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Found 10 results

  1. They tend to slap the theme song, or accuse him of "Bronyism", even though he is not, and he virtually hates that show, falling by his own anger. What do you think of them?
  2. It's so full of tags here and there, being brief comments to an artwork. Some cute things (such as this: and are considered "scary" here. And some comments are pretty hilarious (, such as when they would let the Ponies harm them. Whatcha think about Derpibooru and its insane hilarity?
  3. Just scroll to the bottom if your lazy I live my life, one day at a time. A good portion of those days are uneventful, always falling in the same routine: I wake up, walk to work, work, walk home, then bum around until I go to bed. Some times I'll hang with my few friends, while other times I'll just play video games or watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Every so often, something new and interesting happens: I meet an old friend, I find a dollar on the ground, or I get chased by a stray dog. Living in a dying city isn't very fun or interesting. This city was once full of life and color, but now... now most of the houses are sagging, the businesses sit empty and abandoned, and several open fields lay barren of the once great factories that helped drive the economy. I had never seen this city during those times in person, but I have seen pictures. My mother and father lived happy, and they could only wish the same for me growing up. Sadly, I cannot say I have achieved that wish of theirs. I've fallen into the same dull routine: Wake, work, sleep, repeat. I do have some moments of bliss, but the daily struggles I go through outweigh the small moments of joy I have. My Little Pony has helped, but it's still just another thing to give my hopes up on. Every time I see the show, or one of the ponies on a fan site, I recoil a bit at the bright colors, the joyful faces of the ponies, and the peaceful scenery of their world. It's so hard to look at that beautiful world, having it so close to my grasp; I reach out to touch it's warm colors and bright, smiling faces of the ponies. Only to be stopped by my computer screen. I snapped back to reality. It gets to the point where I will simply shut down my computer and walk away. I do that a lot, especially after my parents death. I go for a walk. When I feel sad, I walk. When I feel tired, I walk. When I feel like walking... I walk. Walking has become my second life in a sense; I spend at least half my day outside along the crumbling side-walks and decaying suburbs. I've seen people come and go. I've seen buildings torn down, burned up, or have so much graffiti on its walls that its original color is unrecognizable. I very rarely pass any other people on my strolls. Most people don't like to look at their once beautiful city, their homes or former businesses. I don't blame them. In fact I envy them. They saw this place with their own two eyes, seeing the buildings still standing tall and proud, the lawns freshly cut, the paved roads, and sidewalks still intact. The only thing I've ever seen that even comes close is my mother's paintings, each of them colorful scenes of this concrete world. She started painting once everything crumbled beneath her feet, making the sad scenery before her look beautiful. Her masterpiece is of an open field that yielded a parking garage. Over it, she drew an amazing rainbow. My favorite picture. I guess that is part of why I like Rainbow Dash the most out of all the other ponies. Her colors, the amazing sonic rainboom, all remind me of that picture. There have been times I wished I had my own Rainbow Dash, or more realistically a plushie of her, to curl up in bed with. I've made an old Simba into a "temporary" replacement, until I am able to save enough money for one. It helps, in a way. Like holding it close will heal my wounds, my pain, and my sorrow. My feet, after countless hours of walking in my old shoes, pulsate under the sheet, and all the while, I'll hold that stuffed animal harder than a mother protecting her child. It's the only thing I can look at and feel true joy, even if it isn't physically the Rainbow Dash I want. It will have to do. ---------- Today, as usual, I walked to work. It was the same shit, just a different day, watching the same people enter the store, grab their merchandise and pay, then walk out with bags in tow. My shift ended after several hours of this. I clocked out and started walking home. I decided to use a different route this time, for a change in pace, a little something different from the normal path I walk. This part of town was hit the worst; only a few houses still stand, and none of them occupied. It truly is a sad sight to see. Then again, it's really the only sight I see. The only sight I'll ever see. Or so I thought. I was stopped by something unusual; a stray cardboard box in the middle of the sidewalk. Now, living in this kind of area I see trash all the time. Boxes, McDonalds cups, and plastic bags litter the streets and empty fields, but rarely will I see a cardboard box that isn't crushed in one way or another. I noticed this particular box because it happened to be in my way. During my younger years, I tried to do what I could for the community. I'd pick up trash when I saw it, or I'd attempt to help my neighbors. It was a losing battle. Now-a-days, I'd given up any hope of cleaning this city, much less my neighborhood. Now I'll just pass the trash by, letting it blow away in the breeze or sit there and decompose. I let what's left of the "people" do their own things, since most of them don't care about anyone other than themselves. Why should I be any different? I walked past the box, barely giving it a glance. Nothing about it caught my attention right away. I continued on, my home not far away now. Upon arriving, I sat down down and played some games, attempting to push the box out of my mind. I had little luck, as the box somehow managed to push it's way back in. Time crept on by, and I soon found myself wanting to go for another walk. I left the house and started down my usual route when I stopped. What was it about that box that made it stick out in my mind? I turned around, starting down the path I had taken to get home, the path that I only walk once in a blue moon. Curiosity got the best of me, and I wanted some closure. Within minutes I found it, still sitting there, sad and alone among the broken concrete and over-grown grass. It didn't move, it didn't stand out as if it were special. It was an ordinary, brown cardboard box. I didn't want to say I came out here for nothing, so I walked closer to it. As I drew closer, however, I began to notice something inside. It was brightly colored, multiple colors in fact, and was quite small. Maybe the size of a few month old Labrador puppy. I stopped beside the box, and looked down at the colorful blob inside. This is where I currently stand: looking into the box at a small... something. No, I know exactly what it is, but my brain isn't allowing me to fully realize it just yet. At first I want to say it's simply a toy, left to die along with all the other things in this block. But then I saw it breathing. In fact, it appears to be sleeping. My hands are sweating, my breathing erratic, and I'm blinking my eyes trying to refresh my vision. Each time, the image stays the same. Inside, is a sleeping... filly... Rainbow mom got scared, and said, 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.' I whistled for a cab and when it came near The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare, but I thought, 'Nah, forget it. Yo, holmes to Bel-Air!' I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabbie, 'Yo homes smell ya later!' Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air
  4. I find it absolutely amazing that the media allows bullying and such to be an actual job. SARCASM!! But anyhow, I guess I can't say anything about it, because he insults for the lulz, and I like that kind of humour. However, his show isn't even funny to begin with. And by the way, my main issue with this is that somewhere, there are people who actually believe everything he says, unfortunately. :c
  5. I'm back with more stories. ~Chaotic Discord~ was in his room, drinking glasses and cleaning the chocolate milk, as usual. Feld0 had decided that he needed some chores, and he was pitted with many tasks, such as cleaing all the chocolate milk in the castle, washing the checkerboard floors, and going through the kingdom of MLP Forums. One day, he was given the terrible task of cleaning out the Staff Library and orginizing it. This was a terrible task, and was amost given to Zoop, but all the staff agreed it was more fun to poke him with sticks. ~Chaotic Discord~ sighed and entered the dusty, old, unorginized library. He could already tell this was going to be a tough task when he saw that there was a couple of forts made out of books by the front desk. "I wonder who did that," he thought, rollng his eyes. He started putting th books on the many shelves when a dark, black book caught his attention. It had a skull on it, which reminded him of his dead friend Shift. Shift had died in the First Zoop Attack, and ~Chaotic Discord~ had missed her quite a lot. Since the book intruiged him, he opened it. It was a book about bringing back the dead! He read on, only to find out it was at a grave cost of the caster. ~Chaotic Discord~ stopped to think for a second. "Hey, I could just get Dawn Rider to cast the spell! Nobody likes him anyways, and he's been useless ever since Zoop trashed him at the begining of the Second Zoop Attack." ~Chaotic Discord~ grew an evil grin on his face, and called for Dawn Rider. Dawn Rider slowly went down the stairs after hearing ~Chaotic Discord~'s call. He was a cripple after the Second Zoop Attack, and he was barely alive. Some of the staff questioned why they even kept him a staff member, or even alive. Feld0 wasn't ready to kick a member off the team though, and was working on healing him. It was going to be a long and slow recovery for Dawn Rider, espically considering how weak he already was. ~Chaotic Discord~ didn't care for Dawn Rider, like most of the staff. He made him do all of his chores, and then got him to read the spell. A bright green flash of light came in a oval from the ground, and Shift's ghost slowly materialized. It started turning back into the regular Shift, starting at her head and working down. Finally, Shift was alive again. Dawn Rider collasped, but nobody really cared. ~Chaotic Discord~ and Shift ran off into the sunset, pulling shenanigans in the Forum Lounge and having fun in the Genreal Disscussion Building. Feld0 still cared about Dawn Rider though. Nobody really knew why, but he did. And when he found him in the library, colasped and near death, Feld0 wasn't a happy camper. He used his admin powers to awaken Dawn Rider, and rushed him up to his room. Feld0 was very mad, ad ~Chaotic Discord~ was in big trouble. "Demoted and grounded for a year! That's so unfair!" cried a familiar voice. "Yeah Feld0, nobody likes Dawn Rider anyways," said another familiar voice. "That's enough out of the two of you! I like Dawn Rider. He's my friend. I'm the boss around here, and although it's fine if you abuse the other Poniverse Staff, you will not abuse Dawn Rider! Espcially when he is in this state!" Feld0 said. "Sorry, jeez, what's so special about him?" ~Chaotic Discord~ asked. Shift spoke up. "Oh, look at the time, gotta go!" Shift tried to take off, but to no avail. Feld0's magic pulled her back. "Oh no you don't, young lady!" Feld0 gave Shift a stern look. "You'll be staying here." "But I need to go cause shenanigans!" Shift wailed. "Okay fine, just give me a second. Now enough of this boring conversation, it's time for Super Mario U. Artemis, take ~Chaotic Discord~ to the Former Staff Home." Artiemis appeared out of nowhere, and in a split second, the pair were gone. "Shift, you can go cause shenanigans now." Shift bolted out the door. "Ah. Now I can watch my po- CENSORED Meanwhile, ~Chaotic Discord~ was in the Former Staff Home. "Man, this sucks," ~Choatic Discord~ said. "You're telling me," said none other than Dein McCourty himself. "Well, it's not that bad," said Arylett Dawnsbough. "If you're resigned and not demoted," said Klopp, earning a high five from Arylett Dawnsborugh. ~Chaotic Discord~ sulked. Life would never be the same.
  6. Ready for some drumstep? Highly influenced by Knife Party. I just love them so much. Visuals done by Chang31ing Cool cat, definately check him out for some nice mixes! Here ya'll go:
  7. Ever had a time when you were browsing through Youtube and you came across something that was a complete waste of your life and seemed to drain away your brain cells? Well here is the thread where you can share said type of video. As a connisseur in stupid humor, I am just ever so curious to see what you can throw into this thread Whether it be Youtube Poop or something that is just extremely tasteless and senseless, I'd like to see it! I'll start things off with a prime example that almost made me puke from laughing so hard, yet made me feel stupider to watch each time I rewatched it. Enjoy
  8. Troll. Everybody throws this term around. It’s a common term. “[X] just trolled me!” “[X] is a troll!”. How many of you know what “troll” actually means. Since the dawn of Man, humans have interacted with each other socially. It’s human nature to socialize, converse. Communicate and cooperate. But enough with this pretty-sounding psychology crap I’m using to pad this out to make myself look smarter than I am. On any method of communication on the Internet, be it forums, chats, IRCs, anything, there are people who all share common interests, but I am using Internet forums as an example, for the purpose of consistency. These forums exist for those who share those interests to discuss them. There’s an element of harmony on a forum, the people getting along and discussing the things they hold an interest in. Now, with all this harmony, everything seems perfect, right? Everybody is happy discussing said interests. What could go wrong? Chaos. Some people, however, find joy in breaking these elements of harmony. There are many reasons a person may wish to bring forth chaos to an Internet forum. Here are a small number of them. The individual enjoys harassing people. The individual hates the topic of the forum. The individual wants to make those who hold interest in the topic of the forum look bad. The individual is just a misanthrope who dislikes seeing people happy. Now that you partially understand the scope, now you are possibly asking “But, what’s the term for one of these people who does these things”? Well, you already know the term, and you’ve probably said it, in fact. Troll. A troll will attempt to ingrain themselves into a community, so they can cause as much chaos as possible. A troll’s job is better when they are trusted. For one, a moderator is more likely to ban a new member when they act out than an established one. A troll will gain a position of trust in a community, and once they’ve formed pseudo-friendships with members of the community, their work begins. Some of the telltale signs of a troll are: Seemingly doing their best to start an argument. Frequently appearing to be attempting to perpetuate an argument, after an argument has settled down. (Example: “That guy called you a jerk. Go call him a jerk back!” and “But he’s not right, you are. Don’t back down!”) Jumping from side-to-side in an argument, to fuel it. (Examples: “Belcho the White Wizard is the strongest, Joe!” “Bob, Farty the Black Wizard is better!”) Bringing up subjects they know cause issues in the community. (Broad examples would be frequently bringing up sexuality, morality regarding abortion, religion) The essence of a troll, as I have indirectly stated, is a person who enjoys the misery of others. Who gets joy, or “lulz” from seeing others get upset and angry. A troll likes nothing better than seeing good friends become angry enemies, seeing healthy communities becoming Internet wastelands. A troll uses social engineering techniques to accomplish this. Now, you may have also asked “But what about those guys who do annoying post disgusting images, call names, and similar things?” Well, the answer is; those are not trolls. They are something else entirely. Griefers. Most of the time, when people say “Troll” they mean “Griefer”. A griefer will skip the social engineering, and directly post offensive content. Racist posts, shock images, mass-spamming, they go for maximum offense on the get-go. Examples are “ is a [racial slur here]” “[community/subculture here] is/are a bunch of pathetic losers!” In the end, many times, when a person is called a “troll” they are neither trolling nor griefing. They are just posting something that the person who happens to be reading it happens to dislike. Being merely tricked/annoyed is far from trolling, and if somebody gets on your nerves occasionally, that doesn’t mean they are trolling; it just means you disagree with them, and how they are. In the end, whether a person is a troll, griefer, or innocent user, it does not matter, for the solution is the same: Love and tolerance. It may sound corny, but it really is the solution. Reacting to a troll or griefer just gives them what it wants, and keeps their interest piqued. And if the person is an innocent member, not getting upset can keep an argument from flaring up, which in turn keeps trolls from getting what they want. If people are willing to strive to get along and keep from aggressively arguing, the influence of trolls and griefers can be minimized. And with that, I end this little lecture of mine. Whether you take it with a grain of salt or take it to heart as wisdom, it does not matter. All I ask is that you actually read it, and not just declare it “tl;dr”. As doing so would be annoying. Not trolling, not griefing, just annoying.