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Found 7 results

  1. Welcome the the atheist lounge! Where those that don't believe in any god or gods can come here and relax with others that are similar to you. Hope you all have fun and unwind here
  2. Hello and welcome to the "Your Favorite..." game!.. It's not really a game, but still, it's quite a fun method to get to know each other and maybe even discuss about our interests!.. Yay, so exciting!.. Anyhow, you basically have to fill the gaps (not necessarily all of them) with your favorite things (check the example below). Also, you can rate the above poster's (or anyone's) chart while you are at it! NOTE: it is advised to pick your second favorite cartoon if MLP:FiM is your favorite (that means that you should not add MLP:FiM into the "cartoon" field... unless you REALLY want to). Here is the template you have to use: Here is an example (my favorites (yes, I edited it... the first one was "meh")): Alright, let's get this party started! (I can see this easily dying out in a day, or being deleted/moved by a mod) EDIT: If you are lazy you can always do a text version of this, like Red Diamond (of course, I'd be nice if you posted an image.)
  3. Hi, all I've been kicking around an idea about making a separate area on the site for more mature community members to "let their hair down," so to speak, without feeling like the site rules are restricting them. Such an area would be subject to far fewer rules than the rest of the site, and allow for much more open interaction with other members of this great community. It's a place to kick back, make tasteless jokes, crack open a metaphorical six-pack, and maybe get into the odd bar fight. I am proposing this because many adult bronies came to this site out of common interest and developed a community. We love this community, but some would like the option to interact in an area where we don't have to worry about "keeping it PG-13." To that end, Skype groups and other off-site resources are messy to organize, and tend to be invite only. It's difficult to just jump into mature conversation without organizing it in advance. I am not sure exactly which rules would or would not apply in such an area, but for example, profanity rules would be one of the first I'd suggest exempting. NSFW rules could also be slightly scaled back (allowing for posting of more mature art, but not flat-out porn, for example). All of this would, of course, come with a warning and possibly age gate, so that members understand that the area's "wild west" attitude does not apply anywhere else in the site. For an example of what "scaling back NSFW" would entail, and why it could be beneficial: Fallout Equestria fanart and roleplay is very popular on the site as it stands, however, the fic itself unquestionably breaks MLPF's content rules. Technically, it is breaking the rules to link to the fic in any capacity. An R-rated site area would remove this barrier for community members who have more mature tastes, but still wish to interact with the same group of people they usually do. Lemme know what you all think. Peace.
  4. Hello and welcome to The Dash Lounge! Your home for Anime, games, shenanigans and more! Join us every Saturday night at 6pm EDT for Anime Nights (Please check back often for any updates and changes or new events. See below for info and rules) (Keep an eye on EQTV for The Dash Lounge. As I might (might as in I haven't yet) randomly stream me working on some art or playing a game in between events) Currently Playing on Anime Nights: Rifftrax Live: Samurai Cop Stick around after Anime for randomness. Anime Nights: Rules: Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy what this channel has to offer!
  5. So, since I'm new-ish to this whole forum, and haven't met a lot of people here, I thought it might be cool to share a demo I've been working on with a friend for a good long while now XP Cause hey, sharing unreleased music is fun *shot* I figured the player probably won't work on here, so meh, have a link *shot* Hope you guys like it so far =)
  6. I got back into Minecraft and decided that I should get back into building huge over-complicated buildings immediately. So I decided to make a ranger lodge, here are some screenshots. I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback. The front of the lodge is unfinished (I added a shed after I took the screenshots, and am working on a hedge maze to the right and a pool to the left) Here are some but not all of the lodges features: -A garden -A balcony -A fireplace -A Study -Three bedrooms (Not completely furnished yet) -Storage -Kitchen -Basement -Lobby -Skylight in the main room
  7. Hey Forums, My name is Feld0, and I command every single one of you. All of you are unintelligent, obese, pony freaks who spend every second of their day writing stupid ass posts. You are everything bad on the Internet. Honestly, have any of you ever followed site rules? I mean, I guess it's fun making inappropriate posts because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than creating threads on /mlp/. Don't be a stranger. Just write me your best post. I'm pretty much perfect. I’m the owner of MLP Forums, and an admin of the LiftPort space elevator project. What websites do you own, other than "hot Rainbow Dash pictures fanclub"? I also get straight A's, and have a Feldian Yoshi (He just hugged me; Shit was SO cash). You are all pony freaks who should just be banned. Thanks for reading. Pic Related: It's me and my Yoshi