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Found 6 results

  1. There is a lotto winning jack potted to 70 million AUD (Australian Dollars) for division one prize pool Now my question to all of you guys is... (well, to whoever even bothers to read this) What would you do with all that money? I would probably spend it on holidays, gifts, dream car(s) and a nice house! But anyone could put that into greater detail of course
  2. RainDash S. Dragon

    Favorite/ Lucky Number

    My favorite number is 8 Don't ask why, It just is What's yours?
  3. If I won the lottery, I would give my grandmother a new house and car so she can move away from my horrible aunt and her scumbag husband, pay off all her bills and give her some money for herself. I would also give my mom a new car and pay off her bills as well. I would also set aside some money for myself so I can have some fun, (I probably wouldn't go too crazy lol) but also I would go to Manchester to see my girlfriend and just give her whatever she wants. :3 What about you? What would you do with your new-found wealth?
  4. So, the EuroMillions Jackpot was just sat at £121 million. Like many people have, i have often thought of how i would spend such a life changing large amount of money and have spoken about it in other threads about lottery winnings. This thread is not specifically about winning the lottery, this is to ask the question, If you had a life changing amount of money, through lottery, inheritance anything really, enough money that you would never have to work again and you would be able to buy anything you ever wanted without worrying about the cost, what charitable cause would you put money to? To prevent anyone saying the noble "I would donate all my monies (as after-all it seems to be endless) to all the charities to cure everything" we shall assume a budget of around £20 million for your charity giving. I will clarify that you should work under the assumption that any money you would give to your family and friends has been done so already therefor is not something you should factor into this charity donation. What i would do - A flat amount of £10million would be shared out evenly among a multitude of charities. So, this is something i have thought about quite alot, the remaining £10million would be used to found my own charity, one that dealt with the homeless in cities, starting in my own. I frequently give money to the homeless, which some would protest saying that maybe they deserve to be homeless, this is something that i too believed years ago, thinking that people who were homeless were there because of spending money on stuff like drugs, until i spoke to a homeless guy in my city, someone who had a respectable job, a house and a family, his wife left him, he lost his job and the resulting costs that he couldn't cover lost him his house, the debt bankrupted him and put him on the streets. The reason homeless people cant just get a job is because of the perception of employers that they may not be educated enough or may be poor workers, therefor applications put in for work by homeless people often get rejected straight away. My intention would be this - Buy a few Apartments, personally hand-select homeless people living on the streets to live in them (1 per apartment) and make them live by strict rules, they would not be permitted to consume alcohol or drugs while living in the apartment else they would be kicked out, and they must attempt to quit smoking if they do, they would be given support by councilors to help them with this. They would not be permitted to let other homeless people live with them or visit them. (this may be harsh but it is far more effective to help one person at a time in one location than a group) Next they would be cleaned up and bought one presentable set of clothes and some casual clothes, following the cleanup, after a week of living in the apartment, they would be assigned with a work-placement officer, someone to help them find a job that they can do, and should they require it, get them any education they could be missing out on. Once they have a job, they would be charged minimal amounts of rent and expected to cover their own food bills (this would be to stop them getting used to having everything provided to them by the charity but should leave them enough money to buy the odd luxury item), after they have been in stable employment for a while they would be then assigned a residential councilor who would help them find a new home to live in. Once they are in their new house a support worker would be sent to check up on them and every week for the next 6 months, following that they would be checked up on monthly until a year has passed, after that they would be checked up on every 3 months until they say they no longer need checkups. The apartment they lived in would be put to use for another homeless person to repeat the process. That is the first time i have fully explained my idea, and the first time i have put any of it into text, what are everypony's thoughts and what would you do with your 20million charity budget?
  5. I really hope I never hear the word "POWERBALL TICKET" again... It was so totally insane at my job at the fuel station last night with all of those people coming in and buying all of those tickets, I never got a chance to clean or anything! I never thought it would END!!!! But, then again, I DID end up buying some tickets myself... Didn't win anything, ut bought some all the same...
  6. Parties like Pinkie

    What would you do?

    So I was thinking about things, and the lottery crossed my mind, so I wanted to know. What would you do if you won the lottery? Any lottery? As for me, I'd set one part for myself, one part for my family, one part for my education, and the rest I'd probably donate to charity and the forums. But I might change my mind if it happens. Imagine you hate cats. Just imagine it. You'd say "If I ever owned a cat I'd give it away." Well what if you just happen across a box with a small kitten inside, cold, hungry, and unhealthy. Would you just walk past, and leave it to it's fate? NO! You'd pick it up, take it home, and nurse it back to health, even thought you're a cat hater. So what would you do as of now if you won the lottery?