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Found 2 results

  1. DHX, the animators behind Lauren Faust's fanmade My Little Pony series Friendship is Magic, have today been hit by a cease and desist order from trademark holder Hasbro. In a press release, Hasbro has stated that DHX's Friendship is Magic series painted their franchise in a bad light. "You kidding? That series had the yellow pony breaking a bear's fucking neck! No way we're letting that be associated with our company!" says Hasbro marketing executive Richard Head. He later added, "Also, get Michael Bay on the phone. Tell him that Transformers 4 needs to have more sexist imagery and racial stereotyping than the other three films did." Fans of the series have rallied in support for DHX, and have pointed out that FiM's content is, quote, "no worse than any typical kid's cartoon." Lauren and DHX have been approached by My Little Pony creator Bonnie Zacherle with an offer to create a new universe to set their cartoon in. Will have more on this story as it develops.
  2. The reason I make this blog is just cuz I'm bored and I have school in 15 minutes. Anywho, to the point of the blog. These forums have become pretty boring to me. I don't know why this is so, but I just don't see the fun or draw to them like I used to. I haven't been spending nearly as much time here as I used to and am not posting nearly as much. I have over a month on my slate for time here (which is little compared to some people) but still a hell of a lot of time. I don't know if it's a lack of interest in ponies or simply the forums losing their novelty to me. I dunno. I haven't really been as interested in ponies as I used to either. While I was totally hyped for season 3 and was not literally dying to see it, I'm kind of lazy about new episodes. Watching them I mean. Also, I've been posting like twice a day around these forums unlike previously where I could be found in the top five top posters of the day. I dunno what's wrong and I hope it's not me losing interest in ponies because I love this fandom so much. It could and probably is just my cynical nature. Rest assured I'll probably stay for a few friends and the fan art. Just thought I'd say something in case anyone cares and notices any absences. (Probably no one though XD)