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Found 23 results

  1. So, we all know twilight is the main character of the show, but who in the main six would be the 2nd main character after twilight? I'm thinking either Pinkie or Dash. What do you guys think?
  2. If you could be ANY of the MAIN Equstria Girls who will you want to be? Give me a reason!
  3. a little doodle of the main six! happy hearths warming!
  4. What if the main six suddenly changed races? Do you think Pinkie would be more fun as pegasus or a unicorn? Imagine Applejack suddenly grew wings. This question is also based on Twilight still being a unicorn and not a alicorn
  5. As you may have noticed, we haven't gotten a lot of Cutie map episodes in season 5. Do you think we are going to get more episodes like this in season 6?
  6. Hello Everypony, Grace Face here. I figured since I am going to be drawing frequently I might as well make a big thread instead of making a million little ones. I love doodling and sketching and practice is always a good thing! So feel free to suggest drawings and critique Drawings I did this week a work in progress of aj and apple bloom Octavia
  7. Sunset Shimmer had one friend before the events of Equestria Girls, a diary. She abandoned the book in her spiral into darkness, but now, with a chance of redemption, she turns back to her old friend for help. Does writing in her diary help her recover her life? Does it help her when the elements of harmony try to befriend her? What challenges will she even face? It's all in her diary, all you have to do is read it. This story is an epistolary, written entirely from the perspective of Sunset Shimmer making diary entries. This means you are getting both the story as she is writing it as well as the emotions and thoughts she has while reviewing the events she is writing about. Half the story is how and why she writes what she writes. Find the story on FIMfiction here. Pre-read by alt-tap, asylum1388, Monanniverse, and totallynotabrony Edited by Nopony_Important
  8. Okay, l've been fiddling around with an Idea of Changelings coming to earth, bare with me disguesd as all our favorite ponies, the Changelings start popping up all over the world. We of course could care less of what they are, they look like our ponies and act like our ponies, so what do we care, right? Well the govenments of the world Ban anyone from interacting with these creatures. With tiny pockets of inter diminsional space popping up at random all over our earth, taking things and giving things. The people who have anytype of bond with the Friendship is Magic diminsion literally, becomes infected. All the Bronies aren't in their right state of minds and start spreadding love and tolerance where ever they go. Bronies become an infectious hazard and sections of the earth with the largest density of the brony disease are quarantined, but that's not enough to stop them, their love for ponies becomes air born, tainting the air. The world has no other way to get rid of this , aside from shoving them right up Celetia's plot hole and sending them to Equestria..... So any Ideas on how I could get this story started? I had a few but ultamitly scapped them. PS~ this site blocks my auto correct D:
  9. Here are my official predictions for season 5, not related to my other post about these predictions. Feel free to give me your own predictions too: My Little Pony Season 5 Predictions.docx
  10. gather around and sit. Is it possible that the main six to not just be done accurately, but excell, and invoke feelings all with in the same episode? Sure 22 mins is to short (I would think) so we'll say a two parter? The main six are met with trials individually and managed to rise to the occasion (And stumble) in their own unique ways? Crap i didn't just talk about the tipple G did I?
  11. So... Your favorite moment, when Main 6 represented their elements In which episode they showed what's the best in them in the most convincing way? Applejack, honesty: In The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, when Apples lost and she said that they had a deal and even congratulated Flim and Flam, even though it meant that she was going to lost her farm. She was true to her element, because she refused to break the rules and didn't let Rainbow Dash and other citizens of Ponyville be angry at Flim and Flam and convinced them that they won in a fair fight. But it's possible that I change my mind after her key-episode Fluttershy, kindness: Keep Calm and Flutter On, when she wanted to believe that Discord can change, even when others said that it's impossible. She refused to believe in it and tried to show him how important friendship is. She showed that you can find something good in everybody, you just have to give it a chance. Rainbow Dash, loyalty: There's no doubt about it, Wonderbolts Academy is episode, in which Rainbow's loyalty truly shined. I just loved the fact, that she was ready to give up on her dreams to her friends. Becoming a Wonderbolt meant a lot for her, but she knew that it wasn't worth it, if it means that she has be reckless and don't care about what is really important. Pinkie Pie, laughter: It's actually really odd, but for me moments, when we can really see Pinkie's element are when she sings XD I mean, everytime when I listen to Smile Song I can just FEEL how much she wants to make others happy! And it's absolutely beautiful. Rarity, generosity: Ugh, I'm torn. I just loved how generous she was in Suited for Success, but after Rarity takes Manehattan... She showed more than once, that she could do almost everything for her friends. She could give her own heart and soul for them. She could - just like Rainbow in Wonderbolts Academy - give up on her dreams. She always thinks about her friends and what they want first, and later about herself. She's ready to work hard all day and night, only to make them happy. Twilight, magic/friendship: I dunno... Probably The Return of Harmony part 2. She refused to believe that Discord is gonna win and did everything in her power to save Equestria and her friends
  12. Based off the thread "you can marry your best pony thread." i thought to myself "ha i'd never be able to keep up with twilight." (plus i don't go for waifu but lets focus) and i thought just for fun which pony would you not have to work yourself to the bone to be with? I'm not sure there is one. Pinkie's always doing something, So's twilight, rarity when she is doing her dress thing she seems to go on day long, or week long benders trying to get it all done, flutters has legions of animals to look after, i hardly have to explain apple jack, ...... rainbow dash? I mean when we meet her she is lounging on a clowd and she can knock out her job in 10 seconds. I mean you wouldn't be able to keep up with rainbow lol, (speed joke) but i'm guessing she's the pony with the most free time.
  13. I liked the theme from rarity takes main hatten. it didn't need a huge set up, would twilight help another asspiring book savy mage? Would pinkie pie gleefully help plan a party? Pff try and stop her. Flutter shy already had this one in keep calm in flutter on, which by the way she handeled better than some other pony, and that was vs the spirit of chaos. apple jack being taken advantage of by another farmer? I can't imagine apple jack would handel betrayel well. I'm curious. Hell what about spike having someone take him for a chump? Imagine him project that back on to his friends? that could be a huge step up moment for rarity who would totally understand. I'm not sure this theme would work for rainbow dash. but hay share your thoughts
  14. This is hopefully gonna be deeper than the title suggests. Like lets go back to hearth's warming eve. IN the old day the pony clans were at odds ends with each other. they were selfish, etc, etc. not to mention everything 1000 years ago was well just darker, clans at each others throat, discord, sombre, nightmare moon, etc, etc. Now, i think it's safe to say ponys have grown to be more chearful, loving, friendly, etc,etc. Or am i over thinking that? Has the main six them selves been ponys so unique that they swayed social fabric significantly? and if so how much? Like in magical mystery cure we see the town goes to shit with out pinkie to make people happy. Are each of the main six a step over their for fathers? Is pinkie really a anaomly that likes Equistra nay the world has ever seen? Has their ever been someone as good as animals as flutter shy? Is apple jack the best farmer in the land? Is rarity the best fashion pony ever? Is twilight the best magic pony that ever was? I mean if someone said rainbow dash was the fastest pony ever, you might be like "yeah that's possible." are the main six legendary in their talents?
  15. You know, each pony has their "crazy episode." Party of one, lessons 0, apple buck season, so forth and so on. imagine the episode starts off with the main six in straight jackets. Apple jack slumping back "I always imagined we'd be visiting pinkie pie here." Pinkie "The jokes on you guys, i escape from here all the time." 'I think they could totally pull it off light heatedly. I think they wouldn't have to add to the characters at all. just everyone on a bad day abroad, on some diplomatic mission, another tripple g mis hap with out celestial to bail them out, and after the flash back the episode could be about them escaping. I mean the mental flaws is the shows most fun, why not embrace it all tungue and cheek like.
  16. And no rarity giant crab jokes. (fine you all have a one limit but no more!) I was just thinking if you had to label one of the main six as the grouch, i was totally stumped. I mean the first episode twilight hands down but that was light years ago.
  17. I was reading a fan fiction the other day, (slow day at work) the main six end up on earth in some rich girls house in human form. (I know that sounds dull, but from a story structure stand point how would you be able to keep them fed and clothed?) the reactions that intrigued me despite the pacing being off, Reactions to human food, (meat) Raritity's to seeing a plushie version of herself "I'm still the cute one! Erm i mean Wow that's creapy." rainbow dash finding a fridge full of monster energy drinks, than subsequently tweekes out running around the house destroying it cause she can't handle the caffine sugar rush. I think with Equestrian girls we missed out with having the main six go together. I'm not saying re do it, it's done, it's over, the next bad movie should be something else (I've surrounded to the idea the movies are suppose to be bad lol). its just discussion. I liked the idea that rainbow is the first one to try out chicken cause it's almost a challenge, pinkie fallowing suit cause it's monkey see monkey do, apple jack being intrigued , but flutter shy refusing for obvious reasons, rarity considering it barbic, and twilight refusing because she didn't wanna freak out flutter shy. In the human world rarity would have numerous fainting spells, rainbow dash would have anxiety from not being able to fly, I mean that's her everything. Twilight treating the whole situation as one giant home work assignment which would have been more slice of life and in tune with the shows feel.
  18. Free to use signatures of the mane 6. Choose which pony is the best pony and display it proudly for all to see! *WARNING* possible side effects of using these banners may include (but are not limited to): -Being challenged to a heated debate over which pony is best pony -Finding others who also share the same best pony preference as you
  19. First off, it's not pony porn. I'm sure that answers a lot of questions already for many people. What it is, is a story that takes place in an alternate universe. An alien warp gate opens up that leads to a section of space called the Koprulu sector. The sector is filled with technology from long dead alien races. The ponies use this technology to advance themselves technologically, and for a while things were good. They build ships, colonize planets, etc. But eventually that warp gate is destroyed, leaving a number of Equestrians trapped in the sector without Celestia's guidance. Free of her rule for better or worse, the inhabitants start drawing borders, building armies and fleets, and prepared to challenge one another for the right to rule the sector. Some fought for faith, others for thrones, and others simply for greed. After three hundred years, the violence hasn't seem to have ceased. The universe aside, it follows the more personal story of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They had a fairly decent childhood growing up, having the usual adventures children have. But in this story they are now reaching adulthood, and they are about to experience first hand just how horrible life outside of their sheltered colony can be. If you are interested, the story can be found here
  20. This is a story written by my 6 year old little sister she's gooooood!well atleast for her age. Twilight Sparkle saves the world(this is written in my sisters words,and she is bad at her language so bear with me) Twilight and her friends were taking on a walk but the sun keep comming closer!Everyone was running and screaming.Then came Nightmare Moon.''What are you doing here!'' Twilight said.''I turned Princess Celestia bad!''Nightmare moon said.Everyone is gasping.Nightmare moon said ''Come,slave!'' to Princess Celestia.Pinkie pie said ''Hey!Why are you doing this!''Twilight needed help!Twilight Sparkle said to Rainbow dash:''Bring the element of harmony!'' It took 1 second for rainbow dash(Rainbow dash was always Sonic to my little sis xD) Rainbow dash said '' 1 second,awesome huh?'' ''We have no time for bragging,Rainbow dash!'' Twilight said.''Do your nekbracelet on!(my sister made that up xD) ''Okay!''Her friends said.Laser came out of the nekbracelet and rainbow shooted really fast. Then Princess Celestia became good and then she said ''Thanks girls,you saved Equestria!'' Everyone was cheering! ''Who helped Twilight?''(there are some moments my sis is really smart but sometimes she is so dumb it makes you want to hit your head against the wall xD)Celestia asked.Twilights friends said ''We!'' Then Princess Celestia said ''Thank you,you get a present from me!'' Twilights friends said ''YAY'' but Twilight gets an important present!'' Everyone cheered. The end. Isnt she amazing!My little sister is going to be a writer Well?whats your tought?
  21. Hello Forum I haven't posted a picture in a week so here you go The reason I drew Twilight Sparkle Is because it's night time here, 00:37 to be right and my dogs are going mad. Plus the other reason is because Twilight I would say is not the most drawn pony on the forum so I hope you enjoy it and comment on it. hope you also like the my paper drawing I don't do them much
  22. I'd like to hear from you on who you would like to be for one day! All of the main six have their pros and cons so choose carefully!