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Found 7 results

  1. These are two high points in a song that make me feel like dancing. Both can be rather intricate and complex. One belongs to rock and heavy metal music, the other belongs to "brostep." If I feel energetic, I prefer "bass drops" to solos. If I feel rather drained, a good guitar solo often energizes me. If you listen to both these genres, do you have a preference? Or does it depend on your mood? EDIT: Don't forget to vote on the poll.
  2. So, just a random question by me. Would you rather be unable to see, hear, taste, touch, or smell? I would rather lose the ability to taste. That way I can eat more healthier foods without thinking: "Damn, that tastes bad." I as well wouldn't need to buy candy and other unhealthy food since I no longer can get pleasure from eating them.
  3. Taking another, largely facetious, stab at this lol. People like to pit colorful, talking ponies against just the absolute worst, most unfathomably powerful, world-destroying evil entities that video games, literature, TV and movies hath ever provided. And it's always some boring fight to the death. Yawn. Therefore, I've sought to change things up somewhat: Each of the Mane 6 face a competitor (inexplicably dragged out of their respective universes to face a specific ponygirl). It is not a fight to the death. In fact, killing (anyone) is strictly forbidden, and any who so much as attempt to inflict lethal harm will be instantaneously disqualified and banished to the Lego-verse wherein they shall forever assume the form of an impotent yellow Lego block. Attempting to cause significant or disabling physical injury to anyone will result in a similar banishment, differing only in that the assumed Lego block form will be red. Competitors are allowed (nay, encouraged!) to "say mean things" to one another and to "talk smack." Twilight Sparkle will face Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) in a book reading contest. Whoever reads the most pages from Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" (available in whatever languages the competitors are most comfortable with) within the given time period of thirty minutes - provided they can accurately answer a page number-appropriate question pertaining to the book afterwards - wins the competition. Who would be the victor?? Rarity will face Freddy Kreuger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) in a dress-making contest. Both competitors will have precisely one hour to make a dress and have access to the same amount of materials. Freddy is permitted to use his "special glove" to cut fabric, but - as this competition will take place in the real world - any abilities he may possess solely in the dream world are inhibited. The resulting dresses will be judged on a ten point scale by a panel consisting of Judge Dredd, Judge Judy, and Judge Man. Who would be the victor??? Apple Jack will face the Xenomorph (Alien) in an apple pie-baking competition. They will both have access to the same ingredients and cooking implements. The resulting apple pies will be taste tested by Kirby, a Yoshi, and a Snorlax. All of whom will judge the deliciousness of the pie by how "happy" they become immediately following consumption. Except for Snorlax, who will likely fall asleep. Who. Would. Be. The victor???? Fluttershy will face Great Cthulhu (The Call of Cthulhu) in a blushing competition. Cephalopods are known for their impressive color-changing abilities, so this could be anyone's game. The blush MUST, however, be produced after the competitors have been exposed to an exceedingly cute bunny. Criteria upon which the blush will be judged include: duration, significance of color change, and how "adorable" it makes the competitor look. Anyone's game, indeed. Who would... You get the idea. Pinkie Pie will face Satan (the bible) in a joke-off. The joke cannot be of a derogatory or beyond-PG nature, and it must be accompanied by a rimshot - competitors will be provided with the means to manually produce said rimshot. Satan is allowed to say "hell" in the wording of his joke, as he is from there. The funniness of the jokes will be judged (by their laughter) by a panel consisting of: a human baby, a laughing hyena, and some guy that just wandered into the competition. His name is Bob. Whowouldbethevictor?? Rainbow Dash will face Godzilla in a race. As Godzilla is a being (radioactive lizard thing?) of significant, err... Girth - the starting line will be drawn along whatever part of his body most protrudes. RD is permitted to fly, but she is discouraged from utilizing the Sonic Rainboom. Because fair is fair. The race will be conducted in a more-or-less straight line over a distance of ten miles. If Godzilla comes close to squashing or otherwise harming ANYONE (whether deliberately or simply because he's a big dude), it's a Lego life for him. Just to be clear: bugs do not qualify as "anyone," as they are bugs. Godzilla is permitted to squash all the bugs he likes; he just may not squash any, say, people as if they were bugs. Victory goes to... Well, whosoever crosses the finish line first. If Godzilla goes on some wacky detour because he felt like remodeling a city's skyline, that's his own fault. Who would win???$?
  4. I thought of a somewhat different MLP vs. concept: MLP (dem colorful ponies) Vs. every and any villain, monstrosity, video game boss, or what have you bad-guy-types UNDER THE SUN! But... It's "versus" in terms of lovable-ness. Love-ability?? Love... You get the idea. Which is more lovable?? Cthulhu or ponies? (I know, I know - Cthulhu is a big squeezable oaf. But TRY to consider the ponies.) Majin Buu... Or ponies? Freddy Kreuger or ponies?? I mean, Freddy's got that cute little glove thing... Wait. [insert bad guy] vs. ponies. So... Yeah I'm sure I'll get zero posts under this lol.
  5. For me, Hell no. By the time the two-part Season Four premiere comes out, it's going to be a save-the-world story like previous season premieres, except this time it'll have Twilight sacrifice her wings and princesshood to save her friends from whatever evil threat the writers pit her against. Besides, if you're going to turn Twilight into a princess, you might as well turn Rarity into a world-famous fashion designer, and Rainbow Dash into a Wonderbolt, while making both those characters leave each other and their other friends behind to do so. If Twilight's gonna break up with the Mane Six, the rest might as well do so, too... except maybe Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie, because they'll probably stay in Ponyville for their own reasons (animals, farm-life, and "hey, why not", respectively). And yes, I'm still struggling to get over the shock of seeing Twilight become a princess. And yes, I'd rather the humanized ponies from Equestria Girls, than Princess Twilight, because at the very least the former doesn't break continuity like the latter.
  6. Depression is one hell of a condition. Waking up every morning and wishing that you hadn’t, forcing yourself to move your tired, worn limbs as your brain sluggishly tries to process thought, just to have the same negative impressions loom at the brim of your subconscious… What is the point? Why did I bother waking up at all? What does it all mean? What do I live for? Man without purpose is like the walking dead. We need to have a drive, a motivational force, to pull us out of our beds every morning and encourage us to face the new day. Without it, we are like empty, dried husks of lost hopes, drifting through life without destination. But then there is a spark. A little gleam at the end of the dark and dreary tunnel, that is so soft and friendly that you cannot help but follow it’s beckoning glow. You come to realise that there is a point and a purpose, there always has been, you just did not notice it before, or maybe you did not even know that it existed at all, until now at least. You reach out and grasp it tight, not sparing any risk of letting it escape your grip, and hug it close, relishing it’s warmth and the dark tunnel fades and you are back in your house, in your bed. But now you know. Now life beckons you to do great things. It matters not if the world recognises you or grows to know and cheer your name, or boo it down. Greatness is not defined by the masses, but by the heart. You have found your purpose at last, and you will ride it to the end of your days. A gleam on your flank; a cutie mark? And why not? You have found your spark, your special talent, what makes you you! This is where the words end and the magic begins, a never ending stream of doorways, opportunities waiting to be discovered, paths longing to be tread, and art yearning to be made. Do not worry, young foal. The spark is there, and you will find it, in time. It may be staring you in the face, even now. Just keep your chin up and push those doubts away, for you will achieve great things. Look not for Celestia to raise your sun for you. Your hooves are capable of that, and so much more, even if not now. They will be. In time.
  7. Assuming it doesn't kill you, of course. So, what organ can you lose, know you lost it, but still keep calm knowing that you don't have that organ? I'm not sure if this is a very limited choice, since I don't know about the human body as much as other people. For me, I would be able to accept the fact that I lost the genital that defines my manhood, assuming I can still excrete liquid wastes from somewhere. I'm not sure if saying the actual name of what I am talking about will give me a warning or not, but I might as well not risk it. My reason mostly being that I get an erection at random times, and whether or not I am in the public, it annoys me to heck. Girls have it easy, they can wear skin-tight things and not have to re-adjust them as much to make it feel comfortable. So then, what is yours?