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Found 164 results

  1. I figured a topic needed to be made for this. I'm guessing most of you guys have Instagram, so how many Instagram followers do you have? It's okay to brag! I have 1150.
  2. Saying lol in real life is a habit I've someone found myself slip into over the last year. When It was mentioned someone's 9 year old daughter also said lol there was some face-palming. So do you say lol in real life?
  3. ok just wondering cause im bored out off my mine how do u sit it a chair do you like run towards it and then stop and calmly sit down or jest lean back and fall off the chair or are you peter griffin and you don't know how to sit in a chair SO HOW DO YOU SIT IN CHAIRS
  4. Just thought this could be interesting. I buy new clothes once every few weeks or so, whenever I can afford it pretty much. How about you?
  5. You should all be familiar with the game League of Legends. If not check it out on youtube!So here we can discuss anything about it. What lvl are you, want to join our MLP clan? Need friends?You can all add me if you want too. Im currently playing on EU West.Add: Sir PurrPurrI use to play with Lamii and Freckels, and i enjoy every minute of it.So what do you think of this amazing game?::UPDATE::So a lot of people wanted me to update this post with a few features such as where do everybody on this forum play. I can do that, no problem. But if you want to be on the lest you have to either send me a private message OR quote me.EUW EUE NA
  6. Any of you had those moments where something happens without you realizing it and ends up making you feel like a total derp? CONFESS NOW I remember I took my phone into the pool to text, and I got so caught up in this chat I was having that my arm instinctively hung down at my side, leaving my phone underwater for 13 seconds before me noticing. And just now I stuck my hand into my bowl of ice cream, thinking it was popcorn. Oh yeah, and I threw my phone at a frog one time, thinking my phone was a rock, since the frog kinda surprised me.
  7. We know this wonderful forum's numbers are pushing up to 20000, but that's got me wondering... How many (or what percentage) of those members still come onto the site regularly? By which I mean, at least 2 or 3 times a month at the lowest? Discuss.
  8. My first steam game was Garry's Mod. It was also the first multiplayer game I've ever played on PC. Literally first time I've played with actual people! It was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had! But Steam has been around with us for a very long time and I'm curious. I wanted to know from you guys what was your first steam game! What was your experience with your first game like? Did you had fun with it?
  9. So when I was 10 something I got this Pony from Santa She good stand up, open her eye, drink from the bottle, talk to me, etc. I was like the perfect pony mom , so I took her everywhere... Except for school. So when I left, I tucked her in my bed with a blanket and her head on my pillow and kissed her goodbye. Then one day we got this cleaning lady. She was... special. Not only she drunk and ate like half what was in or basement and cupboards, but she was also very aggressive with out stuff. So one day I got home, and I couldn't find my baby pony (idk how she is called in English). I kept asking my mom if she has seen it, but she didnt. I searched and searched for hours and then... I found her thrown by my other toys, with her neck 90° twisted as if it was snapped and her eyes half open. I tried to turn it back and tested if she still talked. But only screeching sounds game out and her neck only moved a few mm back and forth. Crying I went to my mom to ask her if she could fix it. But nothing could be done. My baby pony died... A week later we asked the cleaning lady if she touched it and if she accidentally twisted it. She simply replied, she threw it on the floor with the other toys and that I should grow up and clean my bed better. The End Do you guys have tragic broken toy stories? XD
  10. K m8 wuts ur favorite meme? a meme can b anything. let us discus owr fav memes here m8. Le RuLeZ Swear words allowed,just no F**K or God****. memes can b mildly offensive no nazis or swastikas unless its actually making fun of the nazis,proving murica is superior to them deep fried memes allowed dankness allowed spicy memes allowed no religious memes,that’s for another thread no rage comics video memes allowed have fun and get rekt my fav meme is all of them but my most fav is 1967 spoderman,trump,political memes,and infinity war memes i won’t post infinity war memes m8
  11. Hi guys! I've become an addict of League of Legends since half a year back and I've fallen in love with so many of the champions, etc. My mains are Tristana and Xayah. I've also made good friends in the game that I play with everyday. I love it! However, I thought I'd make this thread for people/bronies to find more friends to play with in League, or just to have a general discussion! Discuss favorite/new champions? Favorite lores? What you think about the new patch/update? What pro team are you rooting for? Which champion is your main and what's good about that champion? What rank are you and how long did it take for you to get there? How long have you been playing? Want to share your username and find new teammates? Share everything in here! Just don't fight, is all I ask of you. Keep the peace, thank you! GL HF!
  12. Welcome back (again)! I’ll pick up where I left off. I received my case a week later and sold it at the lowly price of 5 dollars. I tried to keep a bright face as two new keys was better than none. Except, it might as well been none since the only thing I seemed to get out of it was a dumb UMP. However, I remained sharp and instead of buying two glove cases, I only bought one, leaving the rest of the money invested in a shiny new, Spectrum Case. Yeah, I sold the case for the price of its key. Now all I had to do was wait for the case to drop and BOOM, Redit’s new front page would be littered with, “Dirtbag Kid Unboxes 800,000 dollar knife OMG!1!!” (I can dream big, can’t I?) Fast forward a few weeks and the unspeakable happens. I meet another kid at least 5 years younger than me on an official Deathmatch server. For some unknown reason, he friends me and I magically scam him (Skin Insanity Level 5 Achieved) into giving me his Spectrum Case. I knew he had one because I got bored one night and started surfing all my CS:GO Friends’ profiles. (That’s how you know it’s extreme insanity.) Now, because of my Dad’s support (not financially, of course. I never get financial support for some reason), he liked to watch my unboxings in hope I get something stupid. I don’t know why, but I stopped inviting him because of it. That night, however, was different. I had that key aging in my inventory for at least 2 weeks and I was desperate to open it. With a blurt of my words, I accidentally invited my father to watch the unboxing, he did not decline. He stood behind me, peering over my shoulder as he scanned the contents of the box, finally pointing toward the blue columns across the top. I pointed at the gold token. “See Dad?” I smirked, “I’m going to get a kneiv.” He scanned the screen, quoting the small piece of text at the bottom, “Items you COULD get in this box. You’re gonna get a blue.” “yeah, but I COULD get a 20,000 dollar knife. And that’s better.” I unboxed the case, watching the choppy spinner lag through each token (like I said, Soccer-Mom laptop) finally reaching at its destination with the bright pink, “AWP | Fever Dream” in Minimal Wear. I screamed. Never before had I gotten a pink skin, so that was pretty exciting. I quickly looked up the price and read the one I preferred best. “It’s 80 dollars!” My father wore a face of true astonish; I wasn’t surprised. When I’d calmed down, I checked to see how much the community market was offering. 20 Dollars. “Wha-?” Turns out, it’s 80 dollars, even in Minimal wear . . . assuming you have a StatTrak. Mine was regular. Rest in pepperonis hopes and dreams of being one-step closer to that low-budget gaming rig of 700 dollars. I kept the AWP for a month, showing it off to many people in matchmaking before letting it go in exchange for 4 more keys. After that, I realized Valve really hates me and CS:GO was never made to make money off of. The best I got out of that “Fever Dream” was a “P90 | Shallow Grave” for the lowly price of 5 dollars (later to be 3 dollars as price fluctuation slowed). Now I live under a rock with my AWP | Safari Mesh (I'm going to call her Dmitri after last night's gameplay. Very much hunting guaranteed) . If you see my Fever Dream anywhere, tell him to come home. We all miss him. -RealityPublishing (Thank you MLPForums for creating scheduled release times. We all love you for that )
  13. what is the things that you have recently seen/read/watched/listened to i'll show mine way to make it funnier: close your eyes and think with a dirty mind
  14. i will start with the begining and everypony else adds on. ''the trees swayed noisley," (that is the begining) add on to the pony above you. limit is four words a turn have fun!!!!
  15. I don't really get Twilight's sense of humor all the time. She smirks or gets annoyed everytime Pinkie, Spike, or Starlight kid around or say something sarcastic, but back in Suited for Success, she giggled when she said "don't look a gift horse in the mouth", which was probably the most cliche pun I've ever heard! XD <----- That laugh was for the irony, not because of the joke being any good. What do you think of Twilight's humor?
  16. I know people seem to think Spike is, but basically, he's the audience's thoughts said out loud, but the real comic relief is really Pinkie. I mean, she is the Element of Lolness after all. So she already has that title. I dunno, who do you think is the real comic-relief character? Unless they both are in their own way. And in another way, every character is actually funny in their own way. So basically they all are. Twilight is a nerdy comic relief in episodes she doesn't star in, Rarity is drama, Rainbow is self-centered, Fluttershy is ironic aggression, and of course Pinkie is randomess which makes her more comic-relief than any of them. AJ... she isn't really that funny, she's awesomeness, and adorable, but funny isn't her strong suit. Then of course, like I said, Spike is the audience's thoughts. So basically, most of them are comic-relief in their own way, but Pinkie pretty much takes the title for the most comedic character.
  17. There'd be an entire MLP: FiM section just for everything relating to Discord. And I'd be the self-proclaimed shogun, seeing as how over half the topics would be by me </3
  18. We all know our beloved main page from the forum. And then there is this Now I ask you, who are the 3 or 2 users you got shipped by the forums. If your not one of the showed users, load again^^' I tought this could be some randomn fun XD
  19. So, for the last few days people has grown very depressed and upset that form members go. I know I may sound rude here but they all had reasons why. Cinnamonpop cant stay on the forums because of her college and stuff. But, like other members.. I'm feeling really stressed. MLP has placed a huge impact in my life but.. I'm afraid if people come to me sobbing.. I have to leave. I know I don't want to leave but it's that or I have to get used to it. I'm sorry.. *sigh*
  20. Hello Everypony! Swifty here So I am typing to you in Comic Sans because xXx_SW@GN@M1TE#Yolo360N0Sc0pe_xXx told me too. So I am working on a comic called "The Solar Script" It is about a young pony named "Gattlin" who stumbles apon a magic book called "The Solar Manuscript" A book that contains passages and spells that ANY pony can do. Well he does a ritual that ends up leaving his memory somewhat blank and when he strikes the age of 17 he finds the book once more and realizes that he is given "Solar energy" a type of magic that is powered by your own life (jokingly meaning that as long as you are alive you can use magic) Though he finds that he has these two symbols on his front hooves that are his "eyes" and he also finds that there are other ponies who want to know more about his magic, and also some that want to take it (basically, kill him and take his magic) Now he must use his new powers to defend himself. He might even make some friends along the way Let me know what you think and tell me if you have any ideas.
  21. Have the user above you star in a film! What's the name of the film? What's the movie about? What's his mission? Stupidity (as always) is allowed I'll start off with an example! ----- Title: Everypony Hates MarioT209 Plot: It is up to Mariotravel209 to survive the Ponyville Riots as they were in rage for MarioT209 writing "Dope" on a statue of Princess Celestia. Rated PG-13 for poor story-writing and great acting. I don't even know XD
  22. Hey im new here Just wondering if this would be a great game? And if anyone could make it I would be happy to play it Thanks...
  23. Post funny gifs here.
  24. You can find how many you've given in the stats section of your profile. I've given 2886 and gotten 1485.
  25. Just post a song and dedicate to the user below you. Let me go first c: