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Found 5 results

  1. So you just basically post a random song lyric. Lemme start ”Ay mamma don’t stress youre mind, we coming home tonight”
  2. I thought of a game just now where someone starts off the words to a song, and someone has to finish the words. Like this "I walk a lonely road"- person one "The only road that I have ever known Now I know that I'm being used"-person too "But that ok man because I like the abuse"- person three I start XD We don't need no education
  3. Hey guys, I should've posted this weeks ago, but better late than never! We've successfully released our new PMV Collab called Our Lighthouse. It has been in 6 months of work (actually, 70% of the process ware left abandoned, unmotivated, depression) These things got in the way, but we made it through <3 Here it is
  4. Hey Whats Up, im New Here So Yeeah im Not So much aware of This Site, But its Really Awesome To Meet Other Brony's And Pegasister's, Not Like The One in The 'MLP Clan' on Ps3 in Mw3. Wow This is Swag.... But i must Get a idea For Something And This idea is like a challenge, Who Ever Pony Gets The Must Amazin Music, Will Win! /)q(03o)p(\ Ghetto Brony-> Ô _Ö <Can You Deal With it
  5. ~asdf~


    Ok everypony I want to do a fan song made with all of the beautiful lyrics of the bronies and pegasisters of this forum. I can play guitar and I have a basic sound editing program so if any one wants to contribute (singing, sound clips, playing an instrument) that would be nice. I also might make an appeal to TheLivingTombstone and see if he could edit it for me (or us if others join) - incase anyone has music to send me. So come on everypony! Dig inside those wonderful, creative heads of yours and pull out some gold for the brony community.