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Found 34 results

  1. Your request is granted, @Banjo Title pretty much says it all. For me it's...a few NASCAR drivers and a mother load of country singers. Too many hot guys to list here.
  2. How do men and women romantically bond with each other? THESE ARE THINGS I HAVE READ ONLINE: Women can build incredible friendships and become very close to each other in a way men can't bond, and science shows that women can bond very well with each other. Generally, women are even more social than men are. After something bad happens, a woman quickly rushes to talk to all of her female friends to get support, whereas a man can isolate himself and grief alone. Women tend to be more emotional, more caring, more empathic, more compassionate, more affectionate, more loyal, more nurturing, more understanding, more sympathetic, more sensitive, more kind hearted, more peaceful, more calmer, more gentle, more expressive, and more outward than men are, and thus bond more with other women in a special way that they can’t with men. Men, on the other hand, are not that emotional, and thus can’t bond with other men in a special way. Women are more comfortable being around with other women than they are with men. They have a type of bond that usually men with women won’t really have, or with men and men. Most women like to do affectionate things with their female friends like cuddling with them and holding their hands, while most men would never do affectionate things with their male friends (especially not cuddling with them or holding their hands). Men are usually much lonelier than women are. Men don't often talk about their personal problems with their male friends like how women do with their female friends. Females produce a lot more oxytocin than males do. And that's a reason why women tend to hug a lot more and be a lot more physically affectionate than men do. Women are very unique creatures, and women feel a lot safer in general with other women than they do with men if either is alone with each other, and it is easier for women to trust other women more than it is to trust a man. Women are very sociable with each other, so if something goes wrong, they like to speak about it to each other. This is a way to develop trust among women. Women often relate their problems with other women, which makes them feel more connected in a way. Most daughters have a very strong bond with their mother, while they don’t have one with their father, and most sons don’t have that strong of a bond with neither their mother nor their father. Most females have a very strong bond with their sisters, while they don’t have one with their brothers, and most males don’t have that strong of a bond with neither their sisters nor their brothers. The bond that two females have with each other is the strongest bond of them all, and that's one of the reasons why sayings like “girls always have to stick together” exist. The friendship of males and females can hardly be as good as a female to a female relationship from a woman’s point of view. How can a man and woman have a special strong type of bond with each other if women have a special strong type of bond with each other while men don’t have one with each other? Also, males and females are both mentally and physically different from each other, and that would effect the bonding between them.
  3. I couldn't find a topic like this, so I made one I'm actually non-binary, so I was wondering: is there anyone else here like me? If you have suggestions for poll choices, please let me know! EDIT: I put boy/girl and transgender boy/girl as separate options simply because I want to know if there are other LGBT people here...
  4. Let's push those waifus aside for now. Who is the most attractive male anime character in your opinion? Katsuki Bakugo is my current #1
  5. Hi. If you want a male vocalist in your next piece of music PM me. I have been singing since the age of 3 and have perfect pitch. I enjoy all types of genre's. I can rap (some) and have been recognized for several vocal awards in the past. If you would like a sample of a recording to listen please PM me, or, leave a reply down below letting me know you are interested. I'm not looking for any payment or royalty, I just want to get my voice heard in the community. Thanks, - S P.S - I have a Blu Yeti microphone w/ pop filter and amazing sound quality so don't worry about that. Edit - Also, if you are another aspiring artist and are struggling with anything musical, let me know in a PM or something. I have a fairly empty schedule when I'm not live streaming on Twitch [insert shameful plug here] and can take time out of my lazy life to help anyone. Don't be shy, hit me up, I don't bite!
  6. Can someone help me make this into a male/ stallion
  7. Hello you. Yes you. I have decided to make an anime about MLP, but it's going to be VERY different from other animations, I never really do this but, since I have decided to target only female audiences (requested by pegasisters), there is some kind of action to it, but you know, romance too (No, its not hentai/pg18). So, I need professional/good voice actors (no payment btw): EDIT: Spots are no longer available
  8. So before I really hit Moonhowl in his feedback, I thought to make his boyfriend which is a key part of his whole history. In making, I got Windlight out of weeks of playing around in the idea of him being a part time Wonderbolt and a lead singer in a pony punk band known as the Tempest Makers. A little iffy on his whole design just it kinda fun to make him! His cutie mark shows his talent for music and his love for it, he also helps to make out the music line up for the Wonderbolts and in smaller shows will play with his band at times live. They have a good following in the underground and some bits of mainstream, also they will play for charity on the side. He dyes his hair purple mostly in liking the color and the whole "punk" thing, he keeps his pin from the Wonderbolts Camp in his ear so he reminds himself of the hard work he had to put into making it in and also a drive for his dream of music. The other earrings are a gift from his boyfriend Moonhowl......
  9. Age: 15-26 Gender: Male Species: Earth Pony Appearance: light aqua blue skin, messy brown hair, and sad pale green eyes Cutie Mark: a red cross highlighted with black and two red hearts at the top corners. helping and caring for living things Personality: is kind to any living creature, no matter what they did, is pretty quiet, and is almost always prepared Backstory: Feeder was born in the poor side of town. Almost everywhere he looked, he saw buildings boarded up. When he was about 4 or 5, he was walking past some houses, when an explosion erupted from a house. When he got to his hooves, he saw the house on fire, and screams were coming from inside. He tried to block out the screams, but didn’t work. Knowing how long it would take the fire team to get there, since nopony was around, he ran in. he ran through the house, looking for the pony that was screaming, a few minutes later, he came across the pony. The pony was stuck underneath a support beam. He ran over, helped the pony out from under the beam and out the door. When they got out, the fire team was there. He handed them the pony, and sat down, out of the way, and breathed in the fresh air. That when he noticed his cutie mark. He decide to help anypony out, no matter who or what, and he's been helping ever since. Feeder is another free commission I did for a friend on the MLP Forums site, and I did it for free as practice. Already I can notice some mistakes I made, but overall he was happy with and, and I am glad of this. The description he gave me to work with is above, and I plan on getting better with time. This was fun though. I am taking random request from whoever ask. All free sense this is just practice for me anyway. I think I went a little over realistic on this. No matter.
  10. What is this. I don't know what I created, lol.
  11. So Boreal is a new oc I am having a hard time with. He is a twin to Airy and they come from a family of Pegasi who are know for dealing with the seasons and not just weather. Airy has a talent for directing the first gentle cool fall winds to start the change of color on the leaves around Equestria. I thought maybe Boreal should have a talent maybe leading the Northern winds down for winter, or for something that has to do with the Northern Lights. But one seems to vague and the other maybe overdone? Also while the Northern Lights are best seen in the winter that isn't the only time to see them. I guess I have just hit a road block, and I was hoping his talent wouldn't have to do with snow since that is almost always used for winter theme ponies. I can always change his CM, right now it is fairly simple and more or less a place holder. You guys have any ideas? From the guide floating around I know it would either be a natural talent or something that is just destiny because it runs in the family.
  12. I need a male voice that can sing, and has a good mic to use. The voice that I am looking for is an equivalent to this.... It is for a MLP parody song. I can't pay anyone, so this is just a free thing I am hoping for someone to do. You can do whatever you want with the finished parody, and so will I. There will most definitely be several takes on a single line, so if you do make it there will be a lot of re-singing to do. unless you're amazing at singing, and understand the breaks and tones of the song.
  13. This one was experimental for me. A dragon soaring through the skies with a palace like home in the background. Waves wash upon the shore there as the sun sets, and what looks like a moon, actually being another planet takes its place. There is a rising cliff in the distance. This whole landmass is actually a few hundred feet high from the ocean. You may notice other unidentified creatures soaring as well in the Background, and three clouds float by as un-phased as ever.
  14. Do you think there should be a male character centered episode?, one which only centered around and featured a male cast. For example characters like: Spike, Big Mac, Discord, Shining Armor, Doctor Whooves, Bulk Biceps ect. It would be a good change from the usual female heavy cast and give the series alittle variety. What's your opinion and views on this?
  15. Who is the mosy attractive animated villain in your opinion? Here are some of my favorites: Thrax: Ferid: Giriko: Starlight Glimmer:
  16. So... what pony do you think looks best as it's opposite gender? Well, my opinion is Princess Molestia(yeah, molestia) Look at this LOOK
  17. Its been an amusing hypothetical that I've been pondering for quite some time. We've already seen what the Mane 6 were like as "humans" in Equestria Girls (sadly Spike got snubbed) even if it was non canon and we've seen them as kids. But what if the Mane 6 were to be male instead of female? For that matter switch the genders of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and turn them into princes instead and change the show from being as primarily intended to target an adolescent female audience to a male one. We do know its lightly been touched upon in Magic Duel even if the gender changing spell like the others turned out to be fake: And its not the 1st time that Lauren Faust and other MLP staff used this hypothetical if we consider the Powerpuff Girls. Anyone who's watched Powerpuff Girls remembers these guys. Hell they're in the commercial villain song. There's been a few fanfics of this sort but rarely anything notable. If not for interesting discussion, it'd make for an interesting future episode plot. Oh and for good measure may as well turn Spike into a girl too. Don't worry Spike, like Equestria Girls, this will all likely be non canon and soon forgotten. Hopefully...
  18. So, I was lurking on and someone's status was: "Expecting a new pony in the Mane 6. Preferably male." Would you guys want a new pony in the Mane Six? Thoughts?
  19. Can you draw my OC? He's a pegasus that loves to sing. His name is Cooling Wind. In the picture (which is badly drawn I know) the the picture slightly above him is his cutie mark. It is the wind. He is a pegasus, part of the Wonderbolts Reserve, his waifu is Crystal Mint. (If you could put her in the picture as well). He is a dark navy blue, his hair is cyan with a hint of lavender in his hair. Here are the pictures. Can you have her hair color the color of mint. One more thing can you have them reading a book, and add "Cooling x Crystal" Thanks!
  20. I currently don't have time to finish this, so I thought I would upload it now. Tess (A nickname) found his uniform missing and was forced to wear a mare's one, which suited him because of his feminine appearance. The death stare is because his brother is laughing at him. The guy next to him is his boss, slowly encouraging him onto the main floor.
  21. I am just saying what if there was a main male character (not spike the dragon) in the show, would you consider this a good idea or a not so good idea. The reason I say this is because I think there are so few characters in my little pony, and so many girls. I know the show is directed at girls but it would have been interesting to see lead male character or two just to balance things out. I know you are going to say "I like the way it is" but at least give it a chance or think about it. I am not saying the should or should have changed it, to me personally I would like to have seen a strong lead male character that is not Spike.
  22. This is my version of fluttershy as a guy. I will post more of him soon! Enjoy!
  23. Ok.... soo i know you probably see this ... ALOT! but i have no where else to turn and would like to offer my services to any one who would take me. i am great when it comes to the upper not high but upper to really low voices. P.S. i am kinda newbish at applying so some instructions on how to would be great XD. thank you for your time and i hope to be working with any of you soon. Yours to hopefully employ JMN or DoctorWhoufse if you prefer.
  24. Well with Season 4 upon us in less than a month the prospect of Alicorn Twilight is looming ahead and with the Season premiere 2 parter having BOTH Celestia and Luna missing, the focus on not just "a alicorn" but alicorn Twilight may be as big as ever. She's gonna be expected to take up the role as the protagonist as a Super Alicorn of course not that most of us didn't see that coming... But that brings us into some interesting questions for season 4. The show is no stranger to alicorns of course, and Princess Cadence not too long ago was everyone's not so popular alicorn princess. She still gets plenty of hate from what I've seen. Then there's various Ponycon spoilers alerting us to the return of Nightmare Moon this season and the grossly neglected Princess Luna. Of course all these characters thus far have been FEMALE My question to you all is simple then: What if the show decided to have a MALE alicorn character? Would he be a villain, protagonist or background character? Could you even foresee such a character on this show or in the comics? Also before we go on let's be clear: You're damn straight you are. No villain/antagonist, as of yet, especially a male villain, has or will topped Discord yet in my book. He's top troll on the interwebz and even managed to switch sides and chill w/ Flutters and Celestia. He's not just a physics crunching badass, he's a physic's defying badass. Discord doesn't need your best pony popularity contests. He's the best at whatever the hell he damn wants to be. But enough of my shameless paganism. If not a male supporting character, I think a male alicorn would be a great if not interesting boost to the show. If the show really wanted to go beyond its demographic of little girls and their parents, why not have an appealing canon (sorry Flash Sentry) male character that isn't just a boy toy for 1 of the Mane 6? Hell I don't care if he's a namby pamby prince ( you're cool in my book Spike), it'd just be nice to have one. Also it would make help I suppose avoid any unintended notions of sexism against males as ironic as that sounds. Why not just make oh say, Prince Shining Armor an alicorn too? Is saving and protecting the Crystal Empire not enough to get a promotion and a pair of wings these days? Bonus points if you actually provide or make pics of a male alicorn.
  25. I'm just curious to see what people think. Here is a recent photo of me. By the way, I'm not telling you guys what my actual physical gender is. See, I consider myself to be a neutral-gendered or omnigendered individual. I do not identify as the gender I was born with, but I also don't fully identify as the opposite gender either. When I draw myself as a character, the gender I use varies. Even my bronysonas are different genders, but... not quite the stereotypes of their genders. (Rainshine is a mare with a squared muzzle and no eyelashes; Pudú is a tiny, fluffy buck.) Anyway, I often watch people on the Internet get into arguments over my gender, and I don't like when that happens, but I would like to know what general percentage of people generally view me as male or female. It's interesting. Please do not post any insulting or offensive comments in this topic, either directed toward me, to one another, or to anyone or any group of people in general. Thank you. (**clarification: When I say "insulting or offensive," I mean like hating on people with different gender identities. I am not going to be offended by your opinion of what I look like, but I don't want to be told what I have to be or that what I am is wrong. Guys, please stop apologizing for giving me what I asked for! xP)