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Hearth's Warming Helper

Found 2 results

  1. This is a shop where I will take your OC and make them into a Magical Girl, Equestria Girls style. There are a few rules that need to be followed. Rules. 1. Don't get impatient; I will post requests when they are done but I do have a life outside of here. These are totally hand drawn, including clothing and hair, so will take a while to complete. Please don't nag me in either thread or PM about when your request will be ready. No redos for the same reason. Oh, and only female OCs and genderswaps. 2. Please fill in the request form in its entirety cuz missing things out will mean your request gets passed over til you complete it. 3. Since I will be handdrawing cutie marks, please try to keep them simple. Also, if you give me a handdrawn pic, supplying colour samples will be nice cuz otherwise I have to guess. Please refrain from requesting over complicated clothes, accessories too; remember I am hand drawing, not digitally drawing. 4. This is first come, first served. Five requests will be taken first, then the store will be closed til I catch up. Form. The notes in brackets are instructions so delete them and add in your answers. OC: (This is where you put your reference picture, or "In upload" if you are uploading a reference) Base: (The bases I am using are my own, they can be found here: Click Please don't ask me to use other bases. If you don't mind which base I use, then put "Random" here) Other Details: (Clothing preferences ie dress, trousers, etc and colours and accessories go here. Also, remember that these pics are going to be drawn in the Equestria Girls "Magical Girl" style, so naturally will have longer hair) List. 1. Venomous - Complete 2. Tao 3. SincereSpark 4. 5.
  2. After seeing a lot of growing interest in this series from people I've passive aggressively pestered into watching it around here, it seemed odd that we've never had a thread for discussing the series. This will do nicely, though . We can talk about favorite episodes, characters, the movie, anything you like . Since it's a spoiler heavy series, I'd be careful looking through here unless you've gone a decent ways through the anime. People who've finished it might be advised to put anything major in spoilers, especially for the movie since I know plenty of fans haven't seen it yet. Anyhow, after sterling recommendations from people like Kagami and Twiliscael I finally got into this show last October. I was immediately hooked, if extremely confused, and marathoned all of the episodes over the span of a weekend. The music, characters, animation, all were on an entirely different level than most anything I'd seen before and now it's quite possibly my favorite thing that I've seen My favorite episode is the tenth one, and my favorite characters kind of bounce around a lot, but currently go: 1: Sayaka 2: Kyoko 3: Madoka/Homura 4: Mami I like all of them though . Anyway, have at it, other Madoka fans