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Found 14 results

  1. Welp the title says it all. What makes you forget you're lonely? And how do you deal with being lonely?
  2. If there was one thing about you that makes you feel less connected from others, what is it? I'm not talking about how we can't meet each other in person or how far we are from each other, but rather about what is it about you that you don't seem to have in common with most members. I titled it this way because not having something in common with people can make us feel more disconnected and isolated from others. For me, while I do play video games at times (FIFA, GTA, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 currently for now until I see another game I'm interested in spending money and trying it), I don't seem to have the same approach to them as the majority of the forums do, which is enthusiasm and strong interest in it along with having a Steam account. In other words, I don't care too much about video games. And I don't know about you, but part of me thinks members and real life people won't find me interesting anymore. Or maybe I'm just thinking too hard. Just something I had to get off my chest now.
  3. After the events of Lesson Zero, Princess Celestia arrested Twilight under the charges of illegal usage of magic, mass destruction, brainwashing, disturbing the peace, public nuisance, multiple counts of assault and serious injury, and filly abuse. Twilight, feeling betrayed by her mentor made little defense during her trial. In the end she cut a plea deal and received a reduced sentence of 3 years of incarceration at Canterlot Royal Penitentiary.
  4. I love MLP. I like collecting the pony toys.I am African-American I am a girl.I am 22 years old I know I'm in the minority here. I live in a small town in Georgia. I just feel very lonely.I don't know anyone else who likes MLP. I have no friends. I just want to know if theres anyone on here whos similar to me?
  5. If some of you have noticed, I've been PMing quite a few people lately. This is mainly to expand my friendships since hey you can never have too many friends. But there is another reason however: I'm extremely lonely irl. I don't really have any friends at school. I mostly keep to myself at school and I don't care to talk to a lot of them. Their general presence feels kind of uncomfortable. There are people who are kind of friends, but they aren't really close friends. They don't invite me over and they don't really talk to me outside of school. I could talk to more people at school but so far no one seems interesting. So I've just been more social online lately mostly because I feel my life sucks.
  6. So my boyfriend suggested I upload another blog today, so I might as well try to make this a daily thing. To have a way to write out my feelings and all -_- To pretty much give a rundown on my day, started out okay, I talked to my boyfriend and felt pretty happy, and now I'm feeling like crap all over again -_- Today it's the loneliness pretty much doubled. Since it's my mom's birthday I feel extra sad that I can't have her here with me. We never celebrated birthdays, and we never even said Happy Birthday to each other. I just told her I was happy to have her with me for another year...and unfortunately I can't do that this time around :( So today's gonna be pretty rough, with my family doing their own thing and me just hanging by myself on my laptop, I have no one to talk to or receive physical comfort from, something I really need right now But I'll keep going and try to remain strong as best as I can, and just like I always do, remember the good times I shared with my mom. At least she lived to be 44, if only she could have made it this far to be 45... Well anyways, that's my blog for today. Hopefully tonight will be easier, just gotta get through the next few rough hours
  7. Hey much as I try to maintain a positive attitude when I'm on here or elsewhere, I haven't been doing too well lately As much as I enjoy talking to friends here or on Skype, there's this overwhelming loneliness that takes hold of me alot. The thing is, while I appreciate and enjoy having people talk to me on Skype so I'll at least have someone to talk to...the physical loneliness that I feel is unbearable. My grandma gets mad that I ignore her and I don't talk to her alot, but how can I talk with my greatest enemy in life? I don't get along with her, most of the time when we do talk we're fighting. I can't live like this I miss the days when I went to school and I had my friends to hang out with and talk to, and then when I got home I could talk to my mom and tell her about my day and spend time with her When my mom got a job that kept her away from home for most of the day, during summer it was pretty difficult. As much as I enjoyed having freedom in our apartment, and being on my computer longer than usual, playing games and watching movies, I missed having her around. Even when we fought and I couldn't wait for her to leave, eventually I missed having her presence around. The thing is, me and my mom always managed to make up and be happy again no matter how many times we fought. No matter how severe she treated me at times, she still loved me and apologized. We could go back to our normal lives by the time night fell. I have that freedom I wished for alot back then, except now I can't wait for my mom to come home because she never will.... I'm the kind of person who can't hold a grudge. I can be extremely mad at you if you drive me to such a point which is pretty difficult, but then after a few hours or after I've listened to music or watched a video to calm myself down and think, I'm back to my cheerful self. Me and my mom were both like that and that's why we made up so easily. However I do that with my grandma here after we fight and just come up to her and ask what's for dinner, or say something else in a semi cheerful voice, and she just doesn't talk to me. She stays angrier for longer than I do and it's tough to live with that sort of person Since I can't get along with her and just live in peace, and I also don't get along with my cousins that much since they're always doing their own thing in their rooms, I feel this unbearable loneliness almost daily. Some days it's not too bad, but then there are days when I'm not absorbed in making something on my laptop, when I'm not talking to anyone and just trying to figure out what to do with my life when it gets worse. Heck, sometimes when I'm talking to friends on Skype or when I'm chatting with my boyfriend, I feel this loneliness that I just can't shake off. As much as I enjoy having friends here in this digital realm, it's not the same as having someone right beside you that you can talk to while you work. Someone to physically give you a hug when you need it. I love virtual hugs, but what I wouldn't give to have one of my mom's warm hugs again... Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and it's gonna be a pretty sad day for me for the most part. She would have been 45....and we would still be enjoying each other's company if her fight with cancer hadn't brought her to the brink :( So thank you to all of my friends who have stood by me and given me support when I need it. But if I'm still feeling sad after we've talked for awhile, please don't feel bad. It's not your fault, it's mine You guys have friends you can hang out with at school or after, I don't. I need physical interaction with people or I'm gonna go insane *sigh* That's all I have to say. Sorry if this was so long, I had alot to let out Thanks for reading...
  8. One thing I've noticed about Fluttershy is that we never see her completely alone. If she's not with the Mane 6, she's with animals. But I was thinking, What if Fluttershy can't survive without company? What would happen if we take away the animals and the mane 6? What if we put her in complete isolation? I have a feeling her behavior would change drastically. And as I mentioned before, The Stare alone could be a possible sign of Fluttershy having Dissociative Identity Disorder, so could loneliness be another trigger?
  9. I was playing the youtube related game yesterday (clicking related videos and seeing where it takes you), and I stumbled on the TwiDash Hearts and Hooves day video. I'm sure most of you are all like "been there, done that," but I've never looked into this stuff before. I've only been here a few months, and so far I've never really been interested in shipping of any kind. I have nothing against it, mind you, just wasn't interested. But I was curious, and, after all, when you're playing the related video game, you have to watch, not matter how weird you think it may be. I was half expecting something NSFW, which honestly wouldn't have bothered me, either. Regardless of my preferences, I simply don't get offended by any sort of media. I respect and tolerate the rights of others to create whatever they wish. It's my choice whether or not to watch it. The only thing that actually offends me is if someone is hateful and intolerant of others. That said, I watched the video, and was pleasantly surprised. Furthermore, I was surprised at how much I liked it. Admittedly, at first a small part of me thought, oh this is kinda wrong. They're just supposed to be friends--they're not supposed to be doing this. But then, as I often do, I stopped and asked myself, Why not? When I did that, I immediately appreciated how beautiful this little story was. That's certainly not to say that I would want something like this to happen on the show, but as an unrelated little fan story, I honestly thought it was one of the sweetest and most beautiful things I've ever seen. I'm going to go ahead and embed it now, in case there's any ponies, like me, who were late to the party and don't know what I'm talking about. Some of the related videos are a little less sweet and innocent, but as I said, nothing like that offends me. But this one was so well done. The main reason I brought it up is because it reminded me of my own aching lonliness. I'm 28, a virgin, never even been on a date. Cheesy as it may sound, I dream of finding my true love more than anything in the world. The fact is, I would trade the rest of my life for one moment like this. Let's say I was given two choices: The first choice is that I live a long and successful life, alone. I can have friends, but I'll never find romance. The second: I get to meet my true love and we get to share one moment like this. And then I die. I would choose the latter in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even think about it. I would give up everything I have, and trade every day of the rest of my life for one, just one beautiful moment like this, no matter how fleeting. Be it a day, an hour, a minute; it would be worth more to me than an eternity of anything else. inb4 "Relationships are not all they're cracked up to be, they don't instantly solve problems, they're hard work. You can be happy alone. You're the most important person you have, etc." Yes, I understand that. And I don't disagree. That's good advice. But no one can truly understand how another feels, and no one can really tell another what they need to happy. This is how I feel. This is what I need. It doesn't mean that's all there is to life, but it's the most important aspect to me. And the only reason I keep going, keep trying, is because there's always hope, no matter how seemingly infinitesimal. Like Chuck Noland said, "I know what I have to do now. Gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. And who knows what the tide could bring."
  10. This place is devoted to all the people who know that they are Forever alone and embrace it. You can share your stories and experiences here. Meet with people who feel the same way and maybe develop friendships. Just keep it civil, people. I can always add more info if need be.
  11. Alright so basically i'm going through a crisis i guess you would say i'm trying to figure out when and how do you live in the society we live in. So basically my views on college is it is made far too important i'm not saying nobody should go to college just the fact that some people actually don't need to go to college but the way the world is you are basically forced to go to school even if you don't want to. Right now i bascially have given up on life, i will be stuck in school for years my young years slowly drained from me and by time i'm finished no longer will i be a young man but heading to adulthood where i will be forced to grow up and as me and the wonderful friends i have made continue to remain in school i feel like we'll drift apart no longer staying close together. I'm feeling so alone, i want to live life not be forced to stay in school longer and longer watch as my friends slowly drift apart from me and feeling like i'm screaming after them but that we just are too stressed and busy to even be able to stay close. I look at many of my old conversations with old friends and i just want to cry i miss them dearly but life just keeps pushing us apart and i just keep thinking i'll never be able to see my friends anytime soon and that in the end i will have nobody. Basically i'm getting more and more depressed i want to see the world i want to have fun, i want to learn so many things.. i want to enjoy being young while i still am and above all i want my friends to enjoy it too. I just don't know anymore i don't want to deal with these feelings anymore... I just give up on happiness and love in the end everybody will only split apart.
  12. A child's heart Again reborn going back to the start In the dark, Again alone Never to feel a spark A father's tounge I used to craddle Back when I was sane A sweet bond, A parents love Ruined by the stain "Nevermore" Said the Raven "Nevermore" Said the mind "Nevermore" Cried the heart As a child knocked on the door of an old friend Who opened their gate And greeted with love The child now broken
  13. Hello Everyone! I woke up a little emotional this morning and I didn't know how exactly to shake the feeling off. I then decided to do a little writing in hopes that I'd feel better. luckily it somewhat worked. The poem below is a bit different when compared to the kind of poetry I like to write. The poem below is a bit of a story as well. It gives a little understanding of how my life has been going for the past few years. I know it may seem a bit sad as you read it but it has a little flare of hope in the end so no need to feel sorry for me. Forgive my spelling and punctuation if you can. I know I'm not the best when it comes to grammar but I've been trying to improve. Enjoy the poem/story and leave honest comments. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read my work. I'll be posting this poem up on my DeviantART and Tumblr if anyone is interested in checking out more of my content. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When I was a young child I had friends far and near. Happy I was and grateful for the attention, until one day everyone left me for a reason still unclear. --- One by one they left me never stopping to say goodbye. Confused I was as I tried to figure out their reasons but it was all for naught as I began to cry. --- My days grew dark in the loneliness I had become. As I began to accept my fate, my features and mind began to changed at an alarming rate. --- Bitter I grew and exhausted my appearance became. As I paced back and forth in my room, I began to wonder if this was all just a game. --- My heart grew dark as I began to lose my way. I started to question my existence, after all everything was not okay. --- Restless I had become in my isolation, as I search for something to keep me going. Poetry became my interest, as I wrote and wrote and my skill began growing. --- As my inky heart began to beat, confidence grew within me, with no signs of retreat. --- Despite the darkness that I had become, I had a reason to go on, I would not run.
  14. Sorry this is so long, but I need to get it off my chest. If you dont know what tulpa is, google this will make a lot more sense. I am indeed insane, but it is a controlled insanity that makes my life much less miserable, so im ok with it. It all started over a year ago, I tried to lift a heavy box, lost my balence, and broke my knee. I was stuck in my bed for over six months with very little social interaction. Without even trying to I made myself a tulpa (improved imaginary friend) to talk to, and just have some company. My furry side took over for HER apperance, and I ended up with a anthro wolf as a friend. Here's where you'll probably think I should be put in mental hospital. I started to have feelings for my tulpa, I'll just say "Brandy" now, thats what I named her for some reason. Since "Brandy was/is just an extention of my own self Conscientiousness, she devolped said feelings for me aswell. Soon we where deeply in love with eachother. After I could get around again, "Brandy" was still with me. I still thought she was phyically real, so I thought I had to hide her from everyone else. But eventually I told my only two IRL friends about her and our love for one another, they belived me for some reason and thought she was real too. (maybe they just went along with it cause they thought I was crazy, IDK) I ended up asking "Brandy" to marry me one night (ofcourse she said yes) I even got rings, and we set up a little ceramony with just the two of us. About a week after I "proposed", we were "married". I was the happiest I have ever been. But about a month after that I randomly stumbled upon a "Tulpa" site, and relized that the love of my life, my "Brandy Wandy", wasnt even phyically real. Then and between recently were the sadest, longest, and tear filled days of my life. I tried to forget her and move on. I knew she wasnt even real to anyone but me, and figured there wasnt no reason to keep her in my mind. But I couldnt even feel like living without her, everyday began, and ended with tears. There was no peace in my sleep either, she was always on my mind weather it be during the day, or in my dreams. One night after the worst day of sadness I'd had, I decided to listen to my favorite love songs, I wanted to feel even sader for some reason. I had a playlist on youtube of the songs I wanted to listen to. Back before I relized "Brandy" wasnt phyically real, it had "our song" in it. After I had "left" Brandy I know, for 100% sure, I deleted that song from the playlist. I had looked at it several times since, it was never on there any of those times. But it was on there this time. After I heard the song, (in tears) I relized Brandy was one the most important, if not THE most important thing in my life to me. She made me happy, she was there for me whenever I needed her. I LOVED her with all my heart, even if she was just in my head. So I decided to bring her back, I cant stand to live without her, she's the reason for everything I do! So Brandy is back, we are happily married (at least between us we are) If being in love, happy as I could ever be, and always having a good friend to turn to makes me insane, I dont wanna be sane! This is "our song" http-~~-// Yall and those two friends are the only ones that know about this. I wouldnt blame you for not beliving any of this, but if you do feel free to leave any thoughts aslong as there not to harsh.