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Found 22 results

  1. Like some people, I’ve had an unprecedented amount of alone time this year, so I had an excuse to catch up on things I hadn’t watched before, as well as shows that were currently airing. I watched the following: The Legend of Korra The Dragon Prince Bojack Horseman The Good Place Carmen Sandiego Infinity Train Death Note The Owl House Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts What have you watched this year, if anything?
  2. So recently Entertainment Weekly tossed up this little gem, which is basically Equestria Girls... if it was with real life girls. Watch the entire thing here and then cry tell me your opinion! Yikes. So what are your thoughts on our new teen, blonde pony human friends? And as a bonus question which do you prefer; Technicolor humans or live action? I vote pony all the way!
  3. Pokemon detective pikachu a game for 3DS is about a talking pikachu playing as a detective and your job is to help solve mysteries with pikachu. Apparently a movie is being made by warner bros and here's the official trailer. So here's my honest opinions on this..although I really like the fact to finally see a real life pokemons and pikachu ( i mean look how cute and fluffy he is) till he opens his mouth. I was expecting the voice tone to be more fitting to this adorable creature. Overall I have a mixed feeling about this movie..while growing up with pokemons, there's nothing nostalgic about this movie. Now I never played the game before so maybe that's the case or because different cultural media. So honestly I have no words about this movie at all...What's annoys me is how most of the reaction from the people is that they thinks this movie is going to be like deadpool just because Ryan is voicing pikachu. Deadpool and pokemon is in a while different level from each other. So..what do you think of this movie so far? UPDATE: This thread can be use as a review/discussion once the movie is out for May.
  4. What kind of live action TV do you guys watch? I know we all probably prefer animation, because it's more creative and colorful and cooler and better to look at, but it is nice to mix it up. I watch the Orville, lots of old star trek, X-files. I hate reality TV. I also like a lot of corny stuff like Sabrina the teenage witch, H20; just add water, Jesse, Family matters, Alex Mack, Are you afraid of the dark. Oh and I love Goosebumps, been watching that one over and over for like ever. What do you guys like?
  5. Let's say hypothetically that they were going to do a Live Action version of the Equestria Girls movie or a movie/t.v. show about humans that has the same characteristics of the ponies on the show. Who would you cast? I'm thinking Audrey Plaza of Parks and Recs would make a good Maude Pie.
  6. I've had this idea for a while now. I didn't have the script I need to let those involved know what they needed to do. Now, I have the script I need to let those who are involved know what they need to do. There's a note at the top for those who do not feel comfortable recording themselves or showing their faces on camera. P.S. The roles will be highlighted when the role is taken and your color will be told to you via PM. Link to the document:
  7. Hello everyone. I'm making live-action analysis videos where I find all the bad things in MLP and critique them. Sort of like bronies react does. I'm asking if anyone with acting experience can give me some advice on how to improve my skills, such as voice control and expressing emotions better. I'm not going to animate... I don't know how to xD. If you all can give me some criticism, as well as what I did well, I'd really appreciate it. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
  8. In case you haven't heard, they just released a live-action music video for Friendship Games entitled "Unleash the Magic". I'm not sure how accurate this is to the movie, but in one scene it shows the mane six and Crystal Prep six all hugging and getting along, so I guess at the end they could all be friends (how cliche). Any thoughts on it?
  9. I'm a little leery of the report, and I don't want to get my or anyone else's hopes up, but according to this article, Netflix is considering development of a live-action Legend of Zelda series. Thoughts?
  10. Basically, make a list of your top favourite animated movies and your top favourite live action movies. I shall begin: Top favourite animated movies: Cats Don't Dance Titan A.E The Book of Life Wreck-It Ralph Felidae The Secret of NIMH All Dogs go to Heaven Oliver & Company The Lion King Rock & Rule Pirates! Band of Misfits Tangled Up The LEGO Movie Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole The Great Mouse Detective The Emperor's New Groove Treasure Planet Live action: Star Wars The Shawshank Redemption The Fisher King Goodfellas The Big Lebowski Flying High (Airplane) 2012 Air Force One The Departed Speed Labyrinth One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest The Green Mile A Beautiful Mind The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Reservoir Dogs Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey The Princess Bride Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (If that counts) Pulp Fiction Singin in the Rain Vita e Bella (Life is Beautiful) It's a Wonderful Life What are yours?
  11. I am looking for a video where a guy adopts Pinkie Pie. Allow me to explain. Keep in mind that the entire video is live action except for Pinkie Pie herself, which is 2D animation. And anything that happened in the video that I'm not sure if it actually happened or if its just my memory being incorrect I will put in () Example: (And Pinkie Pie had a slight smile) So lets not waste anymore time. Here we go! The video starts out with some guy chasing after a car, presumably because someone he loved had left him. The guy suddenly realizes how futile his efforts are and stops chasing the car only to begin looking very depressed. The man starts walking around and spots a billboard advertising a Pinkie Pie adoption (the guy begins tearing up.) It then cuts to him on his computer on Ebay and shows him adopting Pinkie Pie. As soon as he clicks the "Buy now" button he hears a (Doorbell) and opens up his door to see a brown box laying at his doorstep. He then tires to pick it up only to have it burst open abruptly and Pinkie Pie jumps out with a big smile and confetti spraying everywhere. It then shows the man and Pinkie Pie playing games, first being video games where it shows the guy playing only for Pinkie Pie to become curious of the player 2 controller and begins to play with him. It then shows them playing table tennis (I believe the table tennis game is also the video thumbnail.) It then cuts to the guy and Pinkie Pie sleeping together, then Pinkie Pie reaches for the guys phone and begins deleting the messages left on it so he won't leave her to take care of those things because she wants him all to herself. It then cuts to the next morning and most of this shot is filmed from Pinkie Pie's perspective. Pinkie Pie herself sees and hears the world very strangely, hearing things in am echo and her line of vision has odd reddish boarders around it. It then shows Pinkie Pie searching for the guy all from her perspective. She eventually finds him and follows him, it mainly just shows the guy getting ready for work. She then follows him to the door (The guy turns his head to see Pinkie Pie and he pats her on the head) the guy then leaves for work. It then leaves Pinkie Pie's perspective to show her face which has a very blank expression (her hair then pops and she then gets a very sad expression.) It then does a time laps of the day never leaving Pinkie Pie's face and her face slowly contorts into a viscous glare slowly through out the day. The glare then gets so angry that it gets borderline murder look. (She might have veins in her eyes at this point.) It then cuts to the guy coming home (Its dark outside at this point.) He walks into the house and gets knocked out, presumably by Pinkie Pie. He then wakes up in the basement strapped to a table and hears hoof steps in the darkness. (its black and white at this point.) It shows the legs on Pinkie Pie walking up to her captive with a sharp tool (I think it might have been a Japanese sword, but I could very easily be wrong.) It then shows the sharp tool being pointed at his (Right) eye. The weapon then gets jabbed into his eye and a split second later he wakes up (and the credits start rolling.) It is unclear how much was a dream, weather it was just Pinkie Pie going crazy that was a dream, if Pinkie Pie herself was a dream to help cope with the fact that a loved one left him, or even if the loved one leaving him was a dream. So that is how I remember the video. If you can remember the video name that would be greatly appreciated. I first saw this video 2011/2012 and have been searching for it again since about the beginning of 2014. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks again! Oh boy. I had to type this in by hand because it seems there is something wrong with the paste button. My wrists hurt. Hopefully it will all be worth it. Oop...Erm....Found it! Its called "For 2$ it was totally worth it"
  12. There have been a lot of good shows over the year but unfortunetely some of them ended way too soon and a few names come to mind right now. Green Lantern The Animated Series: Lots of unanswered questions and unresolved stories, I would have loved to have seen what happened with Razer in particular did he become a blue lantern? Star Wars The Clone Wars: We saw Ahsoka leave the jedi order after being accused of murder, her name may have been cleared but we didn't see anything after that. Darth Sideous brought Darth Maul back in but we didn't see what he did with him. There are apparently unaired episodes available on Netflix from what I hear and while I didn't see them I doubt they would answer all of these questions. Thundercats (2011): This is easily one of the best original shows Cartoon Network has ever aired, it took everything good about the 80's Thundercats, multiplied it 10fold and ironed out the flaws of the 80's cartoon. Liono's trials in this version kicked so much ass, everything was getting so good until it was just cancelled without any notice. Seriously, what the hell happened? Megas XLR: Had plenty of action combined with clever parodies and great humor. It at least went out with a bang.
  13. So we all know how the children's networks aren't really as good as they used to be (except for you hub keep up the good work). So I was wondering, how would you improve the three major kids network's? Here's what I do. Cartoon Network 1. CANCEL ALL LIVE ACTION CONTRADICTORY NETWORK, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANNOYING ORANGE! 2. Make Adult Swim its own channel because it's so great, it needs its own channel. 3. Flesh out the network's schedule: They're rerunning the same five shows and constantly repeat them. Do we need to see Johnny Test 8 time a day? NO! As for original programming, they seem to have more coming up that look somewhat promising. Nickelodeon 1. CANCEL SPONGEBOB, THAT SHOW IS ALL DRIED UP! 2. CANCEL FAIRLY ODDPARENTS, THAT SHOW JUMPED THE SHARK AGES AGO! 3. Hire more people to make shows: They seem to just be sticking to Dan Schneider to make sitcoms. 4. Make more original shows: Really, Dreamworks shows and washed up shows Nick. 5. FARTS AREN'T FUNNY NICK! Disney Channel 1. Just stick to mostly cartoon since those come out the best mostly.
  14. Huh I was just thinking of what would happen if a live action film with the mane six as CG characters were made what do you think it would be like? What would your expectations be, what would the film be about, could it ever happen?
  15. I don't even... Just no. Make them stop, somebody save us from Hasbro's evil wrath
  16. LARPing, or Live Action Roleplaying has been a bit of a trend for the past few years. So I ask you people of the forums Have you LARPed before? If so, what was it like?\ I've LARPed before and it was so much fun. Here's a little deviantart journal entry to summarize it all: I went to SCarowinds with my friends yersterday and we role-played throughout the park. My friend role-played as his DBZ related character Gozak and I role-played as Steller the Raichu (Names will be role-playing names from this point on). My other friend role-played as Naruto. Every now and then, we transformed into higher levels. After getting scared several times, Gozak transfromed into SSJ3. At around 8:50, the time came for Gozak to transform into Golden Ape and he thrashed about in an open space, until Naruto cut off his tail. Unfortunately, I was injured during that time, but Gozak had a sack of Senzu beans to heal us all. Gozak then became SSJ4. I then finally transformed into The Legendary Eighteen Tailed Golden Winged Ultimate Raichu. It felt unconfortable riding rides in this form, as my wings and tails kept on getting crammed. Gozak had to blast a few zombies, as they were getting in our way. Soon, we headed to the arcade. I did DanceDanceRevolution. Gozak said that my power was 950,000 and rising. He said to not let it go over 1,000,000 or else it would be dangerous. Fortunately I could supress my power, and so could Gozak. But Naruto couldn't, as his power kept rising since he was the Nine Tailed Fox. If Naruto did not release any power, he would explode. After some more rides, it was over. We returned to our normal forms as we departed in seperate ways...
  17. Yet another toy commercial for the live action Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.Using young girls,The girls were only in the commercial briefly,but here it is:
  18. No. I'm not kidding. Sonic the Hedgehog CAN look good in live action, and the link below proves it. This is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan film produced by Blue Core Studios. The film has Jaleel White voicing Sonic, though I'm pretty sure Sonic's voicing is just voice takes from White's Sonic voice from the 90's cartoons. It acts as any traditional Sonic the Hedgehog scenario; Robotnik want's to rule the world and Sonic has to stop him. However, Tails isn't by his side in this. In fact, no one is. It's just the blue blur by himself. Anyways, this film came out early this year in January, and it already has 1 million+ views under it's belt. It's that good. I still wouldn't say it's better than the Sonic anime film that came out in 1999, but I still think this was 20 minutes well spent. Take a look:
  19. I saw the cartoon thread and was inspired. What live action shows do you watch and enjoy? Nowadays, I watch more live action than cartoons. So I enjoy a few of them. Mostly old cheesy sitcoms from the 90's are the things that get me. And cheesy sitcoms from the 2000's as well. Hell, if it's a cheesy sitcom, I'll watch it. I love those things. Here's my list: Family Matters The Nanny That 70's Show The George Lopez Show Friends The Office Parks and Recreation (my favourite live action show of ALL time. This one is good, I love it! It's hilarious and has the best theme song I've ever heard.) Doctor Who (On occasion. Just can't seem to get into the newer seasons though.) Misfits (Another good British show! It's not that well-known, but I recommend it if you're a Doctor Who fan. I probably like it better than Doctor Who, to be honest. And it almost ties with Parks as one of my favourite live action shows) I can't think of any more, so what about you guys?
  20. "Presto your dead." 2d Animation test I am not associated Universal Studios Childs Play 3 All Rights Reserved. MLPFiM Original characters created by Lauren Faust & DHX Media • MLPFiM © Hasbro inc.
  21. For some reason, I keep thinking that Equestria Girls will be a mix of live action and animated. So, the Mane Six will appear in the Real World, they look cartoonish to the camera but the humans living in the real world don't see the cartoonish appearance, rather a human appearance. They land in Jax Beach, Florida. Princess Celestia would have them go to the local high school of Jax Beach. Now, my theory would be animated characters in a live action appearance. So, its like Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Does anyone think that it will be live-action/animated? It would be interesting, I guess.
  22. So i've been watching Dexter since it debuted and I gotta admit 'America's Favorite Serial Killer' has a soft spot in my heart. The character is convoluted and complex with many layers to him..first he started out as a cold unfeeling jerk but as time went on you grew to love the guy..especially since the guy is just so damn charming. So is there any ponies out there besides me who follow this show?