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Found 5 results

  1. A friend talked me into starting an H.P. Lovecraft dank meme page on Facebook; we both contribute to the page. Here's one of the latest and most stupidest memes: And said friend started up their own ridiculous but necessary Zelda / Link dank meme page. Here's one of their posts: If you're on Facebook and even remotely interested in Lovecraft or Zelda or dank memes, you might see something you like.
  2. Hi everyone who read this lines. Lately, I was working on a Equestria divided fan fiction I've titled Dark Bay. Long story short, four recruits, who have proved to be valiant in battle, will have to face the darkset and isolated city of House Moon and Stars (and yes, they are all unicorns), a city ruled by a black soul Inquisitor, oppressed by enemies that crawl in the shadows and pervaded by dark and eldritch forces. Since the story is still in "management", who is interested have only to ask me the password. Here's the link to the FIMFiction page.
  3. As we know, the Cthulhu mythos have given us lots of recognizable monstrous deities and beings, including Cthulhu himself, Nyarlathotep and Azathoth to name a few. However, there have been many characters added to the mythos that often get overlooked or are not remembered very fondly. Which Cthulhu mythos abominations do you think are underrated or should get more love? I'll name a few examples: *Yig, father of serpents: He's a sinister snake god, what's not to love? *Chaugnar Faugn: Evil vampire elephant/human demonic hybrid *Bokrug: The great water lizard *Ghatanothoa: Cthulhu's son, he even showed up in Ultraman Tiga *Zoth-Ommog: Another son of Cthulhu, he's like a T.Rex headed octopus.
  4. Say for instance, if the famous fantasy authors J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and H. P. Lovecraft encounter the Mane 6 in real life, they watch the ponies' show on television (if it existed then) or read about them in a fantasy book; how do you think each author might respond to such scenarios?
  5. Ok, so I am a big of the Cthulhu Mythos, and have always found the most interesting pieces of the Mythos is the emphasis insignificance of a person on the cosmic scale and the Gods of the Mythos. Anyways I'm rambling I'll just get to my question, here is question who or what is your favorite Great Old One or Outer God within the Mythos and why. My favorite would have to be Hastur as he appears to be on one of the more unknowable entities. All we about him is that he sends his avatar The King in Yellow around to do his dirty work, other then that we don't even know his appearance really. Furthermore, his idea of conscription is to drive people to madness through the eponymously named play "The King in Yellow", which we are never given a reason why he does such a thing. Finally, he is not an overtly malevolent entity, like pretty much every other one in the Mythos, maybe all he wants to do is sit down and have a nice madness inducing chat with his future subjects. C'mon in and share your thoughts