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Found 5 results

  1. As i see the movie coming nearer and nearer towards release and especially in the last few weeks where trailers and hints where thrown left and right, there is a certain fear in my gut that i need to express. When i saw all of these trailers, i saw a certain trend there. All of the big celeb people in this movie that lend their voices are getting credit. The Mane 6 that have been there since the beginning get nothing. One of the biggest fear that i have for this movie, is that the movie is focusing way too much on the one-shot characters that are voiced by celebs, that BTW get more money for this movie, then any of the VAs that work for an entire series, and i fear that the Mane 6 the heroes we should actually be rooting for, are left in the dust just so the audience can scream "OMG IT'S ZOE SALDANA." Anybody else have that fear? I want this movie to be balanced well enough, that it can draw casual crowds, while not alienating their hardcore audience at the same time. Else this movie will set itself up for disaster.
  2. Ok so everyone knows what EDM is right? Most People Like EDM but few people don't but i am gonna ask a question to the people who like EDM songs, what are your favorite EDM songs? mainstream nor non Mainstream. For Me, It will have to be these three songs here (mainstream) (for those who dont know what song is that, its Hoohah By Curbi And Fox Stevenson) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and as for the Non-Mainstream ones (We Wont Be Alone By Feint) (Protostar And Mandrolli - Ruxxa) (Anime Bae by Sushi Killer and Kevin Villecco and yeh those are my favorite EDM songs (Mainstream and Non Mainstream) and so, what is your favorite Mainstream or Non-Mainstream EDM song
  3. Hey so I'm curious. What are your opinions on Classical, 80's and basically Modern music today. Mainstream mostly. I picked these for a reason so I just want to know, love em or hate em
  4. I coudln't find a link to any info regarding what belongs on and what may be better suited elsewere. Is it only for MLP:FiM -themed songs? (Or are mainstream songs by brony artists allowed? If so, are mainstream songs tolerated but frowned-upon? etc.) Are straightforward covers of songs from the show allowed? Tolerated? Frowned-upon? (Especially with respect to vocal covers? Vocal covers using pony-made Karaoke-tracks where the creator encourages others to use them? etc.)
  5. if we take a look, the episodes of the show have been structured in a very familiar way. I separated them in 2 blocks: season premiere and season finale (2 episodes special) In these episodes we usually get to see some story development, and epic situations that only last for these 2 episodes, all premieres and finales have had this formula. Except for "the best day ever", episode 26 of season 1 because it was just 1 episode and no villain. This is an special case because this episode came out before the brony phonomenon. These episodes are known for having a deeper storyline, having Twilight as a main character and a villain. normal episodes these are known for being character driven episodes and we get to see character development, which means that we get to know in a deeper level the character that the episode is about. These goes in between season premiere and season finale After seeing the success of the show, I can assure that this show will go on for many more seasons which is really cool, but is there a chance that I'll get bored of the same formula? It's uncertain... I am a guy who enjoys story over characters, as hard as it is to hear. I prefer the seasons premieres and finales, because they have the shock, surprise factor, something epic is going to happen, and there will be an awesome villain underneath everything. But that doesn't mean that I do not enjoy the regular episodes, because I loved them. The thing is that, even in the season premieres or finales, I see that nothing really change in the storyline, and when I talk about changes, I mean BIG PERMANENT changes. For example, the biggest "change" I saw was the addition of Cadence and Shinning Armor, which blew my mind, first, Twilight has a brother? second, another alicorn? that's sick! but overall, I do not consider that a change, to me, that's more of a addition, because the main characters didn't have any changes, after the wedding they returned to Ponyville and everything is going back to normal. see? no changes. When I talk about these changes, fine examples would be: A season premiere/finale with more than 2 episodes. There's been rumors of RD having a bf, that would be a big shock for an episode. Rarity getting married or moving to Canterlot. Twilight becoming a princess. (Rumors) There's been rumors of Discord returning. That would be pretty neat. But this time I would like something epic and relevant to the storyline happening if he is confirmed to return. Dept in the elements of harmony, in normal episodes! Finally, things happening to the mane6, that impacts throughout the whole story. I significant change though, would be Rainbow Dash and Twilight getting pets, but at the same time, I think that this is not a relevant thing that can affect the story in huge way. Story is what matters to me, because it adds characters and story all at once, which I find it pretty awesome, but I recall Lauren Faust saying that she will always go for putting the characters as main focus of the episodes because if they are interesting enough, they are capable of telling the whole story of the cartoon. I think that's an awesome idea, but if the episodes are not "connected" in some sort of way, then what's the point of expectenting HUGE changes that can turn the stroyline into different sort of things constantly.But I am afraid of the show going too mainstream, like a routine, there's no ups and downs, there's no deep emotions (that can affect greatly the storyline) and I would't like MLP to turn into a routine. I want to see variety! so what are your thoughts?