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Found 42 results

  1. Are there things that people do everyday, small, simple stuff that are very common occurrences that should not annoy you, but it does anyway. I hate being asked how I'm doing. I don't think about it very often. It's not high on my priorities, thinking about how I'm doing. Most of the time, I feel indifferent or apathetic. But most people don't want to hear that. But I don't want to lie to them either and say I'm good when I'm not. But is it really any of their business to know how I'm doing? Why should they care? What do they get out of it? Am I a bad person for getting asked "How are you doing today?" and saying "None of your business"? How about you? Any little things things people do everyday that irritate you?
  2. Star Dreams is a pony unique to MLP gen 4, Friendship is Magic. She is a light pink unicorn filly with pink, teal, and purple mane and tail. She doesn't have her cutie mark. Star Dreams made her first appearance in Friendship is Magic toyline, in the 2012 playset "Sweet Slumbers with Applejack and Star Dreams". Her second appearance was in the "Cutie Mark Crusaders and Friends" Collection, in 2013. Her third and most recent appearance was in 2014, when she decided to show in the FiM Rainbow Power Bath Spa Set, with Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Unfortunately, she has never been seen in the animated series, in spite of her many shared appearrances with half of the mane 6, and the CMC in the official toyline. But though she seems to shy away from the series, she has gotten bits of fanart from her admirers. Fanfics: Fanart: And since we know so little about her, the speculation train is taking pasengers! (personally, I like to think little Star Dreams may be related to a Sunset Shimmer, and could harbor a fascination for best princess, Luna. Perhaps even having a friendly rivalry with Pipsqueak for her affections)
  3. I love those gold coins but in terms of U.S Currency how much is one Bit worth? What can you buy with it? It seems 1 Apple is worth 5 Bits. Im guessing. And what symbol does it use like $£€¥ just a thought.
  4. So the humble bundle is currently an MLP comic one, literally every single MLP comic you can get pritty much for under $20, well worth trying them out if your interested! I just bought the entire set ! Link:
  5. After @@Sporemane, suggested my old version of my OC Mercedes should be her evil twin in this thread , so I was excited to draw...her lil sis! (the twin idea got scrapped because I have a lil sis, so why not?). Her Blue-Red mane is a reference to red and blue roses (not Photo Finish maiden). And she has heterochromatic eyes, a reference to an anime (if you know which, you get a cookie! :3) I tried to make her look like she's walking but, meh. Audi VaiRose Her Big Sis, Mercedes
  6. As the 100th MLP episode is just around the corner, I've decided to make my Top 5 Favorite Background Ponies list. But Photon? Why top 5 instead of top 10? Well, to be honest, I did not want to think too hard so I kept the list plain and simple. One thing I need to mention though is that this list may contain spoiler so you've been warned. Without further ado, let the list begin! #5 - Octavia First up on the list is Octavia. Oh's such a shame that she didn't get enough role time nowadays. Still, there's no denying she became a fan favorite. I do like Octavia because she's the only bass guitar player I know that plays in style. It's like she's calmly focused on playing her music while acting posh. I dunno but there's something about her that made us adore her. Maybe we can find out in the 100th episode? I'm sure of it. Looking forward to what role she would play. I think I know, do you? #4 - Bulk Biceps YEAH! Bulk Biceps in my opinion is a funny character and to our surprise, looks different than the others. There should be more be more ponies that have different body appearances in Equestria. Good thing we got to see more of him later on since we enjoyed his appearance. Wouldn't it be awesome when Bulk Biceps crashes through a wall shouting "YEAH!" out of thin air just like what the Kool-Aid Man does? Oh wait, I think he already did that. #3 - Doctor Whooves Ah yes, Doctor Whooves. Who else saw this pony and immediately thought of Doctor Who? it Time Turner? Oh, whatever. Even though I did not see much on what he does (except turning an hourglass over), I put him on number 3 for a reason. The reason is there are many fan made stuff of Doctor Whooves and all those great projects got my attention about this character. Heck, I even got some Doctor Whooves stuff. It's quite amazing how a reference can really work in the world of MLP. It's like the Doctor regenerated into a pony. I might see that happening which of course I don't think so. All in all, Doctor Whooves is great and we'll see what he'll do in the upcoming episode. Onwards and upwards Doctor. Onwards and upwards. #2 - Derpy Hooves Wuzzat!? Derpy is number 2 on the list!? Let's not get the pitchforks and torches out because I have an explanation on why Derpy is not number 1 on the list. Don't get me wrong. I love Derpy to bits but she was close to being my number 1. For me, her main role is to be hidden in certain MLP episodes just like Wally from...well, Where's Wally. Oh, don't worry about those episode that show her in the spotlight because I remember. In fact, I even remember posting a reaction video about that scene when she actually SPOKE! We bronies wanted to know what she sounded like and we found out. Ahh...good times. It was such a shame that she got the pinch after that. It's unfair that she got censored when there are other lunatics in cartoons. So why she did get the punishment. I have no idea but that all changed when she struck back like greased lightning in Season 4! I was gonna put her in the number 1 spot but there's this other pony who took a shine to me. Sorry Derpy but you're still awesome and adorable. So, who is number 1 on my list? I'll tell you. My personal favorite background pony iiiiiis... *cues The Legend of Zelda Treasure music* #1 - DJ Pon-3 Aww yeah! DJ Pon-3's in da house! This background character is just too cool and stylish for all us bronies. At first, I only saw her once in the first season and that's about it. However, as time went on, she became one of the background character all stars! Why? Because there were many fan made stuff that feature her and she even got herself an Equestria Girls short AND actually helped the Mane Six in Rainbow Rocks! No kidding. That's what I call a great background character. When I saw that video and the Rainbow Rocks movie, that showed my supreme love for her. She doesn't even need words to describe what she is. She's...oooh! I can't think of anything else to say! Oh, sorry for being carried away there but she's just awesome. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Awesome. Totally can't wait to see her again and I bet many other DJ Pon-3 fans agree with me. Especially Nowacking. So, there you have it! That's my top 5 favorite background ponies! Which background pony is your favorite out of the lot? I'm sure we have plenty of things to discuss before the episode arrives. Until then, stay pony my friends. I've got some music to listen to! (Having trouble with the images so I may need to edit this list slightly.)
  7. I'm sure no one's seen this super obscure anime titled "Cabal Z." It focuses on this alien species whose members look like a cross between a pug and a fish. The Cabal mothers, shortly after giving birth, send their ugly ass offspring away rather than raising - or even looking at - them. The Cabal children are sent off to various planets, where they instinctively begin to terrorize that world's inhabitants. That greater theme intertwines with the development of an unexpected love story between a being known as Porutaitan and his "Little Light." It's very adorable. But how will their burgeoning romance survive the inevitable onslaught of repulsive dog fish creatures from space? To make matters worse, that romance ultimately becomes a triangle when a presumably female robot named Roubouburesuto comes between the two lovebirds. There was one rather confusing episode where Porutaitan ran all over the place staring at blurry, suspicious shadows and levitating rocks that ought not be levitating at all; it was weird.
  8. Kejos

    My first song

    Hi It was my first song in FL Studio and Magix Music Maker 2013. How you like it?
  9. This is a drawing a did of Rarity, it is one of my favorite pictures that I have done. I hope everypony likes it!
  10. Story (SPOILERS FOR EQUESTRIA GIRLS AND MOS): In a what if story that may never have passed, Sunset Shimmer was able to successfully defeat the Mane 6 before they were able to use the power of friendship, killing them in the process and eventually using her power to conquer Earth and Equestria with no problem, on another Earth in another time, General Zod has found a way to kill Superman before he can stop his plans to terraform Earth, and has finally made his New Krypton a reality. However a rip in the fabric of space and time has brought both of these powerful earths together. As Sunset Shimmer prepares to attack New Krypton, Zod and his soldiers confront her. Zod begins the assault on Sunset Shimmer and the fighting begins. Rules: Both have a full understanding of their powers and have trained with them for a period of one year, but no prep time as it is a spur of the moment fight. Scenario 1.) Zod is on his own and has access to no weapons or armor / Sunset Shimmer is on her own and no access to weapons or armor . 2.) Zod is on his own but has access to all of his on person weapons (Kryptonian Phaser Gun...thing) and armor / Same with Sunset Shimmer 3.) Zod is backed up by all his men and women and the power of the Phantom Zone Drive / Sunset Shimmer is backed by Demonic Snips and Snails, and her Highschool Zombie Army plus the Element of Magic. Who wins?
  11. I can't help but see a lot of subtle and not-so subtle references to the 1980's children cartoon (which aired after My Little Pony n' Friends), Moon Dreamers, which Hasbro also endorsed- in the recent MLP: Friendship is Magic series. Some references I see (just brushing up on the show in its Wiki page, and having watched the first episode and the last two-parter episodes of the series) are the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor appearing in Moon dreamers, and the two star bears appearing in MLP: FIM. Princess Celestia, who in MLP- has a job to raise the sun (and the moon, while Luna is banished) and care for an entire kingdom seems to have been inspired by (and perhaps serve as the polar opposite to) the Moon Dreamers character, Celeste, who fulfills her job to bring night to the earth so that dreams can be sent out (sound like a certain other pony who does this exact job?) While Galaxia, Celeste's magical space dragon, could've been what inspired Discord.
  12. Yeah, I know this is some old news from, like, years ago. I'm not sure if there is a thread that allows others to express their feelings on this concept of Rarity, but i'm willing to give it a try. :3 Just as the title says. What are your thoughts?
  13. What do you think My Little Pony will be like in 5 years? Do you think it will flourish? Do you think it will fizzle out? If so, how? Personally, I have no clue, I don't think anything so friendly and accepted, yet against the general expectations of society has happened in the history of Mankind, I'm interested to see your responses! Oh, and sorry for kinda spamming the recent topics
  14. I’ve got that blogging spirit in me! I don’t know if it was due to the last entry I posted, which I really only expected 20 or so views, or cause it’s a part of my major. I’d say it’s a bit of both added in with the enjoyment of finally contributing something to the fandom. That’s enough ranting about me, so for my next project I’m going to do a rundown of all of season 1’s episodes, ranking them with my PERSONAL views while incorporating a bit of how well each episode was told. I’ve seen these episodes at least 6 times each so I think I have a pretty good feeling about the rankings. As always feel free to post in the comments to agree, disagree, or explain why I’m insane because your favorite episode isn’t ranked at the top (I love this one!) So let’s get started. Ranking in as my least liked episode in the season…….. 25. The Ticket Master I have 5 friends, why did you send two tickets? Likes: -Twilight’s character development Dislikes: -Situation could’ve been avoided -Obvious ending is obvious -Why should I care? -Damn you Trollestia The first episode outside the opener took me three days to watch when I first came across Friendship is Magic. We’re all familiar with the plot in which Princess “Trollestia” sends Twilight two tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala when Celestia herself knows that there are SIX elements of harmony (sorry Spike fans). The mane 6 fight over who gets the two tickets, much to Twilight’s dismay, and she decides to send them back, only for Celestia to send 5 more tickets by the end of the episode. To be brash, I didn’t give a single shit about who got the ticket during my first run through. When watching the episode a couple more times, I still had that lack of interest. Sure it built up the season finale, but for Twilight to receive 5 more tickets at the end made me think ‘I’m sure twilight should know Celestia wouldn’t have a problem sending more tickets to her prized pupil.’ What I did like though was that my thought was answered by Celestia in the end through her “Why didn’t you say so?” letter. The situation could’ve easily been avoided like that. I want to give the episode some credit, I noticed through my second run through of the series that it does a good job developing Twilights character. That bold decision to send back the two tickets shows that she is not selfish and truly cares about her friends. Now I know the show likes to use the post-season opener episodes to add a bigger element to the season at hand, but I feel that the same story could have been told a better way. Its ending left me feeling like the whole episode was pointless. 24. Applebuck Season The derp face…. Likes:-Shows that Applejack is hardworking but stubborn and prideful Dislikes:-Repetitive -Feels dragged on, unnatural flow Applejack. The element of honesty. Ponyville’s most friendly and trustworthy pony. Also the most overworked, stubborn, and prideful pony to the point where it gets super annoying (only in this episode of course). The episode starts with Applejack and Big Mac, who is injured, (note I was happy to finally see a stallion in the show) overlooking the apple orchard. Big Mac calls out Applejack who insists that she can harvest all the apples, ultimately starting this repetitive cycle of Applejack overworking herself which in turn affects all of Ponyville. Even today I am very reluctant to watch this episode. To me, it feels as if I am watching 3 scenes repeat itself over and over again. The amount of joy I felt when Applejack finally asks for help was equal to the time I tried molly. If the writers point was to show how stubborn Applejack was then I completely got the message. The problem was that the episode gets caught in the same situation 5 more times. The plot feels extended like the writers were just scrambling to fill in the appropriate time slot. On a positive note, it made me appreciate Applejack’s hard work ethic and how too much of it causes an overindulgence of personal pride. 23. The Cutie Mark Chronicles These innocent faces…cue the “hnng” Likes: -Lore on the mane 6’s cutie marks -Enjoyed the humor Dislikes: -Nothing was really learned Unlike the previous two episodes there’s not much I really dislike about this one. Its placement this low on the chart probably has to do with the fact that there was no true lesson learned. While it was cool to see how all the mane 6 got their cutie marks, it didn’t give a hint as to what the CMC’s would be. Again, I like how they incorporated that the sonic rain boom was integral to all of them achieving their cutie mark, but the episode comes off like a history class to me. Although I did enjoy the episode’s jokes a lot seeing that Rarity’s destiny is a rock and Pinkie Pie is responsible for Equestria being made. 22. Over A Barrel “You gotta share……You gotta care…” Likes: -Even two enemies can get along through compromise -A battle, in a little girls show? -lots of conflict, even within the mane 6 Dislikes:-none This Episode made me think a lot about how the early Americans treated the natives, albeit a completely different ending irl. With Spike’s disappearance and being able to see two sides of an argument, it left a lot of questions to begin with and was able to answer every single one by the end. I was very surprised with the way this episode turned out. It was the one that made me realize that this show is truly intended for all audiences. The conflicts between the native buffalo and the appleosians/Rainbow Dash and Applejack, leave a lot on the table which results in an ending that could’ve gone either way. While watching this I constantly found myself picking sides as to who really deserved the land. At the first scene when Bloomberg gets taken, I was on Applejacks side. But when hearing about how the buffalo were forced off their land because of the apple orchard, it made me reluctant to agree with my old opinion. It caught my attention when they went to battle because I believed that only one group would come out on top. For the buffalo and ponies to end the battle with a resolution really supported the message that even enemies can come to a peaceful compromise. Sorry Pinkie Pie, your cheerful songs couldn’t save the day this time.
  15. Im surprised no one has made a thread about this yet. Here is where ill be posting useful tutorials and resources for artists who love drawing my little pony. If you have a tutorial not here post a link and ill add it to the list. As to poses please dont trace use them as refrences and guides TUTORIALS updated 04/04/14 EXPRESSIONS BODY/ANATOMY LINEART VECTORS BRUSHES CUSTOM FIGURES CUSTOM PLUSH COLOR GUIDES (following taken from any price da journal) Twilight Sparkle- Main body: v01 Mane: B34 (I often use Prismacolor Brittany Blue here, not found a copic quite the same color) Mane striping: V04 and RV06 Eyes- V04 at darkest with paler highlights , such as V01 Cutie Mark: RV06 Applejack- (also known as My Favorite of the mane 6 Main Body: Y35 Mane: Y00 (with R17 bands) Eyes: yG06 with paler highlights such as YG01 Hat: E33 Cutie Mark: R17 and YG06 Rarity- Main: C0 (Rarity is NOT a white pony- she is GRAY. Pale, but gray. In contrast, Shining Armor is white. Observe her eyes against her coat) Mane, top: BV13 Mane, under: V15 Eyeshadow: B00 Eyes: B24 at darkest, fading to B01 Cutie Mark: B01 Fluttershy- Main Body: Y00 Mane: R00 Eyes: BG 45 at darkest, with paler highlights such as BG23 Cutie Mark: R00 (with BG45 butterfly body- it's so small for me I generally just make it black lines) Pinkie Pie- Main Body: R00 Mane: RV06 Cutie mark: B01 and Y00 (again, the balloon strings are so small, just black lines here... otherwise, same colors) Eyes: B24 at darkest, fading to B01 Rainbow Dash... so many damn colors... Main Body: B000 Mane: here we go... top to bottom, R17, Y38, Y00, YG06, B24, V15. Tail is same, just reversed direction. Cutie Mark: R17, Y00, B24 Eyes: RV09 with paler highlights such as R23 Celestia- (again, NOT a white pony. Believe it or not, she's pink. But, extremely pale pink, so... ) Main Body: I leave her primarily white... but I take R000 and "trim" her edges, using it for pale shading to give her pink highlights... observe cover #5 to get an idea mane: tricky... it fades out, so it's multiple colors. Generally, I use B00, YG11, BV00, and R00 for the pale areas, and darken as I go up by applying layers of the same colors to make it richer. At the top, I use darker versions or the same colors... generally B01 (I go as dark as b24), YG03, BV02, R10 (or as dark as R23) Cutie Mark: Y00, Y11, y35 Eyes: RV06 at darkest, fading to R10 Armor: Base color of Y00, and golden shading as appropriate... I sometimes go into oranges or browns, but I also like Y26 and Y28. Don't forget her V04 stones! Luna ( also known as Best pony overall!) Mane body: B95 mane: B24 (sometimes I use B18) with B00 highlights (on the show, her mane is a diaphanous fog... it's clear at the edges. I draw it more as hair... easier on me!) Cutie Mark: Black Eyes: BG49 fading to BG 23 Armor: B01 trim on black Spike! main Body: V12 (Just a tiny bit off from Twilight) Crest and Dorsal spines: VG06 Belly plates: VG11 Head fins: Vg01 Eyes: VG06 fading to VG01 All the crew have orange(!) tongues, I use YR 15, and R39 for mouth interior. (end journal from andy price) BASES/OC REFRENCE SHEETS COLORING GUIDES
  16. It might just be me, but i have this annoying thought in my mind that the number of new bronies/pegasisters are diminishing as the seasons go on. Now i started watching the show back in the summer of 2012, just before the third season aired and joined a fanbase that had a sudden wave of new fans, not as many as 2011 of course, but still a good amount. I recall reading so many rage comics (haha remember when that was a thing?) on MyLittleBrony about how the show changed lives. The site was littered with them. Now the fanbase has evolved to a more stable state at the cost of less new members. To be honest, i haven't been doing my fair share of recruitment (2013 being the last year i successfuly converted somepony) but it's been mostly because everyone i told knows that i watch the show and chooses not to do so. Or maybe we've succumb to others opinion that we don't shut up about the show? Take a look at this Equestria Daily Poll which asks Unsurprisingly and probably thanks to 4chan, 2011 racks in about 36.71% with 2012 at 31.10% 2013 at 17.54% for a total of 85.35% If this pattern continues we are looking at 2014 being the lowest percentage of new members. It's unlikely that recent events such as Equestria Girls, Fighting is Magic/JanAnimations C&D, and Alicorn Twilight caused such a dip because the year before was Derpygate and infinite 4chan trolls and mods. If there's one thing i can say about the fandom, its that it is resilient even when it seems like we want to give up. So i'll assume, for myself, that all the talk that "Bronies push the show in everyones face when no one cares" got to my head. But it made me think, 'of course no one is going to give a fuck that i watch a little girls show'. The average person isn't going to say "Oh, i'll watch this show for the animation!" because its automatically presumed (due to previous generations) that the show is for girls which in their minds, gets passed off as such. My take, be it a radical and maybe unpopular stance, is that we still need to inform people what the show really is. In 2011 when this all went viral, people questioned us, attacked us, (I know i did) and the fans responded. It got people interested and challenged them do something outside the societal norms. Thus, new fans are born. To answer the blog title, No, i dont believe that bronies reached their peak yet. But the decline of new fans might be an afterthought to consider. I'm feeling a renissance soon we can always use new members! feel free to comment and stuff, what do you ponies think is the reason for this decline? -BassBrony Note: Please do not take this article as some dumb conspiracy that the fandom is failing. It's meant to be informative about the decrease of new fans.
  17. Hello guys As you all know *Or most of you know* I am a beginner at animating, and animating ponies, but, I am planning a series, *I also have another series I am making*. It is called 'My Little Zombie'. The casting call will be in a month or two, maybe sooner, but I need your OC's, YES YOURS! When I get enough OC's, this will close, so, here are the slots. I need 10 OC's to be background ponies in the series, and maybe they will talk in a couple of scenes And I need about 20 OC's to be zombies. So, here are the slots BACKGROUND OC's: OPEN ZOMBIE OC's:OPEN
  18. Yes, I am making a casting call on here instead of youtube so I can make it a surprise So, if you enter and finish your voice acting entry, somehow put it on here, cuz I want this to be a surprise xD If you have a better idea tell me :3 Ok, so lets go! You must a a clean, awesome mic :3 And if you entered your OC, I will tell you when you can voice act for your OC, cuz ep 1 has no OC ponies talking yet. So, lets start! All I need is: Someone voicing Twilight Sparkle Someone voicing Fluttershy Someone voicing RainBowDash Someone voicing Rarity Someone voicing PinkiePie And I would love if you sounded like them from the show I will update this when another casting call starts! Which will be a long time xD So, ya! Here are the lines! Twilight Sparkle:Huh?! What was that? M-mister, your hurt.... let me help yo- huh...? AAAAHHHHHHHH! Rarity: my oh my, what in the name of Celestia is going on?! Oh dear.... AAHH! There is blood EVERYWERE! Pinkie pie: Sure, let me get you a cupcake! Wait, what is that moaning? WHAT THE- ITS PARTY CANNON TIME! RainbowDash: ugh, such a boring day- why is there screaming? Oh no.... Fluttershy: oh my, looks like a mess at the main part of town... Hello? AAAHHH! GET AWAY FROM ME! Applejack: what in tarnation?! Big Mac, get every pony safe! Fluttershy, run! I got this!
  19. HEHEHEH MUAHAHHAHA Its done! > The first fan art of MLZ! What do you think? And if you look out the window..... ;3; Just, please tell me what you think
  20. Heretick-Tock

    Free Alcohol

    I got free alcohol and now I'm having trouble typing and living. I'm 21 so don't question my basis.
  21. I thought about all the age and gender groups that watch MLP FIM. Obviously little girls watch MLP, there's the whole brony fandom of males ages 14 and up, the pegasister fandom of girls 14 and up, so that just leaves...little boys. So I ask you this, do little boys watch MLP or do they think it's girly junk? Also, are they aware that adults watch the show? I know each little boy is different, but what have the ones you interacted have to say about MLP FIM? Personally, if I had a son, I would encourage him to grow up watching MLP because not only is the quality of the show good, but the lessons are useful as well.
  22. When working on this piece, I wanted people to get a fairly strong sense of unreality. In order to do this, I decided to go with a style similar to that of anime, leaning towards cartoon. I gave them four fingers, rather than five and I made sure the proportions of the "demon" didn't match the proportions of the girl. I also wanted to frame her fairly well, so it's a good thing I can draw circles. I plan on putting this image up for sale as a print after editing the image (so that I know for sure that the small problems won't show up). I hope you all like it. ^^" (Because I think it sucks terribly, and I have no possible chance at succeeding at an artist.) Poor girl, she's having a nightmare. I'd have to apologize for the image quality though, because the scanner seems to have picked up things that aren't actually visible in real life and this was the first time I've ever used my promarkers, so I was a bit unaware of how it would lay on the paper.... It also did some weird things to the line-work, which is actually incredibly smooth in reality. PS: The fire isn't meant to look realistic. PSS: I've also finished my NM print (this time the right way, because I got the last shipments of markers, and I actually know how to use them now) and I will post it up soon. Consider this a color test XD Not quite sure what to call this so uhm....fantasy? Or would that be abstract? I'm getting better, right? There's also a hidden meaning behind this picture, but you wouldn't notice it unless you knew me well. PLEASE COMMENT!!!! I NEED TO KNOW IF PEOPLE WILL/WOULD BE WILLING TO BUY THIS PIECE, SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!! - Description posted off of DeviantART. This picture sucks so bad >.< Here's the link to the page: The stuff I've been working on lately is much better.
  23. So I made this with MS Paint and Pixlr (because i'm to paranoid to download gimp) lol This is what I would call "On Duty Lilac" Since she is a librarian. She neds glasses to see obviously, but these are temporary glasses...well reading glasses. After work she puts her original glasses on. She also wears her hair in a bun everyday for work...stereotypical I will admit lol If you want to read more about Lilac and her background, you can visit my last blog entry ^w^
  24. Just finished my newest plushie. Happy fluttershy! Check her out here: Happy Fluttershy Thanks!