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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I'm just wondering how cruelty free everypony is! If you don't know what cruelty free is, it's basically a term for products not tested on animals! Also, you don't have to be into makeup to be cruelty free, because skincare and toiletries can be tested on animals! I'm also asking this question because I think it's important people are aware of this!
  2. So.... this is weird. I never thought I'd be posting in Creative Resources. Because frankly, I've never considered myself creative. But, after a failed attempt to find people who might be interested in makeup through General Discussion, @Fhaolan suggested I try posting here. I stumbled upon the most Pinkie Pie shade of lipstick the other day (coincidentally, the shade is called "Silly" by MAC!) and it inspired me to look at some eye designs to go with it. This is the best I've found: I never would have even thought to capture the cloudy nature of Pinkie Pie's hair on an eyelid! I found it brilliant. I would love to hear thoughts from others Even if not on Pinkie Pie makeup specifically, just on makeup in general. What are your favorite products or tips or tricks? Are you a brand loyal consumer? Do you consider makeup art or just pointless?
  3. If you like talking about makeup/beauty, LGBT+ type stuff, or being a shopaholic in a crumbling economy.... add me pleaseeee
  4. I frikken love this chick Still can't shade right, but whatever
  5. I'm curious to see if any of you are interested in makeup or fashion - I'd love to see some photos of your makeup/fashion if you are. Especially if it's inspired by MLP! I guess I'm just curious about what some of you look like too - do you incorporate MLP into your everyday style? I really love extreme fashion and I wear a TON of makeup haha >_< <3
  6. I am an actor/ director that's doing a live action mlp video on my channel. but i need a crew first. 1. Makeup Artist. 2. Actors. Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, RainbowDash, Celestia, Luna, And the Mane Villain. 3. Prop designer. 4. Camera man.
  7. I thought it would be cool If we had a thread that was for general chatting about makeup, where we could share tips, discuss brands and products, share how we do our make up (if you wear makeup) and how we look before and after makeup. I have really been getting into makeup recently and wanted a thread to discuss this in. I did not see any threads about makeup that were as open ended as this so I thought I would start one. Anypony interested?
  8. Do you lady ponies of the forums wear makeup? How often and what? Any tips? I do not believe there were any other makeup topics. I just thought it would be an interesting conversation to discuss. And it also came to mind as I enjoy makeup but I am not very good at it and have events in the near future where I would like to be able to wear nice makeup.
  9. I just uploaded a tutorial to my Youtube channel of some makeup I did which was inspired by MLP! Here it is!: http-~~-// Here is a photo version of the tutorial: What do you think? I would love to do a Fluttershy inspired look one day! (If you have time, please drop by the video and give it a 'thumbs up' - not many of my subscribers are MLP fans! Haha) I hope this is the right place to post this - I'm new, so please forgive me if it isn't! <3
  10. I don't wear makeup all too often, but I make my own cosmetics, which are an all vegan hypo-allergenic cosmetics line. I have calm colors and more exotic/crazy colors, but every color when applied dry is subtle and quite lovely on most complexions. You can mix it with water for a more dramatic look if wanted. We even have black light / glow-in-the-dark eye shadow! The reason it's slightly pony related is because we're making quads that boast pictures of the Mane Six on the covers, and inside we have four colors relating to the pony on the cover. For example, the Fluttershy quad would have yellow, pink, teal, and white. Pinkie Pie would have dark pink, light pink, blue and yellow! Rarity would have purple, white, dark blue, and light blue. And so on! =) I'm NOT doing this for a profit, by any means, and I read that I'm not to advertise or sell my products, but I really just wanted every pony's opinion on this, because we haven't yet started to make the quads, and I wanted to see if anyone has any interest in them!