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Found 30 results

  1. In the past, bronies used to joke about comparing themselves to the Borg, such as "We are the Herd, you will be assimilated into the Herd." I wonder, considering that the human(oid)s of Equestria Girls look like aliens, I wonder what will be their equivalent of that "assimilate into the Herd" phrase? And how about their counterparts for: "Join the herd!" "Welcome to the herd!" "Love and tolerance!" I am interested on whether would they make it very high-school or fashion themed or not.
  2. We learned from the series to accept that everyone is other than the rest and acknowledge that someone like other things. But beside the well-known love and tolerate we also see that you sometimes have to draw the line. Because you also have characters who go out of their way and bring others in trouble. Ponyville Confidential is one of the best examples when characters go out of their way. Gabby Gums didn't stop at the chew gum article, they even went to spy on other ponies and publish sensitive and personal information. Of course they went out of control for the other ponies and eventually led to them being isolated from others. And stealing and publishing another pony's diary is almost the same as intercepting and publishing someone's mail, which is kinda seen as a declaration of war. Do you hope that future episodes learn you besides loving and tolerating also learn to draw the line?
  3. Alicorns are Ponies too. Please treat them like one. _____________________________________________________________________________________ I'm one mare that's tired of all the alicorn hate. OC or otherwise. Time and time again I've seen them being specifically targeted for their species rather than their character. Even seen a lot of art request threads on here specifically say "No Alicorns" Which makes me mad as there's nothing about drawing an Alicorn that would call for that. Though this is not completely without reason...Look in the spoiler for a rant and explanation of this. But enough of that. Let's talk about the positive aspects of Alicorns c: Celestia, Luna, Twilight, and even Cadance are protectors of ponies of the land. Celestia raises the sun, Luna raises the Moon, Cadance watch over the Crystal Empire (Which makes her more of a vassal really eue ) and Twilight looks over her new Kingdom and is theorized to take over after Luna and Celestia. Alicorns are expected to follow the saying "With great power comes great responsibility" ( Urge to rant about OCs, rising) I choose Sugar Cuddles and accepted her as an Alicorn after some random chatbox madness turned her into one. She was an Earth Pony before all of that mess. I made it clear that she is no way a balanced character and is expected to have no reason to be one cx Anyhoof, the purpose of this fanclub is to appreciate what Alicorns can be. They have just as much potential to be great characters as anypony has. Earth Ponies are still my favorite species personally, but Alicorns need love more in this community c: Let's post some cool things about Alicorns, shall we? ^u^ Pictures, stories, videos, anything that involves Alicorns being awesome. Note that hate posts below will not be loved and tolerated. The purpose of the club is to have equal love for all species. __________________________________________________________ Hug an Alicorn today! c:
  4. So I've created a Skype group for members on the forum who often feel left out and put down by the other members, or even just Lonely. As weird as that may sound it does happen here. I have the group set up and all and a handful of members in it already and we just need a name before we let the word out that this group exists. Now this group is based off of love and tolerance. There are many who are judged or bullied here; I've seen it. So the main rule of the group is no hatred towards others in any way shape or form, such as what they like and what they do for fun. Although constructive criticism is allowed, as you are pointing out a flaw and trying to help them by showing them how to fix it. Now I really just need a name. It can be simple or punny. We may make a logo for it later. Any ideas? Winner: Party Pony Platoon Forgot to mention: If you want to join friend me on skype treef0x 0 is a zero
  5. I've watched some topics here and I see people calling Love and Tolerance a troll and some other things which it is not. I don't care if this thing came from 4chan or 69chan, but Love and Tolerance is good thing. I don't know about it being bronies 'theme' or 'motto' that, but I think that everyone should atleast try to Love and Tolerate. There are so much Hate and Ignorance these days that people are going mad, and that needs to stop. I try to follow the path of Love and Tolerance and I try to be kind and understanding to everypony. It's only way to defeat Hate and Ignorance. I see insults and attacks everyday What people do when they face this kind of threat? They attack back or ignore it. I think the best way to deal with them is to show them a little bit of kindness and understanding, if they still continue flaming you shouldn't answer them anymore because you've given the troll something that they don't like. A positive reaction. Trolls and people like that they seek hate they seek negative reactions and comments. So if they want sugar why not to give them salt? I mean you can always ignore their yelling for sugar but I think the best choice is to give them the opposite. I don't see anything bad in Love and Tolerance. What kind of image you have gotten from Love and Tolerance? What are your experiences with Love and Tolerance?
  6. Hate I can say that I don't hate many things. I may dislike something, but to really hate something is a bit harsh I think. Many people have hurt me or used me but I don't hate them. Why you may ask. I don't hate them because hate never produces anything good. You could say that hate is step towards depression. I don't hate haters either because the hate they produce is their own decision and I respect their decision. I may not agree what they say but that doesn't give me reason to insult hater just because they insulted me or someone else. It may feel bad to receive hate or see hate in general, but why should you care about that. You can always ignore that, but responding hate with hate is worst thing you can do. Hating is not good option when dealing with haters. I think that if you hate something it bothers you so much that it doesn't go away. You may forget it for a small times, but you still hate it. Those times you must remember to look the bright side. Keep your focus on the good, because if you let the hate take you it makes all good invisible. You maybe experienced that feeling when it feels that everything is against you or something like that. Don't let that feeling take you away from the people who love you. I think the only weapon that can beat hate is loving and tolerating. If you show the haters that you accept their assumptions even if you disagree with them and show them little kindness then there isn't much to hate anymore. Though there are always those haters who just don't make any sense at all then the best you can do is ignore them. Arguing with them makes things just go the way the hater wants them to go. I try to follow this rule myself and try to be kind to everyone no matter what are they hate or what they like, because that doesn't give you the right to be rude. There is no reason to be rude to anyone around you. But why people then are rude and haters? Well because they CAN. Nothing stops people from being rude or hater that is their own decision and I respect decisions that people made are they good or bad in my opinion. I can try to give the person some constructive feedback or my opinion about their assumptions or opinions, but I shouldn't force them in any way or insult them because of their assumption or opinion. I hardly receive myself any kindness or love but I still try to be good example to people and show them the way I think the life would be most enjoyable. Feel free to post your opinions or feelings about hate
  7. When a "Pony" uses this "method" on a Horse, what do you think will happen to it?
  8. I personally love the motto our fandom has adopted. However, for it being my main fandom, I find that I am not very loving or tolerant. I am rather mean and rude at times, do any of you have the same issue?
  9. So, the fandom has been around awhile now, and like all new fandoms, or new ways of doing things, it had to be built up on something. For the bronies, the fandom was built up largely with one thing in mind: Love and Tolerate. Well my friends, it is time to change. As most of you know, the term Love and Tolerate wasn't originally used by bronies, but was actually used by internet trolls throughout 4chan for a decent amount of time. The term was then taken to heart by bronies and has been used throughout the fandom ever since. This has had some good repercussions, but at the same time, it has made us a very easy target. I would like to compare the term Love and Tolerate to the Articles of Confederation of The United States. Little history lesson. The Articles of Confederation were formed to help bring a small amount of order to the U.S. during the Revolutionary War. This was the first constitution. But this constitution had issues. How did they solve it? They decided that as a nation, they would come together and figure out how to change these issues. After a few years of discussion, they came to a conclusion and eventually The Great Compromise was created, bringing the Federalists - people who supported change - and the Anti-Federalists - the people who supported the current ways - together. That is exactly what we as a fandom need to do. We need to fix the issues that this term brings to the fandom. The issues I see, for example are stuff like how people treat us. I am teased and made fun of all the time. Are you not tired of this? Personally, I am tired of being treated like a damn doormat! I believe, that if we take this term that we have written across our flags, and make into something bigger, and better, that maybe we will be treated differently. Whether that means just tweaking the words themselves, just tweaking the meaning, or even just a whole new term all together. We NEED to change. So my question for all of you is this: Do you think we need to change? If so, what are your ideas? I would love to hear some of them. And if you don't think we need to change, then explain why you feel this way. Thanks for reading.
  10. Love and tolerate.... you can't love and tolerate everything. Like what if hypothetically as a Brony Hater living the Anti Brony Dream I was going to form my own Anti Brony Nazi Party and round up all the Bronies and put them into concentration camps and kill all Bronies. You can't love and tolerate that. I don't think the Anti Brony Nazi Party would get that much support. But would you love and tolerate if I want to kill every single last Brony and your whole families?
  11. I have noticed that a lot of antagonist are vary controversial. So feel free to discus you opinions, head canon, and ideas involving them here. I know I will.
  12. I just wanted to say thank you all. To this entire unorthodox brotherhood. I've been hanging on another site based around a Tabletop game I've been playing. The game is fun, that's not the problem. Whenever I bring up my opinions, particularly my religious and political ones, there are attacks and vicious sarcasm. Most shocking of all was the dismissal of religious belief entirely as praying to a "sky fairy." I know we all don't believe in the same things guys. Hell, most of us are actually pretty ideologically opposed in worldly matters. Yet despite all that, there is one thing we always afford each other. Or two things rather . . . Love . . . . and tolerance. As much as that phrase has been tossed around irreverently, I find it to be no less true. Now more than ever. Whether you be socialist, atheist, hippy, redneck, Whovian, Browncoat, Solar Empire, or Luna Republic; we always extend a common respect to each other and an understanding that even views we oppose aren't void of value. We have our stumbles, and our squabbles, but we never falter, and we never fall to outside predations. This attitude may not be unique to us, but I am proud (as ever) to call myself a brony, as it is endemic of us. Now if you'll excuse, I'm off to sing a song that feels appropriate to the subject matter. We've traveled the road of generations, joined by a common bound. We sing G4's praise 'cross our hoooome nations, From Canada and beyooooond. We're bronies forever, Bronies together! We're family but so much moooooooooORE! No matter what comes we will face the weather, We're bronieeeeees to the coooore! There's no place that I'd rather be Then Bronycon twentyyyyy fourteen. People all around come to join and see As we gather from across the worrrrrrrrrrrrld! We're bronies forever, Bronies together! We're family but so much moooooooooORE! No matter what comes we will face the weather, We're bronieeeeees to the coooore! We're part of the herd we're one of a kind. Any insults and we don't mind. We're here for each other and that's what counts, You'll always be welcome without a doubt! This is more fun than the color pink, or balloons flying over your favorite drink! (What?) The love I feel here is swim not sink, as we party across the weeeeeeeb! We're bronies forever, Bronies together! We're family but so much moooooooooORE! No matter what comes we will face the weather, We're bronieeeeees to the coooore!
  13. When, how and why did this annoying little phrase become the fandom's unofficial catchphrase? The show doesn't preach this message, so why is it there? Also, am I the only one who finds it annoying?
  14. Welcome one and all and Merry Christmas! For this holiday season, I've been interested in compiling a list of historical moments. Moments of spontaneous goodwill and kindness from the most unlikely of places. Whether you have something historical or something you just happened to witness in your day to day life, ANY story is welcome. On Christmas day, in 1914, two armies from the western front of World War I formed a most unexpected friendship. Upon hearing the sound of singing, both German and British soldiers stopped their firing and joined together in a most unexpected truce. Enlisted men felt inspired to climb out of their trenches and joined together into choirs who sang together despite their differences. Word reached the higher ranking officers, who joined in as well. Soon enough, Germans and British forgot all about the war and did things together, like bartering with each other for war souvenirs and playing football. Most touching of all was a time set aside to bury their dead laying across no-man's land, which joined them together in descent Christian fellowship. But unfortunately, when word reached the Generals, both sides began to suffer the consequences when their friendships needed to be pushed aside for duty. Soldiers wandering freely from one trench to another were gun down unexpectedly; which soon broke apart this friendship that could never last. But, for one day, the bitterest of enemies learned how to stop fighting. No matter what ANY hater says, Friendship is Magic!
  15. So CopperCab has been ridiculed for his ignorant rants and has been teased for being ginger. Red hair and freckles. He has ranted on Gangnam Style saying it's sublimal messaging from North Korea, and claims St.Patricks Day is racist. He also believes that Ginger is a race. I have nothing against this guy but sometimes he just makes a fool of himself.
  16. Love and tolerance! The battlecry of Bronies everywhere, and the moral high ground which we argue is but one reason why the show is great. It's covered numerous different times in the various episodes. But there is one place where this message seems to fall short: Villain episodes. Any episode where a villain comes into play, we see the show's so-called message completely shot down. In the Nightmare Moon arc, Nightmare Moon had to be cleansed of the force which corrupted her. But in this case, I will say that this was acceptable. Whatever was influencing her turned her into a tyrant, and with tyrants you need to be forceful. No problem here. I just didn't want anypony saying "What about Nightmare Moon... Derrr." Discord... I have loads to say about him. He is actually going to be granted a thread of his own. But for our purposes here, I only need to point out the what here. The how, why, and should will be elsewhere. But the what is this. For having a different lifestyle and paradigm, he had only two possible paths. He could stay true to himself, and be imprisoned for ever and/or forced to reform, or he could change his own nature. It sure is tolerance to hate somepony for their lifestyle and sense of humour. The Changelings and Chrysalis... These guys are forced by their nature to feed on love. It is injustice to take away their natural right to self-preservation. No attempt was made to try and reach a compromise. They were simply banished for something they couldn't help. This is on par with various civil rights and social issues which I won't detail, but we all know how this kind of thing would be considered wrong in today's society, without at least trying to find a middle ground. So, given these notable examples, what do you guys think? Do you think these episodes have kind of undermined the show's message a bit? Do you agree that injustice is really this prominent in an otherwise great society? Now, let's have discussion!
  17. I've stuck around through much drama in the MLP fandom but I've seen others go, I'm beginning to see why. The fandom is a long long way from love and tolerance these days. The ask Princess Molestia blog is the latest drama, but that seems to have given cause for some ponies to act very poorly toward each other, with spite, malice and with no sense of repercussion, love or tolerance. Disagreement is expected but I'm tired of seeing the flat out abuse that is somehow allowed at this point. Does anyone still believe in the message of the show the reason I for one got involved in this community, to love and tolerate?
  18. Dedicated to all bronies and brony musicians and new musicians towards the future we go fighting everyday with our hopes and music,i love you all so much you are my Golden harvest of admiration If you enjoyed please subscribe it helps alot thanks bros and sisters :3 heres my soundcloud :
  19. Yeah, so. I was out eating with a non-brony friend of mine, and we got into a small debate about the "love and tolerate" -aspect of bronyism. He said he didn't think it was a thing that could work. "You can't just love and tolerate everyone! Even if everyone in this world was a brony themself, you can't love them all," he said. I asked him to give me an example, to which he had actually thought of something. He asked me: "What if Markus (name changed just because...) was a brony and expected you to be his friend again just because of that reason?" That got me thinking... Now, before you can really understand the situation, I need to tell you a bit about the relationship between me and this "Markus". Markus has been on my class ever since pre-school. For the first 5 years of school, he was completely invisible, to the point that I actually didn't know he was on my class until 5th grade. He was always a very small, unsociable kind of kid, and he was thought to be a bit "loco in the coco," like Pinkie would say. On 5th grade I started to notice the small mouse-like creature standing alone in the corner during recess. Next I noticed how some "tough-guys" of the class took it upon themselves to make the life of that creature as miserable as possible. I was bullied at those times too, so I decided to see if there was anything I could do to make them stop bullying him. So I stepped in, got into a fight, got detention because the teacher didn't believe I was just helping Markus out. So I decided I'd never again stick my nose into other people's business. After the incident, I started seeing Markus more and more. It was almost like he was following me. After we left grade-school behind us (Finnish school system is complicated, not gonna explain it here ) I found out that he was actually really grateful of what I'd done. We became sort of friends. Sort of, because when he started spending more time with me, I started to notice that those talks about him not being completely right in the head weren't totally made up. He was a strange fellow, very clingy, sometimes even annoyingly so. He would sit right next to me in the hallway and push himself right to my side. It got to the point where people started spreading rumors about us being more than friends. That was a tag I didn't want placed upon me, because being gay was strictly looked down upon among my peers, and I was at a situation where the earlier bullying had just stopped, and I didn't want to start a new round of the same crap I had been forced to take so far. So I distanced myself a bit from him. I thought it would be okay, because he had made a few more friends by then, who he liked to hang out with. So I started to stay a bit further away, deliberately sit a few rows away from him, start less conversations with him and the stuff. Might have been bad thing for me to do, but I didn't really cut myself completely off, just left him a bit more with his other friends. Either way, he took notice of that, and what happened was something I didn't expect. He made a complete 180 degree turnaround, going from friend to a bully in almost one day. At some point the bullying I had faced earlier had started again for some reason, and now he was there with them making fun of me. Needless to say, I felt betrayed. I talked to him about it, but he just made fun of me through the entire conversation. So I thought, fine, if he wants to be like that, then let him. I completely cut myself off from him. I didn't speak to him, I ignored him, I didn't even look at him. I was hurt, and I had a right to be. I still think I do. What I did when I took a little distance, did not give him the right to do what he did. After that, it just got worse, to the point where if I said something about him and he heard me and didn't like what I said, he could grab a baseball bat and start swinging it at me. It went on until the first year of high-school, when he dropped out. Haven't seen much of him afterwards, and I don't really want to... So yeah, that question from my friend really got me thinking. Before, I had seen it a bit more black and white, thinking that if someone is a brony, there has to be something good, something to love and tolerate in them. Now I don't think that anymore. After all that happened between me and Markus, I don't think anything he'd do would change my mind about him. I just can't feel anything but loathing for that person anymore. Some people might think that I should just forget and forgive, but I don't think I can. And I don't think I need to. He hurt me too bad back then, he doesn't deserve my forgiveness. What are your opinions on this question? Do you have someone you could never love and tolerate even if that person became a brony? Do you think being a brony is reason enough to become friends with someone who hurt you in the past?
  20. So do you tolerate nazis or haters etc. How does the term love and tolerate work? So if you love and tolerated everypony then how do you stop them? When you just stated that you love and tolerate everypony?
  21. With the brony fandom has come many talented musicans,Artists and writers as well as a sense of community and creative inspriation. While Many good things have come from the fandom there has also been the sense of trouble withen the fandom. In what ways do you believe the fandom needs to improve. Any ways you think would improve the genreal feel of a "Love and Tolerate" community?
  22. Don't bother posting; there isn't a point, and I don't use the forums anymore. Basically I have this thread is just me being an idiot. Pretty much every point I've tried to make was vague, poorly explained, and stupid/invalid. I'm sure you have better things to spend your time on than this. If you've ever been on a MLP:FiM YouTube video you know about the "haters". If its on the Interweb, Bronies, and by extension Anti-Bronies, are there. Thing was the "Haters" were not united. However, while browsing Steam I found that that was no longer true. On Steam there is a Anti-Brony group. As with any gathering of Anti-Bronies there is an unbelievable amount of untruth, ignorance, and hate. I wanted to be nice enough to congratulate him and hope his Anti-Brony "uprising" fared well but it seems you must be a member to comment. I hate the way bronies act in the presences of haters but I woun't join a group dedicated to hate every part of the brony fandom/sub-culture. ? Normally I'm pretty lax and let the haters hate but one annoncement on there got to me: Comments weren't exactly reassuring either: Looking at how they act left to there own devices pretty much demolishes any respect I might have had. I'm not trying to slander or anything but now it looks like there going out of there way to attack brony websites. This; plus indefinitely large number of anti-brony flame wars out there and seems like most bronies, especially on youtube would be quick to defend ponies at the sake of looking like a immature idiot (in my eyes at least). what are your thoughts on this? I think we should give them there own website. See how stupid I sound?
  23. Do you know how long it takes to type every person on staff's name 7 freaking times??? Well it takes a little while. But while You're here, take the time to tell me... Which staff can buck an apple from a tree like AJ the best? Which of these awesome people is the 20% COOLEST Who is the most Banana like Pinkie Pie? Who would The most studious, and deserving of the Twilight Sparkle title, of all the forum scholars be? The most glamorous of all the fashion focused staff member is? And who is the softest, most gentle, and the best with animals? Derp Derp Derp, Derp Derp Derp Derp Derp? Oh, and if you think any of the staff members should be any other pony, such as how Feld0 should be Celestia or something, please feel free to comment that right below there\/\/\/\/ Thanks to chaotic discord for the ideas. But then again... lol JK Discord, you're the best!
  24. Hi y'all, I know most of you don't know me cause I'm pretty new to the forum but I love the brony community and I've hit a really rough patch lately so I thought I would reach out, not for help with my life really, kind of just asking people to send good vibes or prayers or what have you my way. As of today I'm homeless, and I'm in the process of getting a job but things are very stressful for me right now. I don't want to complain, and I really am not looking for pity, all I'm asking from everyone in the forums is that they post a picture, gif, video something they think is cute or makes them happy, and then anytime anypony is down in the dumps they can revisit this thread to make them smile a little. One more time I would like to state: Please do not post stuff out of pity for my situation, put into this thread good vibes and happiness from the internets, for all to enjoy. Though it seems like this is all about me, I don't want that to be the case, I want to help others in the future when they're having really, really bad days to smile just for a little bit. Thanks everypony <3