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Found 7 results

  1. For most of the show, the brony fandom universally referred the show's mane characters (including Spike) as the Mane Six, because they're each connected to the Elements of Harmony. Whenever you mention the nickname, other bronies immediately know who you're talking about. However, since the ending of The Cutie Re-Mark, that's changed. Starlight not only lives in Twilight's castle, but is crucial to a lot of episodes, particularly the openers and finales. Even though the crew still state that Starlight's CMC status (central to many episodes, but not a mane character), actions speak louder than words. When you're treated like a mane character in the show, you're considered one to many people. So, here's the question. Since Re-Mark only, do you refer to the main crew as the Mane Six, Mane Seven (with either Spike or Glimhorse), or Mane Eight (includes Starlight and Spike)? If you follow my history dating back to my Re-Mark review, I refer to the team post-S5 as the Mane Eight. We live in a post Element of Harmony era. Since season four, the Elements they most represent are less shoehorned. We still get to see this quality in action, but it's said lesser nowadays with exceptions. Spike is part of the Roundtable and the mane cast. Yes, he's not a pony, not a bearer, has a miniature throne next to Twilight, and not a mane feature in the opening credits. But he's treated as one. With Starlight part of the main cast, Spike shouldn't be exempt anymore. Again, Starlight's claimed by DHX to be in the same status as the CMCs. However, to repeat, actiona speak louder. Starlight's neither a bearer nor part of the Roundtable. But premieres, finales, and many episodes in between treat her as not only part of the team, but an integral one, too. When you're treated as a mane character, consider yourself one. And since I refer to Spike as part of the crew, it's unfair to leave Glimhorse out. Not to mention…
  2. I mean, if you look at the first half of this season, you have episodes that center around that in some way, (Horse Play), (Non-Compete Clause), (The Maud Couple), (Fake it, Till You Make It), (The Parent Map), and recently the Mid-Season Finale (The Mean 6). If those and what's to come in the 2nd half , if that doesn't show you that this season is about really testing their friendship and learning to accept each other for who they are and what they like and dislike, then I don't know what does. I also won't be surprised, (because IMO it seems to be possibly leading to this), that the School remains open as it is, but that Twilight and her Friends decide to step down as the staff of the school, because they'll come to realize that even though the idea for the school is a good one, that after everything they've gone through this past season, and the strong tests that their Friendship has had to endure, that they themselves still have a lot to learn about Friendship, and that also balancing their other priorities along with being teachers, isn't working out for them, and possibly hand off the teaching duties to those that they know can handle it and balance the time to do it. Or they can change it up a bit, to where School only is open maybe 2-3 times a week, and thus the rest of the week they can focus on strengthing their friendship with each other, and focus on their other priorities outside of teaching. And yes, in the end this will lead to a possibly Neighsay redemption at the end of the season. But what do you guys all think? Comments are Welcomed.
  3. As the author Equestrian City, it’s no secret I’m partial to Equestria Girls. In my humble opinion, it’s got far more potential for storylines that are relatable to modern issues, not that the MLP show isn’t good at it, but it feels more real. That and it has Sunset Shimmer. Sunset is by far the most 3 dimensional character they’ve ever made, even more so due to the fact she was, by best I can tell, supposed to be a throwaway character for the one off movie “Equestria Girls”. She turned into something must more, my adoration for her is no real secret either. Each year, it became like a superbowl like wait for that years “Equestria Girls” movie, the best being, again in my own opinion, Rainbow Rocks. So when I heard we were doing three shorts, immediately my hopes of a unlimited series for Equestria Girls soared, as most are aware. The Polish dubbed versions came out to give us a sneak peak, and of course then the English dubs came out, followed by the actual reveal recently on Discovery Family. The first of which, I’ll give my two cents on now, since, well everyone and their brother, sister and mother have already posted theirs, why not me? Dance Magic The title and theme song are, lack luster, but I imagine it will be that way, since it’s really just prototypes. My initial thoughts were “Oh great, they are just doing this one to burn off a song they didn’t use in Friendship Games” and thankfully, it was more amusing than just that. The feeling of familiarity came back immediately as I watched the opening, listening to all the voices I’ve come to love. I was thrilled that we were going to see Rarity do something rather than be window dressing. I’ve always thought she needed more work, thankfully, they seem to be listening recently in the main show But, I was further overjoyed by the fact that one of the biggest letdowns of the Friendship Games (one of many) was the lack of use of any of the Anti-Mane 6 they worked on hyping up and then barely got any interaction with. This time we get to see Sour Sweet, Lemon Zest, Sugarcoat and Sunny Flare, the analogues to various Mane 6 members. Sunny Flare was nice to see, as she got one line in the movie, and oddly, by the midway point, they felt twice as fleshed out as they did in the 3rd movie. I’m still a bit in the middle about how quickly these girls reform (it seems we’re all about reforming people, if we keep this up we’ll have no villains ;/ ) But, by the time we get to the solution of the problem in a tidy package of 22 minutes, it doesn't even feel like the dance number (which includes a set of repeated animation, but I can forgive that for this time, it’s all proof of concept it seems for a series “Can we do it” sorta thing) As the episodes winds down after Pinkie’s rather epic rapping, we come to the conclusion that these four of Crystal Prep are in fact now friends, despite all the hopes some had that they’d return like the Dazzlings might, later. Overall, it’s a lovely episode, feels a bit typical. Here’s something I’ve somewhat noticed having watched them all several times in various languages. Each episode seems to be a audition in a way. This one is a typical MLP-ish episode. Problem presented. Solution Given Speedbump. Readjust Solution. Epilogue. Sprinkle in a song somewhere and you’re done. The 2nd one is more an homage to Scooby Doo, although the mystery is really easy to guess, and the third one is trying to compress a movie battle AND a cross over into 22 minutes, which, well I’ll go into that later Anyway, thanks for the read, and by all means, please discuss in a civil way, I LOVE to interact and bounce ideas off.
  4. My question is: If Starlight Glimmer becomes Mane 7, what would her Element of Harmony be?
  5. After doing this once and then having my hard drive crash, I had to start over again. Let me tell you, it was painful. But I managed to get it done! I managed to make it so there's a bit less reverb so it will most likely sound slightly better now. Not my favorite Rainbow Rocks song, but it is by no means the worst. Anyways, enjoy! Sheet music is in the description of the video if you wish to have it.
  6. I'm guessing you can guess where this is going but let's assume we find ourselves with Sunset Shimmer joining the group. My question for y'all is what element of harmony would you push for her to represent as number 7? I'm tending to go with forgiveness or reformation (something along those lines). Considering her history I think that would be very fitting, your thoughts?
  7. Okay, say a new pony would be added into the Mane 6 as a bearer of a new Element of Harmony, and by doing that; the Mane 6 would become the Mane 7 (not saying that this will or should happen. Keep that in mind.) Anyway, if that were to happen, what color scheme would you like to see the new Element of Harmony bearer have? Please keep anything about whether there should be a new Element of Harmony pony out of this thread; this is a thread for discussing what color schemes for the new pony would be nice. I personally think a green coated pony would be nice, but I'm not sure about the mane. There aren't a lot of green ponies in Equestria, and one would be nice to have. Post what color schemes you think would be nice below.