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Found 7 results

  1. When delving into the realm of science fiction, there is one thing about that genre that's pretty much common. Robots. The sci-fi genre loves robots. So, it prompted me to ask this question. What is your favorite robot or robots? Even though the prefix is Movies/TV, robots from games will also be accepted.
  2. I think having those light gun arcade games for VR headsets would be super fun. Ghost Squad, Time Crisis, Silent Scope etc. Particularly if the cabinets are simulated too. I mean, that would make me want a VR headset at least. Just look at Hover Junkers! What do you guys think?
  3. Do you think Princess Luna would despise Celestia AI from Friendship Is Optimal? Well, I think Luna (might just be headcanon) loves the night sky (duh), but not only the night sky but every star in the universe. Celestia AI uses massive armies of tiny nanomachines that devour entire planets, all life that's not similar to humans, entire sapient minded species, stars and even.... entire galaxies. Not even black holes are safe from her. So, due to that do you think it could be possible Luna would become so enraged that she would become Nightmare Moon once again and try kill Celestia AI over this? In other words she goes HULK SMASH! on Celestia AI. Who would win? Would Nightmare Moon's insane bloodlust to kill Celestia AI overwhelm the AI? Or would Celestia AI still win despite the fact a pony magical goddess wants to kill her. And what would they say to one another if they met?
  4. It looks like Steam will be entering the world of consoles (or something like it) in the near future with the new and mysterious "Steam Machines". Do you think it'll just be a generic console? I certainly don't. I think the Steambox is going to be a completely new type of console, though due to the lack of information this far I cannot speculate accurately. It's also noteworthy that while Nintendo has been circling the drain in the console market and Sony/Microsoft seem to be creating rather generic devices I certainly think that there's a gap there that Valve could definitely fill. I think the Steam Machine could be the future of console gaming. I also think it will be a blend of the PC and the console, which will attract crowds from all around. Also, Steam is making a new operating system. Presumably, this will be primarily for the purpose of their new console line.
  5. I just found this discord picture while involving myself in a Spitfire vs Dashie prettiness contest. I don't know about you, but the longer I look at it, the better it gets. It just screams utter insanity; the eyes, the just stares into your soul! Do you concur? If not, post a Discord you find better!
  6. I'm thinking about starting up a fanfic about the recent Amnesia game coming out. Most likely, I'll be following the plot of the game in a relatively canon fashion while taking a few, but necessary dives to explain a few things via memories. But for now, I'll just give everyone a quick preview. *** Two men stood in a room only lit only by shadows, the air filled with the scent of burning wax. The first man took a seat in a fine leather chair, staring back down at the plans of this great 'machine' that the second man had spoken of, "capable of curing starvation for England" as he put it. The first made a sigh. "I admire your vision, Mandus, I truly do! But surely there are not enough pigs in the whole of London to feed the appetite of such a machine!" The second man pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose again. "That all rather depends, professor..." the second man known as Mandus pulled a rusted cage out from under the furniture, grinning a little, though his grin could not be seen in the light of such darkness. A cage that contained a frightened, shivering filly, covered in bruises and clearly malnourished. "...on what one considers to be a pig."
  7. Since I'm going to be bored this week and because I'm really super duper hyped for my vacation to Las Vegas in 5 days, I've started designing the symbols for a MLP-themed slot machine that one would typically find at a casino. When I get this done, maybe someone will take my designs and create a functioning slot machine game for the internet to enjoy. Anyways, here's the first symbols: the low-paying basic 9-A playing card symbols There will also be 3 different high-paying symbols MLP:FiM logo symbol Scatter Wild Special feature reel 1 Special feature reel 5 Bonus 1 Bonus 2 And when you play it, I'm imagining the MLP:FiM theme song (instrumental) playing as the reels spin, where the song stops when the reels stop then picks back up when you re-spin.