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Found 1 result

  1. To all people who can lend their voices and music-making abilities: I am currently in the process of creating the lyrics to create a parody of Owl City's "Fireflies", and I am in much need of other people to aid me in this project. Upon completion of everything being made, it will be uploaded on youtube. There are two different apps you can fill out, for either singing or for creating the music. Those who would like to sing will participate in an audition via Skype. Those who would like to compose the music must give at least twenty seconds long, or you can insert a previous work that is longer. You must prove that you created the work, though, and you'd have to be pretty dumb to input someone else's work when you know we'll expect you to create a new musical track. Apps For singers, we are looking for someone who can do a Twilight voice, as the song is supposed to be sung by her. Singer App *Name: Age: *Skype ID: *Gender: *Have you worked on any previous songs? If so, put a link, please!: Composer App *Name: Age: *Skype ID: *Example music (it is preferred to be posted on youtube): I will be extremely busy for a while with school and other activities, so I will stop taking applications on the twenty-sixth of January, as it is the best, most available time to be able to hold auditions. Thanks for submitting your apps! ~Freeze Oh, while we would like female singers, we could work it out to where there are male singers as well. I really hope people sign up for this, as I am quite good at writing lyrics, and, if everything goes well, already have an animation team set up.