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Found 13 results

  1. Figured I'd make a new ask thread. Want to get to know me better? I'll answer anything you got (bonus points if you got pickup truck questions ). Now fire away!
  2. I just noticed there wasn't a fan club of one of the best ships that I've ever seen... So now there's one. And may @Cyclone 1066 and @Lucky Bolt stay together for many more years!
  3. I was sitting in a field, and I was picking at the grass. I accidentally picked a clover.Looking at it, I realised that it had four Leaves!!!I couldn't believe my eyes!I thought such a thing was make-believe! Has anyone else ever seen/found one?
  4. As the title says, what's one of the most recent lucky thing to happen to you? For example, I accidentally machine-washed my jeans which had my earbuds in it. Thankfully, they still worked perfectly even after the accidental wash. (Maybe even better than before...) What about you guys?
  5. Is there such thing as luck? What do you consider as luck? Do you think luck is random? How do you define luck? Example: You throw a dice, you get 6. Is that luck or randomness? You throw again: you get another 6. Is that luck or random coincidence? You continue throwing: you get 6 six times in a row. Is that luck or random coincidence? Is luck random coincidence? Is it luck when you win a lottery or did you just put the right numbers randomly right? I think it's luck when results are against the odds, but that's basically same thing than unlikely happening random coincidence. Is luck another word with that meaning? Or is it something else? What is luck exactly?
  6. Hey guys, Stary Dash here! Well this past couple of days have just been the greatest from finding somepony that makes me oh so happy to hanging with my best friends then to seeing some of my top favorite bands in the music business! First things first, about a week or two ago I got on a forum that someone started to either find friends or maybe even a special somepony. I decided you know lets see how this goes. I posted and it said the basics like: "I'm 22 female, I'm bisexual, I'm more into girls." Just blah blah blah, you guys know the basics. I waited for the first couple of days no replies or anything. So I decided to just ignore the the forum I posted on. I had gotten some messages from some stallions, but that isn't my cup of tea. Even though they were nice I'd consider them friends. About another week had gone by, and I get on and BOOM! Behold what is this in my inbox? A message from who? Wait... a girl... finally messaged me back!!! I was so ecstatic, and we started talking and getting to know each other then lets just say 'this mare is off the market.' I'm so happy but happy isn't even the proper word for how I feel! She's wonderful, she's beautiful, and I get to call her mine. Only downside is that we live over a thousand miles away from each other. But she's too amazing and awesome to let distance get in the way of this. Despite all that how better can my life get? Right? Well it surely did actually. I got to see a band I've been wanting to see for almost ten years called "Pierce the Veil" and can I just say they really really really know how to make peoples night! The other band I got to see was "Sleeping with Sirens" cool part about them is that there set was live on yahoo! So I was live on yahoo how cool is that! just had one other most coolest night with my friends! But I missed and wished my girl was there with me it would of been the best night of my exsistance! Well that's all for this week. I'm still not sure what the direction of my blog will be, but I'm sure I'll figure it out guys. Thanks if you read this. ~~Stary Dash~~
  7. So my wife and I will go dumpster diving from time to time. We live in an area where the houses are separated by alleys and everypony throws there trash into huge dumpsters (or as we call them; binders.) It's amazing the things that people can find and I may post more exciting finds down the line, but I found something unbelievable today! I was taking out our trash and my Binder Sense (yes, that's a thing at least it is now) started tingling... I walked to the binder nearest ours and sure enough... it was worth the Trip! A crate of 185 comic books! Are your serious? Who throws that out? Even if you're evicting a renter and don't want them I'd think you'd see if you could sell them first... Oh well, my lucky day! Mostly DC comics. Here's the crate and it's contents spread out... below will be details of each series in alphabetical order 1. The Amazing Spider Man, 3 Issues Seems fitting that the only Marvel Comics in the lot were Spidey, seeing as my Binder Sense is a take off of his Spidey Sense. I got Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man,Spider-Man Final Adventure #1, and one more... Oh and yes, I cheated and used Amazing Spider-Man to get him (and the bad pun first) 2. Arsenal, 2 Issues Can't say as I'm too familiar with this DC title, but I got issues 3&4 of a 4 part premiere so I get to see the last half of the proverbial movie 3. Catwoman, 1 Issue I honesty thought about adding this to the Misc. section at the end; but the cover was too awesome not to get it's own pic! 4. The Chromium Man, 4 Issues Another one I can't say I'm familiar with, but after reading issue 1 and issues 6-8 of this title from Triumphant Comics, I should have a good idea 5. The Factor, 4 Issues Not familiar with this About Comics title either, but now have a good start with issues 0-3 6. The Flash, 35 Issues I'm excited about this one as most of these are in order From the late 80's early 90's I got issues 20-27, 29-58, and 79 7. Green Arrow, 9 Issues A couple of series starts here; issues 1&2 from 1988, 1-3 from 2001 and four random mid 90's titles in between. 8. Green Lantern, 50 Issues Another one I'm excited for with a good stretch of story arc. From the mid 90's we have issues 44, 58, 66, 80-82, 85-91, 108, 111, 113, 115-119, 121-123, 125-128, 130-134, 136, & 138. We also have 5 #1's from different Green Lantern & this or that super hero from October 2000 and a handful of others including.... Green Lantern #53 from June of 1967!!! 9. Robin, 13 Issues 9 Clustered from the late 90's; issues 49-51, 53-56, & 59-60 plus 4 more a bit older 10. Spawn, Blood Fued Issues 1,3,&4. Would be nice to have #2, but since they were all free I really can't complain 11. Team Titan, The Titans, The New Titans, 21 Issues With 4 different Titans Titles to choose from I had to split them somewhere, these are the adult ones, all from the early to mid 90's 12. Teen Titans, 25 Issues The teenage ones; one from 1998, 23 from the mid 80's, and a collection of reprints from even earlier (note the 2 in the second pic are only separate because I accidentally mixed them in with the adult one so they weren't in the first pic) 13. Wonder Woman, 4 Issues 1 issue from 1984 and 3 more from 98-99 14. Zero Hour, 5 Issues The first 5 issues (including issue 0) of an interesting looking DC Title feature many well known characters; Full title is The End of Today, Zero Hour, Crisis in Time (sounds promising!) 15. Misc. "6" Issues The quotation marks are because two of these are the same The 10th Anniversary Issue of Flying Colors, also an AVP title (#1 0f 6 of the Darkhorse Classics reprint), a prelude for Gunner #1, and mini books for Roland; Days of Wrath, and The Amazin Adventures of Frank and Jolly. Let me know what y'all think of my haul. Not bad for pulling out of the trash, huh?
  8. My favorite number is 8 Don't ask why, It just is What's yours?
  9. So as a not-so-hypothetical question to the rest of ye: What would you do if you received 93GB of your favorite time period/genre(s)? That is exactly the problem I face today, and let me tell you--it TANKED my ability to do anything other than the basic functions of breathing and the likes. So tell me what you'd do bronies--since all bronies I know personally are music fanatics... here, have all of the Desperado album by the Eagles! Eagles - Desperado 01 - Doolin Dalton.mp3 Eagles - Desperado 02 - Twenty-One.mp3 Eagles - Desperado 03 - Out Of Control.mp3 Eagles - Desperado 04 - Tequila Sunrise.mp3 Eagles - Desperado 05 - Desperado.mp3 Eagles - Desperado 06 - Certain Kind Of Fool.mp3 Eagles - Desperado 07 - Doolin Dalton (Instrumental).mp3 Eagles - Desperado 08 - Outlaw Man.mp3 Eagles - Desperado 09 - Saturday Night.mp3 Eagles - Desperado 10 - Bitter Creek.mp3
  10. Lucky number 7! Wow, I never knew that I would have so much to give back to a certain group of people. Lucky me. SPEAKING OF LUCK I got another $10 iTunes gift card for all of you music lovers out there, and if you're lucky enough, you just might get it. So leave a post below describing your luckiest moment! Example below. This contest ends on October 2nd. Good luck! P.S. the code will only work in the USA!
  11. All the mane 6 ponies get lucky or unlucky at certain moments but some a bit more than others so who is the luckies mane 6 pony? And who is the unluckiest mane 6 pony? Luckiest: I think the luckiest mane 6 pony is Twilight Sparkle because though she dosen't have as much family revealed as Applejack she does still have her parents and a close relationship with her brother. And though Twilight studied very hard she never had to go out and get a job to make ends meet. During her exam to make it into the Canterlot School of Gifted Unicorns right when it seemed like she wouldn't pass thanks to a sonic rainboom she had a massive magic surge which caused her not only to pass but for Celestia to decide to make her her apprentice. Unluckiest: The unluckiest mane 6 pony is Applejack because she lost her parents at a young age and had to take on a great deal of responsibility at a very young age by helping her brother run the family business and being both a sister as well as a mother to her sister Applebloom.
  12. Today I realized what a nice and lovely community I am a part of here. My boyfriend is part of a different community based around a game and was just telling me about how everyone acts there. It sounded awful. Apparently everyone shouts at each other and are rude and mean. I feel so lucky I have found such a nice group of people because if I joined something like that I have a feeling my experience of an online forum would be a very short one. Thanks for being fabulous.
  13. Ok, today, i decided i was going to get two of the 8 MLP Toys at mcdonalds. As we entered and began to make our order, (As a prefix to this story, my mother manages a frat house.) my mother noticed one of the people working their was someone in the frat house. He was the manager of the mcdonalds and they all really appreciated her, SO, we got ALL 8 of the toys, weeks before anyone else! It, is, amazing! I'll post pictures of them soon. EDIT: Ok, Here they are!