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Found 74 results

  1. So I've been seeing the Making Christmas Merrier campaign going on for a while now and I've personally been feeling sad that I can't contribute to it since I'm a high school student with no money. Because of this, I've decided to make a thread where we can share other good things we're doing for others this Christmas(and beyond!) as well as share ideas on things we can do. As a note, this thread is for everybody and not just those who aren't able to donate. Also, it's not supposed to make anyone feel guilty for not donating. I guess I'll start with saying that I've been trying to be really friendly with someone who's only recently started coming to my church and seems really shy. So what are you ponies doing this Christmas to make Christmas merrier?
  2. Previously in 2016, Poniverse's Making Christmas Merrier V campaign was raising money for an organization called Charity: Water. Just like this year, there were many events happening on the forums as the goals were achieved. Since I was unable to donate, I decided to give my time and effort instead. I offered you all a side event, where I was giving little gifts to those, who donated. "Very generous indeed!" -PiratePony More information about my little, yet demanding project: Now it's been a while since it went quiet, due to me completing the requests. ...But there was still something I had planned, so the project wasn't truly finished. Until now... This year in June, @PiratePony has announced the final update of MCM V, sharing the results of that campaign. Quoting his post; Under the links he provided you can find more information about the achieved goals with photos attached. And this was the time for me to provide the final gift for everypony, who took part in my little project... This gift is a ponified group photo of some sort, that is summarizing the MCM V and my project. It is also based on the real photos found under the links mentioned above. So first things first, please meet the last pony, that I designed for this gift: She represents the ones in need (see the real photos for reference). I gave her name "Hope Sprinkle", which is a reference to the charity's goal of bringing the clean water to developing countries and communities that do not have access to it. And now it is my turn to say thank you to everyone who donated and kept me busy with all those requests. PONIES INCLUDED IN PHOTO (in order of request queue) @Lightwing ● @Creamtastic Jeric ● @Creamimaxis ● @JonasDarkmane ● @Troblems ● @Creme Horse ● @Mr Dash ● @Amorphis ● @Mesme Rize ● @Raritas ● @Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man ● @Compeador ● @Buzz ● @Totally Totally ● @Mentis Soliloquy ● @Yoshi89 ● @Derplight Sperkle ● @Vera Veil ● @Glacies Frost ● @Mohawk Blaze ● @VengefulStrudel ● @PiratePony ● @Buffy ● Pixel Wavelength ● @Rikifive ● Hope Sprinkle You can find more details about ponies and their owners here. It's nothing amazing I know, but all I had were these pixel ponies facing towards the same direction. Nevertheless, I believe it does the job. Oh I cannot even express how many days--weeks--months it took me to get that all done, despite it looking so simple. For me it was a good practice and an amazing opportunity to do and share something with the others. It was a pleasure to work with you, for you all. And finally the time has come to officially announce, that this project is COMPLETED! My gift thread has been updated. Thank you once again!
  3. Making Christmas Merrier V We are pleased to announce that Making Christmas Merrier is back! Every year Poniverse bands together in order to help spread some holiday cheer by raising money for a worthy cause. This year I will be headlining this event, and I’m going to start off by saying that it is a great honor and hopefully I can do it justice. I certainly have some fabulous shoes to fill. From 2011-2015, Poniverse’s Making Christmas Merrier was able to rise over $9,000 for BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. It is a great testament to our beautiful community here on MLP Forums and all of Poniverse about how we came together in the spirit of love and giving year after year, which is really at the heart of the Christmas spirit and even Friendship Is Magic. This year for MCM V, we are raising money for an organization called charity: water. Charity: water’s goal is to bring fresh and clean drinking water to developing countries and communities that do not have access to it. We may take it for granted to be able to walk into your kitchen, turn on the faucet and be greeted with a near limitless supply of clean drinking water. However, in some countries, this very basic necessity is a daily struggle to acquire….if it is acquired at all. The most basic of all needs is not even accessible to nearly 663 million people. Women and young girls are often the ones responsible for walking several miles for hours every single day to carry 40 lb cans of dirty water to their homes, which is often overridden with pests and disease. Dirty water is is responsible for more deaths in the world than every form of violence combined. Many of these deaths are children. Medical care is substandard in these areas because the water needed for medical treatments are also contaminated. This often leads to infection. Not only is the cause important and lives can be impacted by our donations, charity: water has some incredible benefits: 100% of our donations will be going into the field. All processing and fees are taken care of by charity: water’s private donors. Our donations will not be split into fees such as office rent or employee salary. It will go directly to water projects. This year, we are able to donate directly through their website. They are able to process both credit cards and paypal in United States dollars, so there are multiple options for donating. Another bonus is that because their fees are covered by private donors, the typical processing cut from paypal or other companies will not be taken away from your donation Charity: water is consistently praised for its openness, accountability and transparency If you have the time, please take some of it and watch this video about this year’s charity. We have set ourselves a goal of $3000. If we can meet our goal and raise $3000, then we will have been able to help 100 people get access to clean water. That is 100, women and children who will be able to drink water that is free of disease. That is hours of a young girl’s life taken back because she can pump water in her village rather than walk several miles to gather her family’s water from a dirty river or contaminated well. She can go to school and have an education that she would have given up because of the time needed to get water. The people in these communities, especially their children, deserve to wake up on Christmas morning and have the gift of fresh, clean water, just like you and I have. And that would make for a very merry Christmas indeed. Donations Poniverse's Making Christmas Merrier V Donation Page This year, we are going to have our donations directly on our charity: water campaign page. The benefits of this: 100% of your donations will go to the field to help give people the gift of clean water. There will be no processing or transaction fees Donations will be in United States Dollars! You have the option of donating with a credit card or paypal account When donating, please make sure to use your MLP Forum username, so that we can properly attribute the donation to you. If you end up using your real name, please PM me to let me know. FAQ What is the goal? $3000 USD. If we can make that or surpass that, it would do so much to improve a large amount of people’s lives. What is the deadline? December 31st. Because of our late start date this year, we’ve extended our fundraising campaign until the end of the year. A great way to get in those last minute charitable gift receipts on the last day of the year. Can I send the money directly to Poniverse? For this year, all of our donations will be directly through our Poniverse charity: water campaign page. What can I do besides donate money? Please, please, help spread the word! By joining in our conversation, sharing our statuses via Twitter, Facebook or other social media or by even directing non-bronies in our direction to help in this great cause. This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for these families that are without our most basic necessity. Stretch Goals The mane event. Some of you like to get the funds higher so that staff can do ridiculous and embarrassing things, like forcing staff to read ship fiction, or forcing staff to change their name, or forcing staff to sing badly, or facing staff to leave, or forcing staff to...think of creative ways to include members so we have some share of our dignity left.... Anyway, the stretch goals are back, and so is the art from last year. I regifted this art to myself, so they don’t mean anything. There’s no hints or clues this time. Uhhh...there are plenty of fun goals though. Some of them may involve you, yes, you the one reading this. You’re just going to have to wait to see. Also if you have any ideas that you would like to share for goals or ways that *you* want to be involved, feel free to PM me! So let's get these gifts unwrapped and Make Christmas Merrier! $100 Goal is unwrapped - Element of Generosity Badge This is awarded to donors who contribute at least $5.00 $250 Goal is unwrapped - Staff Solo Song A staff member will be forced to sing a song for your amusement. Dance staff puppets, dance! $500 Goal is unwrapped - Holiday Solo Song by Donors One of our donors will get to have their holiday song showcased! $750 Goal is unwrapped - Q&A of one of our Donors One of our donors will have one of MLP Forum's patented Q&A sessions Also will be featured in the Poniverse newsletter! $1000 Goal is unwrapped - PiratePony will match donations for 1 week, up to $1000 PiratePony will match total contributions from 11/30/2016 until 12/07/2016 up to $1000 $1250 Goal is unwrapped - One donor's OC will be featured in forum banner One of our donors will have their OC as part of MLP Forum's head banner $1500 Goal is unwrapped - Pie to the Face Challenge Brave volunteers will film themselves smacking themselves in the face with a pie. For charity! $1750 Goal is unwrapped - Staff/Donor Name Change for December Members vote on a staff or donor's display name to change until Dec 31st! $2000 Goal is unwrapped - Randimaxis Sings A Glass Of Water Chaos University graduate sings his alma matter $2250 Goal is unwrapped - Ban a Poniverse staff for one week A free 7 day/6 night vacation for one in glorious not-MLP-Forums! $2500 Goal is unwrapped - Staff or donor reads a shipfic WHY!?!!?!?!?!! $2750 Goal is unwrapped - Roast a Poniverse Staff Member Make them feel pain! $3000 Goal is unwrapped - Staff Reads Twas The Night Before Christmas A classic poem in ponirific taste! Are there more gifts to unwrap!!!!??? We're also going to release some plans for giveaways, special events, and more. We had a late start this year, but we are working to make this MCM as special as the ones that came before it, with the same goal of helping those in need. Thank you all very much for your time and generosity. Let’s show everyone what Poniverse can do when we all come together. Merry Christmas everypony!
  4. Seems like every year that this forum has been up, there's been a making Christmas merrier event to raise funds for a cause. But there wasn't one this year. Why was that? There also wasn't a Secret Santa event to coincide with it either.
  5. After being inspired by @Rikifive's gift to our donors, our own moderator and sentient Greek pastry @VengefulStrudel is getting into the spirit of giving and also wants to make some art for our donors. Let's hear it for my fellow FiM teammate and what he has in store for our donors. So donate at least $5 and distract Strudes from his moderator duty. For Christmas.
  6. Hey y'all. I'm still here with some Making Christmas Merrier goals to hand out. Santa hung up his hat a month ago, but this pirate hands out treasures all year long! So, hopefully your winter isn't getting you too down. I'm sure you miss the bright lights and warm feelings of Christmas and New Year's...well, what is more warm and cozy than a hypnotic snek curling you up in his coils? So let's sit back, relax, and listen to a tail from our pal @Mesme Rize! Take it away buddy.
  7. Sweet Sweep Sweepstakes! You know @SFyr. He’s one of our awesome artists. He’s been so kind as to offer a one-of-a-kind custom artpiece for one lucky winner. What’s up for grabs: a flat color, single character piece. Here are a couple samples of his work that he is willing to do for you: All of our donors are automatically entered, so why not throw in a dollar for a good cause and enter this giveaway*! Only one entry per person, so please don't spam a hundred singles at us hoping to lock it up in your favor. I will draw names at random on December 10th at 9AM EST and announce the winner. Thanks SFyr! *no purchase necessary to enter. If you want to enter without contributing, please contact me via PM. Thank you.
  8. Howdy. I hear people like video games. And they get them from some website called Steam. Our good friend, staff member, and unofficial snek mascot of Poniverse, @Mesme Rize is being kind enough to donate the video game Torchlight 2 through Steam to one lucky winner. The normal value of the game is $18.99! Anyone who donates at least $1 to MCM V from now until the campaign ends on December 31st will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes.* The drawing will be held on January 1st, and then Mez will help set up your free game transaction. Thank you Mesme Rize. Happy gaming! *no purchase necessary to enter. If you would like to be entered without donating, PM me.
  9. We hit $4,000 with one day to go! For this stretch goal, I want to get together a group of donors and staff who would like to partake in a live comic book reading. I hear that this is a thing that MLP Forums has done in the past, and I'd love to see how that will work. The details aren't set in stone, I don't have the book or a date, but if you are staff or have donated and are interested in being a part of this, please nominate yourself down below or PM, and we'll see if you can fit you in the cast (there probably has to be a limit to cast members, FYI). More details will be revealed as they get finalized. Thank you guys again for helping us reach this very big milestone. We are $1,000 above our initial goal, and we all have a lot to be proud of. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, comic lovers. I'm really looking forward to this, and I hope you guys are as well.
  10. Hi everypony, I hope you had a great Christmas! A few days ago, we broke the $3,500 barrier and currently sit at $3,808! So you're owed a stretch goal. For this one: I am going to offer a sweepstakes for a $15 MLP Forum Commission Credit. Think of it as a gift card towards your next commission purchase. Anyone who donates at least $1 from now until the campaign ends on December 31st* will be automatically entered to win! Please use your MLP Forum/Poniverse screenname while entering, and I will do a drawing of that group sometime on January 1st. So if you love commissions, please donate just one dollar and try to get this $15 'gift card'. One entry per person. If you've donated previously, to be automatically entered, please donate at least $1 from now until the end of campaign on December 31st. Special thanks to @Lady Kiriness for this great idea. I can't wait to announce the lucky winner! *no purchase necessary to enter. If you would like to be entered without donating, PM me. Bumping, because I know a lot of you commission lovers are out there in full effect.
  11. With only two days left, we're about to wrap up the year, and our MCM drive. I know we started late this year, but with the extra week thrown in, we are so close to hitting a major milestone. Almost $4,000 will be put to use to help those without clean water finally have it in their lives. Instead of spending several hours a day forging for water, these people will be able to strengthen their education and hopefully learn how and find ways to sustain themselves in times to come. Hopefully this amount can help them find a better, easier life by having access to something that we all have access to and take for granted. The last two stretch goals are still accepting automatic entries for donations of only $1. $3500 - a sweepstakes for a $15 commission credit. I know you guys love your custom art commissions, and Poniverse is willing to credit $15 for your next art commission. $3750 - Not one, but TWO video game giveaway drawings for steam. Mesme Rize is going to give away Torchlight 2 via Steam to the first drawing winner. Dark Tempest is going to give away a copy of Gmod + CS: Source. So if you have a chance, one dollar can get you in those drawings. We can hit the $4,000 and maybe more. Thank you all for your support. A special shout out to all our donors and crew who have pulled off this awesome event! See you next year! -Pirate
  12. Our resident corporal of chaos, @Randimaxis, has decided to spin the wheel of song for us, and has landed on everyone’s favorite draconequus to be his muse (honestly, I’m pretty sure that Randi is Discord in human form, but don’t tell him I said that.) What’s this got to do with Christmas? Um...I dunno. Chaos! actually it's water. The charity is about water and the song is about water. I'm a little slow this morning. By the way, I want to just give a shout out to Randi. He was very instrumental in getting this year's MCM up and running and the team owes him a lot of gratitude. Thanks for keeping the Christmas spirit alive, good sir.
  13. We hit $2225! Let’s have another fun time vote thing. For this weekend, you can vote one of your beloved, cherished, sweet, kind and caring Poniverse staff or MLP moderators and sectional staff to be BANNED FROM MLP FORUMS FOR ONE WEEK! Bwahahahahah sweet sweet freedom! The vote will begin tomorrow, Friday at 9AM EST and last until Monday at 9AM EST. I’m getting together the list of staffers willing to volunteer as we speak. So stay tuned. Btw the way, I was told this earlier ”Mentis Soliloquy || Emerald Bolt I'd never get voted off” I wonder who I'll be voting for....
  14. ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the lands, I gave certain staffers scripts in their hands. To the microphones they now must recite, and I hope that I get them, maybe tonight! For once they are done and I’ve listened with care, I’ll try to make them sound good without ripping my hair To entertain you members, and give holiday lift The classic Santa poem is our $3K stretch gift Here is our Visit From St. Nicholas (aka 'Twas The Night Before Christmas) poetry reading. Those participating are @Randimaxis, @Great Prince, @Derplight Sperkle, @Bojo, @Buzz, @Lightwing, @DwhitetheGamer, @Dark Horse, and @Mentis Soliloquy. Have fun guessing who! A special thanks to Derplight Sperkle who really stepped up and did all the editing together. I wasn't able to record a part or edit it as I had hoped, and I was hoping that it'd come out the night before Christmas (for North America at least) and Derp made that happen. Thank you so much to him. I hope you guys enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!
  15. No, this isn't about his Friday dinner. We've reached $2750, and you know what that means! It's that time of the year that we gather round to spend time with our family and friends - and what better way to spend some quality time than to make fun of our dear friend @PiratePony! Remember to keep it friendly, after all, he does have a pirate cannon and is not afraid to use it. (Trust me on that one.) With that said, let's get this started! *grabs some popcorn*
  16. Merry Christmas month! As we've passed into December, I am happy to announce that in the middle of last night, we passed our $1250 goal and currently sit at $1,279! For this stretch goal, I would like to open this up to our donors again. I know a lot of you take pride in your OCs and your ponysonas. So, for one lucky winner, we are going to feature your OC in our forum banner at some point in the future! A special thanks to the admins for letting me hijack the top section of the website without asking too much permission. eek. So, to nominate yourself, please comment below with a picture of your OC/ponysona and their name, so that we can see who we're voting in. I'll give you the weekend to nominate yourself, so post below. Poll will be Monday 9AM EST to Friday 9AM EST. So let's get to nominating yourself and then to voting! Good luck donors and may the Christmas spirit be ever in your favor!
  17. Hi all! Last night we hit over $1500, so we have a new goal for ya. A pie to the face challenge. On a riff of an ice bucket challenge suggested by @DerpyFIM4. To help raise awareness of our drive for charity: water, brave volunteers will film themselves striking themselves in the face with a pie. Put it on your facebook or youtube channel and share below to help spread the word for our charity drive. And bring on the lols. I know that Jonas Darkmane () has a video waiting to share, so he'll probably be the first. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
  18. Ships are sailing all over the place. Well, we hit over $3250 today, so here's another ship avast in Equestria's harbor. This time a friendly volunteer must compose an original shipfic for your enjoyment. God help us all. Staffers and donors: give us your nominations in here or PM me, and I'll make a short poll tomorrow at 9AM EST until Thursday at 9AM. Short and sweet and awful all at the same time.
  19. This is a bottle of water. You can buy it at CVS or any local pharmacy. It is easily accessible and affordable for just about everyone. The price of such a bottle of water -- about one dollar and nineteen cents. On December 19th, I would like to challenge you to buy a bottle of water for the people that our charity is striving to help. Of course I don't mean go to CVS and drop a buck nineteen and mail it across the world, instead, I would like for you to go to our donation page, and symbolically leave a very small $1.19 on our page rather than spend it on a bottle at your pharmacy, corner store or bodega. Let's see how many bottles of water can add up in one day to help those who really need it. I'll see you next Monday! -Pirate
  20. Hi everyone! So, there's only two days left in Poniverse's'sput together something for the contest! I can't wait to see the end result. Thanks guys for working to make Christmas merrier, and in this contest, make Hearth's Warming the Hearth's Warmingest!
  21. We hit $2500! This is popular for some reason. You all know what I feel about shipping, but the public demands it. One staff member or donor, who is willing, will put themselves up for vote on who will read a shipfic (following all the rules of the forums of course). How about we vote all of next week. Monday Dec. 12th at 10AM to Friday Dec. 16th at 10AM. I’ll open the polls – if you’re want to participate, please PM me or respond below so I can add you to the poll on Monday. Yay Shipping......
  22. We have passed $1750 in our MCM V event. We have now unwrapped a new present. CHANGE A STAFF OR DONOR NAME for the rest of December. After some volunteer staff members or MCM donors offer themselves as tribute down below, we will have yet another poll (I'm going crazy keeping track of these things btw), to see who will be chosen. You may also suggest in the thread silly and goofy and embarrassing names for them to be changed to. Please follow the rules, so I don't have to send you an annoying PM that you've probably gotten from me already. SO Nomination Poll: Friday De. 9th at 9:30AM EST to Monday Dec. 12th at 9:30AM EST Name Poll: Monday Dec. 12th 9:30AM EST to Wednesday Dec. 14th at 9:30 EST Vote on the staff or donor who will be victim to the name change. Then another vote for the goofy name you've suggested in the posts below. The "winner" will then change their display name to whatever has been chosen by our wonderful MLP Forum users. You can then change it back next year, which is when our donation drive ends. So go forth and may the odds be ever in your favor!
  23. Hi everyone, I am so happy with our two week turnout. In just two weeks time, we reached our initial goal of $3000. That's really amazing. The spirit of generosity surely lives at MLP Forums and throughout Poniverse. Because we have a lot of time left, 20 days to be exact, I think that we should set a new goal. If we can raise on average $100 every day, we will raise about $5000 total. So if you can find it on your hearts to give just a little more if you have, or give just a small amount if you haven't yet, it can make a tremendous difference for the people we're trying to help. I know that together we can hit $5000 to ring in the New Year. Thanks again for your support!
  24. Dear staff, I recently donated to the charity and it is something I'd like others to see in hopes it would inspire them to do the same as it was a friend of mine on the site that got me to do it when I saw their badge/title. I donated $10 and the requirement was 5$. Yet mine has not appeared yet. Is there a reason for this?
  25. We were able to reach $1000 towards our goal in only a week! On behalf of my wife, daughter and myself, I would like to offer to match the total contributions for one week, up to a total of $1000. So from now until next Wednesday, December 7th, at 11:59PM EST, consider each of your donations doubled, and on Thursday morning I will contribute my matching donation. Let's try and push for another $1000 week, so that we will automatically hit our goal of $3000 in only two weeks. Thank you very much for all of your kind donations, showings of support, generous gifts to our donors, and a wonderful spirit that drew me into this community just about a year ago. It is this positiveness and kind spirit of this community which perfectly fits in with the Christmas season and has made Making Christmas Merrier such a success year after year. So on behalf of the Pirate family, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for living the spirit of generosity in your everyday life and sharing that with us during this campaign. See you guys in a week! Let's make this happen!