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Found 22 results

  1. Is this in anticipation for Halloween or something?
  2. Almost every season there had been some changes to the intro but I don't know if this season will. I assumed that the new purple logo from comics and merchandicing could be used but the trailers have the old one. Do you think some characters like Trixie could make to the intro? Or that the theme song could finally be changed (I know, its never going to happen).
  3. Well, I did the entire NHL and NFL so now it's time to ponify Major League Baseball! Not every team will be represented yet as I'm still working out ideas for SF, SD, NYM, CIN All logos will be in this OP AL East New York Crankees Boston Red Saddles Baltimare Mayorioles TOR TB AL Central Detroit Piegers Minnesota Cake Twins Chicago White Saddles Kansas City Royals CLE AL West Seaddle Mareiners TEX Los Pegasus Angels of Anaheim OAK NL East NYM Atlanta Bravehearts WAS MIA Fillydelphia Fillies NL Central Chicago Ursa Cubs Pipsburgh Pirates HOU STL Milwaukee Cider Brewers CIN NL West Arizona Shymondbacks SF SD Los Pegasus Dashgers Colorado Rockys
  4. Oh boy. It is a good day today! So for those of you who don't know (keep up there) just a tad under a year ago I was given the amazing opportunity to design the official logo for the then recently announced after winning a design competition on this forum. It was in fact exactly a year ago today when Feld0 announced the competition along with more information on Poniverse. So I ended up winning this competition meaning my design would be used for the logo. The logo looked like this for those who don't already know... And yes. The logo was ‘fine’. The reception for it was mostly positive and it seemed people loved the bright, modern design of the Bronycon Poniverse banner which featured the logo heavily. But the thing is, at the time I only had about a month or two’s experience with any design software or design in general. Which looking back a year later is extremely visible in the logo. The main concepts of the logo were flawed severely. And although someone might consider it ‘good’ for a 14 year old with less than 2 months graphic design experience, it's still not what I believe suitable for Poniverse. So that is why at the very end of last year after some talks with Feld0, I assembled Poniverse’s very own Design Team consisting of Me, @Nas, Ashley, @Jokuc and @Mareinthemoon who would together create a new and updated Poniverse Logo along with other Poniverse stuff. And after a ridiculously long time due to other projects, school and… well… life, we have finally completed the new Poniverse Logo. Instead of just revealing the logo to you instantly with no explanation, I feel like bringing you through a step by step story of how the logo was created with explanations for our choices. Starting with concepts and going all the way down to text, colour and geometry. There is a lot I can talk about with this logo, but most of you probably wouldn't want to read a ridiculously long story explaining everything down to how many sugars I put in my tea (2, and they aren't sugars, they're sweaters) so i’ll keep to the important stuff. If you’re put off by the idea of all this technical designy stuff or your just feeling in a tl;dr mood, you can skip to the bottom and see the final logo in an instant. But for those who find this all interesting, I salute you. First of all, the idea behind the original logo was that it was the merging of the 2 main sites of Poniverse - MLP forums and - combined with the shape of a galaxy and a lowercase p. Problem: Poniverse is more than 2 sites. Currently it is 6 projects, which instantly proves that concept to have fault. And there's not much I need to say, it doesn't look like a p or a galaxy. We can all agree on that. Don't know what I was thinking last year. The idea behind this new logo actually originates before the original was finished. I remember playing around with the 'swirls' of the old logo and found a shape where they kind of looked like hooves. But after having a quick chat with Feld0 we concluded it would require too much effort and time to make it work and to just keep the logo as it is currently. That idea was discarded for 6 months until the project was resurrected in December, where since day one of the redesign, I knew this could work. And guess what? It did! So this is the basis of the logo. It is formed around 2 hooves in a state to be decided by the viewer. It was originally intended to be a brohoof, but I didn't want to base the logo off what is essentially a fandom-wide gimmick. So the shape was developed to not be a clearly defined action. It could be a brohoof if you want, it could be 2 ponies holding each others hoofs or it could be a hoof-shake. Or something else entirely, whatever you want. These hoofs obviously represent ponies, but beyond that they represent the connection from user to user, site to site and site to user in harmonious sync. Theres no doubt friendships have been made with a lot us here on the forums. But we want to show that its not just restricted to the forums where you can make friends. Its all throughout Poniverse. So what better way to get the message across than put it in the logo? So we have Poni, but we’re missing a verse. Thats where the wonders of the cosmos come in. The original logo was (supposedly) a galaxy. But this time, we've actually managed to make it look even vaguely like one. And what better inspiration then from a barred spiral galaxy? (I always thought I did well with astronomy). I didn't want to get too carried away with the galaxy design. The hoofs are still the primary focus here, but I think we got them both across to a sufficient level without one outshining the other too much. Essentially the hoof shapes transition into a short twirl, ultimately forming 2 arms in a galaxy. It is something I personally spent quite a while developing into what it is now, but me and the team are all happy with the final outcome. Are there any geometry geeks in here? Well I may not be the best in my class, but I believe I really pushed the complexity barrier with this logo. The previous logo was a freehand vector. This new logo consists entirely of 18 circles positioned relative to each other with extreme accuracy. And not will this make the shapes of the logo smooth and naturally flowing, but every single circle in there follows a little thing they call in the design and maths world the Golden Ratio. That is 1.6180339… Its not the most easiest thing to explain, but essentially it is the idea of ‘perfect’ proportions. One circle is 1.618 times larger than a different circle and another is is 1.618 times larger than that etc. This is followed very commonly in nature, art and design. And since i have developed a weird obsession with it lately, I thought I would give it a shot with Poniverse. And to top it off… the ratio between the width and the height of the completed logo is of course 1.618. To see what I'm going on about, heres the logo with all the guides turned on. Other amazing examples of the golden ratio in logo designs are in the Twitter and Pepsi logos. Go check them out to get a bigger grip as to what I'm saying here. Or just click on the spoiler button and see it in this logo. Either way. Text. We need text. Or typography if you what to be all fancy. Bringing the old logo up again, Poniverse’s primary font was Josefin Sans. A simple, thin web safe font designed by a lovely chap known as Santiago Orozco. It is a good font. But I don't think it was a good choice for Poniverse. It felt too serious, or a very disliked word from everyone in the Design Team, especially Feld0, ‘corporate’. I wanted to go with a more approachable font. One with soft edges. One that’s warm and welcoming. Then I hit a mental home run… Comic Sans! Anyway… lets not waste more time or come across like a genocidal graphic designer Jamie. I actually chose the font Proxima Nova Soft to be Poniverse’s primary font this time around with standard Proxima Nova and Nunito to be used as secondary fonts for the web and advertising and such. Proxima Nova Soft caught my eye quite early on in the project for its beautifully formed lowercase p and all letters in general. It is a simple font with smooth, consistent curves that overall work exceptionally well when set all to lowercase. Thats another thing. Like the original, the new logo uses all lowercase letters. Including in additional bits and bobs such as slogans. It seemed people like the idea to have the entire title lowercase, so that was brought forward. And to keep a certain buffalo happy, yes, I have corrected the kerning. The first thing you see is colour. Therefor it is extremely important in a logo. We carried over the light sky blue colour from the last logo but modified it to be slightly more saturated. All Poniverse projects have their own colour, spread out across the entire colour wheel. And at the centre of this all is Poniverse. I originally planned for the logo to follow a Pantone colour book (consult the internet to know what that means) but we decided against due both to the fact a lot of colours were not what we wanted for Poniverse and because it seems that the use of Pantone is just a way of making your design seem more fancy in the same way sticking a logo on a shirt makes it's value shoot up. Chances are any printers we use to create advertisements and business cards and such won't actually use Pantone, so it is not in any way necessary to use it. So that pretty much sums up the new logo. We haven't spoken much about poniverse's visual identity really, but that will all come in due time with new site launches and pony conventions. But this isn't everything still. Within Poniverse there are projects. 6 currently in fact. MLP Forums,,, PoniArcade, PonyRoleplay and the fan made feature length film The Last Stand of Harmony. And some of these lack logos. So that is why at the same time as designing this logo we have also been working on 4 other logos for,, PoniGaming and PoniRoleplay. They were originally planned to be released alongside the Poniverse logo today, but sadly the time got too tight and they weren't completed in time. But don't threat, we will be coming at you with them within the next couple of weeks. They will also be launched along with the new site which will reveal more of the brands identity that we haven't spoken about today. So look forward to that! And going beyond that, we have something else much bigger planned for later this year. So we have a lot of work to do. Now if you don't mind, I need to get back to work. View more of the project here: Feel completely free to tell us how you feel about the new logo. I'll also answer some questions about the logo if people feel they've got something to say. What an amazing year this has been. Thank you. Update Time! Check out the logos for,, PoniArcade and PonyRoleplay here: These were actually completed last week but it was waiting for Lavoaster to complete coding He's been a lil' bit slow lately so I went ahead and released them beforehand. But yes, thats them. Sorry theres no 8,000 word essay on all of them. Theres only so much time I can dedicate to writing about logos.
  5. Hello I have to make a logo for a transportation company and if they like my idea's, they want me to make their site as well. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on what I have so far? First one is with illustration (being the little truck) Second is just a simple color mix They wanna use the colors black and yellow mostly. The company name is ACRONOS and freight SRL is a subtitle that I may use if I want to use it in the logo. Any constructive feedback is appreciated or maybe some suggestions? Thanks in advance
  6. Using stock images from the podcast I"m part of to make a few cool logo things
  7. Whoa, I'm making a thread!!! ...*ahem* Anyways... I, somewhat recently, volunteered to design a logo/t-shirt for my uncle's annual gospel bluegrass festival. I came up with a few designs, but this is the one I ultimately decided on... So, it's too late for me to change anything, as I already sent it in, but if you'd be so kind as to tell meh your opinions about what's good and what's bad about it, I'd be happy. :3 I want to improve my graphics design abilities, and getting criticism from others is a sure way to do so! I'm definitely not fishing for attention here, nope, not one bit.
  8. Okay, should this be in Media Discussion or General Discussion? Anyway, I got a nice, good quality pair of Skullcandy over-ear headphones for Christmas. I very much like the shape, color, and sound quality of these headphones, but I'm not too crazy about the small metallic Skullcandy logo just above each earpiece. I'd like to cover it with paint or a sticker, but I'd like it to not show at all, and I want to keep the white color of the headphones. Any advice? I was also thinking about personalizing them so that they have some Rarity flair, her mane and maybe her cutie mark. Any advice about that? Thank you in advance for your help. ~True Rarity
  9. Here's an assortment of Apple wallpapers I created a little while ago. All are the same but with a different colour scheme. Hope you enjoy. c:
  10. In lieu of my Poniverse Logo Review, I'm laying out my concepts for the Pony.FM logo. In keeping the theme of Poniverse, Josefin Sans Light is retained with the entire wordmark lowercase, but having being a boring wordmark, it needs more musical personality. Something well-associated with music and musical compositions may be included. My idea is to incorporate common anatomy from musical notes into the typography, a list that you can find here. A common example here is stylizing the "n" to make it looked like a horseshoe and then drop in the note head at the bottom of the stems. With the exception of the tracing of the "o" above, the logo examples will be in all black to focus on the composition first. The rest of the examples are located in the "spoiler" boxes below: - What you see above are concepts for the Pony.FM logo. All of them are in lowercase and Josefin Sans Light to remain consistent with the Poniverse corporate identity and to tell people passively that Pony.FM is a community within the supercommunity. For most of my time, I played with "n," the dot in between the "y" and "f," and the space between the "f" and "m." I started with the simple "" wordmark and then began to play with the trademark infusion. Because the y, f, and m make very unique negative spacing when the letters are closed, I played of making typographic ligatures. There are various examples in many OpenType typeface files like Caslon, Garamond, and Myriad Pro. For the "n," it provides a very unique opportunity to convert the octave into a letter, which in turn can become the logo's trademark for cross-media icons and avatars. My personal favorite is the horseshoe Octave because it gives the wordmark a trademarkable identity, something the traditional octave won't do. Some of the "n" octaves have circular or oval heads. But before I decided to submit it for public viewing, I got the idea of using the dot between the "y" and "f" into a musical head. So I combined the bottom of the "f" and dot to make the ".f" its makeshift note. I didn't make the "n" and "f" notes simultaneously because it would be overkill. When you put the same message over and over again, it tells everyone you're trying too hard. (I still haven't abandoned ligaturing two or three letters quite yet.) Submit your thoughts below and provide extra ideas to develop the logo.
  11. Post your Poniverse logo contest entries! Over that past few months, a contest was held to see who could design the best logo for Poniverse, "an integrated supercommunity...designed to serve the niches of the MLP:FiM fandom". For more information on the contest and the winning logo entries, check out this post. As those who entered most likely know, there were a lot of entries in this contest. Hundreds, even. I, personally, am very interested in graphics design, and would love to see all your entries, whether they were counted in the contest or not. Feel free to post whichever you feel like; whether it be just the one(s) of yours you liked the best, or all of them. I have permission from Feld0 himself to create this thread, so it's completely fine to post them if you want to. I hope to get some constructive criticism on my entries, as I could use any and all help I can get in becoming a better graphics designer! That said, let's get posting! _____________________________________________________________________ I'll be posting all three of my entries. :3 Entry #1 This was the third place winner in the contest... Yeah. I was pretty surprised when I placed with this one. Feld0 did a pretty good critique on it in the winning entries thread. I agree with him completely about the abundance of complexity not always being a good thing. Entry #2 Yeah... I have no idea where I was going with this one. Still, if you can see any glimmer of good in it, or some unintentional hidden meaning, by all means, tell me! Entry #3 This was the one I was betting on. I was pretty proud of it, myself, but Feld0 explained that it was too generic of a design, and the first one spoke "Poniverse" to him more than this one. Anyways, I hope to see a bunch of you guys' entries! And don't forget to tell me and all the other contestants what you liked/what could be better about their entries!
  12. I teased Poniverse, our new "supercommunity" that will unite and integrate MLP Forums,, and our various other pony fan projects, when I announced that MLP Forums will be attending BronyCon. In fact, we will be attending BronyCon as Poniverse. But Poniverse can't get out there and face the world without a logo. So we're reaching out to you, the community, to create one for us! The winning logo will become an integral part of Poniverse's identity, and will be used on the Poniverse websites, our BronyCon booth and panel, future apparel and merch, and everywhere else we need a logo. How to enter Attach your logo to an email and send it to The deadline is 11:59 PM PDT on May 19, 2013. This contest is open to everyone: you do not need to be a member of MLP Forums/Poniverse to enter. If you know anyone who's artistically minded and might be interested in winning some cash, share this post with them! Rules SVG, AI, or EPS files are preferred. High-resolution PSD, PNG, or other image-type files will be accepted as well. We will request the source file(s) for the winning logo, so please don't throw them out! There is no limit to how many logos you can enter. However, you can only win one prize. In your email, include the names of all fonts used. If you downloaded any of them from the Internet, include links to where you found them as well.Of course, you're welcome to forgo a font and create your own letters, too. Do not use any official My Little Pony assets. That means, no canon ponies/characters/locations/etc.; however, you're more than welcome to use generic pony silhouettes that aren't recognizable as any of Hasbro's characters. Do not post your submission on this thread. Only submit your designs via the email provided. Any and all posts that contain your logo submission will be removed. Prizes 1st Place: $100, everlasting glory, and your design becomes Poniverse's identity! 2nd Place: $50 and everlasting glory. 3rd Place: $25 and everlasting glory. The lucky three will have their logos showcased on MLP Forums and announced to our mailing list (~10,000 people!) with links to your deviantART account, Twitter profile, or anywhere you want. Prizes will be paid out via PayPal in Canadian Dollars (they can be converted to your local currency if you're outside of Canada). Get creating! I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.
  13. Since you guys can't see my entire profile background, I thought I'd just post it on here (in attachments). Basically flamboyantly says I'm a metalhead.hehehe:3 Total list of bands used/referenced: 3Nailz Alestorm Amon Amarth As I Lay Dying Attack Attack! The Beatles Black Veil Brides Born of Osiris Bronyfied Cannibal Corpse Chelsea Grin Death The Devil Wears Prada Eluveitie Ensiferum The Ghost Inside Gideon Glass Cloud Holy Blood Horde Immortal Insomnium King Diamond Kiss Korpiklaani Kreator Led Zeppelin Like Moths to Flames Mortification Mercyful Fate Meshuggah Metallica Miss May I Nile P.O.D. Pink Floyd Rings of Saturn Skid Row Skillet Stryper Suicide Silence Trivium Underoath Wintersun Wolfchant Wolves at the Gate Wykked Wytch
  14. Author's Note: Because the Poniverse Logo Contest is running until May 14, I revised my blog entry. If you want to read my old entry from last year, click here. Logos are the little symbols, names, and/or combination of the two. They tell us what the company is, what the company stands for, and what it does. The way the logo is arranged, designed, and colorized communicates a message to the consumer; its design can actually convince someone to buy the product or (if it all goes wrong) stay away. Also, logo-designing is a long, painstaking process, taking up to one year to effectively execute and (for Fortune 500 corporations) costing millions of dollars. For example, the Pepsi logo cost approximately $100 million and took six months to develop. Currently, many companies aim to go for simple, but unique and effective. It's been like this for the past ten years or so, and it's really being researched and considered. Two examples from 2012 are the Microsoft and Twitter logos. Why are they doing this? Simple is catchy to the eye. The less cluttered the logo, the quicker the person sees it. The simpler the logo, the more memorable the logo becomes. The brain takes so much information at once, but they don't keep it. A simply designed logo allows the brain to process the messages and composition faster and better. The simple logos also allow companies, if they're memorable enough, to bear it down further to just the trademark (the corporation's symbol). For example, Nike, Apple, McDonald's, the Boston Red Sox, and Starbucks had both the trademark and the logotype/wordmark combined into one (called the signature). To make the trademark more memorable, these five companies ditched the wordmark to display only the trademark. [*]Most of the best logos come from being simple. Motorola, FedEx, Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonald's, NBC, and CBS are all logos that are more than a decade old, and they're iconic. Motorola, Coca-Cola, and CBS have retained their trademarks since at least 1955. Coca-Cola's logo — a writing style called Spencerian Script — is more than a century old, dating back to 1885, to attract customers as a contemporary form of medicine. Simpler logos tend to be around much longer, and they have a great track record. [*]Simpler logos are more versatile and are easier to scale across multiple media. One tip when making an effective logo is if it's easy to see and versatile in print as well as interactive like TVs and the Internet. You want your logo to be good on Mount Everest and on part of the business card. Now how do you design them? I'm going to tell you how based on my experience. Firstly, develop a Creative Brief. Also called a Product Proposal, it's a legal document proposing a product or service. Lawyers review these documents so that the ideas follow country regulations. In addition, the creative brief provides regulations on how to develop an ad campaign, product, or any kind of brand. Creative briefs contain the following categories: Background: Either an existing one or one that's coming to fruition. This tells you what the company is about and what they're looking for. It may be one paragraph or up to two pages depending on the length, type size, and leading. Audience: Who are you targeting? Is the target audience family-friendly, informal, formal, young, old, a specific age range, a race/gender/nationality/etc.? Research of the audience's annual income is located here, sometimes as its own category or combined. Objective: The intention behind the creative brief. What do you plan to do with the brand? How will you communicate the audience with your design? What are your goals when creating your logo? Additional Objective: Any extra goals. Message: How can you sum up your goal and brand (or re-brand) in one sentence? Competitive Framework: Who is your competitor? How will you make your logo stand out amongst your competition? Other options include operating a budget to creating the logo. The great thing about the brief is that it serves as a guide. It tells you exactly what your brand is and reminds you of what you're looking for as you're developing the logo. Always refer to it, especially if you get confused or stuck on your idea. Remember, that proposal you wrote is there to help you. Be as thorough and convincing in your writing as possible without gloating. Secondly, research. Take a look at your audience, competition, your brand's history. Review them via the computer (market research) or from the environment of your brand or competition (field research). Take a look at what they see, do, and say. Take notes. Tally the notes. I also recommend researching outside your competition so you can get some more ideas. Also, research how to develop your logo. Look at color, pattern, design, culture, and typography. Review other successful logos. Analyze how they became memorable and use them as inspiration for your logo. Take a look at pictures, buildings, animals, and the like for the same reason, for at least one of these categories may become part of the logo, either as part of the logotype or a trademark. Typography and color are especially key. Each typeface carries a distinct voice, and they each have a specific purpose. Helvetica, for instance, is a casual, readable sans serif typeface. Bodoni, on the other hand, is a Modern serif typeface that have huge contrasts between thick and thin strokes. Regarding color, red is the quickest color to catch the human eye: Depending on the context of the signature, it can mean a warning (like the Red Cross) or a way to tell people, "Hey, I can feed you!" like McDonald's and Coca-Cola. Blue is a very corporate color and is most commonly used because it's calm and pleasant; IBM, Prudential's simplified Rock of Gibraltar, the old Bell logo, and the AT&T globe are three famous examples. Researching is the longest process besides developing your logo comps, and it can be the most expensive step besides execution. After collecting all of the evidence, draw the comps. Review your research and begin drawing comps according to the research you gathered. If you see something from a picture and want to crazily draw as many concepts as possible, do it. Don't leave one out. It could be your future logo. You can develop them on the computer if you desire, but it's better if you sketch thumbnails in a sketchbook. Use a black or graphite pencil to draw. Concentrate on the pressure you put on the paper so you can present tonal values. Moreover, sketching the concept by hand allows you to draw it out without spending too much time on them. Just sketch and move on to the next one. If you have the commitment, you can finish with as many as 100 comps in a matter of days. When I took my Senior Project class to develop my pieces, what we all did is glue the research on one page and draw the logo comps on the other. Having the research beside you forces you to review your research and toy with as many ideas as possible. This si something you don't have to do, but it's a good idea to hammer as many concepts as possible before moving on to another collection of research and comps. But if you fill your page with those concepts and want to draw more, turn to the next page and draw more until you can't brainstorm. Once you sketch enough ideas down, develop your best ones on the computer. Clean them up using vector software. This means programs like Inkscape or Illustrator. Don't use raster programs like Gimp or Photoshop. Those two programs produce raster files. They have a limited amount of space and a maximum number of pixels. Raster files have fixed resolutions, while vector files do not. In a raster file, you can decrease the resolution and size, but you can't increase it without making the logo look muddy and pixelated. Vector files, on the other hand, have an infinite ability to scale, big or small. For vector files, you can have the same resolution for a half-inch logo and a one-mile one. One extra piece of advice when developing your computerized comprehensives: Do NOT develop them in color. Only develop them in black and white. If you jump into color too quickly, you may focus on how to get the color combinations right when a great logo comes from the foundation. Once you got the foundation (or composition) down, then jump into color. Once you revised your concepts and clean them up to make them simple and effective, take your best computerized black-and-white ideas and add color if you choose to. This is where your research of color comes into play. Develop your ideas further and play with as many color combinations as possible. But make sure your colors fit into your objective from the creative brief, for choosing the wrong colors can mean sending a completely different message than what you intend. Afterwards, the client will choose which logo he likes best. With that, you got your logo. Hopefully, he or she will choose the best one. Now, to give you some extra tips and reminders when designing the logo: Follow the brief. Use it as your guide as you research and execute your concept. Keep your logos simple. Don't insert too many ideas in one piece. Remember, the simpler the logo, the quicker the audience will see it and understand it. Do NOT put in too many small details. If part of your logo gets difficult to see in a small size, then maybe you should simplify it further. When developing your computerized comps and final drafts, choose your BEST ideas. Don't further develop any ideas that you know won't work. The last thing you want to see, as a designer, is something like this as your final execution. Be careful not to have your logo look phallic or carry extremely gross, adult messages. Don't develop your logo in a raster file. Use vector programs only. Raster files have pixels, and they contain a fixed resolution. You can scale the image down to a smaller pixel-per-inch capacity, but you can't increase it and have it look crisp. Vector drawings, on the other hand, are easily scalable. No matter how big or small the vector shape is, it will always look sharp. Never use a photograph for your logo. Photos are raster files with fixed resolutions. When developing a logo, use flat shapes. Don't use any gradients or special effects like transparencies, glows, or drop shadows. These effects can be easily transferred on multimedia platforms, but they're extremely unpredictable to print. It's an even bigger pain if the logo requires you to print on metallic packaging like a metal thermos or embroidery (such as a baseball cap or any stitched patch). Also, using these effects give the indication that the designer isn't very confident in his design and is trying too hard to create his message. Remember, be simple. If you want to do highlights and shadows, use flat shapes, and let the human eye create that illusion for you. Make sure your logo is easy to read, particularly in multiple sizes. Add color LAST. Focus on black and white first. Once you got the black-and-white idea down, then add color. When you're developing your logo, make sure you have a good symbolic reason for your design. NBC's peacock uses six colored feathers to reference their six divisions. Enron chose red, green, and blue for their logo because they're the primary colors of light. Don't add any more information just because you want to or because "it's cute." Those answers are completely unacceptable in the logo industry. Make sure your details relate to the company's image, location, and personality. When choosing your typeface, use a print font. This means ones like Helvetica, Univers, Didot, Caslon, Baskerville, Palatino, or Futura. There are millions of print fonts. Find one that fits the brand's image. If you can't, draw your wordmark yourself. Avoid computer fonts like Arial, Verdana, and Georgia for your wordmark. They don't read well in print because some of the letters differ in size and appear to be inconsistent in shape and length. Spend the time and money reviewing and using the actual print fonts. You'll get more credibility that way. And unless your reason make sense, do NOT use Comic Sans for your wordmark! It's a widely despised font because it tries to be kid-friendly, but looks machine-like. Furthermore, it's typically the go-to font if you want your font to appear comic-like. Designers and clients expect you to review your font ideas and think critically about which font to go to. Don't just go to the default, and fonts like Comic Sans and Papyrus are defaults. If you see another font that fits Comic Sans's personality, review it and see if your reasons make sense. If you want to see examples of logos, whether they are great, good, okay, or plain bad, there is a logo thread in this forum, which you can find here. You can find several of my critiques of professional logos there, too.
  15. This is a Logo/Project that I have been working on for a few weeks (Lots of breaks in between). I'm done with it for now. I might come back and redo the background. Here have a look:
  16. So I got Ps back out and made myself a Logo. I want to hear what you guys think, should I completely change it, edit it or just leave it like this? (Helpful comments please, no critisizing.)
  17. Hello everybrony, I have a challenge or contest for artists that are up for the task [deviantart Journal link] TL:DR My Company Drakeal Network LLC needs a logo, I will credit you for making the logo on the made official page for the company ( but its under construction at the moment) and might give you points if you have a deviant art account. If any one is interested go ahead or make a comment here.
  18. If you remember, the like button looks like a thumbs up... Well, I ponified it. Really, I was just bored and wanted to create something. I hope the MLP Forums cast could accept this as a like button. Or should I say: a brohoof. PS: the brohoof logo is made with an Arial Font Edit: The second one is NOT font this time. I made with with some tools in Photoshop. Is the second one at least a bit better?
  19. So, I just made this real quick for my friend while he's over, introduced him to the wonders of Gimp 2.8 (Gimp Paint Studio) and made this within atleast 30 minutes. Is this any good? Just out of curiosity, if I need to make any changes to it.
  20. I need an artist who can make something like this, but obvisously better then me. Why? Hmm it's because I can't draw as good as some of the users on this forum! Help a brony out ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and bad ass font saying "Bombpranks" I know my rough logo looks like a bomb-omb, but it doesn't have a clockwork, so it's okay... I think.... I also need someone to do my backround if they can.