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Found 5 results

  1. If Hasbro were to put out a monthly magazine dedicated solely to MLP, would there be enough of us fans (Bronies and target demographic) to support it? Or is it possible for the Bronydom to produce and sustain our own fanzine with content from the community, updates about the show and interviews with the cast & crew? Cause there are successful fan run magazines out there, so do you think MLP can have it's own magazine?
  2. So, I was reading the January 2013 issue of my favorite magazine, K-Zone. Then, I saw this under their toon horoscope(which was half-joking and half-serious): My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic You like ponies(duh). You have a taste for witty dialouge and ctachy, unique song numbers. You don't let labels stop you from doing what you louve to do. Wellcome to the herd, brony! I'm suprised to see this in a Pilipino magazine, and I'm even more suprised that a magazine geared towrds preteen boys actually mentioned MLP and prasied it. Thoughts?
  3. Aaramus

    Work can be fun!

    So it turns out that Pinkie Pie can break the fourth wall not only in the show but also when it comes to making marketing graphics for Hasbro. InDesign just let me crop the image for once! Just something that I'm doing for a licensing magazine which Hasbro asked my company to do, thought I'd share a screenshot as...well its related to MLP. As it's not technically Fan Art I thought it would be best to put it on a blog. Something I'd like to point out, Hasbro seem to despise Rarity and AJ. They are featured in very few marketing graphics, be that magazines, emails, adverts or anything else. They only ever seem to use Celestia, Pinkie, RD and Twilight. I've seen Fluttershy a few times but not very often. I know that they like using one of each kind of pony so perhaps they're just using the most popular of each kind.
  4. Does anypony else around here have subscriptions to any newspapers or magazines? I have subscriptions to The Economist, The Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, and Scientific American.