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Found 20 results

  1. So what are your nicknames? Mine is buddy. But I changed it to Darktronic. It is such a unbelievable name. My other nickname is rellik.
  2. Rocco


    I don't normally vector in the eyes from a style perspective, but this face requires it. This picture was requested by @Lucky Bolt and honestly, i love them for requesting it! I never get requests that are actually do able.
  3. Ask this mad horse anything you want, but beware of SmArTy PaNtS power..... Crazy Twilight, don't judge I mean
  4. In Swarm of the Century, Twilight asks Zecora for advice and when she gets there Zecora's balancing on a stick and then gets a fright, falls off, and asks "Have you gone mad?" but doesn't rhyme. Why wasn't she rhyming then, and on an unrelated note, why was she balancing on a stick?
  5. Once someone told me ``If you keep it in, eventually it will kill you`` This made me think, not at the meaning, but at the fact as a whole. So this bastard of a blog was born from it. I promised in the desciption a story and this is what you`ll get With a great momentum and not so great day, our story starts on valentine`s day. My day of birth and many other people B-day on this planet... My parents told me it was a snowy and hard day, but they were the happiest people, because I was the main rockstar that sang that day, with really powerfull lungs... I must add... With my blue, perfect eyes I .... it gets kinda strange... let`s say this story with my name With a pair of blue perfect eyes Iser (Heh catchy), Iser glanced at the world he was born in, AND you know what the world did to Iser ?.... changed his eyes because he glanced to much, so today Iser is now changing his eyes from green to brown just like that *snap*. Fast forwarding with all the nonsense of a great childhood, and a great family, and a handfull of friends, not too many friends, We see Iser at the top of his mental breakdown...... at 14 y old.. His parents discovered he was such a bright star, and great mind that they pushed him to enter higschool at the age of .....FOUR god dam TEEN years old.... But our little crumble of hope had no problem with this, so he started highschool with a smile , and like every teenager he found depression....... what a surprize... In a hopeless world he was not the spark, this is what he thought about himself. All that made Iser go on was science, art, and of course the weirdest of them all he found Love, in a hopeless place, all this three elements made him a whole and made him remember why life is beautifull and why is there a reason to live. But as we know it by now, Iser is still a teenager, so what he knows, right ?, I mean he thinks life is beautifull.......... that`s a kids story. Iser found the recepy to succes with problems here and there, science was easy, read the book and learn it like it is, art is easy express yourself and to it in a way that everyone can read, view, or hear it, and Love will be the perfect feeling..... so this is what he thinked at the moment... what Iser doesn`t knows is that deep down, in his warm and sometimes cold hearts love is writen by a guy named Fred, in his office right in his hearts in the right atria. The problem is that Fred writes like a blind racoon in a bag punched by sharks with baseball bats and top hats. None could read what his heart was writing, and then one girl showed up........ooooooo.... cute 83......... and she raised her hand and said ``I would love to read your heart``, at least this is what Iser remebers... Little that he knew,... that this girl will soon not only steal his hearth, but also rip it apart. And so it happened on a not so sunny day on valentine`s day just before he left to college, young Iser was shot down like a wabbit on hunting season...with not a sigle repair and no turning back, our dear Iser finished highschool with a blast, with hugs, with friends, with cake.... there was a lot of cake, but not enough to fill his whole in his chest. As weeks passed by and nighmares were starting to crawl in his mind young Iser woke every night looked in the mirror with a scared face, and every night when he woke up he saw how a young foolish child reached to become a somehow whole man. With 2 more pieces left in his life he had to make a decission either science or art, ``were should I go`` he asked, some of his friends said to go left, some right, but at every phrase everyone that Iser asked finished with ``hey, just follow your dreams``....... WHAT A GREAT HELP !!! With a firm hand he opened the door on his left, the door of science and pioneers and engineering........bummer His favorite books were sci-fi, his favourite movie was,will,is star wars, he reapaired cars, motors, toys and electronics since he was 8..... and yes he might broke some... but at least he lost time in this, he knew this was his passion, so ``why not`` he said, he said..... it will be fun ....he said So he completed the form, he got his notepad ready, and our dear wonder kid with a bright smile all the day started college, ``cute girls, great classes, old enough to drive and party all night`` this is what he read from a flyer at the entrance........a very colorfull flyer I must add. Not too long after he entered his first class, he sit down and shake hand with his old friend, DEPRESSION...
  6. I thought I would post this topic to see what has made my fellow bronies mad today. As for me well I can tell you strait out, drama I can't stand drama, and, or negative ponies. I have a roomate whom it seems his whole concern is to be negative, and I myself am a very positive pony. So this is something that goes on daily, and I can't stand it, it seems to me that when your around negative ponies it rubs of, and you start to subscribe to it. All in all I love positive ponies, and relish being around ponies of said nature. So tell me what made you angry today, and how did you manage it, or did you?
  7. If there was one moment where you've openly expressed instead of hiding how enraged you are the most, when was it and describe what happened. Here's mine: One time, past midnight, I was still awake and in a bad mood. I was mostly thinking about my social life, my past, the present, the future, and what should I learn/do next. Then another thought emerged. This one involved an idea of doing something harsh to my 3rd to 5th grade yearbooks because I felt that apart from the field trips and the one kid that invited me to its birthday parties, sometime around those years was the birth of my social problems with 5th grade making my Aspergers Syndrome very clear. First, I took out all 3 yearbooks and vandalized them by writing harsh statements in it with permanent marker and spitting on pages. And then I went to the family room and ripped pages and threw them to the walls with most of them hitting the brick ones. I ended up doing it again another day, but it wasn't as strong as the one before. To this day, I don't regret doing this because I felt that it was a good, harmless way of getting my anger out. It's better than physically fighting others anyway.
  8. So I was browsing the forums and saw there is a positivity thread. I thought: Why not make a negativity thread? If you need to vent something off your chest, want to talk about your bad day, complain about a jerk and other stuff that people would consider negative, do it here. Feel free to relate to each other.
  9. after Twilight became Goku Super sayan over 9000 level.. i decide that maybe even my best pony could get to the same level! right? Nurse red Heart is no bucking amused.. i told you... i told you to take the medicine!
  10. What really just plain rustles your jimmies, it could be the smallest thing, like, mosquitoes ... Or something big like, bacon destroying entire cities with party cannons, for me I get annoyed by people who are CONSTANTLY like well ... This ... Dang it, my images are all gone, WHY!So tell me what rustles your jimmies, SO I CAN RUSTLE THEM MORE HUEHEUEHEUE!
  11. If our protagonist Twilight Sparkle was married to the cool and spicy Flash Sentry, what would your initial reaction be, and why would you like/dislike it?
  12. What has this world come to...? To where we are not free to express what we love because of what others think? Do they really believe that calling us faggots, pedophiles, and autistic just because we love something they don't means we will stop liking it? I mean I don't know who the hell they think they are, but it's about ticking me off. I don't CARE if it's a kids show, and I most definately don't CARE what your opinion on the show is...but i'm going to watch the show and I will continue to love it, and when you insult the fandom, MY FAMILY, i'm pissed. I know i'm not supposed to care about what others feel about us watching the show, but I just can't take it anymore and I might as well just come out and say it. Insulting the fandom because they like something you don't is like hating somebody because they don't like the same brand of cereal. To me it's childish, and irrational to dislike somebody and call them a "FAG" over the internet. Really? Calling a somebody a "fag". Grow up, shit for brains, it's 2013! Calling us pedophiles? You know what, I won't back this up, but yes, some of us kinda take a liking to R34, but it's way less digrating than jerking off to the shit you watch. It's better than watching a bunch of sluts with fake breasts fuck their lives away for disgusting people like you to fap too. So I really don't see the fucking difference! I think most of you anti-bronies need to get your shit together and realize the definition of a pedophile. A pedophile is somebody who is attracted to minors,and these are ponies. There is nothing in the definition of a pedophile that states you can't be attracted to horses. Autistic? Don't get me fucking started. You think you are being funny calling bronies autistic for liking a show? News flash, you heartless bastards, some men and women who do watch this show probably are autistic, and autism has nothing to do with liking MLP. So all I got to say is that you make me sick for even daring to compare any of us to the autistic, and I hope you burn in hell. If hating on somebody because they like something helps you feel better about yourself, whatever helps you sleep at night. But just know whatever you say to us won't make us go away anytime soon. I apologize for this, and I apologize if any of this goes against "Love and Tolerate". I'm just tired of all these anti-bronies thinking it's so cool to gang up on us and I know all fandoms have haters, but it's getting out of hand. I am aware this won't make a difference, but this is MY blog and i'll post my opinions and thoughts however I like. If you don't like what you read, I apologize, but that's your problem. Not mine.
  13. Here is the link in which, as you could see, shit went down. I read that article a little before I made this topic, but it didn't really surprise me. Parents acting on their fear of their children going through the same thing as that horrible incident which rocked that school in Connecticut and ultimately ended up finding something to blame. You can kind of tell that I don't worry about their own kids' safety, but rather their inability to not go ahead and educate themselves about what actually happened. Misidentifying the actual suspect and then using a video game as a scapegoat is hardly anything to be respectful of.
  14. I'm sure all of you fellow ponies are familiar with "Mad Libs." If not, here's an example. User 1: The ____ Brown Fox _____ed over the ______ _______. User 2. The Awesome Brown Fox Barrel Rolled over the fat walrus. The ______ cow ______ the potato and then did a barrel roll. Then he ____ into ____. --------- And so on and so forth. It's simple. Just fill each blank with a word but it must be the correct part of speech. Here we go. The _____ kicked the fat _____ in the _______.
  15. Mornin' everypony! As random ideas flew in my head this morning, I thought I'd start up a little Mad-Lib thread. Here's one I just came up with: It was a magical day in Equestria.The (noun1, plural) were (verb1, -ing), the (noun2, plural) were (verb2, -ing) away, and every (noun3, singular) was off making themselves (adjective1, not ending in -ly) for the Grand Galloping Gala. This fine day, however, the (adjective1) (animal1) known as Pinkie Pie was on her way to a house to deliver some (adjective2, not ending in -ly) (noun4, plural). She approached the door and knocked rather loudly. "Helllo?! Anyone home?" Her call was met by a (adjective3) (animal2). "Oh, hey Twilight! I brought you some (same as noun4)!" Twilight looked hesitantly at her friend's gift. "Um, thank you?" She responded. Pinkie simply smiled and bounced up and down. "No problem! Well, I'm off to finish the rest of these deliveries." Pinkie looked towards the sky as a (noun5) fell down and flew her off to her next mission. Twilight stood there with a look of amazement. "Pinkie Pie. . .you are so random." End. Kinda short and random, but eh. Let's get it going!
  16. So I wake up, spend the next 10 minutes finding my pants, which were right beside me the whole time, put them on, go downstairs to make myself a cup of tea, I wait on the couch for the kettle to boil, of which my nose then proceeds to bleed for absolutely no reason, which I spent the next five minutes cleaning up myself from a bloody mess. So now I don't have time to reheat the kettle due to me only having time to drink a mildly-warm cup of tea, which tasted weird due to having the milk out from last night because my family is a bunch of idiots who leave stuff out all the time. I walk in the cold rain to my friends, go to school, boring stuff but I was looking forward to Business/Computer class because we were gunna watch a movie... Not the case. Some blockhead by the name of Kevin thought it would be funny to rearrange the keys on a keyboard from qwert to a certain no-no word yesterday, and then they found out, but didn't know it was Kevin. Of course the teacher says that we won't watch the movie until someone confesses and Kevin kept his stupid mouth shut so we had to do work. After that we played dodge ball, and which of course everyone in the entire fucking class decides to cheat. I really hate cheaters. Well, I don't mind cheating, but if you're stupid enough to get caught, then you're a useless human being that should rot in a trash can filled with leeches and eggs. So, terrible, terrible day. SCREW YOU TURN OF EVENTS!
  17. Okay, I've been playing this game 'Realm of the Mad God' for a while now, and I had a great idea: Getting together as many Bronies as I can and raiding a server. (sweeping through, destroying everything, max leveling, etc...) For those of you who have never played RotMG before, don't worry, we'll start with basic tier enemies and bosses, working as a pack. Here's a gameplay video so you can check it out. It's like a bullet hell MMORPG. After I get some people on board, we'll set a date and time.
  18. I took the original video by SwomSwom and replaced the music from Dead Island with the song by Gary Jules called Mad World. I did this for a friend of mine, who was a pegasister and died of brain cancer, called Tina. She was an admin of a page on Facebook called Pinkamena Maniac Pie. R.I.P. Tina.
  19. Check this out guys, this is actually pretty darn good and funny(aside from the fact that they murdered Pinkie's look(but that's understandable to avoid copyright). http-~~-// Also, I'm not sure but the unicorn that I think is supposed to be Twilight might actually be voiced by Tara Strong(I'm not sure if I'm hearing it right or not).