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Found 560 results

  1. Sparklefan1234

    Ask the Mane 6

    Greetings, Ponies of the MLP Forums! This is a topic in which, you are allowed to ask questions to me and any of my five amazing friends. Sup? Hello, Darlings. Howdy! Hiya! Um...Hello? I show up, too sometimes. Before we begin, I would like to thank our friends @Totally Lyra & Lyra Heartstrings for giving us this idea.
  2. Which voice out of the mane 6 do you like best? I think the voice acting in that show definitely makes it what it is. They are all done well but I think Rarity has the best one. Even though I really like Rainbow Dash's voice, I just think that Rarity's is just funnier when she's being dramatic.
  3. What would the mane 6, Starlight, and Spike think of the songs by Breaking Benjamin?
  4. heavens-champion

    Mane 6 as monsters

    What Halloween monsters would the Mane 6 be?
  5. I mean, if you look at the first half of this season, you have episodes that center around that in some way, (Horse Play), (Non-Compete Clause), (The Maud Couple), (Fake it, Till You Make It), (The Parent Map), and recently the Mid-Season Finale (The Mean 6). If those and what's to come in the 2nd half , if that doesn't show you that this season is about really testing their friendship and learning to accept each other for who they are and what they like and dislike, then I don't know what does. I also won't be surprised, (because IMO it seems to be possibly leading to this), that the School remains open as it is, but that Twilight and her Friends decide to step down as the staff of the school, because they'll come to realize that even though the idea for the school is a good one, that after everything they've gone through this past season, and the strong tests that their Friendship has had to endure, that they themselves still have a lot to learn about Friendship, and that also balancing their other priorities along with being teachers, isn't working out for them, and possibly hand off the teaching duties to those that they know can handle it and balance the time to do it. Or they can change it up a bit, to where School only is open maybe 2-3 times a week, and thus the rest of the week they can focus on strengthing their friendship with each other, and focus on their other priorities outside of teaching. And yes, in the end this will lead to a possibly Neighsay redemption at the end of the season. But what do you guys all think? Comments are Welcomed.
  6. DoubleRainbow_Dash

    Why does everyone like Princess Luna?

    I just want to know why a lot of bronies like her (not that I don't). We rarely see her and the only major appearances she has made are in Nightmare Night and When the Sweetie Belle Toils, and we barely know her character unlike the mane 6. So leave your thoughts down below because I'm actually curious about this.
  7. As we have seen in the Break Up Break Down, the Big Macintosh/Sugar Belle ship went through a violent storm, but was victorious for she has a mighty fine crew. Now if there's anything Big Mac has that Applejack doesn't, it's an established canon romance. Which brings me to the point of this thread. What goes through the minds of the Mane 6 as well as Starlight Glimmer and The Great and Powerful Trixie, when it comes to Hearts and Hooves Day? I bring up both Starlight and Trixie because by this point I consider them main characters in the series. We've seen fully established canon relationships throughout Hearts and Hooves day. Lyra and Bon Bon, Cranky and Matilda, and Maud and Mudbriar. Suppose any of the Mane 6 were to walk through Ponyville and notice all the romance going on. What would be going through their minds. How sad and lonely do they feel about not having a "Special Somepony" on this day. Same goes with Starlight and/or Trixie. Let's stick with canon and avoid fanships.
  8. What would the Mane 6, Spike, and Starlight think of Animorphs?
  9. In many different forms of fiction we have seen the heroes at some point be turned evil and start doing evil deeds through mind control. I was thinking about that concept for MLP and the Mane 6. Suppose Twilight Sparkle and the other Mane 5 were placed under mind control and turned evil? How would they express themselves in an evil way? What evil deeds would each one do? Now I'm not talking about like in the first encounter with Discord back in Season 2, there, the Mane 6 were made to act the opposite way of their Elements of Harmony. I'm talking about the Mane 6 turning to the dark side. How cool of a concept would that be? How would each Mane 6 member act evil in their own way? Would this make for a great episode or two parter?
  10. What would the Mane 6 think of Stephen King's It and its movie adaptation?
  11. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    What if Starlight Initially Won?

    What would happen if Starlight won while in equality village?
  12. Well? What do you think? I couldn't find a thread like this, so... Rarity - Would probably end up failing to create those perfect dresses, and would be miserable with herself but would happy for most likely getting congratulated for the dresses she DID made. Rainbow Dash - Would win the race and go on to become friends with Fluttershy. Fluttershy - Would get teased every now and then and would not have discovered her love of animals so quickly. Twilight Sparkle - Would fail the magic test and go home and study even harder than before and might overwork her body to the extreme and would suffer health issues later on. Pinkie Pie - Would continue working depressingly on the rock farm until death or at least till she moves. Applejack - Would continue living with her aunt and uncle and would continue being miserable and something she's not. What are your interpretations?
  13. PonyOfWar

    Adventure Artificial Harmony

    Hello everyone! and thanks for checking out this thread. I would like to humbly ask for reader and opinions on this passion project fanfiction. This is a story co-written by several different authors. Here is the description: After years of gruesome murders committed by an unknown organization the once peaceful land of Equestria has been left festering in a state of terror, but when the criminals are finally brought to justice it appears that harmony may once again return. In a twist of fate, the lives of those responsible take a drastic turn when they are given a second chance at life, and thrust into the world tasked with learning the ways of the land and becoming one with society. Meanwhile, as Celestia attempts to heal Equestrias scars unseen forces conspire to send her peaceful reign into chaos. Tensions flare and when the Princesses rule is brought into question it will be up to the citizens to decide the fate of Equestria. Each OC in this story was designed by a different one of our authors. We originally attempted this story two years ago with me as the lead author but when that failed to go as we planned we reworked our story and characters as well as picked a different head author. The main writer behind this version is @Famineand we would all really appreciate anyone interested in checking out our story. Artificial Harmony
  14. Hello everyone I'm doing a post looking for ships Oc x Canon and Canon x Canon for a round of mlp next gen. My main character FeatherTurner is ship with TimeTurner(( Doctor Whooves )). Also Rairty x Princess Twilight is canon in this universe. Please post below if you want you oc ship with a canon character or a Canon x Canon ship or OC x OC ships. I will be making a roleplay and possible story out of this. Ships Already in Place FeatherTurner x TimeTurner (( Doctor Whooves )) Rairty x Princess Twilight Sparkle Prince Regal Shadow x Ocean Whiplash
  15. PathfinderCS

    Them's Fightin' Herds Fan Club

    So, with the release of Them's Fightin' Herds earlier today I felt it prudent to create a place where the game can be discussed, fan art can be shared, and people can discuss what they have enjoyed of the game thus far. And yeah, this isn't pony specifically, but the game is tied to the brony fandom and thus deserves some mention. And so, have fun! Source:
  16. Moonlight Dusk

    6 word memior

    The title is pretty self explanatory, guess who the avatar above you wrote about, then write a 6 word memoir about any pony in Mlp:Fim I'll go first Majestic and gracefull, never does anything
  17. PsychedelicPony

    Mane 6 as Daughters of Greek Gods

    If each of the Mane 6 were Demigods which Greek God would be their parent? My list is: Twilight: Athena Pinkie Pie: Dionysus Rarity: Aphrodite Rainbow Dash: Hermes Fluttershy: Pan Applejack: Demeter
  18. Yeah, I've been watching a lot of multi-languages in my life and it just hit me that I would love to hear everyone's opinion on: If the Mane 6 each would come from different countries in the world, what country/language would suit them best? I'd say French for Rarity because of her love for fashion and I somewhat see France as a fashionable and quite fancy country. Japanese for Pinkie Pie because of her hyper and happy personality and pitched voice, I'm thinking of the slightly more outstanding Japanese people that are loud and colorful with usually sparkly and rebelling personalities. Southern American for AJ, since it's kind of obvious that she would still stick with that. Perhaps some Nordic language like Swedish or Norwegian for Fluttershy because I for one know how shy and pulled back most of the people are from there... No clue for the others. What do you think? Discuss away!
  19. Random Stranger

    Season 7 finale

    Greetings dear brony community, I'm new here so I don't know if this topic has been around here (probably has been but I'd like to hear your opinions) So my question is, what do you think about the season 7 finale, called shadow play pt1 and 2? I really liked the finale, loved the fact that they've brought Starswirl back, and his element called sorcery..The name of the element itself amazes me. I also loved that the whole season 7 has been similar to the season 4, meaning that you had to pay attention to the previous episodes to actually understand what's going on. I'm refering to the episodes where every pony from the mane 6 got a duty and needed to spawn the pillars of old equestria. Also no matter how Starswirl intelligent was he still learned his lesson of friendship (according to the ending of the 26th episode).
  20. Just wondering how everyone would feel if the show writers decided to conclude the Mane 6’s stories’ and introduce a new set of fillies/colts for the show to focus on, while still giving the original characters chances to appear in episodes. Yay or nay? I personally think it could be cool!
  21. How would the Man6 react to fanfiction that portrays them as murderous and insane?
  22. Who is your least favourite member of the Mane Six and why?
  23. I really hope they do. Twilight really couldn't have become an alicorn without them. Also, Twilight will never die and the rest of the mane six will grow old and go to pony heaven. I mean, there's a place for them in her castle and if they passed away... Anyways, what do you think and/or hope about them becoming alicorns? Alicorn mane six- (I don't own this! Just Googled it, saw this and thought it was 20% cooler than what I could draw!) Sorry, the link doesn't work. But if you type it in it should.
  24. Hello everone! This has always been an interesting and cute topic for me to think about, and that's what would the mane 6 (or any other character from the show) call their significant other. If you wanna include shipping, you can say the nickname originated from their partner's name, but if you don't wanna ship, you can just say something like "honey", "sweetie" etc. Basically, anything you find would be fitting for the pony using it. My picks: for Rarishy -Rarity would probably use "sweetie" or "sweetheart", and of course, "darling" -Fluttershy probably wouldn't use many nicknames, but maybe "hun" or "love" (just occasionally) I don't have many ideas for the others, so please, discuss below!
  25. SoberStarlight

    MLP: Best of the Mane 6

    Hello, Just a quick, thought-provoking question: Out of all 7 seasons, what are the must-watch episodes for each of the mane 6 (The most entertaining, or best, episode for each respective pony) and why? Thanks, Jayson