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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! I'm not really sure where to post this, so it sort of falls here as the least-disruptive option. It's not important news by any means, but I figure it might be interesting to see what I've been doing with regards to mlpforums. 2017-10-03: Set up a basic ubuntu VM in virtualbox. Downloaded ipboard (our forum software) from our Github, but couldn't get it running. With Feld0's help, however, I did manage to get the official, vanilla download sort-of running. (ipboard's documentation is really sparse.) 2017-10-07: Installed all the things. Configured nginx, installed mysql and some php extensions. Got the forum 'can it be installed' checker to come up green after some misunderstandings. It seems to want /var/www/html chmod'd to 777, but I gave it 664, which is slightly more secure, and ipboard accepted it. At this point, I realize I should have installed mariadb instead of mysql. It's too late however - after half an hour and gratuitous use of virtualbox's snapshot ability, I determine I can't uninstall mysql enough to install mariadb. 2017-10-11: Some configuration later, and I finally have a running copy of ipboard! Taking a chance, I unzipped the git copy of the forums overtop of it, and it Seems To Work™. Pushing my luck, I install a few extensions for the forum as well, and everything continues to work just fine. Spooky. 2017-10-18: Today, I started looking at installing the iAwards "application" for us. It seemed to be go fine in testing, after I upped my VM's Nginx's HTTP "POST" size limit. I also installed a few other applications, and upgraded my VM's version of IPS Communit Suite. (Which I think is ipboard? I'm not sure.) I'll hopefully have time to finish that up this weekend. Anyway, that's it for now! I hope to post updates here as things get on. Nothing important, just the day-to-day maintenance and sysadminnery that I'm doing behind the scenes. Please, comment, let me know if there's a better way to do what I'm doing, and – thanks for reading!
  2. Hello, Jhurii here. I've started this log book to keep records of what happens here at ENDD. So let's get this started, shall we? So, uh, first off, we've signed an agreement with the Rainbow Factory. The agreement states that as long as we don't rat them out, they leave us alone, and if any of them try to take us back there to be processed, we're free to deal with them as we please. And both ENDD and RF employees are allowed access to each other's floors as long as everypony stays out of each other's way and no pony tries to start anything aggressive. Secondly, we've found a door in the far left corner of the main room covered with at least, at least, a hundred or so heavy, industrial and really old locks. There are speculations that the door might also be sealed by alicorn magic, but that's just a rumour. Anton talked to the building manager, but apparently, according to him, there never was a door of any sort in that corner of the room. So he wasn't any help. We thought he was just forgetful or whatever, but then Anton started asking around the rest of the building and apparently no pony knows what we're talking about. I even went upstairs to the Rainbow Factory but not even they knew anything about the door. Everypony in the who worked in Cloudsdale's Weather Facility was questioned about the door and everypony said the same thing; either they've never been on that floor , or they have been on the floor but just don't recall ever seeing a door by that description. Right now I've got Anton and Harpie working on picking the locks on the the mysterious door. We're gonna find out what's on the other side of that door no matter what. I'll record it the logs, of course. So, I guess that's it for now. Until the next entry, this Jhurii; signing off. ((Link to original story: "X"))