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Found 272 results

  1. Now, here’s a fun challenge. I’ve seen somepony do one of these for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, so I figured, why not jump onto the Friendship Express bandwagon and do one for all six of them? What do you think is the best picture of our favourite six ponies? Be it a group hug, an iconic moment or just something that makes you smile. But don’t forget, all six of them have to be present. You can post more than one if you want. My favourite is a moment from the song ‘Best Friends Until The End Of Time’, just at the start of the second verse. There is a shot of all of them together, walking on a rainbow and all with smiles on their faces. This is the perfect image to sum up the camaraderie between them and what the show really is all about.
  2. Human Technology Vs Pony Magic in war, which is more powerful? Let's try not to stick canon canon MLP FIM Ponies powers, not the world eating near on unstoppable level of magical power of The Conversion Bureau Ponies and Celestia, then yes Humanity would lose if they didn't get any help from either Ponies or someone else against Ponies as powerful as The Conversion Bureau. It would be the same case if Humans were as powerful as the Reapers from Mass Effect, then The Conversion Bureau Ponies would lose. You can debate me if you wish, but I think Human technology would crush the Ponies in a war, let's rip in both of our universes opened connecting each other to both worlds and war (Hopefully war would not happen, it depends on what type of Human or Pony universe I guess.) was declared over something. I mean Humanity has got nukes, guns, bombs and the ability to make deadly bioweapons, I think the Ponies would not stand a chance. Their only hope for survival would be to surrender. As for Celestia, I don't think she could survive a nuke being dropped on her, death by the sword and whatnot. Unless she's overpowered like The Conversion Bureau Celestia.
  3. Hello everypony, If there is already a topic that explains the answer to my question, I would like to read it. But I couldn't find one on the forums and I am not sure if this is the best place to post this topic, but I did the best of my ability to match it. So I thought about opening a new topic here about it. Where exactly does the magic come from? I know that unicorns can cast magic using their horns, and I believe other creatures in the show are capable of using magic as well. That got me thinking things like, are they born with it? Is the magic all around them? Or is it deeper than that? I tried looking up some answers but I could not find anything that could help. So I am here asking you if you know of a viable source that explains the magic in Equestria in detail or if there is an episode I overlooked, please fill me in. Thank you all very much for reading my post.
  4. Aside from the canon this is mostly going to be speculation. (warning: lots of pictures) We all know that I love changelings. I mean, they are one of the races that have a pivotal place in equestrian society along with dragons, griffins, hippogriphs and yaks, being by political affiliation or by history, although not always as friends. As a race they are very complex and one of the things that stand out the most about them aside from their look is their magical abilities. Their capacity to transform and mimic any type of creature and even non living things to disguise themselves. But that does come with certain important implications. one of this would be, do they just look like the thing they transform into like a glamour or a camouflage it do they actually become what they copy? And if so, doew that mean that they adquiere the abilities of what they copy? Let's looks at some examples. So how do we know that changelings actually become and adquire the abilities of what they copy? is that even a thing? well yes. At least in some cases we can see how changing into other forms make them actually BE what they transform into and not just camouflage themselves like an octopus will do by pretending to be a rock or another animal (tho they are very talented). We have seen how Ocellus in particular uses this and how it affects her. Her transforming into a seapony grants her the ability to breath and talk underwater when she and Silver Stream saved Yona from drowning. We haven't really seen if changelings can breath underwater without any magical transformation but that would be very unlikely. If she only were camouflaging then she wouldn't be able to go underwater like no one's business. This single moment could be proof that changelings magically become an exact duplicate of the thing the are copying and that's the way they get that thing's abilities. Another example could be when she transforms into the giant bug anteater which granted her enough mass and strength to completely smash a part of the friendship school building and later in another episode she used that same transformation to help her carry a big and heavy fountain. Another instance is when she transforms into a rock. I actually thought that these were just glamours so it only looked like is a rock, but she actually falls with the consistency, heaviness and sound of an actual rock which makes me believe that her body composition is that of a real rock. Same happened with Pharynx and Thorax. Even changing their size not only to grow larger but to become smaller, at least within a certain range. (couldn't find a bigger image) we have seen how she is able to transform into other things like her dragon form for example. Does that mean that she would actually be able to breath fire if she wanted? The answer is very probably yes, I'm pretty sure she would be able to given the other examples. Why doesn't she do so, or better, why do we never see other changelings go around and copying powerful creatures to simply use their abilities to their full advantage? (uh... green magic here from thorax..) (Chryssi transformed into a... rather small Roc) (Pharynx using the strength of the huge bug monster he transformed into) (this guy transformed into Discord. Why are they not using Discord's magic then?) Well there's a catch and this is where the theory begins on why we haven't seen any changeling show other special abilities aside from increased strength or other seemingly simple magical attributes, why they haven't take advantage of this INFINITE POWER! My dear friends, it's actually very simple. Some abilities are probably too complicated to know how they work if you yourself have never used it and/or practiced it. Now multiply that for every creature you encounter. Some might be fairly easy to figure out or they come natural with the transformation, but others? Not so much. We have seen that magic is complicated to learn and even more to master. That's why your average unicorn will only know levitation and light spells since it's as basic as it gets and they still have to learn how to do it, it doesn't come natural without practice. The same could apply to other things like breathing fire for dragons. Or in case of Discord's magic, Cozy Glow demonstrated how uncontrollable it could be. Either that or maybe it's the first time you see a Draconequus and you're like "well that's a thing that exist" and not even realize that it possesses magical abilities, or how much you could do with them. Magic is haaaaard! But then... why wouldn't they know at least one magical spell. Wouldn't that be useful given how possible is for them to transform into other creatures that might have magic? specially ponies and specifically unicorns since it's been shown that ponies and changelings were rival races in constant conflict throughout the seasons since Canterlot Wedding. Also it's theorized that changelings as a whole, not just Chrysalis, could actually have magic like levitation on their own without the need for a transformation beforehand because of the infamous magical aura Thorax displays from his horns in To Where and Back Again part 2, where he is threatening Chrysalis with it like the other unicorns in the scene. And even in Canterlot Wedding when the changelings are using their horns to break though the magical barrier, in their last effort their horns glow with intense magic to finally break it. (the one where the horn is visible shows it glowing with green magic) Let's put on the speculation and the tinfoil cap because this could be Chrysalis doing since it wouldn't be convenient for her to have her subjects know what they are capable of if she wants to preserve her power over them. Ignorance is a very effective way to control a population were she basically was the dictator and every other changeling was only another cog in the system, all the same, all just there to overwhelm with numbers, all disposable (as much as she tries to justify that all that she does is for her people, she doesn't. She does it for her self interests first using her literal children as shield and weapon). Fear is too another method that goes hand in hand with ignorance, and if Chrysalis wants magic to not be a threat to her throne in the time she was queen, since changelings or at least Chrysalis herself are the only ones that can use magic in the hive with the magic plot chair of anti-magic, she would make sure that practicing magic is taboo, prohibited and unknown. Or even better, make them think they are not capable of doing more than the comet hit magic thing from the season 2 finale, idk. Just like any cult, this can become auto sustainable without Chrysalis having to do more than the usual manipulation afterwards. "Just as soon as I drain every last ounce of love from him and show my subjects what a real leader is!" (yeah that sounds like intimidation tactics. Also, natural changeling kinesis) (seems like Chrysalis wants to have a monopoly on magic knowledge) So getting back at why have we never actually seen a changeling use magic or get a grip on other creature abilities. It's just that. A history of manipulation, ignorance, maybe even taboo beliefs regarding the use of magic under Chrysalis reign, to not be able to simply know what creatures have what kind of magic and how it works for every case, to being out of shape from not training the use of magic. For all we know they could also need to constantly shapeshift into the creatures they normally don't see often in order to not forget them. That's why shifting into rocks or woodland animals would be like level 1 because they are so common, and shifting into a giant monster would be more complicated and at risk of forgetting how it looked like or how it worked. But aside from that I can conclude that they could be capable of doing any sort of abilities, magical or not, but with the condition that they need to learn how to, just like any ordinary member of the species they are copying. As for what is in for changelings magically speaking after the last battle against the villain trio and Twilight's coronation, well... who knows, maybe they can finally practice and explore their natural and gained magical abilities in peace and company of their friends. But that's another story and should be told another time... (for anyone who understands this reference, you are my favorite person now). And with that we finish this entry. Thanks for reading! Peace out! (PS: The rock Ocellus reminded me a lot of kirby rock form from Crystal Shards and Smash) Edit: remember that this is speculation so there could be other ways the magic of changeling transformation could work. @Goat-kun came up with the idea that changelings might not get magical abilities from the creature they copy so any magic coming from the transformation would the changeling's own magic coming from beyond the transformation, since they proposed that magic is personal. In that sense I proposed that it would be the creature's magic since the creature itself most be compatible with a magical outlet to perform magic in the first place, and because as an example we have Chrysalis's own magic. Whenever she changes into her unicorn form or when she changed into Cadence, her magic aura changed too from the usual changeling kind of opaque glow to the characteristic unicorn semitransparent glow wave and sparkle magic. This would mean that they are using the creature's magic as a conduit. In any case we can't really know for sure since there are no more examples of magical displays in the show and in this particular case to make a comparison and know for sure which answer is the most approximate. Furthermore, changeling magic and unicorn magic are very similar to each other regarding spells like levitation. Given the circumstances any answer could be valid. You can follow the discussion bellow. Bring your own ideas about this theme too!
  5. If you know what Fairy Tail is, then you know what i'm asking :grin2: What would your magic be? I would be a celestial wizard that holds what's called the fantasy keys. I would have contracts with the phoenix, dragon, cerberus, griffin, unicorn, and pegasus.
  6. I am actually surprised, that i never asked this Question. Pretty much what this title says. Do you believe in hypnosis? It's pretty obvious that i am a believer in it, considering who i am and that i am a hobby hypnotist who practices it from time to time. I think the people who don't believe in it, are mostly scared of it, or just think of the stuff they have seen in Movies and TV Shows and that's why Hypnosis is often very misunderstood. What are your opinions?
  7. Hello. I'm trying to figure out what language and writing system is used by the ponies in Equestria, because I plan to use some of these informations in a fanfic I'm preparing to make. From this snapshot from S01E01 "Mare in the Moon" we can get some informations about the language and writing: I recreated it below as a vector graphics without any perspective to improve the clarity: Below the book there is a transcript of what is supposedly written there in English. I mean, we hear Twilight speaking English in the series, but I consider it just an English dubbing replacing the original Equine language This text couldn't be written in English, because there's lot more letters in it than is visible in the above book page. So the original language must be different, and written more compactly than just plain English when written in Latin alphabet. Besides, why should ponies speak English in the first place instead of some other language of their own? And this is exactly what I'm trying to figure out: what language they use, how does it work, and how is it written. We can see some interesting observations here: Words are separated by spaces. Text is aligned in horizontal lines. The writing system seems to be syllabic (that is, an abjad, like Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese or Ancient Egyptian), because words are quite short: 3 glyphs on average, usually 1...4 glyphs, longer words are rare. In syllabic writing systems words tend to be short, because only consonants are written down, and vowels are default, or known from context, or marked up with additional diacritics. In writing system where vowels are written explicitly, words are usually longer. The alphabet consists probably of only 10 glyphs (see the table below). There may be more, but only these 10 are visible in this particular book page. If you know about any more, please tell me in which episode you've seen them, with time stamp. The writing system seems to be hieroglyphic, similar to Ancient Egyptian or Paleo Hebrew. I suspect these glyphs could have started as ideograms (that is, each one represented only one idea, as a whole). But later on ancient ponies figured out that they can join those ideograms together to make composite words, joining the meanings of the particular ideograms together. And for these words to be possible to pronounce, they read the first syllables of the subsequent glyphs of a word. (I'll explain it further in a minute...) One of the glyphs seems to be some kind of a prefix (or suffix): the Pony Tail glyph. It is often attached to the rump of a Horse glyph, but both these glyphs can also be used alone. In one place it's also attached to a Star glyph, making a "comet". If it's really some kind of a prefix/suffix, it should correspond to a sound which is easily joined to any other sound, like "H", for example. But, maybe it's just a coincidence... I don't know which direction it should be read: left-to-right, or right-to-left, or interleaved. But if it resembles Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs in any way, then maybe the direction can be figured out from the glyphs themselves: In Ancient Egyptian one reads a line of glyphs in a way to "meet" subsequent glyphs "from their fronts". For example, if some figure looks to the right, you need to approach it from right to left to "meet it face-to-face". So one could read Egyptian hieroglyphs in both directions, according to the direction of "looking" of these glyphs. In pony alphabet, horse figures are looking to the right, so it is probably read right-to-left, as in Hebrew. But maybe other directions are also possible (when the figures are mirror-imaged and look to the left). There's some evidence for it. For example, when Spike writes his notes in Episode 1, the bump in the papyrus under his feather seem to move right-to-left and left-to-right interchangeably. So it's possible that the direction is switched on line-by-line basis. Also, when Twilight looks through her books in Episode 1, you can clearly see that she always flips pages from right to left (that is, starting from the last page and going "back" to the first page of the book). This may suggest that books are written from the last page to the first, from right to left line/page. I don't know what sounds should be pronounced for those glyphs, but I tried to figure out the sound from the ideograms themselves. For example, I thought the best sound for the Horseshoe glyph would be the clopping "K" sound made by horse hooves clopping on the ground. For the glyph depicting Snake (at least I see a snake there, but it might also be a rope) could correspond to the hissing sound, like "S" or "Sh". The Thunder Bolt glyph could be related to some violent, "bursting" sounds, like "B", "D", or maybe electrical buzzing sound, like "Z". But I really have no clue what sounds these should be. Any ideas? In the following table, I show the whole alphabet: Beside the original hieroglyphs, I also added my own ideas of their corresponding hieratic versions, that is, for quick hand writing purposes. They're simpler and easier to scribble by pen. For each glyph, I also tried to match some sounds (in the Transliteration column). If you have any ideas how these glyphs should be pronounced and you can justify it in some way, feel free to tell me in this post. I hope for some interesting discussion here. Maybe together we can crack this code I also wrote in the table what (in my opinion) any of these glyphs depict (I have some troubles with the 0'th one, so if anypony has some idea, please tell me). Below, I wrote some possible meanings encoded in that particular glyph. Composite words can be formed by joining these glyphs and their meanings together. I've tried some examples below: Some of them are actually there in the fragment of the book shown in the screenshot, so this may be the right track. Now how to read those words? Suppose that the Horn and Crescent glyphs represent sounds for "N" and "M" respectively (I don't know this for sure, this is just a guess, for the sake of the example). So their combination might sound like MaNa, which is really the name for magical energy in many other fantasy worlds! I wonder if the similar trick could be done with the glyphs representing Bright Magic to get the word PraNa, which is also a name for bright life-giving energy in Eastern cultures. Then we'd have "mana" and "prana" for Dark Magic and Bright Magic But this could be possible only if the Star glyph were pronounced as "Pr" sound (which is not so strange for a language of horses you know, this snorting sound horses make sometimes). What other sounds do you think of for the Star glyph to make some interesting word for Bright Magic? Maybe you have some better ideas of how those glyphs should be mapped to sounds? In the table, there are also numerical values assigned to the glyphs. For now, they're just for ordering and reference purposes (let's call them PEGASCII codes though probably UniCode would be a better name for Unicorn's code ), because I don't know anything about what number systems are used by ponies (but I have some guesses; I'll get back to this). But I tried to correlate them on some logical basis. For example, glyph number 4 is the Horse glyph, because the horse has 4 legs. I used the Horn glyph to represent 1, because it's simple, just one straight slash. It's good for tally marks & stuff like that. I used the Star glyph for number 5, because it is a 5-pointed star. The number 3 is Thunder, because it has 3 lines (but this is not necessary). I took the Crescent glyph for number 6, because I wanted it to be just after the Star glyph, but it will probably be better for number 2 (two horns of the crescent). Other glyphs are assigned quite arbitrarily. But there is some interesting pattern, that all glyphs related to Unicorns are distributed in powers of two. More on this later. Also, I wondered if it wouldn't be better to use the Tail glyph as last, and Head glyph as first, but this breaks the pattern a little bit, and the Head is less useful for number 1, because its shape is too much complicated. As to the number system used by ponies, I suspect some place value system or additive system at least, because just plain unary is too limited. And it would be obvious to notice by lots of repeating glyphs for number one. I haven't seen anything like that in any of pony books. If it's place-value system (that is, a small number of digits, reused in different positions representing greater and greater powers of the base), then it could be in base 4 instead of base 10, because ponies don't have fingers to count (with the only exception of Pinkie Pie, as usual ), but they only count their whole legs (4 of them). This is related to that "powers of two" pattern above: 1, 2, 4, 8 (one leg/horn, two legs each front or back or side, foul legs in a pony, eight legs in two ponies etc.). Also, if they were to use base 10 place value system, it could be easily spotted from the first screenshot: we should have some glyph repeated thrice in a row, representing those three zeros in "1000th year". But there isn't any. So either ponies don't use base 10, but some other base (in base 4, 1000 is 33220, but we also don't see any two subsequent pairs of glyphs there), or they use just additive system, which adds values of some glyphs together. But then, we either need many glyphs to depict a number, or we need some bigger values for the glyphs (for example, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000) to write down the number 1000 used in the Transcript. And we need some way to find out which glyphs represent numbers instead of words. But such a system, on the other hand, is more for encoding meanings, like Gematria in the Jewish Kaballah system: you can then count up a value of any word to express some interesting patterns, like similar words having similar numerical values, etc. This is still an open subject, so any ideas are welcome. If you know about any other evidence of pony alphabets, please tell me about where you've found it (what episode, what timestamp). The more cryptograms the better. But for now, my only Rosetta Stone is this single book page from the first screenshot. I hope that this will start an interesting discussion about linguistics of the Ponydom
  8. So, you found a magic lamp and a genie pops out and offers you three wishes. What do you wish for? Remember, though: Ixnay on the wishin for more wishes! My three wishes: 1. Power to turn invisible at will 2. A time machine 3. Life to be a musical! (Every now and then) What are your wishes?
  9. Alright, so I'm not the best at explaining things, so I'll use picturess to demonstrate my points. I thought of this on a bus yada yada yada. Right, I think you get what I mean, but in case you're dumb enough still not sure what I'm saying, I'll show some examples: (Pink is a shade of purple now. Deal with it.)Twilight Sparkle has purple eyes. What colour magic does she have? Pinkish purple! Rarity has blue eyes. Guess what? Blue magic. Now Sweetie Belle still can't cast magic, and although we saw some GREEN sparks shooting from her horn in One Bad Apple, let's pretend we didn't. What colour should her magic be? Now let us guess what Pumpkins' magical aura should be, shall we? (Note to self - Make sure you're fully awake when typing these things out to make better sense.)
  10. Another Equestria Girls commission for someone on Deviant Art , this time featuring Sunset Shimmer. Their idea was that, just after the events of "Friendship Games", Sunset Shimmer's brief turn as "Daydream Shimmer" puts her in temporary contact with her friends' powers. She then gets to have a fun day or so using them to do various things: creating a ballgown, acing a zoology test (with some help from Fluttershy's animal friends) , baking a masterpiece, lifting incredible weights, and winning the 100 yard dash with ease. The ballgown in panel 2 and the cake in panel 4 are my design The extra racers in the last panel were also created by me. Sunset Shimmer's gym outfit in the last 2 panels are the commissioner's design. All other designs/backgrounds are based directly on the show.
  11. OK, staff members tell me how often AM'I suppose to put artworks with the topics let me know ? Because I thought I told you guys why it takes longer to color the pixels on my tablet and was still drawing the art ! So please tell me how to put my drawing on here if they are not finished so I can correct this debate in the future thank you!
  12. So, it's headcanon time. Not since Twilight's Kingdom do I recall any moments in the show that offer a significant insight into how Pony magic in Equestria works. I'm talking of course about the fact that in Yakkity Sax, Pinkie lost her coat colour, and just walking past flowers and balloons caused them to die and pop. I think it's reasonable to infer that what she experienced was a release in magic. Note, I don't think the episode is all that great or well-written, but that particular scene intrigued me. Tirek's draining of Pony magic revealed that all ponies have magic in them, and non-Unicorns simply have passive magic, which they can still sometimes tap into, just not in the same way. The events of this recently leaked episode lead me to believe that things like Ponies' unnatural coat colours come from magic too, and it's possible for deep depression to cause magic to drain out of them. Actually, Pinkie must have a lot of magic inside her if a release of it caused all that damage to her surroundings. I suppose there is plenty of evidence that she's pretty magical for an Earth Pony, so maybe that isn't so surprising. Also, magic either returned to her or was replaced when her mood lifted at the end of the episode. Perhaps magic in Ponies is fluid. I had an image of a pool of magic within each Pony that varies in size and just happens to be circulated more passively in Ponies who don't have a conduit to tap directly into it at will, but maybe it's not quite that simple. In any case, I'm intrigued. What are your thoughts?
  13. I was just thinking could it be possible that Trixie could be a descendent of Starswirl? I know there's no evidence of this but it could be possible, right? I don't know why I started thinking about this it just kinda popped into my head and I thought it would be interested. What do you guys think? Could it be possible or am I just crazy? IMO this would be interesting to see in the show. I would like to see what Twilight thinks about it. I also think it would make for a good lesson that I think is kind of important. "Just because someone is related to an important pony it dosen't mean you should treat them differently then your other friends." I don't know maybe I'm over thinking this.
  14. Soooooo I'm starting to think Twilight may have had a point in Everfree. I mean, I'm all for Sunset's embrace the magic approach to things and thought AJ and co. were being silly when they decided to just ignore it in favor of mundane camping. On the other hand, that's how many times now that something magical has almost caused harm to befall minors? I mean, when you watch the show and you see magic happening all the time you really don't think anything of it but when it seeps over into the other world, the results are pretty drastic. It's almost kind of darkly hilarious that a magical world as seemingly nonthreatening as Equestria can have such potentially dangerous effects on what is otherwise the real world. Plus, how hard is it going to get after awhile to maintain deniability about this? With that stinger at the end of Everfree, it's starting to feel like the genie isn't going back into the bottle. I'm not the only one noticing this right? That as wondrous and cool as magic is in Equestria, it seems kind of dangerously out of place in the human world.
  15. I know I have spoken allot about my knowledge of spiritualism briefly but I've been notably vague on the topic. I am more then happy to explain myself but do keep in mind that I want this to be an open minded topic. Any hate or flaming will result in being reported. Now let me explain what I know and if you have questions, ask away after reading my explanation. Any fellow spiritualists, wiccans, witches, or pegans are also welcome to bring their input in. Now there are those who believe in ghost that are considered spiritualist and explore the unknowns of the spirit world. But there is a level beyond that which revolves around the religions of Wicca and Pagans. Those born with a gift to detect emotions on a deep level even without being in that persons presence is the first sign of having powers beyond the moral one given to us through our lifeforce. Those of us who are gifted have a slightly enhanced lifeforce and can channel that energy along with surrounding energy forces to fuel our gifts. With wiccans like myself, we abide by the wicca pentagram which is a star with five points wrapped by a circle. Each point represent one of the many powers possible for a wiccan to have. Those powers are: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Spirit. This is a traditional wicca pentagram and the common misconception is that it is the evil pentagram used for satanic rituals. This is far from true. This is merely a symbol that represent our powers. Those of us lucky enough to have a major element or two, will sometime have a lesser extent of the others. Those of us that harness all 5 elements can reach a super charged state known as Spirit Form. Spirit Form is a enhanced version of powers we already have and is accessible to those who mediate and practice their powers every day, keeping a peaceful state of mind. Spirit: This is the top most point of the star and is most relevant to most wiccans. This will give you a enhanced understanding of the spirit world and you'll have higher chance of earning white magic power. Fire: A cleansing, burning element. Fire is an element commonly found by those kinds of wiccans who have a more confrontational, but protective nature. Their power cleanses evil from the body much like white magic. Water: The flowing, peaceful element. This gift is give to those who go with that flow and have a relaxed approached to life, but if angered has the capability of consuming and over taking foes. Ice is a sub element that can form as a offshoot of water. Earth: This element is a more commonly known element similar to Spirit. Those with the gift of earth magic have a improved understanding of herbs and wild life. Plants and animals are your best friends and you have natural healing capabilities similar to one with white magic but in a more organic sense to heal inside the body as well as outside. Wind: This element is a flowing element which supports Fire and Water. Wind helps purify the air of dark winds. This is a reflective force to remove and repel darkness. A very powerful element for protection, much like white magic. Then there are the pagans, which are much like wiccans in some circles. There is a lot of crap thrown on them for their beliefs though they are no less important than wiccans. Their studeies can go into the darker reaches but that isn't all bad, at least not as bad as most religions would make you believe. I know a few a pagans that are pretty cool. There is a lot to understand from both spectrums, and not all we know is all that there is to know. This is why the spirit world is interesting. We learn things everyday and grow stronger from it. In anycase, if you have any questions, ask away.
  16. This is a scenario that I pictured in my head since the end of Legends of Everfree. What if an outside organization were to condemn the entire school for its use of magic, by ranking every student as dangerous to the outside world? This is a subject I would want Hasbro and the cast and crew to dive into. How would our heroes survive the events of this kind of story when they are hunted down as fugitives of this so-called organization? Even more so, how would the students and teachers(And especially the Principals) handle being confined because of magic? The idea is inspired by the X-Men, where Mutants are branded as dangerous to the government.
  17. Here today I want to start an open forum to discussing the magic behind the world of MLP, and anything goes: from unicorns and innate magic to incantations and alchemy, and everything in between as seen in the show. To start off this new discussion I'd like to just state the basics that we should all know and elaborate on them as I see them. First of all, there are unicorns that can use magic from close to birth. They all have a certain type and range of magic available to them based on their special talents, often denoted to match their cutie marks. Things like cooking cleaning and so on all have special types of magic that can be used through a little training and practice. But then we reach the special ones, those whose talent IS magic, which opens a great door of possibility as we see in the form of Twilight Sparkle. She has been shown to use a great range of magic far exceeding that of those around her, going so far as to have an exceptional propensity for said types of magic. But here is where things get interesting: Twilight is by no means a rare case, as we see many other ponies have a skill in magic as their special talent, but none to the point that Twilight has. This raises a few questions, the most important in my mind being what separates Twilight from other ponies like her? It is stated by Celestia that Twilight has a great affinity for magic, but as anyone in any profession can tell you, natural talent can only take you so far. More to the point, is it possible that other unicorns could have the ability to reach Twilight's level of magical mastery if they study hard enough and practice long enough? Or is she simply the kind of pony that can reach such limits because of a mix of both her natural skills and her intense love for her studies? Moreover, if such things are attainable by anypony with skills in magic, does this open the door to the possibility of somepony who has more power than an alicorn princess based on hard work and natural talent?
  18. So which one would you want? I’m still deciding...
  19. Okay I’m a massive Harry Potter fan. I grew up reading the series, I swear hundreds of times over. And as a result I identify strongly with my Hogwarts house, Gryffindor. Does Equestria have a magic school with houses? I have only just start d watching FiM so I apologise for not knowing! If not, what houses would you imagine one having, and what house would you/your OC/ponysona be in and why? I imagine the Equestria School of Magic but I would like to watch more of the show to make lore-appropriate house names. Really just curious!
  20. So was watching the season 6 finale and watched Spike fall through the clouds and that go me thinking if Dragon even have magic. We never seen Dragons walk on clouds before, so ti possible they don't have that ability like griffons or the like have. So far we just seen the dragon summoning and Scepter. I suppose the dragon greed is magical but we only seen that once and none of the other dragons seem t have this greed issue. Even that green one had a horde but wasn't mindless
  21. I read an interesting theory, which I can't find now, that said that every pony had an invisible magic force that they could channel into "fingers" from their hooves that allowed them to hold stuff, and that this force was most prominent in Earth ponies. Do you have a theory as to how ponies hold things? Let me know here!!! (Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, or if this thread already exists.)
  22. Do you think we'll ever see a human in the Pony realm? Do the ponies recall travelling to become Equestria Girls? I haven't seen those so can't comment. Many other animals appear in their world so perhaps humans will crop up... Thoughts? :-D
  23. Magic as we all know is found in every living creature in Equestria. This may not seem true, but it is all true. The problem is, creatures like ordinary birds, squirrels and bunnies don't have the capabilities of extracting and using that magic. In fact, magic flows everywhere around Equestria as tiny little particles. These particles are grey, unless influenced by a user. A user can change the color of these particles by attracting them with their own power from inside them. There are only two colors these particles can change into: black and white. White particles are the result of magic that has a positive influence. Black particles are the result of magic that has a negative influence. Think of a Venn Diagram... Imagine one side being black, the other side white and the middle being grey. Now, imagine every single particle of magic, flowing through the middle of the diagram. To put the particle theorem to the test, let's examine the conversion of Luna to Nightmare moon. Princess Luna is known for her giggly and happy personality... However, she can also be quite unpredictable, especially when there is chaos...we see her trying to resolve things the old fashion way... However, on that one night, we see Luna's particles change from white back to the middle and enter a light shade of black as the jealousy toward her sister starts to build. Once the last string is pulled, all particles have become black as Luna transforms into her alternate ego: Nightmare Moon. Because magic can always shift, the black particles can return to grey or even white. Purification items and reversing spells accomplish this task. The Elements of Harmony are an example of purification items. Once the purification process is complete, all particles have returned to white. In the case of Nightmare Moon, this caused her to revert to Luna. In the case of Tirek, since he had absorbed magic and became stronger, this reverted him back to his weakest form. Because the Mane 6 are the elements of harmony, they can dig deep within to completely restore all black particles to white. Sadly, some beings were entirely made from darkness and overexposure to purification items causes their bodies to go on overload and...either explode from the energy (like Sombra) or return to a neutral/frozen state (like Discord). Now unicorns do have free access to dark magic. They can recite some via spell book or dig deep within (if and only if the unicorn has mastery over control). As noted in The Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle had to use dark magic to reveal a hidden stair case. I know what you're thinking..."Wait! Didn't you say only black particles come about due to negative influence?" Well this is true. There is however a very small percent of dark magic that is used for positive purposes such as revealing hidden paths and uncovering deadly traps in a dark maze. While in the realm of the Crystal empire, Crystal ponies are an excellent demonstration of this theory. When crystallized, a crystal pony's particles are all white. However, when in fear and/or sad, they dull out as their particles become a lighter shade of black. Remember, a lighter shade of black just means that there is either a lock, sap or a host feeding off of magic. Love magic is considered the purest form of magic in my theory, as the particles are the brightest of white. Princess Cadence is the greatest example of this. When Queen Chrysalis pulls her trickery, she encases Shining Armor in an aura of dark magic. His white particles have turned to grayish black as Chrysalis is feeding off of his magic. Because Chrysalis doesn't have complete control over Shining Armor, his particles never go fully black. When Cadence uses her love spell on him, his particles return to white as he is freed from the dark sapping magic. When Shining Armor and Cadence combine to create the ultimate love spell, the particles are the whitest of whites. This is a 100% pure and perfect spell. Queen Chrysalis on the other hand has always had black particles. Because she never had a previous form, the white particles collided with her and pushed her away, rather than freezing her or reverting her to a weaker and good form. Speaking of changelings...Thorax plays a major key in our discussion of my theory. Because he had separated from the bunch and decided to become good, his particles became grayish black as well, and slowly moved towards the gray and neutral zone. Nonetheless, due to his need to feed off of love, some darker particles still lurked. At the end of "The Times, They Are A Changeling" and in the middle of "To Where and Back Again" there is a noticeable difference in Thorax's appearance. His wings have changed into crystal. According to the show, this means he does not even need to feed off of love anymore. In the final battle against Chrysalis, Thorax believes all the love is being taken away from him. However, when Starlight tells him to share all of his love, there is a massive change as Thorax's particles completely purify and become a bright white. Again, when the changelings perform this feat, Chrysalis is pushed away due to the absence of weaker forms. To tie this in with my previous blog about the neutrality of magic, let's add the particle theory to it. Twilight's Crown and other items of the like carry grey neutral particles. When Twilight wears her crown, all particles change to white. Nonetheless, there is no magical effect due to the purity of Twilight Sparkle. However, as stated in my previous blog, items such as crowns, gems and necklaces when worn by a pony with malicious intent will have a negative effect on said pony. The most popular effect is a dark transformation. The item feeds of the negative energy from the black particles within said being, thus triggering the transformation. SciTwi's magic-sapping necklace is a very unique element. You see, when the Mane 6 transformed into their half-pony states, they were using an "awakening spell" meaning one that requires a user to be their true self to awaken the power within. SciTwi's magic-sapping necklace could sap any magic and neutralize it, rendering all particles grey. When Principal Cinch finds out about this, she and her classmates beckon her to use the magic with a song. Now this presents a dilemma in the theory. However, it can be proved. SciTwi is very insecure and hesitant to do things. During the song "Unleash the Magic" the black particles from the auras of Principal Cinch and Twilight's fellow classmates were already influencing the magic. Therefore, when Twilight unleashed it all, she transformed into the evil Midnight Sparkle. So...after all of this, the magic we all see and know is all around Equestria. Ponies of all species have the ability to tap in and utilize this magic. However, it is unicorns, alicorns and any other being who can directly interact with the magic all around them that have the greatest influence on magic. Finally, it's not just about how a pony or being used magic, it is what their heart desires that ultimately defines the magic they use, whether light, dark or neutral. Thoughts?
  24. This question has been nagging me for awhile now, I have to ask it. Can the Dead Men of Dunharrow, these guys: be threatened by any other weapons? Is their curse specifically dealing with the one heir wielding the sword of Isildur, meaning that only he may command and interact with them? Does that mean that no other magical weapons that have been shown to be capable of threatening the undead or spiritual entities, such as the Keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts video game series and the Dragonslayer from Berserk, will work? I don't know if there are other magical weapons within the realm of LOTR that will work, as I can't seem to find any mention of such a thing.