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Found 16 results

  1. Someone's gotta do it eventually, and I figured I might as well. Here ya go, have some Light Bringer! As always, only post the pony in the fan club, though ships are ok. Keep it kid-friendly(ish) Don't be rude. Love and Tolerate Post ALL the stuff
  2. Just curious with the fandom as a whole. who do you guys think is better. Reasons as to why don't particularly matter, but are appreciated. My honest opinion is that Blackjack is better for my own personal reasons. Mostly because she's a, *ahem*, very good-looking cyborg pony, just like my OC. I don't have anything against Littlepip. In fact, if anything, I like her as well and think she's rather adorable and would like to rub her belly, but Blackjack has just that slight edge in my favor in that I'm crazy for cyborgs or anything sci-fi. what about the rest of the consensus. What's your opinions. If anyone has already made something like this, I'm sorry, I'm too lazy to look for such a topic like this.
  3. I didn't realize it cut off the full title...but it's actually this: The Manehattan Project Update #31: Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) Audiobook Final Version is Live! Original Post: A very happy Thursday to all of you! Novel Idea here and I cannot tell you how happy I am to be writing this post. I will, however, attempt to demonstrate with the following picture. Corvus and I are both in this state. To quote him, "There aren't enough yesses in the whole world" to express our joy at this day. That's right folks. It's happened. At long, long last, the final revisions to the Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) Audiobook are complete. Here's a list of the changes we've made in this version: Repeated Lines Removed: 7 (Chapters 8, 24, 15, 21, 33, 38 & Epilogue) Flubbed Lines Removed: 6 (Chapters 22, 25, 39, 40, 42, 2 in 44) Removed "Footnote: Maximum Level" from Chapter 37 & remastered Chapter 37 Re-recorded & remastered Manehattan Edition Opening and Finale, now set to the instrumental version of "This Coming Storm" by Corvus Productions. These were designed in the style of Audible audiobooks complete with the "The Manehattan Project hopes you've enjoyed this broadcast" at the end. Added full vocal version of "This Coming Storm" to the end of the Epilogue, as was originally written into the novel. Completely revised Cover Art by Novel Idea & Blue Nova, using the Steel Ranger from Gardens of Equestria's new Steel Ranger Recruitment poster. This will also make it easy to differentiate versions of the audiobook with the new dark background. M4B version is now in 10 7-hour parts instead of 8 8-hour parts to allow for faster downloading and easier control. M4B & MP3 Audiobook Chapter Titles now show properly when using iTunes or the iOS iBooks Audiobook App for iPhone and iPad. MP3 version is now preconfigured to be set as an Audiobook with correct metadata (description, date, narrator, other details) and updated album art. Both the MP3 Version and the M4B version are mirrored now on MediaFire and Google Drive. I even found a repeated line I missed at around 1 AM this morning, so I dove into the file and cut it out and rebuilt all the archives just so you folks have the best possible experience. Is this over the top? Probably. It is OCD? Definitely. But as I've said before, I've come to live by my own personal adage, "If you're going to do something, do it right and do it with style." I've even tested the audiobook thoroughly in both the Audible App and the iBooks App on the iPhone. I tried to find a way to get chapter titles to show up properly in Audible, but just wasn't happening. I did have a friend do some QA using the Smart Audiobook Player and found that chapters work just fine in there. By the way, if anyone has a favorite audiobook player that we don't have listened on our Audiobook page, please speak up! I'm going to leave the specific details about the correct way to update your version of the audiobook (if you have one of our older versions) on our Audiobook Page here. So if you're interested in downloading our new version, head on over right now! As for GoE news, we actually have a new member of our Technical Team, but I want to give that person their own introduction post, so I'm going to wait to introduce him until next week. In addition, since I'm having to upload 22 different files, which is essentially 32GB of data to online servers for you folks, we're not going to start the YouTube updates until next week. This will give me the time I need to get the movies slammed together and ready to go. Now, to be honest, if I find something more, I will update the book, but we have no intention of doing another full version again. This is it folks. The penultimate and definitive unabridged audiobook of Fallout: Equestria! We hope you find it worth the wait. Until next week, have fun and stay safe out there! -Novel Idea
  4. I've been trying out this new style, it is WAY less clean and WAY simpler than what I used to do, but I find it really, REALLY fun to draw and color this way: however, I don't know if people actually like it. Truth is, I feel that my past artwrok is more appealing to the eye, but I enjoy making art with this new style the most So, what's your opinion on these?
  5. It will mainly be Adventurous, Romantic and Dark (because FO:E. lol) Anywho, I might not be the first person to do this, but it will feature a close relationship between me and Littlepip and possibly Blackjack, however, she's not leaving Homage, nor is Blackjack leaving Morning Glory. >_< Anywho, I might not release this since it's personal stuff (like me having the biggest crush on Littlepip and Blackjack in the Universe has ever known.) Anyways, I have two chapters done. It basically starts out as me finally finishing Fallout: Equestria, grabbing my Vinyl plush, and going off to sleep, and I end up some how getting transported to the Equestrian wasteland. If someone wants to help me edit a chapter or two, to fix grammar mistakes, or to make it more fluid, feel free to private message me. Or if you feel like throwing hate at me for writing a love story between me and Littlepip, do that as well! I don't care what you choose, honestly. lol Note: It's called Spinoff for a reason. I'm sure Kkat wouldn't make this canon to any extent other than to make me a close friend to the main characters. But yeah, I'm hoping you guys don't flip out on me for writing this.
  6. So I made a quick Littlepip wallpaper since every wallpaper of her was super darkly colored and I prefer pastel/lighter colors. I'm just now reading the story but her design is pretty cute. It's my first wallpaper attempt so it's average I guess textless one Resolution is 1920 x 1080 and the littlepip vector is by: NightFlyer22
  7. *SPOILERS, SKIP TO PIC TO AVOID FO:E SPOILERS* This is the scene from Fallout Equestria where Littlepip adn the gang help the small town of Arbu (The Friendliest Town in the Wasteland) get a reliable source of water via a water talisman stoeln from a nearby Brotherhood outpost. She comes back tired and battered, to find that there are few places in Arbu to sleep for the night. So, she wanders around and finds herself tempted to open up a room she was kindly told was off limits previously. Being insatiably curious, she sneaks by the family guarding the door and picks the lock, and ventures downstairs. What she finds is a cellar filled with carved up corpses, butchered for meat. She then pieces together that, in the nice meal the town gave them earlier, she ate a pony's heart. The town was filled with cannibals. She then proceeded to slaughter everyone. Except the children. But from then on, the children of the wasteland dubbed her the Hellmare. She never fully recovered after that, neither her psyche nor her image to the Wastelanders. Seeing this pic, and considering the gun she used shoots f*cking fire, It's not hard to see why.
  8. So on the recommendation of a friend I've been listening to YouTube audio-books of Fallout: Equestria. It's awesome so far! The basic picture took 2 hours and the details took another 2. Worth it! I hope you like the new art-style, too. It's a lot simpler. Critiques are always appreciated!
  9. Everybody's favorite morbidly curious, multi-orgasmic heroine. Gotta add some shading to the clouds when I get home, but other than that, I'm proud of it.
  10. Just put up a Little Pip custom over on Devintart, she's the second one i've done
  11. Well, here is my latest drawing. I recently started reading the fic, Fallout Equestria, so I decided draw my favourite character, Littlepip. Hope you enjoy.
  12. So recently I finished reading Fallout: Equestria and decided to draw Littlepip and co.! I started the inking, but I'll probably have to wait for school to end to complete it. In the meantime I'll work on the Inky Shop requests... Tell me what you think!
  13. I haven't read a word of anything FO:E but I like the art. So here you go.
  14. The title says it all. When I lost part of my Steelhooves due to a computer crash, I needed to refresh my mind by working on something else for a bit. This is what turned up. I imagine Littlepip making this face while hiding behind a table with Velvet and Calamity, under heavy fire turning to them and saying, "HA HA! We're all gonna die!" Worth the two hours.
  15. A basic sketch I made of the gun slinging, emotionally distraught hero of Fallout: Equestria with her favorite .44 scoped revolver. I plan to expand upon this with a vector and eventually a background. To explain Little Pip's emotions, I'm trying to portray what she may have looked like when she slaughtered the cannibal village of Ardu.
  16. I recently made this picture of Littlepip and Homage. Homage is whispering something embarasing into Littlepip's ear, like always. Anyway, i was wondering if this was good enough to color in? If not, any suggestions? Thanks!