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Found 41 results

  1. Title: Magical Mystery Cure Air Date: February 16th, 2013 Synopsis: When Twilight casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies, the only way to reverse the spell is by writing her own magic. Twilight is now a Magic Programmer. @@Feld0 will be very pleased. In other news, I think most of us know what we're really going to be thinking about the entire time. WARNING: Contains spoilers of the cornali variety
  2. Here is A True, True Friend from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season 3 Finale) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  3. Here is I've Got To Find A Way from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Season 3 Finale) on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to my patron, (Ultimate Fan) Juke Denton, for supporting me on Patreon. Join him here:
  4. YES! FINALLY, after two long years of this shit, I finally get to review....... A BEATLES ALBUM! Ladies and Gentleman, please roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour! Now, I must say, Magical Mystery Tour is one of the Beatles' best albums, even if it was originally not part of their official discography. But since the US already compiled the 1967 singles with the original British Magical Mystery Tour EP, it was more convenient to make this album part of the Beatles legacy. And boy is it worth it. With great songs like "The Fool on the Hill", "I Am the Walrus", and "Strawberry Fields Forever", this album is enough to make you cum more buckets than a brony on 4chan. ... Wait, what's that? I'm reviewing "Magical Mystery Cure"? .... Are you sure I can't just review Magical Mystery Tour. I'll get less shit from audiences for it. ... Please stop shoving your pitchfork up my ass. ... Thanks, Satan. You're a star. ... *sigh* ... *lays behind desk for cover* ... *ahem* ... Welcome one and all to the season three wrap-up of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Here we are, folks. The final episode of season three. It's been a long time, but now I'm coming back home. I feel as though you ought to know that this episode is relatively controversial. Not only did people flip their shit over mere previews of this episode, but people are still very adamant that this is the worst thing in the history of anything ever. Well, as we watch this episode, we'll see if I agree with you fuckers at all. So, without further ado, let me take you down, 'cause I'm rolling up for the "Magical Mystery Cure". Spoilers ahead. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So this episode opens up with a Beauty and the Beast-like musical number called "Morning in Ponyville Shimmers", about what a certainly fine day it is. Personally, I think South Park did a better job, but that's a given in almost any comparison between My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and South Park. However, it seems her shimmer is about to come to a sunset (somebody fucking kill me) as it appears that Rarity has Rainbow Dash's cutie mark. After the title sequence gives me testicles the size of my kidneys, we see that it's not just Rarity, but all of her friends that have swapped cutie marks. Cleverly, the writers made it so that everyone received a talent that we as the audience know they'd suck at. Rarity is given Dash's weather job, Dash is given Fluttershy's animal caretaking talent, Fluttershy is given Pinkie Pie's party planning talent, Pinkie Pie is given Applejack's apple orchard duties, and Applejack is given Rarity's eye for fashion, and the cycle continues on. This is explained through Musical Number #2: "What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me" Coincidentally, everyone's bodies were sliced clean in half, too. They've mere minutes to live. It's at this point that you might expect me to throw a hissy fit about there being a musical number every other half a microsecond. Well, I'm not, and there are two reasons for this. One, I don't think any of these songs are interrupting the pace of the episode too drastically. Now, that's not say they aren't fucking the pace....they are, but it's not on the level of "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", and we'll see why once the episode is through. The second reason is that, unlike "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", I don't mind the songs either. They're not shitty compositions nor lyrically incompetent so far. I also won't complain about the cutie mark swaps either. I have no problems about the conventions of a cutie mark being altered, and the reason why they're not any good at their "new" cutie marks is that their personalities are clashing with the mark they believe they've had all their lives now. Moving swiftly forward, Twilight realizes that she's caused all of this by reading aloud a mysterious unfinished spell sent to her by Celestia. You know what would've saved this? Don't read shit out loud, you dumbass purple bitch. Twilight descends into a minute long ballad about how she's fucked up...and the pacing problems are really starting to show now. I digress, however, because once she's done singing the ballad of John and Yoko, she realizes what she needs to do. Since their "true selves" have been altered (some wonky wording on Twilight's part given what we've been shown), she realizes that she can show them what they mean to each other. In other words, get one friend to help another and realize that they're true talent is the job they're helping their friend with. It looks like all they needed was love, as yet another musical montage shows Twilight getting everyone back on track. Fluttershy helps Rainbow Dash, who helps Rarity, who helps Applejack, who helps Pinkie Pie, who helps the townsfolk, who helps Satan, who helps Hasbro. Also, Rainbow Dash is about to be cooked alive. This finale just received major points. Once everyone receives Help!, Twilight's friends return to their former glory as far as their cutie marks are concerned. I kinda glazed over the "True Friend" musical number, but rest assured it's rather lengthy and probably the best paced of all the musical numbers. Catchy tunes man, I can't seem to get them out of my head. So once Twilight's achieved maximum fuckability levels, she realizes how to complete the mysterious unfinished spell. Something about friendship, of course. It's at this point when the elements of harmony zap Twilight into ash (you think I'm joking?) and as a result of this murder, Twilight wakes up in Celestia's She explains that she's "proven she's ready", at least ready for the very thing Luna was worried about in "The Crystal Empire", indicating the princesses have been keeping tabs on her journeys from day one. It's here when Celestia sings a ballad about how Twilight's grown, and that she's proud of Twilight, as a variety of images from the past 65 episodes dance around her like a million eyes. We'll talk about this specific event later, but the big thing is, because Twilight's learned so much about friendship, and she's proven herself more than capable time and time again, it's time for Twilight Sparkle to be upgraded to Princess status. ..............Well dayum, nigguh. O_O So...the first three seasons were building up to this? ... Huh. it.... Twilight is returned to the physical realm, Celestia explains that since she's come to Ponyville, she's displayed all the qualities of a Princess. Perhaps part of the reason Celestia took Twilight under her wing in the first place was for her to join the ranks of Princesses in Equestria. You know, for the Beast Hunters-esque corporate mandate that this whole Alicorn Twilight thing is, this whole concept was written really fucking well. It's like this was the ultimate goal all along. Twilight displays slight hesitation and worry, but eventually gains confidence in the fact that she's ready for all of this, and we dissolve to the coronation, where all the traditional festivities take place. Twilight walks down the aisle at 10 to 6, the Hendersons dance and sing as Mr. Kite flies through the ring, crowds hoard the castle in groups the size of Rishikesh, and of course Twilight speaks to her new subjects. It's here that she thanks her friends for showing her the way of friendship or whatever and of course thanks the many people in the crowd for their acceptance. "And I promise you! The first order of business when I'm in office is to build that damn wall!" In the end, we hear Sgt. Pepper's Reprise before Twilight flies into the camera claiming that everything will be "just fine!" So concludes "Magical Mystery Cure". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *prepares shield and iron armor* ... *ahem* This is a good finale. *is pelted with tomatoes* Throw all the tomatoes you want, I don't give a shit. This is still a good finale. It's not perfect, but it's far from being the POS fuck-up disaster opus everyone makes it out to be. First of all, yes, the pacing of this episode isn't great. I would've preferred vastly if this was a two-parter instead of a single episode. Outside of that, however, this isn't much to hate here. I've already explained how the whole cutie mark swapping plotline does make sense in theory (though it's not explained that well in the episode, I'll admit), and I've already accounted for the musical numbers. That said, just take a look at all the genius on the other side of the moon. Celestia's ballad about how she's watched Twilight from the very start, seeing her grow and change into what she is now, and being proud of her, is a perfect demonstration of the achievement Twilight had just accomplished over the course of the series. Twilight coming into her own as a princess, as a result of everything that came before it, seemed very natural, even if this wasn't the outcome any of us could've predicted. Especially given that "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" was meant to be a rehash of this, it's clear to see which plotline had the better resolution. This one. Right here. Twilight didn't reach a milestone in terms of her character per-say, but the fact that her previous growth resulted in this is enough to make us as viewers proud of Twilight. And I think that's the whole point of this finale in a nutshell. It has wonky pacing and doesn't explain its plotlines too well, even though they make sense, but goddammit, by the end of this episode, I felt overwhelming joy for Twilight. Overwhelming joy, despite knowing the outcome of the episode. Therefore, I think "Magical Mystery Cure" deserves an 8/10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, it's that time of year again, isn't it? I've finished reviewing season three, which means I get to do a final assessment of all 13 episodes. Here goes everything!: 01. The Crystal Empire (Part 1) 8/10 02. The Crystal Empire (Part 2) 2/10 03. Too Many Pinkie Pies 9/10 04. One Bad Apple 7/10 05. Magic Duel 9/10 06. Sleepless in Ponyville 10/10 07. Wonderbolts Academy 7/10 08. Apple Family Reunion 4/10 09. Spike at Your Service 2/10 10. Keep Calm and Flutter On 8/10 11. Just for Sidekicks 7/10 12. Game Ponies Play 5/10 13. Magical Mystery Tour 8/10 Therefore, my overall rating for season three of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is: 6.6/10 Best episode: "Sleepless in Ponyville" Worst episode: "Spike at Your Service" Holy shit, did this season suck ass. Well, that might be an over-exaggeration, but bear in mind that a passing grade for most anything for me is a 7/10, so a 6.6/10 is technically a failure. And it's clear to see by this season's output. Look up at that episode list. Look how red it is. Four shitty episodes in a thirteen episode season, and three more that were sub-par enough to just barely pass. Over half of season three is below average. Were there any episodes that blew me away? "Sleepless in Ponyville". That's it. One fucking episode in the whole season. Granted "Too Many Pinkie Pies" and "Magic Duel" were close contenders, but they both had some minute issues that prevented them from reaching their full glory. All that's left is the other side of the pond. "Spike at Your Service" is a terrible fucking episode with bullshit everywhere. "The Crystal Empire (Part 2)" practically ruined the entire premiere. "Apple Family Reunion" is contorted mess. "Games Ponies Play" is a waste of time. The only thing season three has taught me is that I think a re-evaluation of season five is in order. If you don't know, I hated the fifth season, but it's been long enough where I have to think back and remember, was it really as bad as this? I guess we'll have to find out after the fourth season. Overall, season three wasn't really that great, and was an early sign of the way things were going to go for subsequent releases of the show. Especially coming after the glorious second season, this was a complete letdown. At least the finale was almost worth it. Almost. With that said, I'm done with reviews for this year. I'll be taking the next three weeks off to masturbate, and when we come back, we can finally review season four of My Little Po- . . ...................... FUCK SHIT COCK SON OF A BITCH ASSWIPING PRICK-SHREDDER.... FUUUCKING....EQUESTRIA GIRRRRRLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSZSZSZSZSZ fml
  5. Before this month is over, Season 6 will have come to an end for My Little Pony. It's been a long one and we're about to go out in style. Before I do so, I'm gonna rewatch all 5 Season Finales: This week, I'll be rewatching both "The Best Night Ever" and "A Canterlot Wedding." Next week, it will be Magical Mystery Cure and Twilight's Kingdom And the following week, The Cutie Remark, plus I'm gonna rewatch Star Wars: The Force Awakens just for fun. Also, each rewatch of a season finale episode will be followed by a selected episode of STar Wars: The Clone Wars. Why? Because I still enjoyed that series. Anyway, I'm off to go rewatch "The Best Night Ever" on Netflix followed by the Star Wars:The CLone Wars episode "Ambush."
  6. This one took only one day, but it was so fun to make. Anyway, here's yet another remix of Find A Way from yours truly. Critique is certainly welcome.
  7. As we all know, Twilight Sparkle becoming a princess in the Season 3 finale was a huge game-changer. I love the idea of Twilight solving Starswirl's spell and saving her friends in order to become a princess, but if this is the reason that she became a princess, I feel that Twilight should've went a step further in her discovery. She "solved" the spell by pairing up her friends with their corresponding elements of harmony, but to me, a solution like that to a spell like this is not satisfying enough. The use of the elements of harmony in the finale left me with some fairly legitimate questions. "What would happen if somepony that wasn't in the Mane 6 got their cutie mark switched like in this episode? How would they regain their memories and change their cutie mark back if they did not have a corresponding element of harmony?" These are some thoughts that I've had for a while now, and although this is a bit late for discussion, I'd still really love to hear everypony's thoughts on this topic. Please let me know any and all of your theories and/or solutions that will justify Twilight earning her royal position. Your participation in this discussion is greatly appreciated.
  8. So, this video was put out regarding MMC. Apparently, there was a lot of stuff Larson wanted to do in the s3 finale, the script was a lot different, but Hasbro being Hasbro, basically said, "not gonna happen" He wanted to make it a two-parter and they denied it. So for all of you who blame Larson for it being a poorly made and rushed episodes, shift your blame to Hasbro for stupid executive decisions.
  9. I cant be the only one who thought this. Lets be honest here, Magical Mystery cure sucked donkey wang (that could be a pony name). It wasnt trash like literally any Uncle Grandpa or Cailou episode, but it was still much worse than we know DHX could pull off. At first i was just like, "Well it must just be impossible to make a one parter that ambitious". Then i layed my eyes upon Do princesses dream of magic sheep (DPD). DPD was an incredible episode. -It had a plethora of great action scenes (look at my other thread posted like 7 minutes before this one) -It had a meaningful moral, which MMC didnt even need as it was a story progression episode. -It went over a lot of different scenes without feeling rushed (Castle, spa, 6 individual dreams, bedroom, 2nd huge dream) or turning into a songfest, both of which MMC figured out how to do. -My GOD THE ACTION. Wait... Wait, already mentioned that. I just gotta tell you guys i love stories that have great action, yet still weave a heartwarming tale in the middle of it all, thats is something not many shows or even movies can pull off and it just shows the time and incredible effort put into this show. Anyway, back to buisness. This could have been magical mystery cure. Introduce problem + explanation in first 3 minutes; quick, but not rushed rising action; giant fight scene; a heartwarming moral; bad guy is dead, and Twilicorn is made. BAM I should be lead writer at DHX. If MMC had been like DPD, twilicorn could have (maybe, possibly, oh who am i trying to fool) been more well recieved. As well as a much more memorable episode for such a big change in the MAIN CHARACTER'S life. It could have been one of the best episodes of the series, alongside the biggest, most important, most storyline changing event in the show's history (Twilicorn, im talking about Twilicorn) What do you guys think? Agree or Agree?
  10. This is something I've thought about a few times. I've always been interested in the production aspects of movies and cartoons and really like how all the VA's and others working on the show interact with the fandom. This recent video with M.A. Larson talking about Magical Mystery Cure brought it up again. MLP was kind of doomed from the start, seeing that it was being aired on a small new channel available only in higher level cable/satellite subscriptions that not as many people had. Also MLP's history. According to Larson, Magical Mystery Cure was supposed to be the series finale. Had the whole Brony thing not started, I think that would've been the case. There are a couple things to keep in mind: What you see airing now is roughly a year old (a.k.a season 3 was a WIP while S2 was airing- the fandom really started picking up at that point) Hasbro isn't going to keep shelling out cash for the show if it isn't bringing in more money from merchandise sales. I mean look at the end credits, all those people aren't working for free. Even before seeing the video- I figured Hasbro probably would have closed up shop on G4 MLP after season 2 or 3. Being on that small network, I just don't see how Hasbro would have justified the cost without bronies boosting the ratings. That would have been a shame because there is still so much that can be done with the show. HOWEVER, Hasbro now does seem to genuinely interested in the fandom now based on some of season 5's slightly deeper topics, the 100th episode, and some various merchandise licensing agreements. Based on some of the So do you think the fandom actually saved the show? I bet the fandom does bring them a noticeable amount of profit at this point. *EDIT--- If you think about it more, technically the internet saved the show BUT it doesn't directly fork over the cash *
  11. Where did the mirror come from? Does only lead to the human world? Does Starswirl have something to do with the mirror? These are the many questions to do with the mirror that have been unaswered when it was brought up in EQG... and dont you find it a happenstance in 'Magical Mystery Cure' Celstia gives Twilight a spell (unfinished) to do with Starswirl and then in EQG isnt it a coincidence that Twilight goes through the mirror. I think Starswirl is in connection with the mirror, recall the flashback that when he banished the Dazzlings to the 'other world'. Which begs the question does Starswirl the Bearded have something to do with the mirror. But that just a theory a MLP theory a thanks for reading!
  12. So if you haven't heard already there is a lot of plot holes in the first equestria girls movie, one of the biggest of which was the fact they were preparing for Twilight's coronation when it had already happened. Well here's my theory, what if EG takes place within magical mystery cure? Remember when Twilight became an alicorn it cut off and then we got the coronation, well what if EG is what happened between those two scenes? So what do you think of my idea?
  13. my new video: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Alicorn Twilight Sparkle. I make a fool of myself, enjoy it.
  14. (This is a parody of "What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me) I'm not a songwriter or anything, so don't be harsh, please. What My Villain Role is Telling Me [Tirek] I hate these Crystal Ponies, they're wanting to be free They talk about this Crystal Fair and how fun it would be I wish they would surrender, and no one would get free It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my villain role is telling me [sombra] I try creating chaos, turn Equestria upside-down But no matter what I do, the ponies turn my plans around I can't create unbalance, no chaos I can see It's got to be my destiny, and it's what my villain role is telling me [Discord] I don't care much for feeding bugs, and stealing love is not so great I really don't appreciate that emotion is all they ate I have so many mouths to feed, I don't like being me me But it has to be my destiny, 'cause it's what my villain role is telling me [Chrysalis] The time on the moon was dull, I've gotten very bored I have to make the nighttime last, It's what ponies abore I do not like this job I don't want it any more My destiny is not pretty, but it's what my villain role is telling me [Nightmare Moon] I am all for stealing magic, but I don't like this prison Cerberus is guarding me making sure that I don't run I have to keep on trying, for everyone can see [Nightmare Moon and Tirek] It's got to be [sombra] It's got to be [Discord] My destiny [Chrysalis] My destiny [Nightmare Moon, Tirek, and Sombra] And it's what my villain role [Discord and Crysalis] It's what my villain role [Nightmare Moon, Tirek, Sombra, Discord, Chrysalis] Yes, it's what my villain role is telling me!
  15. I mean, he's not exactly hanging out at Fluttershy's house, is he? So ever since Discord's "reformation" in Season 3 Episode 10, we haven't seen the master of chaos anywhere. In Magical Mystery Cure we see Fluttershy's house for the first time since Episode 10, and Discord's not there. Is he chillin' with the Princesses at Canterlot? If he's "friends" with Fluttershy now, don't you think he would take the opportunity to meet her when she came to Canterlot in Episode 13? Wouldn't he have at least been at the coronation? (Or would his presence scare the other ponies?) I just don't see how Celestia would let Discord run around Equestria wherever he wanted to go... You know what, I bet he's crashing with Zecora. Honestly this is probably just an oversight, but I wonder if anyone has any wild theories about this... Where's Waldo Discord?
  16. So my friend and I enjoy watching and singing along to "A True, True Friend". Every time we get to Applejack, my friend states that she thinks Applejack had it the worst and that her part is the saddest because she's so frustrated and she starts crying. I'm willing to back up and respect that opinion. But what do you all think? Rainbow Dash had it pretty bad, I mean, the animals HATED her and wanted to eat her! Poor Fluttershy's was bad, too. When nopony laughs at you and then they suddenly laugh at a baby dragon wearing a funny mask (even though you've TRIED that), it can be pretty embarrassing. I can understand why Pinkie Pie was frustrated. Being the element of laughter, she really doesn't like chores, and having so many while not knowing how to do them can be pretty saddening. Her hair was flat, for one thing, which shows a lot of sorrow. Applejack, again, also had it pretty bad. She's supposed to make dresses, and she doesn't really know much about sewing. Mostly she made country dresses that didn't even have very good color combos, if you ask me. Some country ponies may buy them, but mostly, they'd be spending their money on farm equipment, and most other ponies just don't want that type of clothing. Rarity's, in my opinion, was one of the worst. She's out in terrible weather. There's lots of wind, rain, snow, hail, lightning, sleet, and blazing sunshine all at once, and that can be pretty bad, especially when you're making everypony else mad (and just making Fluttershy's job harder). Twilight Sparkle also really had it frustrating. All her friends' destinies were messed up and it was all her fault, and she has no idea how to fix it. And she HATES not knowing things. They all had reasons to cry, but Rarity and Applejack were really the only ones who did at some point, or that's all I remember. Maybe Twilight did, too. But what do you think?
  17. Hello! ^^ Remember in Magical Mystery Cure when the Mane 6 (excluding Twilight Sparkle) had their Cutie Marks switched around? Oh you do? Well awesome! ^^ Just in case you don't... Now then, I have to ask, which switch did you like best? ^^ And for bonus points, you can add why. ^^ For me, I think Applejack's switch was pretty great. I was actually hoping that she gained Rarity's Cutie Mark, because I thought it would be a very interesting change. You know, since they're complete opposites and all. ^^ What about you guys?
  18. Okay, so something has been bothering me for a while. In Magical Mystery Cure, it was implied that Rainbow Dash's cutie mark/destiny related to controlling the weather, even though this is not true at all. Just skip to Rarity's portion of the song to see what I mean. Did this anyone else notice this?
  19. I've seen MMC get a lot of backlash from the fandom, but I'm not too sure why. I would like to attempt to explain any points of contempt anybody has with the episode (besides pacing, which I can safely say is shit). This isn't an attempt to make anyone feel differently about the episode, but rather to provide a bit better understanding as to why this episode is loved by some. I might not be able to answer right away, because I have to go to my classes soon, but I will attempt to answer questions about any specific moments in the episode that you find problematic. I'll start off with answering a big one though: "Why did Twilight glow, and how did she figure out how to fix the spell?" Twilight's glow is representative of her mastering her element, Magic. She was trying to figure out what could fix what she felt was such a horrible outcome (for weeks judging by the visuals in "I've Got to Find a Way"). How did she figure out what to do, though? Well, she just thought of how she's dealt with issues of the past, alongside her friends. This moment is a culmination of all of Twilight's previous friendship lessons. She learned that friendship is important, worth fighting for, why each of her friends are special, etc. Like it or not this show states that love and friendship are the most powerful forces of magic in existence, and for Twilight to understand exactly how to get her friends to realize their true talents, proved to Celestia that she was ready for ascension.
  20. I was just looking around at background pony stuff and I happened to be looking at pictures of Caramel when I noticed that the pegasus Sassaflash, Caramel's girlfriend seen in Hearts and Hooves Day, was the one he bumped into in Magical Mystery Cure and who then angrily shook her hoof at him. Did anyone else notice this? And does anyone else find it kinda sad?
  21. Alright, I know this is a pretty old discussion, but I recently found something interesting. I've heard a lot of arguments saying that the use of 'destiny' in MMC is poor, as it's not directly related to their cutie marks, etc. However, in Ponyville Confidential, Rarity uses the same word in regards to Sweetie Belle begging for a cutie mark: Sweetie Belle: I do understand, and we've all been feeling guilty, but we just want our cutie marks so badly! Rarity: Do you really think that writing nasty things and making everypony feel horrible is your destiny? Do you think this could be used to justify MMC's use, or would this be considered another mistake?
  22. Ahem... Er... yo! What's up Ponyville? Are you ready to have a good time? Well, get ready, because DJ Octavia is in the house! I'm about to raise the roof and cause permanent hearing damage to everypony in a 100 yard radius! You're about to get more wubs than... um... than usual, I suppose. Oh curses, I sound ridiculous, don't I? Please forgive me, I'm not sure I'm really used to this. Apparently, I've been doing this my whole life, but it seems so foreign all of the sudden... Anyways, the truth is that I'm trying to get some publicity so that perhaps somepony will attend my concerts. I'm quite literally one late rent payment from becoming homeless. That being said, please ask me questions below and attend my concerts. Preferably before this month's rent is due.
  23. In the most recent episode, "Power Ponies", an enchantment from a book is a major part of the plot for the second time in the show. In "Power Ponies", it's from an enchanted comic book, while the first time, in "Magical Mystery Cure", it's a spell from Star Swirl the Bearded's book. In both cases, the enchantment/spell seems to operate by a unique mechanism: either Spike or Twilight activates the enchantment by saying the words of the enchantment aloud while reading the book. I'm curious, though, about what the precise process is by which these enchantments from books are activated in Equestria, and whether a small change in what Spike or Twilight did would have caused the enchantments not to be activated. First, we can see in "Power Ponies" that Spike activated the enchantment from the comic book without the intention of doing so. Thus activation of an enchantment seems to be dependent on communicating the words of the enchantment. But what method of communicating the enchantment is required for activation? Must the words of the enchantment be spoken aloud for it to be activated? Or could a reader of an enchanted book simply say the words of the enchantment in their head and still activate it? Furthermore, we don't understand how orientation of the book and the activator of the enchantment plays a role in activation. Must whoever is activating the enchantment actually be "reading" the enchantment - that is, eyes focusing on the words on the page of the book - to activate it? Or could someone activate the enchantment by merely saying it near the book without "reading" it? If the latter case, how close must the activator of the enchantment be to the enchanted book when doing so? Within sight of the book and/or within earshot of the book? Must the book be open to the page on which the enchantment is written? These factors and how they interact together could have had a significant effect on the events of these two episodes in which the activation of an enchantment out of a book was a major part of the plot. For example, in "Power Ponies", what if Spike had read the enchantment without saying it aloud? Would the enchantment still have been activated? If not, then the whole rest of the episode inside the comic book wouldn't have happened, just because of a small change in Spike's reading habits. For another example, in Magical Mystery Cure, what if Twilight had read Star Swirl the Bearded's spell without saying it aloud, but then closed the book, walked somewhere else in the library, and then repeated the words aloud while pondering the spell? Would the spell still have been activated? If not, then a lot of the events of the episode might not have happened. The rest of the Mane Six would not have had their cutie marks switched around, and Ponyville wouldn't have been thrown into chaos. But, perhaps even more importantly, without the spell being activated, Twilight might not have realized how to complete the spell, and she even might not have become a princess. All of this would have happened because of a small change in how Twilight read the spell out of the book. What do you think? Is the process of activating enchantments from books in Equestria restrictive or lenient, and what consequences (good or bad) might result from either of those options? Thanks for reading!
  24. Ok so I don't know if a thread like this exists already but I'm curious. What if Magical Mystery Cure had been the show's finale? Would you have been content with the outcome? Would you have hated Hasbro for it? Would you hate Twilicorn if this were the case? I wouldn't have been so happy. I mean the end of that episode was just screaming for another season to compliment it. I would have been a little ticked off at Hasbro for ending the show so suddenly and without moving further into the rest of the Mane 6's destinies. I want to hear your thoughts on this