the term legal! 164) Even if a monster is about to eat some ponies, he's not allowed to call them "HORSE d'oeuvres". 165) If any story in the game has the moral "Never bring magic to a gunfight," I may not have that story. 166) Real-life livestock diseases, e.g. Hoof-and-Mouth Disease, Founder, and Mad Cow Disease will NOT be issues! 167) Having Snips and Snails playing with Nerf guns is okay. Having the victim of a large amount of nerf ammo being compared to World of Warcraft Retribution Paladins is not. 168) Even if the original 1980s Transformers cartoon did it, I can't depict ponies getting drunk on energon. 169) Starswirl the Bearded and Alpha Trion are two different characters; the issue is closed. 170) Not allowed to have a pony version of Taric from League of Legends. Especially not the "Armor of the Fifth Age" skin! 171) First of all, there are no cars in the TV show's continuity, even if there are car/pony toys. Secondly, when the toy's description says "Applejack drives her truck into town", it did NOT mean she crashes her truck through buildings in town! 172) Not allowed to use Bagpipe Music as a form of government-sanctioned torture, even if the 1998 Mr. Potato Head Show used it as a form of torture. 173) Snips and Snails aren't allowed to "melt stuff". Especially not Beast Machines toys. 174) When told there's no point to what they're doing, Snips and Snails aren't allowed to say "Points are for mares and fillies!" Reverse-sexism is still sexism. 175) When any character is called out on their "sexist attitude", the comeback may not be, "And you're a very sexy pony!" 176) Not allowed to give Spike the same verbal tic that Beast-era Megatron had---No. 177) Rarity's mother is not named "Hildebrand". 178) Yes, the Appaloosa episode implied salt overdoses from a saltlick were akin to being drunk. No, I cannot capitalize on this by having Pinkie Pie EAT a whole saltlick! 179) Diamond Tiara may not become the spokespony for the new "Rebelle" brand Nerf guns for girls! It must be a HEROIC character! 180) The ponies are not nudists---scratch that: I must not CALL them "nudists". 181) No city in Equestria is really the transformer Metroplex in disguise! 182) Nor are any coral reefs around Equestria Metroplex's beast form! (WHY would anyone have friggin' CORAL for a beast form?!?!) 183) First of all, there's only one moon. Secondly, Luna cannot transform the moon into a planet-buster weapon! 184) There is no relation whatsoever between Mini-con Twirl and Pinkie Pie. 185) The Vok will not make an appearance---they were scary enough for boys, not foisting them off on girls! 186) The Autobot Matrix of Wisdom cannot substitute for the Elements of Harmony, nor vice versa. 187) Shining Armor may not sing "You've got the touch!" 188) Having Rainbow Dash convert a cloud into a Rebelle Nerf "Stratofortress" is okay. Trying to add product placement for said "Stratofortress" as if it were a real product is not. 189) #136 said that any fantasy hooved creatures I want to add must pass inspection first. "The Devil's herd" of cattle from the "Ghost Riders In The Sky" country song is out of the question. 190) Quintessons, five-faced alien monsters who built the Transformers in the G-1 Transformers cartoon, have no place in a My Little Pony adaptation! 191) I can't get revenge on Hasbro for cancelling toylines I was looking forward to as a kid (e.g. a TransTech continuation of Beast Wars/Beast Machines) by having product placement for them and then tacking on "coming...never!" to the end. 192) Not allowed to make jokes about glue. Especially not implying that sniffing ponies can have psychoactive effects. 193) There is no tendancy for dog food factories and/or glue factories to appear in the vicinity of retirement homes, hospitals, prisons, and/or cemetaries. 194) Add "Public Execution" to the list of forbidden royal guard names. 195) Yes, Risk is Hasbro's IP. No, Equestria may not be a combatant in it. 196) Not allowed to have a giant ramhead crash Applejack's tractor. 197) Censors are human beings who ensure the content of a video or game is appropriate, but the word "censor" can also mean "a metal container that holds burning incense". I may not confuse the two. 198) If ponies are captured by some hostile force (e.g. trolls or goblins) and kept in cages, not allowed to label the cages "Live Glue" or "Live Dogfood". 199) The song "The Old Gray Mare", despite being horse-themed, is NOT appropriate for 6-10 year old girls. Or most bronies, for that matter. 200) Johnny Rottenapple from the 1998 Mr. Potato Head Show and Applejack's Apple Family do not and may not have anything to do with each other, and I may not base a pony character on Johnny Rottenapple, either. There are plenty more of these, but posting everything all at probably not such a great idea...
  23. I need a list of every "You know, for kids!" moment that you guys can think of. If you don't know what I mean- it's a moment that is rather intense, edgy, or just unfitting for a "kids" show. Such as Sombra enslaving Crystal ponies. Go Go Go
  24. List updated so anyone can view it! 1.Arma 2.Anabelle 3. Angry Birds 4. Angry Birds: Rio 5. Angry Birds: Go 6. Angry Birds: Seasons 7. Angry Birds: Space 8. Angry Birds: Star Wars 9. Angry Birds: Star Wars II 10. Angry Birds: Epic 11. Angry Birds: Stella 12. Angry Birds: Transformers 13. Blitzkrieg II 14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 15. Call of Duty: Black Ops II 16. Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Zombies 17. Dead Trigger 2 18. Dungeon Nightmares I 19. Dungeon Nightmares II 20. Evil Days of Luckless John 21. Foreign Creature 22. Gangstar Vegas 23. GTA: San Andreas 24. Happy Tree Friends 25. Henry Stickmin 26. Hobo Brawl 27. Project IGI 28. Littlest Pet Shop 29. Mafia I 30. Mafia II 31. Mob Enforcer 32. Madness Combat 33. Medal of Honor 34. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 35. My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 36. My Little Pony 1986 37. MLP (Cupcakes) 38. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 39. POSTAL 2 40. POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost 41. Power Puff Girls 42. Power Rangers 43. Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 44. Sift Heads 45. Spiderman 46. Star Wars 47. SWAT 48. Team Fortress 2 49. Transformers 50. The Last Stand: Union City 51. UFO: Aftermath 52. Тупой Дозор
  25. I'm really bored. So lets make a list of fun things to do when you are bored! Give me some ideas Every time somebody says something new, I'll add it to the list! 1. Draw some pixels. 2. Play Minecraft 3. Hypnotize yourself to be a pony. 4. Sing some KARAOKE! Play My Little Karaoke. 5. Draw some ponies. 6. Watch a bunch of random Anime. 7. Get perler beads and make perler bead pixels! Its actually really easy. 8. Make pipe cleaner sculptures. 9. Play online music, and if you don't know how to play music then... 10. Learn how to play music. 11. Play some Gameboy ROMS. 12. Go buy one of those 13 cent fish at Petsmart. 13. Watch My Little Pony Tales. Hehehe. 14. Go find a bug and dissect it. 15. Lucid dream. 16. Play a large array of video games. 17. chatting with my friends online 18. watching a mare-a-thon of ponies 19. write a story, pony or not. 20. doing my nails 21. work on schoolwork. 22. Read the MLP comic. 23. Bike around your local area. 24. Listen to loads of random music! 25. Design and maintain your blogs and websites. 26. Read some manga. (Happy Happy Clover, Pokemon and the Legend of Zelda are my favorite!. 27. Talk on Forums. 28. Watch My Little Pony episodes. 29. Eat. 30. Do chores.. -_- 31. Flip a table or something. :3 32. If you are a guy like most guys and have no idea how to cook, or are a girl like me unlike most girls and still have no idea how to cook, learn it.