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Found 31 results

  1. For me, Music and Food extend my attention span, I have no patience when my parents are talking to me. However during school, I fall asleep when the teacher starts to lecture, like within 5 minutes of the talk How about you?
  2. Alright, for all you popcorn connoisseurs out there; I have a simple question. In order to get your popcorn to prime condition for nomming, how long do you cook it in your microwave/oven/cauldron/etc.? Vote in the poll and post below! I personally use 1:41 minutes most of the time. 1:40 generally cooks popcorn well without leaving a lot of kernels or burning it, but I tend to cook popcorn at night and I don't want to wake everyone else up with the beeping of the microwave, so I add another second so I can stop the microwave early without losing time.
  3. Hey-o Ponies! today ill bring you this questionarie about your views with Long distance relationships, there's 10 questions about your opinion, just remember, if you wanna explain your motives of those choices, or want something to add and express with your fellow bronies, you can share it with us in the coments, and remember to be respectful with replies, thank you!
  4. 14. The longer a song is, the more epic it is. - The 101 Rules Of Power Metal This thread is dedicated to songs with epic lengths, the longer the better. Share songs that you consider long. Discuss what you think makes a song long. I'm going to start with something that I'm pretty sure everybody can agree is long. Here's Sleep's masterpiece, Dopesmoker. If 63 minutes isn't long, I don't know what is. As for what I think makes a song long, I would say anything longer than 8 minutes. It might be because I've been listening to a lot of long songs for a long time and I'm getting used to long songs.
  5. So, what has been the longest it's taken you to beat a video game? Did it take you days, weeks or even moths to finish it? What game was it in particular?
  6. The thread where every post must be decidedly obscenely long.
  7. The question i'd like to ask you all today is, specifically, how long did it take you to become a brony after you've discovered the fandom? This has tugged at my curiosity for a while now and i can only imagine it wasn't as immediate to some as it was to other. My personal input is a year and a half, give or take. I was well aware of the fandom back in... 2011'ish i believe? But iv'e only become a brony by summer 2013. So how long did it take you to become an avid admirer of all things pony?
  8. This is the topic for posting anything and everything related to the TV show Sherlock. I just finished watching it last week and am now, like every other fan, dying from the 2 year hiatus. BUT ANYWAY. Images yay! And for some reason I can't yet identify, Mycroft is becoming my favorite character. Something about that freaking umbrella he carries everywhere...
  9. So, there is a facial hair thread but I could not find a regular hair thread, so here one is! Talk about the hair on your head! What type of hairstyle do you most often have? How long is your hair? What color is it? (is it dyed or natural?) And really anything else that makes your hair unique Also, what are you thoughts about other types of hair and hair styles What do you think someone's hair be like in order to make them more attractive? What's your take on celebrity hairstyles? What kind of hair/hair style do you wish you could have/do? Give me the history of your hair, because hair is one the most defining features of any person...I mean in the Anime world, you can have the exact same body structure, but just change the eye color and hair style/color and BAM....a completely different character is made. This is especially true in the world of Equestria; you can change their body/eye color and their cutie marks, but it's the mane and tail that are the most definitive characteristic of FIM.... For me... I always had shoulder length or shorter hair....I grew up hating bangs and hating long hair....Most of my childhood consisted of ear-chin length hair (about 2-5 inches in length) because I was (and still am) a tomboy. Hair for most of my young life was an inconvenience, and thus I cared little for it, and that's how it was all the way up through college (although I did have shoulder length hair by then). But now I am married. My husband loves my hair a lot, and encouraged me to grow it out a bit more. So I have been for the past four years. I do not trim anything but the bangs (yes I now have bangs), and I just use a razor to do that since it's such a small area. I do not care about split ends and whatnot because unless you look really hard, I can't tell the difference. My hair is very fine and flat. It's so fine that I have never been able to do much with it anyways. Any hairstyle I do falls out within an hour, even if I used a crap ton of hair spray. I have to use special rubber ponytail ties because all the regular ones slide out (all hair accessories do that to me). Thus, the only thing I now do is braid it after showers, and then hold it in a double pony tail (one pony tail at the base of my neck and another ponytail 3/4 of the way down my hair to prevent snarling) once I take my braids out. The braids add volume and life to my hair once I take them out because the hair dries while in the braids. My hair is darker brown with a red tinge to it. I have only dyed it once in my life, and that was black back in college because I wanted to see how I looked with black hair because that was my birth mother's natural hair color. My hair is now about 30 inches long, right at the bottom of my braline (I think it's called BSL)...I plan to keep letting my hair grow out, and have no plans of ever really cutting it unless I can't get around sitting on it and then it will be trimmed. I can't it that I've been heavily influenced by anime hair because I really like long hair, but just don't see it as functional or practical. I honestly think my long hair is a waste of time and a lot of maintenance, but if my husband wants long hair, I want him to be happy. Plus we both really like braids.
  10. Went ahead and tried to make my first mansion ever in sims 2 and this is what it came out as. Hope you like it.
  11. I know it changes places and some people on here might live close to it, but I'm just wondering For a couple years if I am correct it's been in New York, now it's Baltimore. I'm not trying to sound picky, but I'm not dragging my ass all the way to Baltimore just for one BronyCON, it's just to much money and it's to far.. I just wish it was closer :/
  12. Here's a link to the article- But the basics are that through studying a mutated molecule in a worm scientists could discover a way to extend human life by 30%, which when combined with insulin-signalling mutations would double the time they live. Or something like that. So, what are your opinions on this? Would you want life to be extended by that much? Do you think this method will really work as well as they say? And, if so, when do you think this will be available for human testing? Discuss.
  13. Guys... I don't know how much longer I can take of this. I think I've seen enough bans of my friends to actually call it my "depressant". I honestly would like to tell you about my "sob stories", but unfortunately, I don't want to. I'll just instead make a summary with the words, "banned", "friends", and "depressed" It's not the forums; the forums are great! The staff too! Well, not all of them~ Certain members in the staff are mostly my main reason that I'm considering leaving the forums. Not in fear. It's just that I can't take it anymore. I tried to prove my friend's innocence, which is decline. So, I give up. I was really hoping the staff would take the Mods and Men thread to heart ( Unfortunately, that is not what I see in my eyes... That is why I'm thinking about leaving the forums, at least until Rinku's (who I believe have done nothing intentionally wrong) ban gets lifted. I can't say I'm going to do it now: I don't want this member's request on this forum to go empty handed. When I'm done with that then... let whatever shall happen at the end happen... If you guys really want to talk to me, my skype name is, of course, psycheclops. If you're some certain mod that I would consider my "enemy", don't bother asking me to add you... I don't want to talk to you
  14. I would like to share my improvement from when I first started out art this year. I know it's nothing fantastic to look at, but I really want to improve and looking back at when I first started stuns me. All images are compiled into this very long album to walkthrough the various art choices I've decided to make. Feel free to criticize, I need to improve. Sorry if it's a bit long, you can just scroll down mindlessly to see each image.
  15. Hello! Humanoidal Version of Rainbow Dash I was inspired to do this when taking part in Ponymeet *.* Hope you like it! And check my gallery here: And art: ~AikoiShika
  16. Simply put, i`ve decided to start a long term project, which involved a dramatic reading of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons. I`ve never done a project like this, but understand that if you want a part that this will be long term, with hundreds of lines for most characters. While mic quality is important, what i`m really looking for is emotion. If you sound like you`re talking out of a broken radio, i`ll probrably still give you a shot if you`re good. I`m going to list a few of the main characters from the first book for all of you to look at. If they are marked with an O, they are open. C, they are closed and very unlikely to reopen. C? Means they are currently closed, but might be opened soon. O? means they are almost definatly open. EDIT: In order to make it easier for those that have not read the story, I will mark each character with an M for male and a F for female. This does not mean you MUST be of that gender, it just so you know whom is which gender. If you have auditions send them here: If I wish to discuss your audition further, i`ll reply, and perhaps share my skype for further communication. For your auditions, I`d suggest just reading a few lines from the first chapter the character appears in, but if you are familar with the story, I would love to hear auditions for some of the later, more dramatic scenes. Edit: After some consideration, i`ve opted to add both the first chapter the character appears in, as well as some of thier lines for use in audition. By all means, you don`t need to use these lines, they are there for those that do. I`ll add onto this as I feel is needed. F: BlackJack/Narrator:O First appearance: Chapter 1 "Red, it`s dead. Yellow, be mellow." "Great, cause do I have a story to tell! Here I was, minding my own bussiness, when these hoofcuffs appeared on me like magic! Can you believe that?" I asked with a grin as I tapped them on the table. "So, there I was, pondering and bemoaning my perdiciment, when I remembered a certain vision of angelic equinity whose magic far outshines my own, and whose kindness and generosity would compell them to free me!" "Well... i`m gonna go thump 'em with my stick." "I`m not an executioner." "She shot me! You shot me in my face!" "What`s with people shooting me when my guard is down, huh? That`s two times in two days!" "They told him to stop transmitting! They told him to shut up and die with dozens of young ponies! They were organized enough for that!" M:P-21: C? (GingerJoy) "Blackjack, are you trying to turn us into the deadliest band of angsty whiny ponies to wander the Wasteland?" "Just kill`s what you do, isn`t it?" "Don`t touch me!" "why... why did you stop them when you`re just going to kill me anyway?" "To hell with you, this Stable, and everypony in it! my whole life, you mares have fucked me! Now you`re getting fucked by you`re own. It`s nothing less than you deserve." "Seeking out death and danger for fun and profit. What a life..." "Isn`t there a firearm rule about not putting the barrel up your nose?" F:Rampage:O M:Deus:O "CUUUUUUUNT" "Cunts gun is broke. Cunt is useless. Cunt should be FUCKED. Right, cunt?" "Cunt thought she was fast! Cunt was wrong!" "Cunts still got some fight in 'em, Cunts are FUCKED." F:Scotch Tape:O F:Midnight:O "I don`t have time for flank spank right now Blackjack, the Overmare`s pissed." "Get out! Of all the times to come to me for flank spank, you choose now!? Get out right now or ill-" "You`re going to owe me so much for this Blackjack..." "Find security... get everyone down below.... what are you going to do?" F:Overmare:O "Get out! Getout get out get out! Leave before I have you all shot! You`re useless!" "Oh! You found my trick pony!" "That doesn`t matter. This is my stable. Mine. And i`m not going to allow that gray nag to run it any longer! It`s mine!" "why don`t you tell me where Rivets and the other 30 maintenance mares are hiding. Do they have weapons? Are they planning to sabotage my Stable?" "There is a threat to my Stable, and to my ponies. A threat within that must be dealt with." "Stable Overmare log 11-#260: The traitor! The little traitor! I select her, allow her to go outside, and she dares demand that I give her her reward? How dare she! How DARE she!? She`s placed an enscription on EC-1101, and refuses to lift it, even when I threatened to throw her and her foal into the recycler." F: Daisy: O "No running in the halls, Blackjack. Not even after pussy." "Awe, don`t know the spell yourself? I thought all security unicorns did. Marmalde does!" "About time we found the missing penis. And he`s with you! Bonus." "oh, he`s fighting us. Resisting secuirty, a real dangerous case, eh Marmalade?" "One day, i`m gonna have your fucking head on a stick Blackjack. Promise you that." "Yeah yeah yeah, sunshine and rainbows and hugs and all that horseshit." F: Marmalade : O "Back? You`re going somewhere?" "But you`ll die.... I don`t want you to go..." "Cause you`re my friend... why else do you think I fooled around with you all this time?" Really lazy... a bit of a letch.... Oh! and her horn is so tiny!" "How`d you know?.................. Rude..." "Opens a camera.... well, that`s what they said it did." F: Rivets : O "So, Blackjack, I noticed you keep getting shit on by Daisy and the others. They`ve been doing that for what, 3 years now?" "Well, that`s the question isn`t it? We cant do anything, Daisy is security, you get your job and you keep it, no matter how you abuse it." "Is it? You think it`s right that ponies like Daisy and Marmalade get to give you the shit ration day in day out?" F:Gin Rummy: O "So everypony, I want to thank you for your hard work. Stable incident reports are down under 5% this month. There hasn`t been anymore than a few Class C violations of violating curfew. Springs was caught hoarding a stash of med-x but surrendered it willingly. Punishment is 20 lashes in the atrium tommarrow morning." "Punishment will be administed by a random pony from A shift, Daisy. You know that." "Oh, and tommarrow, i`d like any pony confused about how to dispell a hoofcuff spell to please report to the security station at twelve hundred hours for for remidation." "Good thing your horn is so small, little fishy." M:DJ-Pon3:O Crazed Raider Mare: O "Bang, yer dead" M: U-10: O "I didn`t think I was sceduled for a double...." Merc Mare: O F: Lock : O "C`mon, let`s run for it!" F: Barrel : O "This is suicide..." M:U-21 : O "You can`t, Deus! If you destroy the terminal, than Sangurine will NEVER get that file!" "Okay... get the program, don`t get killed... get the program, don`t get killed...." "I should go with her, I should be the one who gets it." M: Ol' Hoss : O F: Textbook : O Chapter 1 "We were having a private conversation! F:Morning Glory:O M : Brolly: O Chapter 3 "Yeah dude, Rainbow may be hot, but you`ve got, like, no chance with her. Dude, isn`t she like the spokesperson for mare-riders? Heh.... yeah, I hear that. So, check out my score on the last basketball match on monitor one? Shyeah, we kicked tail thanks to yours trul-...... hey, what just happened?" "...this is crazy. The hoof is fucking gone, man! It`s fucking gone! There`s green... fire...shit like, everywhere! Nopony knows what`s going on. Fuck man! Game over!" M)Watcher : O "Yeah, ya did. But to be blunt, you`re fuck up only killed one filly. I know ponies who`s fuck ups have killed millions. Son on a grandscale of fuck-ups, I think you`re overrating yourself. So i`m asking you, is this it? Are you the pony that wallows in self-pity, and kicks herself for a mistake, or not? Because if it is, i`ll leave. I can`t help you. You can`t help anypony." F) Scoodle: O "Oh, this? Radhog is good 'eatin'!" " see, there are three kind of folks. Theres the kind that`ll shoot ya, the kind that`ll help ya, and the kind that won`t lift a hoof to help ya, but probrably won`t kill ya lessin ya give ;em a reason. M:The Dealer: O F:Lacunae:O F:Psychoshy: O F:Duct Tape:O "Overmare, you wanted me too.... oh... my." "I..... I didn`t want to be late. "Is he... is everything alright?" "I.... don`t think so. I mean... um... shouldn`t we get him to medical?" "this is so wonderful, it`s like a dream come true. The Overmare`s been so wonderful lately..." "And we can have another foal together! or two, or three! Because once we`re out, we won`t need quotas!" "You can be my.. my... what was it again? oh yes... husband. We can be the first poniess married in 99 since... well, the bad thing happened." "... I thought you`d be happy..." F:Charity:O M:Priest:O M/F:Various Crusaders:O (again, more the merrier) M( as the name implies):Big Daddy:O F: BottleCap:O F :Caprice:O M: Leo Zodiac:O M:Taurus:O F:Gemini: (technically two people, but stated to sound exactly alike) F: Aries:O M: Aquarius:O M: Prince Splendid:O F: Homage:O M: Stygius: O F: Xanthe: O M:Gorgon: O F: Virgo:O F:Twist: O F Psalm: O M: StrongHoof: O M: Rover (Diamond Dog) : O F: Applebot:O M: Sanguine:O (There are PLENTY of others. If I haven`t listed them yet, but you want to audition for them, go for it! it`ll remind me what to put up!) Now, there are a TON more characters that exist, even in the first book alone, but i`m taking this one step at a time here, so I`m gonna go with just focusing on the first book for now, and this should mostly cover the first couple of chapters. I`ll add more as I see fit. I really hope this caught your interest, cause i`d really love to see this through! So come one and all, experienced and new, young and old, mares and colts! Here, for those who want to read through, get your lines, or refersh your memory, here`s a link to the books: As a side note, if you see a part taken that you really think you could do a good job of, feel free to apply regardless. If I feel that your performance is preferable, I may switch you in for the part.
  17. Hello guys! I just started a new fanfic called The Spirit Of Order. I'm planning it to be rather long, and I'm hoping I can write a really good story! The first chapter is up! It's going to be about as dark as the show, at maximum a little darker than Sombra. And it shouldn't have that much romance at all. If I do sequels, it may have a little, but it will probably never go past holding hooves or paws or whatever, and maybe a peck on the lips, (Cadence and Shining Armor kiss) at most. It will have humor, adventure, hopefully cool character development and awesomeness like that. Mostly, it will be interaction between Discord, the Mane 6, a little bit of Celestia, and a certain spirit of Order that I made up. She's really cool. So, a big adventure to save the world from tearing apart at the seams. Please give the first chapter a shot, and maybe give it a review, or a follow if you like it, and a favorite, if you're like, "Ermerger, this is so interesting!" So yeah, thanks for reading this long thing of text. Here's the link! Here's the link to the FiMFiction site Hope to read your reviews!
  18. So last night when i was skyping with my D and D group, when my regular high tech Dell laptop started acting up. The built in mouse pad was having a seizure. everytime i touched it the stupid mouse would zoom in on the webpage. Having little to no patience i quickly grabbed my Iphone and put the Dragonborn's shouts on. turned up the volume and when it came time for the FUS RO DAH I shouted along and punched my laptop. It all went downhill from there. Apparently Dell isnt built to take a punch therefore the hard drive broke and i lost all my data. This means the Fan-fics i wrote and the countless brony music i downloaded. I always laughed at the notification that said to back up the data. I hate myself so much. If you saw my previous status update then i need to explain something. Me and some friends pretended to be a terrorist group and made a plan to overthrow the government. without going into details it may or may not be perceived as a real threat. just me being paranoid cause i asked the guy about the whole thing and he said they would not look at my data. Although i would have to send the harddrive to a data recovery center and they DO look at your data. i need help from a tech savy brony right about now.
  19. I'm writing a fanfiction, and I think it'll be pretty interesting. I just wanted to ask what is an appriopriate length for a fanfiction that'll most likely be medium-sized. Whenever I'm reading fanfic, I usually stick to the 20,00-70,000 word length. If its too long, no one will wanna finish reading it. If it's too short, no one will want to even begin reading it. So opinions? (Oh btw, my fanfic is going to be emotional, shipping, grimdark-ish, and overall a survival-of-the-fittest scenaro)
  20. I decided to try to make a pony with a very long mane. This would be the result In my opinion he looks like a member of one of those hair metal bands, but that's just me. Critique is appreciated.
  21. hello everybody i just finished after hours off hard work and computer problems i am finally able to upload this and i would like to now what u guy/girls think about it P.S i realized this but i uploaded the wrong version off the song this is the incomplete version sorry
  22. Hope Watching the sun set on the forest leaves I know now were all born to be free the moon, the stars, the sky shines bright with all that we've been wishing for is granted on this night The swarm of insects blurs the sky Everything lays down to die the plants, the birds, the silent grass All sleeping for it to pass A small animal crawls out And with audacity decides to creep about For it's deeds are to deep to be true This one animal waits for you I look to the stars for one true answer But all I see is dreams that become a cancer growing endlessly in the sky where all good dreams go to die Last, but not least on this night I see the mighty Earth giving up the fight The last of the animals have been set to stone The cries of things once flesh and bone I kick the stone that's by my feet As the stone awakes and starts to tweet A little bird just born this night Creeping on with all it's might This shows me that there is one thing This has been around since the first being Is hope for a brighter land This is already in our hands...
  23. Whenever you are in danger, whenever you need help, you can count on the MlpForum rescue heroes to save you no matter what!
  24. Alright, be prepared for a long post, that may or may not be a set of ramblings spawned by vivid dreams of Celestia telling me how her world worked with clues into Equestrian government and warfare. Be warned, your mind may explode. Magic is a force that is commonly seen in the world of Equestria. The ability to utilize this force is inherent in several creatures in varying degrees. But the question presents itself: What is this magic? And furthermore, how much as it affected Equestrian history. According to this theory that I have, a lot more than you think. All start with the first two points in my theory: 1: Magic is a type of energy interconnected with corresponding emotions in the creatures that utilize that energy. 2: For every pure emotion there is a corresponding energy, resulting in many differing magical energies of varying power and forms for every emotion given, some stronger than others. This point can be easily explained by the types of the creatures that inhabit Equestria. The ponies are inherently magical in of themselves, as they are not only intelligent and thus able to express many emotions, but are physically able to express magic. Unicorns are obvious, who are able to use their telekinesis to perform many tasks. The Pegasi use their magic to assist in flight and allow them control over the weather and walk on clouds, and the Earth Ponies are granted mastery of the soil and innovation. Many times the extent of each of these ponies' abilities is determined by their emotions and desires. Rainbow Dash is given the powers to fly at extreme speeds not only because she trains, but also because of her confidence, while Fluttershy normally is unable to fly unless her mind is set on something else usually involving an exp<b></b>ression of kindness. And of course, you see the creatures that prey upon the ponies' emotions. Creatures like the Wendigos and Changelings that feed upon the energies of the ponies' emotions, and manifest it themselves in either magical exp<b></b>ression such as the blizzard that nearly drove the pre-Equestrian ponies to starvation, or to merely sate their own hunger and bolster their own magical strength. Celestia and Luna themselves have roles in this magical energy. Actually much more than most other ponies. Celestia and Luna appear to be a culmination of the entirety of the magical energies inherent in ponies, with Celestia being positive and light emotions and energies, and Luna being negative and dark emotions and energies. Like Yin and Yang; two opposites in harmony. To explain further, Celestia is the embodiment of the Magic of Friendship. She was able to possess and use the Elements of Harmony on her sister to banish her, so it is obvious that specific energy is Celestia's strongsuit, (being a combination of the positive energies that create it) However, due to the lack of negative, Celestia is weak when it comes to offensive or aggressive magic, case and point being her battle against Chrysalis. Especially against the bolstered magic of Love, shown to be a far more potent but lesser known magical source, Celestia could not hold. Instead, Celestia shows she would be better at passive magical spells, involving healing, growth, countercurses, and the like. Luna on the other hand, would possess the darker emotions of ponykind, as well as the more mellow energies of the night. It doesn't deny her the ability to feel the positive emotions of her sister, but they are there precariously perched, thus once pushed, she fell down a spiral that allowed her to be absorbed in those emotional energies. However, it is not without a purpose. In Equestrian government, I feel that those energies would be used in times of Warfare, so Luna would be in command of Equestria's armies, while Celestia held the responsibility of the economical, social, and governmental sides of the dimonarchy. The next two points in my theory: 3: Magical energy is neither created or destroyed, and must be utilized through a host or hosts in some way or form. 4: Magical energy of a certain emotion has an equal and opposite emotional energy, and both these energies, when combined, cancel out each other's effects. Prime example of this: Discord. Discord feeds off of Chaotic energy, the opposite of the combined energies of Celestia and Luna, being Harmonious energy. Discord is interesting, as he almost always creates a constructive loop whenever he's active; creating more chaos to bolster his power, which he uses to create even more chaos, until all chaotic energy available is used to saturate the world with chaos through him. However, no matter how much of Equestria he controls, there still was that element of Harmony that bested him, meaning that energy was never destroyed, and even so, was in a strength able to completely counter the chaotic effects. Discord could not harm the Elements, only hide them and try to corrupt the bearers. The Elements of Harmony are a host for Harmonic Energy, as well as their chosen bearers, meaning that Chaotic Magic cannot physically harm them, but the minds of the bearers themselves can be corrupted to utilize chaotic emotions instead of Harmonious energy. (One theory I have always had was that Celestia and Luna were created, not born by chance, to serve that role as hosts for Harmony with the Elements as a key to allow them to use all of that energy available to use at once.) When Discord was defeated, he was turned into stone, preventing him of being a host of that chaotic energy. However, all the emotional energy requires a physical host, so according to these magical laws, a new host was created, taking on a dormant chaotic form that exists to this day: The Everfree Forest. A second example of this energy balance is in the banishment of Nightmare Moon. Ponies, as I said before, are inheritly magical creatures, and are able to be hosts of many types of emotional energy. Luna and Celestia are more considered "master hosts" being more in tune with the majority of the energies. When Luna became jealous, she was overwhelmed with the magical energies of anger and contention (which power the Windegos) and maybe even some of the energies of Chaos which she absorbed to physically transform herself and become an embodiment of those energies. However, unlike Discord, when she was banished, she was not rendered unable to be a host, she was simply moved and imprisoned, meaning most of the negative energies went with her. That said, Harmonious and Positive magical energies compensated for this sudden gap, allowing Celestia to rule over Equestria for 1000 in what was said to be absolute peace. Meaning that in those times, ponies, who are lesser hosts of these emotional energies, suddenly had less capacity to express negative emotions. When Nightmare Moon returned, we see that ponies are becoming more and more contentious. With Nightmare Moon bringing back the majority of her magical energy back, the Ponies were suddenly able to physically express anger, sorrow, jealousy, and contention again, and over time, they became more comfortable in expressing it. So in conclusion: Magical Energy is a type of energy that requires a host or hosts, which is usually a creature or object that is physically attuned to utilize this specific energy. It comes in forms and powers based off of emotions, having an equal and opposite emotion to counter it, and can neither be created or destroyed. Magical energy has played a role in Equestrian history from the beginning of time, and has undoubtedly had a hand in shaping the results of conflicts past and to come. And then of course, one final note to add that contains possible spoilers of Season 3 so look at it at your own risk... So I hope I wasn't too confusing. Hard to imagine I came up with this in my sleep...
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