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Found 11 results

  1. Well I hope they do ( if not direct me to proof) sorry if it sounded harsh.
  2. What would be good names for a pony whose special talent lies in making statues and other stone-related art?
  3. Alot of people probably know the Banned From Equestria game by Pokehidden, well i'd thought it be fun to remake it and thats what im doing, im going to make sure its going to be interactive, its going to be a while before it done so im taking suggestions to see what you guys want to see in it and add to it. i started it about 2 day ago and im just about done with pinkie pe. im planning to work hard on it to make it look good. oJWOWo PS. i made sure the picture wasnt NSFW or R34
  4. This right here, is my current OC that I call Poetic Inkwell. I made it quiet a while back, but now that I look at it. It feels like I could do better. I would like if possible for people to give me a few ideas, so here is a little brief summary of my OC's backstory that I have worked out myself. " Poetic Inkwell is a shy and quiet young stallion who grew up in the busy city of Manehattan. Ever since he was young and first attended school he wasn't always the greatest at speaking his mind. He needed help to get passed this block that has prevented him from making friends and speaking his mind. His teacher one day taught a lesson that ended up changing the young colts life, and that lesson was to write poetry. The shy and quiet stallion ended up enjoying the lesson that was taught to him, especially after his teacher ended up giving him the top grade in the class for the lesson. His teacher helped him, open up his heart and put his words and thoughts into various artistic ballads and poems so he could actually express himself without always needing to speak himself." That's the rough little jist of my OC's backstory, took me a little to write out and I admit it could be better due to all the various spelling errors and punctuation errors. I would love to get help with improving my OC from anywhere from changing its look, to improving his cutie mark design, to even improving in his backstory. All help is welcome, criticism it welcome no matter how harsh. So please somepony, if you don't mind, lend a fellow brony a hoof? (The reason I'm in such a mood to change my OC and get to work on making it better, is because I saw another person's OC that I literally fell in love with. That OC by the way would be Tiarawhy's, and don't worry I know what she is known for...I found her OC when I was fooling around on the MLP Fan Labor wiki. Just incase your wondering.)
  5. I have recently posted a forum on here not to long ago about my recent OC Pony I have made and didn't get the exact responses I've been expecting. I've read literally...5-10 different little posts/guides about making a OC Pony and have been having quiet abit of difficulty still and Id like to get some help if possible. The issues I've been having mainly have been picking good colors that would compliment eachother, a cutie mark, accessories and weather it should be pegasus, earth pony or unicorn. I sadly am not the greatest at drawing due to the fact it takes me a long while for me to get motivated, so I've been needing to rely on Generalzoi's pony creator. If anyone here has any tips on how to make a good OC please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everypony. PS. I decided to post my current OC here so I can get some more help and tips with my example of my admitted bad first OC. Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, it's only my second day here. Bro Hoof (\
  6. So I saw the Ableton users thread and thought I would make one for people who use FL Studio. Post your songs you made with FL Studio, post tips, post questions...just post stuff.
  7. Hello everypony, I am an aspiring youtube brony and I am trying to get into brony music. However, due to my limited skills of only singing and rap, I can only make covers. So that is why I am asking for a little help in making a real song instead of just a cover. I can also sing on your song if you want. I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't out of options so please show a little kindness and help me.
  8. It was 3 am, Pinkazoid had recently eaten 3 bags of candy, and a pint of ice cream, Urdnot was being Urdnot, and Twiliscael was no where to be seen. In order to join our cult of ours, you must change your avvie to Cloudia's Glorious image, along with a name change to match ours. JOIN NOW BOW DOWN TO YOUR CLOUD OVERLORD
  9. Twiliscael

    Ask A H8er

    My name is xxPoneHuntr6969xx N I hte pones. U brones r gey N liek cancr of intrnt N we dnt wnt U her NEmoar. I decid 2 let U ask me stuf bout pones N brones N NEthng els, K? I loke lik dis:
  10. I will not be able to fulfill any of the requests sadly, but to make up for it, the people on that post who posted there OC's I will make a minecraft skin of THREE of their OC's and 1 for anyone else who didn't post on that topic, just tell me what your OC looks like or post a link below, and tell me if you want any changes for the minecraft version, here is one skin I made http://www.minecraft...ony-fluttershy/ and here is a skin slightly remade by someone else based off of mine http://www.minecraft...n/211712/brony/ I did however report it stolen so the link may not work (I don't like people spinning off my work, ask for permission first!) anyways long story short, when I made the I'm bored post I was over my head, but when it comes to making minecraft skins, I am always in the zone, pop in and leave a request, who knows, maybe I will give you more than 1-3 OC skins a day And if you are plain out bored read my tags, for some cheap lulz! I will be accepting ANY OC's to make up for procrastination, they shall most likely will be made 1 every 1 hour
  11. I have a kind of idea for a banner i mean it wont be used for like...a few months but it's an idea! But then it got me thinking... i don't know what size it should be and what font it uses. Can anypony help?