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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I don't often post blogs, but I feel like I've got something to say... Since finding out about the death of our friend, @TempestShadow, I just wanted to say that I feel like this is a reminder that we should be grateful for everyone in our lives because, for all you know, it could be the very last time you see somebody and you will end up regretting it... Although not always in the form of death, there are a lot of people I miss in my life who I've lost, be it friends, family members and even my girlfriend, sometimes without knowing what happened to them, and I honestly regret that I did not spend enough time with them, and it does make me feel like I should get back in touch with these people, even though I'm not sure how I'm going to contact them again, and I don't want to lose anyone else. Going off topic, I feel like everything that has been going on so far in this year has been a bit of a "wake up call" so to speak, and if there is anything you feel like you need to fix, you should probably go fix it before it's too late, and if you feel like you need to do or say something, you should probably do it, because the world isn't going to wait... But most importantly, cherish the time you spend with those you love, and make the most of it, because you never know when it will be the last time you see someone...
  2. If you wanna see true brotherly love and grief please watch the whole thing
  3. Hello everypony PonygamesFluttershy here and I decided to make this because I had found some pictures of my uncle on Google Images now before I express my story please if you have lost a loved one to the cruel fate of time please explain yourself any ways here is my story My Uncle was a Lieutenant for the El Mirage Police Department in Arizona I didn't know much about him because I met him when I moved to Arizona at the age of 5 he was a good man I bonded well with him and his son or my cousin. My uncle had done a lot for me when I was in Kindergarten he was my show and tell project he had come in the classroom in uniform and explained his job, he picked me up from school sometimes in his squad car, I loved the guy. but then he was diagnosed with cancer I don't know which form or when it happened I was 6 at the time, summer came along and my Birthday was coming soon I had hoped he would be there but on June 3 2004 15 days before my 7th birthday I learned my uncle lost his battle against cancer I was too young at the time when his funeral came I was sad but I didn't cry now even with my heart of stone it hurts just to type this not to mention I'm listening to "Sad Violin" I don't cry I enjoy making myself sad but typing this... it hurts... my uncle had inspired me to join the police for the same reason he joined "to make a difference" 12 years ago when I was 5 I told him "when I grow up I want to be just like you" and I tend to keep my promise I also am trying to find his son or my cousin I lost contact with him and have not heard from him since my uncle's funeral all I know is he is somewhere in Arizona working for the police Rest in Peace uncle and God bless your soul
  4. Alrighty so welcome to my blog, I am going to start positing one entry a day (hopefully). I have a few premade on a different site. Those ones will be moved here and slowly trickle out. This should allow me time to keep up with posts as well as give me a break when I need it. So this entire mission is now dedicated to my father. As I write this tears roll down my face, I gotta roll one to keep it going, this part of the post will be quite raw. This part is my current un edited emotions. I look forward to the journey I am about to embark on. If you guys want to come along, I would be honored to have you by my side. Gimme a sec guys to collect some thoughts and spark some creative thoughts..... Sorry about that. As some of you know my father passed so my next few posts are predated, so that I can hopefully keep up with one a day. So it would be supper cool if people followed my blog. lol I have never been all that important, I suck at spelling, I dunno if I am interesting, I rant about dumb things that sounded smart in my head I swear, and there is a good chance that I could be insane....... o.0 that is a lot of stuff working against me, but hey i think I am cute.... that's one thing for me right? So yeah, if you actually manage to follow and read my blog I am impressed. So essentially I am going to blog, at least once a day. I wanna keep up with my journey, almost like a public diary I guess, but it should help me to stay on track with my projects, I am hoping at least. It is going to be raw, down to earth, weird, funny, sad, I don't really know. What I do know though is it will be an adventure, I have many HUGE dreams and goal that I will acomplish one way or another, so if you want to follow me on this journey, man that would be cool. If you don't like what you see move along don't bother I don't have time for negative attitudes I wish only to surround myself with positive people and thinking. That being said constructive critisism is welcome and encouraged I want to get better and I only want to learn, so if you wanna pass on some wisdome, bring her on. Random rants right^^^ If you made it this far without exiting the page that means you are actually interested in my dreams or ideas..... What I would like to do is make people happy, I hate being sad, everyone does and now and then everyone needs some cheering up, but some people more than others. I want to start with children who are sick, I would like to go to hospitals with my handmade pinatas filled with treats and toys for patients who are expected to be there for a while. What would make it even more special is if it got bigger than that, If I could get voice actors, athletes, whoever the pinata is modeled after to sign it and maybe even give it to that child imagine that smile? Being that sick kid who idols someone and one day got to meet them because someone took the time to care. That is what I want to do. I want to do this so badly but I have no clue how to go about doing this. So I am in need of help, I hope the right people see this and are able to help me help others, share your knowledge if ya got any for me. I am just so sick of working in fast food and handing out cigarettes, I can't do it any more. I want to do something better, something more. Hopefully one day I can do all the great wonderful things I truly want to do. If your interested I invite you to follow my story, I will try to post as often as I can. I promise to keep it real, post my struggles, my wins, my failure, my laughter, and tears. For now though it's time for a bowl of cereal and back to my newest creation. I gotta keep plugging forward afterall. That is one of my dreams, I will not give up on it ever! I will post about other random stuff but this is going to be a continued subject Below are pics of my pinatas. Yes I made them ~
  5. Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated this blog in a while (not that anyone reads it). Just wanted to give a quick update on my weight. To be honest, I stopped exercising in a routine fashion after school started in September. However, due to my new-found metabolism, I've been able to maintain my weight, and actually lose a bit more! As of right now, I'm hovering around 190 pounds (86 kg). I've lost around 60 pounds (27 kg) since June (when I was around 250 lb / 113 kg), and 70 pounds overall (32 kg), from when I was at my heaviest (around 260 lb / 118 kg)! The main goal now is to maintain, and perhaps, next summer, I'll try to replace some of that fat mass with more muscle mass. Good luck to anyone out there trying to improve their weight! It's totally possible, and totally worth it! I believe in you!
  6. Well, it's been nearly two months since my first "Losing Weight" blog post, and my weight loss has been going pretty well so far! As of right now, I'm about 225 pounds (102 kg), down from 251 pounds (114 kg) in the first post. That's just about 10% of my body weight! To be honest, I don't expect to hit my original 200 pound (91 kg) goal before school starts, but it doesn't really matter. Weight loss is weight loss, and as long as I keep doing what I'm doing, I should be able to keep it up during the school year. If I could give any advice to someone who wants to lose weight, all I could say is eat less and work out more. As long as you're burning more calories than you're shoving into your face, you're going to lose weight! You don't have to starve yourself, but try cutting out as many carbs as you can. White bread, crackers, and other snacks are loaded with them. Cutting down on sugar, fat, and all that other bad stuff is sort of a given, and the most important thing of all is to stay positive! Try eating some more healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables! If it weren't for this weight loss, I would've never known that I like bananas and taco salads! As far as working out is concerned, I do it for an hour every weekday. Whether or not that's enough/not enough for you depends on your body type, weight, metabolism, and a lot of other factors. Do as much as you can, but don't over-strain your body. At LEAST 30 minutes 3-5 days a week should be the minimum. It's hard at first, but once you get used to the routine, it's not so bad. Don't give up! I probably won't make another weight-related blog post soon, but I won't abandon this! See you guys later!
  7. TheTEChguy27

    Losing Weight

    I've never really participated in blog-making before, but I thought I might as well keep this information down somewhere. Not sure if I'll post other things in this blog (like my YouTube videos), but I suppose I'll figure that out as this goes along. Anyways, I want to try and lose some weight this summer. In order to keep track of my weight loss (and in order to force myself to do it), I'm posting it here for people to see. Still not sure if I'm going to make a weight-related blog post every week, or each month, or just make another one at the end of summer. For those that are interested, I'm about 6'3" and 251 pounds, as of this morning. Not morbidly obese, but fat enough to feel uncomfortable and awkward in my own body. I've been overweight since elementary school, and I want to be at a normal weight before I graduate. I plan on getting down to around 200 pounds by the time the next school year starts. That's within the average weight for someone of my height. I have about 11 weeks to do this, which gives me a goal of around 4.5 pounds to lose a week. Sounds reasonable enough for someone my age, I think. My diet isn't too bad; I just need to cut down the carbs and eat more fruits and veggies. As for exercise... well, anything is better than what I currently do. I plan on walking/jogging a lot, as well as a few crunches and push-ups here and there. I'm not focusing on gaining muscle mass as much as I'm focusing on losing fat mass, though. If you actually read all of that, kudos to you. Any health nuts out there, if you have tips or ideas, I'd love to hear them! tl;dr I'm losing weight and I felt like blogging about it for some reason. See you at the gym, everypony!
  8. not finished but here is what i have note i do go by BloodBlader on many other sites. EQUESIRIAN BLADES By: BloodBlader aka blades knight Prologue In the beginning there were the three God Alicorns Ryoku, Galaxia, and Cosmos. The three alicorns had control of the three elements Wisdom, Courage, and Power. With the elements they created the world and all things on it, Cosmos created the Pegasi, Galaxia created the Unicorns, and then together they made the earth ponies. Ryoku went about making creatures like Dragons, manticores, and many other dark creatures. After some time Galaxia and Cosmos fell in love, the made Ryoku angry, for he too had fallen for Galaxia. It was not long after that Galaxia gave birth to three new Alicorns, two fillies and a brave little colt. They named the fillies Celestia and Luna, and then they named the little colt Ken Kishi. A few years passed and Ken was given the three Elements of the Beginning, Celestia was given control of the sun, and Luna was given the moon. A few years had gone by when a young Pegasus fell in love with Celestia, the young colt made a wish aloud one night Chapter One: A Forgotten Blade It was a dark stormy night in Ponyville, as Twilight Sparkle was getting ready for bed; Spike was down stairs getting a drink. “Finish up Spike, get to bed, we have a lot to do tomorrow.” Twilight called out. “I’ll be up in a minute.” Spike called back as he filled a glass with water. Twilight had jest nodded off when there came a knock at the door. Spike set down his glass and walked over to the door, “What pony would be up at this hour?” Spike muttered to himself. He opened the door, standing there was a figure in a black cloak. “Um, can I help you?” Spike asked. “Yes, is twilight still up?” the strange pony asked. “Sorry, she just went to bed.” Spike answered. “Oh well, can’t be helped. So mind if I come in out of this rain?” the strange pony asked. “Ok, but keep it down, if Twilight finds out I let somepony in at this time of the night, she’d …” Spike said ending in a large yawn. “Thanks, now Spike, you should get to bed, you have a big day tomorrow” said the strange pony coming inside and sending Spike off to bed. After Spike was upstairs the strange pony went to a bookshelf and pulled out a large book on myths and legends. He sat down and opened the book and looked thru it the whole night. Twilight awoke the next morning to the sound of rustling downstairs. She got up and looked at Spike’s bed to see he was not there. “That must be Spike trying to make breakfast.” She said stretching. Once downstairs she found Spike sitting at the table waiting. “Spike, I thought you were making breakfast?” Twilight said walking up to the table. Just then three plates of pancakes magically floated out of the kitchen, one plate had pancakes with small gems in it. “Well, good morning sleepyhead.” A voice from the kitchen said. Spike quickly started stuffing his face, Twilight sat down confused. “If I remember correctly you like yours like this.” The voice said as a butter knife magically put a small bit of butter in-between the pancakes, then the syrup bottle poured out a small amount of syrup on the pancakes. “Um, who are you..?” Twilight asked. “I’ll tell you after breakfast.” Said the voice. A white unicorn with blue eyes, and a blonde mane and tail walked out and sat at the table. Twilight sat down but kept an eye on the unknown pony sitting across from her. When the unknown pony and Spike finished their plats the stallion magically took their plates to the kitchen, and then patiently waited for twilight to finish, who was now enjoying her pancakes. When she finished the plate magically floated away, “now I have two questions, one who are you, and two, who taught you how to make those pancakes?” Twilight asked, “Well, no one taught me that recipe, it is my own creation, and that should answer both questions” the stallion answered. “But, that would mean…. BLADES!” Twilight said. “Ah, oh!” Blades said as he ducked down just in time, for a book hit the wall right were his head was seconds ago. Blades jumped from his chair and ran in to the main library wing, all the while dogging flying books. After a few minutes of dogging the books stopped, Blades looked at twilight then up, right above him was a boat load of books floating magically. “oh, bugger” Blades said as the books fell on him. Blades poked his head out from under the books just in time to see twilight ran to her room, spike ran after. Blades got up and started repairing and reshelving the books. After he put the last book away, something blue burst through the door and tackled him to the ground. “Where is Twilight, Tell me what you did to her, before I pound you.” Said the rainbow manned blue mare that was now had him pinned to the floor. “Settle down sally, let him explain himself” said another mare’s voice. “Rainbow, please get off him” came Twilight’s voice as she come down stairs a few stray tears running down her face. Rainbow hopped off, “So, I take it you have calmed down.” Blades said getting up. “Shut up, I’m still mad at you” Twilight said throwing another book, hitting him square in the head, just then Rarity and Fluttershy poked their heads in “Twilight, are you ok dear, I heard a loud racket coming from here earlier so I went and grabbed Fluttershy… and who is your handsome company” Rarity said walking in. Blades got up and brushed some dirt off himself “it seems we’re only missing one pony from the look of things.” He said “What are talking about, and also why are you here even?” Twilight asked. “Well, Princess Celestia sent me, she was looking for somepony to send here for as a bodyguard, and when I heard you were here I volunteered myself.” He said. “Who are you supposed to be guarding, sugar cube?” said Apple Jack. “Well not sure if it is you girls, or not, but I was told to protect the element users.” he said. “Well, look no farther, we are the wielders of the Elements of Harmony!” Rainbow Dash said in her normal cocky way. “HELLO TWILIGHT, OHHHH, DO I SMELL PANCAKES?” Said Pinkie Pie bouncing in and heading right in to the kitchen, moments later she came bouncing back in with a plate of pancakes and a bottle of syrup on her back, she sat down with the others when she finally noticed Blades. Pinkie Pie let out a gasp and went to run out the door but Applejack had a hoof on her tail.