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Found 5 results

  1. The pony life topic has been locked. I'm just wondering why?
  2. Well, I just got locked out of my house and had to use my experience to break into it. So, that made me think, how many of you guys have ever been locked out of your house, and if so how did you get back in. It was simple for me to get in, because I had left a screwdriver out accidently on the back porch.
  3. Hey there, I was wondering if there were a way to change the email address associated with this account, the one I have now is my old one that I no longer use and for some reason all of my email notifications go to there instead of my current one that I changed at Poniverse, even though I change my email over there, I can't change it over here as it is locked right now, I was hoping if anyone can help me on this?
  4. For those of you who remember, I made a nifty thread back in mid-November, where I established one of my defining moments as the self-proclaimed Maintenance Manager around the forums, by going around the key locations for discussions on our board, and nuking (hiding) every single thread that was ever locked for being a duplicate. That yielded about seventy to eighty topics in all, I recall. Well folks, welcome to the carpet bombing of topics, part two: The Feedback Forums Massacre. As some may know and some may not, the Support Ticket System was established back in August of this year. Since then, every single 'I need halp' topic that's been posted in Feedback & Suggestions has been locked, and redirected to the support system for help instead. As some members have brought up a few times in the past, these topics pile onto each-other like legos, and before you know it, boom, mountain of locked threads. No moar. I've gone through the five most recent pages of Feedback and Suggestions, and nuked the thirty some odd topics that were locked by our Mutli-Moderation Suite ever since it was established. Aka, that little message telling you to go use Support Tickets :3 More importantly, just like how I will continue to nuke locked duplicate threads in our more populated discussion forums as they pop up, so too will I be killing topics in the feedback section that are locked for being support ticket questions. I'll wait for these locked topics to become a few days old before I do so, just as I do with locked duplicate threads. So, yes, rejoice. Less clutter, more happy members.
  5. For the longest time, I personally was curious as to why ancient topics in the back of forums were locked and hidden, whereas that only seemed to occur for the last five or so pages, before topics tended to only be locked from then, forwards. As it so turned out, this wasn't some shift in policy that occurred a long time ago or anything; previous staff simply hadn't gone through and cleansed these topics out. When threads are locked for being duplicates, they're ideally supposed to be treated differently from all other kinds of locked threads (for example the common 'this should be a status or blog' response). Duplication threads, after a week or so, should be hidden on top of being locked. As Feld0 explained to me late at night in the Super Secret Special Staff Skype Chat, by hiding all these duplications, it weeds out and shortens search results not only in our own forum's search feature, but also Google's search results as well. Ergo by weeding out and effectively 'removing' all these duplicate threads from public view, it improves search results in general. Something that was all the more important since season three was finally here, and knocking all those duplicates off of Google's search results could only help us. Long story short, I weeded out and hid all locked duplication threads since the forum's beginning, in the following forums: Show Discussion Sugarcube Corner (and it's Pony Merchandise subforum) General Discussion Media Discussion Forum Lounge Forum Games Creative Resources These are more or less seven of the focal points for discussion on our board. I did this a couple weeks ago, and have just today gone through some of these forums and weeded out new locked duplicate threads that have gotten to be a week old or so. I plan to continue being proactive on this, and of course, all staff are encouraged to help out if they want, in their own sections (sectional) or in general (global). Also, as a side note: We do get a fair amount of duplicate threads on this board, because though we would hope people would naturally refer to the search feature before making new threads, many people don't, especially our loveable newbies. But even though we end up with quite a bit, none of them will last very long as long as this system we have remains in place :3 So remember, don't feel discouraged about seeing duplicates here and there for any reason; report it, and know that the staff are just as interested in keeping the board tidy as many of the members are. Pony up, and pony on, everybody