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Found 42 results

  1. (C)2017 A common human Alex gets transferred to Equestria. Desperate to return home at first, he starts noticing himself changing. Time comes for him to decide for Equestria destiny. Will he conform? Which path will he choose? Are Celestia's fears justified? Here is the story of a human, despite being an alien in Equestria, not being an outcast, a door mat or a toy for ponies. His misery comes from inside, painfully at first he accommodates. Equestria changes him and time will come to return the debt. 1. Arrival A fierce lightning bolt ripped thick clouds and speared into the ruined castle tower so heavily that it made debris and dust fly in the damp air. When the mess settled a bit, partially taken down by the rain, which became really strong at that moment, it revealed the electric discharge being so strong that it carved a deep notch in the stone floor of what previously had been the upper room of the tower. At least when it had a roof. Now, as the rain poured inside freely, it made the strange curled figure in the middle of the lightning carved pit feel quite uncomfortable. Because seconds later a young man gasped and cringed in pain from the feeling of a bunch of burning snakes slithering through his entire body. “Oh, my…” He wheezed faintly. “What in the name of the creator just happened?” Slowly and painfully he kneeled. Perhaps it was not the best idea, as nausea struck him mercilessly, so he almost crashed back on the floor. But lying on the stone floor in the pool of rain water, which started gathering in the pit he found himself in, was neither. He realized that he started to freeze in the cold wind, blowing through glassless windows of what he recognized to be some sort of a ruin. That wasn’t nearly nice. His skin burned and reddened, as if he had gone through some fire, but thankfully it wasn’t burnt too much, yet it hardly made the feel better. His clothes now looked like a few shreds of the shirt hanging from the collar and cuffs, some remnants of the jeans wrapping around his legs and annoyingly getting in the way, the rest was completely ruined, burned as well. The charred edges and familiar smell spoke for themselves. At least he had his boxers and boots intact, the former simply missed their chance to burn, being under the rest of the clothes, and the latter were well made of thick leather for man’s sheer luck. “Great,” He muttered to himself, shivering as another thunder strike rolled in the sky. “At least I don’t need to go barefoot…” “Go where?” A sudden uneasy thought came to his mind. “And where exactly I should go from?” Still feeling dizzy, he got on his feet and tried to look around. With the bright lightning flash he got an image of a medium size round room full of stone and wooden debris. It could be anything before, totally unrecognizable now as it was hardly the first thunderstorm hitting the unmaintained building. The roof fell in long ago, showing a few broken beams, which couldn’t stop the wind and rains from doing their destructive job. What could be some furniture, books, anything else now lay in decay. The time-worn chandelier, lying on the floor under the large boulder, appeared to be the most durable thing there. The only attention-worthy thing in that room was a square opening in the floor near the wall. Surely it looked like an entryway to a bottomless pit in the darkness, but it couldn’t be really that bad. For all, what he knew about castles… “Castle!” He caught himself screaming that in full voice. “What the flying hell is going on?” “I can’t remember any castles nearby,” He said to himself, calming down a bit. “Damn, not nearby, not in the whole region, hundreds of miles round neither. What has happened to me?” “Well,” He grinned painfully. “One step at a time, Alex, one step at a time…” At least he remembered his name. Seemed not that bad, right? If only it could be worse actually. So… For all, what he knew about castles, they were made of stone and with the priority of safety and stability in mind. So, hardly the owners, builders, whoever stupidly jumped in the pit, there must be stairs under that opening. Hopefully stone ones, which haven’t been destroyed by the time, unlike wooden hatch on the opening – a few planks still hung on the ancient door hinges. With another lightning Alex indeed saw dark, narrow stone stairs made slippery from the rain. He thought it was time to leave the open room – bombs never hit the same pit twice, but it was a lightning storm and… the day was “strange”. So he decided to err on the side of caution. He ripped the rags – which were once his shirt and pants – off his hands, neck and legs. ‘Off you go,’ Alex threw them in a pile on the floor. ‘No warmth from you anyway, yet another chance to stumble or catch something and fall all the way nobody-knows-how-far down.’ He stepped on the spiral staircase, sticking to the outer wall and touching it with his left hand. He didn’t smoke and had no lighter or matches… And even if he did, that wouldn’t have helped him as all he had vanished with his jacket. As he remembered the stairs were not wider than the hatch. God only knew if there were beams, landings or even anything in the middle. He caught himself on the feeling that the wind became chilling in the tube of the tower… or was that staircase itself to blame. Alex was afraid of heights. “I’m not taking any chances,” smirked Alex to himself sticking closer to the wall. * The car ate mile by mile of the empty Sunday road. Oncoming traffic was minimal and Alex could focus on his plans and expectations while driving. Surely not every 25-years-old man could think of a better career – benefits of the well planned and qualitative education, personal determination and, let’s be honest pure luck, but what job doesn’t require at least some luck – an IT specialist in a profit-making company capable of having personal transport, simple but comfortable apartment and no Damocles sword of debts hanging over the head. Well, he really deserved it. Starting from the “ground level”, working with hardware, through endless night shifts, he finally noticed that it naturally started paying back. He could manage everything he came across his daily routines, but sometimes the feeling of completion was slightly tinted with regret. He could have spent more time with parents, with his almost-a-girlfriend. They were neither officially engaged nor limited themselves by any obligations… yet, but Elen was just-the-right-person for Alex. They understood each other wordlessly, they always found time to help each other, they could trust themselves being a stronghold one for another and above all, they both could easily make each other laugh happily or feel safe and serene, when it was necessary. No wonder Alex wanted to give Elen more attention. But living forced him to prioritize. And it was rare chance to get to the next level of personal freedom and gain. He was offered a job in another company. Same IT field, almost the same duties, but in fact it was a direct promotion from the level he currently had. They have practically been ready to give him a whole subdivision to lead, obviously, that meant bigger income and further career opportunities. In common terms, it meant a private house after a short while and an ability to move in with his special somebody, whom he already asked about and got cheerful consent. Truth to be told, Elen would have been happy to join him in the old place without any special conditions long ago, but he didn’t ask and she didn’t find it acceptable to suggest herself. Of course, it also meant moving to another city, but wasn’t it better done, while his parents were not too old and he could freely build his life? Besides, it was a neighboring city, not another country or another planet, it was only a few hours ride. Considering all that Alex took a couple of days off to visit the new place and make the final decision. The new company was ready to give him from a couple of weeks to a month to make all arrangements at his old job and quit with as much dignity as it was possible. So he planned his days off to be Monday and Tuesday, thus having all weekend plus two days for a safe trip and acquaintance. A few raindrops fell, leaving curvy tracks on the windshield. Alex frowned and raised the side window – the wind became stronger and blew some dust inside. He heard the muffled sound of distant thunder, then a bright flash sparkled in the sky. Soon the whole road ahead was barely visible through the heavy rain. Alex slowed down his car and turned on the lights. Thunderstorms were never a rarity in May, but as long as Alex remembered, there wasn’t any in that day prognosis. They promised warm, even hot, for that time of the year, sunny day without any precipitation. The whole cataclysm started all of the sudden. A few seconds ago it was warm and clear and in a moment the storm began… and the car didn’t even cover a mile during that change. Flashes of lightning followed now one by one in a matter of a few seconds and Alex slowed down even more, when one of them lit a road sign at the shoulder – sharp turn. It was even darker here; the whole road was covered by the shadow of an enormous tree on the nearby hill. Alex could swear, he had never seen any of that size in his life. It was shimmering with millions of silvery green leaves on swaying in the wind branches. Alex thought it was very strange that no lightning yet struck that giant tree, despite it was standing as the only lightning-conductor in a few miles radius. He also thought, if that tree was guilty of quite a few road accidents every month, as the whole view was simply marvelous and there hardly was a driver, who didn’t lavish it with an extra amazed look. Next thing he saw were headlights of the oncoming car, which apparently moved considerably faster than reasonable on such a turn, with that kind of weather. The driver managed to swerve past him. Alex took a glance in the mirror and saw the car started sliding uncontrollably on the road, then it hit a smaller tree behind the road shoulder and stopped. Alex pressed the brakes all the way down, risking repeating that driver’s “trick”. He stopped at the wayside and turned off the engine. “Merlin’s pants, I hope the poor bastards are alright,” he thought, when he rushed to the crash site. “What did they think about, when they were driving that fast… or were they just looking at that damned tree mammoth only?” There was a woman behind the wheel in that car, she managed to get out herself. More shocked than hurt. She was still shaking off that dizziness, when Alex took off his jacket and pushed in her hands. “The inner pocket,” he looked in her eyes to ensure that she understood him. “Take the phone and call the emergency.” He already saw that there was one more person in the car, who definitely needed more help. A girl on the back seat, clutching something yellow and pink and evidently terrified and shocked. Alex tried to open her door, then the door on the other side to find both were jammed, while the girl’s mother was making a call. Gasoline trailed up his nose and Alex realized, it was the matter of moments. He climbed into the car through the driver’s door and took out the keys. Still, he could swear, he heard the dreading sound of the sparkles somewhere under the hood. He then turned to the girl and forced himself to smile in the most soothing way possible in that situation. “Hey, hold on, we’re going to get you and your… pony friend out,” he noticed the toy in her hands. “Just a moment longer.” He then climbed over the front seat and unlocked the belt. The poor little one clutched to him hardly less than to her pony. She didn’t cry, only whimpered like a deadly scared kitten. Alex found that it was nearly impossible to get the shocked child out of the car the same way he got into. She was near the panic attack already. “It’s raining, your pony needs some cover,” whispered he in her ear, while pulling girl’s head to his chest and covering her from any damage. He then twisted and hit the rear window with all the strength he could afford. After the second blow the glass gave up and out. Alex grabbed the girl and pushed her out of the car through the opening. “Here, take her and get away from the car,” he breathed out. “Thank you, thank you…” Tears mixed with the rain on the mother’s face, when she got her treasure. She then backed off the car with the daughter in her hands; suddenly Alex saw, how her eyes widely opened in terror. “Please, hurry, get out now!” She shrieked on the top of her lungs. Next thing he heard was a zapping sound and the car got lit from the bottom by inflamed gasoline. And then the world around him dissolved in an unendurable white flash and the sound of thunder. * So the last thing he remembered, when the world around was normal, if being fried and electrocuted in a crashed car could be considered nearly normal (well at least it was real), was bright blinding light. That was the first thing he experienced here. But wasn’t the rest around him real too? Alex stopped. Wondering how silly that idea looked he took a small portion of the skin on his arm and pinched it as hard as possible for the resulting feeling to be enough to tell if he was dreaming. “DAAAAAAMN IT!” The roar rolled down the tower, causing the rumbling echo in the corridors below. ‘Merlin’s pants, that was convincing!’ Alex cringed. He was into RPG and fantasy, so it sometimes came afloat with the strong feelings. Unsure if Merlin had indeed something to do about all that Alex noted that the feeling of burning snakes inside him didn’t go away, it simply faded, muffled by more actual problems. Besides, he realized he was freezing cold already and started to shake. Like if that wasn’t enough, his legs started feeling numb, as the whole way down the stairs wasn’t that easy, despite being only a few minutes long. He saw absolutely nothing and was to proceed really slow, trying to feel the wall with his fingers and stairs with his feet. The tower had no windows and, while it could be lit by some torches (somehow Alex felt that there were exactly the torches or candles, never the electric light), when it was in its full glory, now it was pitch black all over. ‘I must be thankful for being claustrophobic not,’ grinned Alex. ‘Otherwise, I would probably be stuck in the upper room forever.’ ‘So, what do I have now?’ he tried to summarize his score. ‘I was on the ride to a work appointment, when it started raining cats’n’dogs all of a sudden. I couldn’t see the road well enough, so I slowed down.’ ‘And there was that sharp turn. And that tree nearby!’ The memory came so vividly, almost highlighted by a thunderbolt. ‘Yeah, there was the thunderbolt, the flash which made the whole surroundings visible, despite the clouds and rain.’ ‘That tree was enormous, I wondered if it was more than a thousand years old. There were quite a few such trees in the whole country, and that was probably the biggest one,’ Alex also thought that he had wondered exactly, if many drivers got into accidents, being distracted by the mere look of that silver-green giant. ‘Then another car appeared. It was moving too fast for those road conditions, no wonder they noticed me too late.’ As he remembered, that car lost control, as its driver tried to avoid the collision on the wet road. It slid by and crashed into one of the smaller trees at the road shoulder. The woman, who drove it, got out by herself, but the rear doors jammed after the impact. And there was a girl, about eight years old, on the back seat of that car. Alex remembered that he had stopped at the shoulder, and rushed to the damaged car, risking to fall on the slippery ground. He had taken off his jacket and threw it to the woman, who seemed to be a complete wreck. There was a cell phone in the inner pocket. Alex told her to call the emergency and climbed inside her car. Taking the keys out didn’t ease the situation – he could feel the smell of gas quickly forming a pool under the car… and there were those damned sparkling sounds somewhere. Alex tried to calm himself. Panic was nowhere near useful for solving problems. And he was afraid that he could scare the girl even more. She sat there, curling almost in a small ball; she wasn’t crying or panicking, just quietly whimpering. There was hope in her wide opened eyes… He tried to open the rear doors only to find they both were jammed, then he told her to duck, and hit the rear window with his foot. It got covered in the web of cracks, but stayed, damn those tinting films. He hit once more and thankfully the whole glass flew out. Alex shouted to the woman and clicked the kid’s seat belt open. He took the girl and carefully pushed her from the rear window into her mother’s hands. The little one gripped tightly to her plush toy – a pony it was… He remembered it so clearly, perhaps for the rest of his life – the yellow pony with soft long pinkish mane and tail. The woman shouted something, while she was backing from the car with her daughter. ‘Well, at least they are on a safe distance,’ he thought. ‘Time to get out of here before all hell breaks loose…’ ‘And then the nightmare started!’ Alex closed his eyes, cringing at the memories. With another sparkling sound the whole pool of gas under the car turned into the bright oven of doom. But before Alex could think, it was the end and a really ugly one – he started feeling heat almost immediately – he heard the ear-splitting sound of thunder and a bright blinding flash filled his consciousness. Alex shivered. Was he brought here by lightning? By fire? For common sense’s sake, that was breaking the whole world order, he knew and loved. That was simply impossible. Yet it happened. The whole world around him was real. The feeling when he pinched himself was real. And the damnation, he screamed in pain, caused one damn real echo. His foot stepped on a very real small mean stone… And Alex lost his real balance rolling down the real stairs. “FUUUUUCK the castles!” He wasn’t sure, if he shouted all that in his mind or the whole castle was blessed loudly. Most likely mentally, as he was lucky to roll only a few steps. “FUUUUCK the stairs, cars and storms!!!” “… And fuck the ponies!” assumed Alex, when his head heartily “greeted” the floor. With that reassuring thought he fainted. * Darkness fell upon Canterlot, muffling all the activity on the streets. Cicadas, occasional dog barking or hurried hoofsteps of rare citizens on their late way home were the only sounds breaking the serenity of the night. Everypony slept in their comfortable beds, resting from daily routines and even leaves on the trees didn’t dare to break the silence in the complete calm. Nopony noticed the distant and violent storm, which poured tons of water and ripped the dark sky with thunderbolts above the old ruins in the middle of Everfree forest. Even the hardest blast, which could easily compete with the light of full moon rising, was most likely unnoticed by anypony. Anypony but one. “Ahem…” Luna turned one ear to the approaching delicate steps of her regal sister, but apparently her attention was otherwise completely occupied by something else, as she stayed, where she was, observing distance through a telescope. “Luna,” princess Celestia, the Ruler of the Day and Sun, called a bit louder, while she entered the observation balcony on the top of the highest tower of Canterlot castle. She waved her wings in unconscious contraction with a sudden windflaw. “Dear, are you here or several dozens of miles away?” She then approached her younger sister, princess Luna, the Ruler of the Night and Moon, Master of the Dreams. Something was apparently bothering her that much that she decided to abandon her usual patience and extended her foreleg to touch sister’s shoulder. “Oh, Tia! Mine apologies,” Luna turned her head from the telescope. “Well, of course, I’ve heard thee. I’ve been examining our… strange issue in the Everfree and slightly captured by mine thoughts about. So what didst thou want?” “So, you’ve already noticed,” Celestia nodded. “That overly strange and, I’m not afraid to call it that, impossible thunderstorm above the woods.” “Above the old castle ruins to be exact,” Luna rectified with her eyes, returning to the swirl of clouds in the distance, which meanwhile started to fade. “And what do you think about all that?..” “It started moments after I raised the Moon, escalated really fast and now, after half an hour, is fading as suddenly as it started,” Luna touched her chin with the hoof, summarizing. “With clouds so thick and swirling in a compact circle, thunderbolts of that strength and the whole amount of water, which managed to come down in a short time, one might bethink, it needed quite an army of pegasi to stage such a performance.” “Exactly,” replied Celestia with a tiny smile. “But…” “But thither were no pegasi assigned to that wide-scale duty the present day at all,” continued Luna. “I have checked the prognosis twice and thither was nothing alike planned for tonight. Besides, what was the point of pouring tons of water in the middle of nowhere practically?” Her strengthened Old language revealed Luna being a bit excited by the events, as normally she tried her best to accommodate to the modern style of talking. Being properly understood by your subjects was sometimes vital and the Royal Canterlot Voice wasn’t an ultimate tool to reach that goal. There was no point of being loud, while others were trying hard to grasp the mere sense. “The storm started completely by itself,” Celestia emphasized with concern. “And that’s not something we have been getting here for hundreds of years. Not here, in the middle of Equestria. I admit that Everfree lives by its own laws quite often, but still…” “Thou art concerned about some imminent danger,” Luna nodded in understanding. “Or rather somepony. As we hardly got something unruly without somepony’s assistance the last few times.” “Even if they were not ponies,” she smiled mirthlessly. “But I have sensed nothing. Nothing and nopony, possessing any magic at the least, be it malevolent or contrary to that,” Luna’s ears sadly flattened. “I don’t understand, Tia, what are we dealing with?” “Neither do I,” confessed her older sister. “As you said, “sensed nothing and nopony”.” “But we shan’t let it out of our attention. I wonder, if I should send some guards there right now, Luna,” Celestia threw a quick look over the distant ruins, but there was silence and peace over them at that moment, as the storm ended. “I sincerely suppose that we should just wait for a while,” Luna returned to watching the sleeping domain below. “Guards will hardly find any…pony in the middle of the night, despite mine Moon. If thither is anything to look for, I’m unsure.” “I trust your judgment of that, dear,” with a heartily smile Celestia nuzzled sister’s shoulder. “Well, I’m not insisting… but I doubt, we are capable to take any effective steps right now.” Luna leaned back to Celestia. “Have some sleep now, Tia. It’s going to be a long day ahead. And I shall return to mine nightly duty.” “Have it lightly. Good night, sister.” Luna waved her hoof in the air, showing that she returned the wish, while her attention returned again to the old ruins deep amidst Everfree. * “AAARGHH!!!” Absolute darkness of unconsciousness was changed by the slightly less thick darkness of the old castle. ‘It becomes routinely to fall and get hit. Up to no good you are, man.’ Alex sat on the floor and waited, till the walls stopped spinning around him. As he gained normal sight, he noticed that it became less dark around. There was a hallway up ahead and the moonlight patches on the floor noted the existence of windows for once. He got up to be greeted by his grumbling stomach. What a nice change: just when he realized the flaming snakes feeling was still with him, he was almost naked, cold and bruised, his stomach decided to remind that it existed and needed attention. The mere fact that the last decent, moreover any, meal Alex had, was past noon didn’t encourage as well. Trying not to think that he should rather be concerned of not being eaten in that godforsaken place, than having something to eat (the castle seemed to be abandoned for a few hundred years and could be anywhere deep in the wild), Alex proceeded to the hallway. The storm was over during his “blackout” and the full moon looked through the numerous bowed windows of the long corridor with dark regular winged statues standing in the arcs. The night seemed to be young still and Alex noticed that he shivered less here than in the tower. Strangely the storm ended without any sign of it taking place, except water, the air outside was still warm and brought the faint scent of unknown flowers. Alex looked out of the nearest window. ‘Bad, bad idea!’ He managed to notice the green sea of trees, apparently surrounding the castle and shimmering silver in the moonlight and breeze… just before the whole picture doubled or even tripled in his eyesight and his guts tried to make a backflip. ‘I’m too high above the ground,’ he said to himself, accurately backing up from the dreading opening. He then added. ‘Great, I’m in the middle of nowhere and still need to find a suitable way out of that castle.’ He was a bit ashamed to confess, he wouldn’t use the faster exit, even if it was twice lower or there was water below. Back home he was never able to enter a balcony higher than the first floor, here it seemed that he was on the fourth or something alike. And the ceilings were high given that it was the castle. The sudden memory about home was painful. Alex had no faintest idea, how he was supposed to get home without practically anything: the documents, money, his car. The thought that it would be great at the very least to define, where he was and where his home was, didn’t provide much optimism either. Without the phone, map or any clues about the area it wasn’t going to be a game. Alex released a deep sigh. It seemed, he was to stay inside till morning – he couldn’t notice anything outside, which can be used as a landmark, except the very castle, but it wasn’t enough to proceed. He was still uncomfortable about walking around in the wild in underwear only and hoped that perhaps he could find something for the covers. Finally, it was simply stupid to walk through some unknown forest in the middle of the night. ‘So let’s check the other rooms,’ he said to himself, while stepping further into the hallway. ‘If only that annoying pain inside faded, I’d be completely happy.’ The closer look at one of the statues quickly brought the now-almost-native feeling of unease back. There was something familiar in the statue, something that Alex still couldn’t remember, yet making his skin crawl. No, they were not some gargoyles or any sort of other ugly stone abominations so usual for the ancient castles. What stood in front of him was a sculpture of a… unicorn. There was something strange about it: it wasn’t of the size of a normal horse, but smaller, almost like a big pony. However, it was more slender, than a pony any of us could portray, more graceful. In addition to that, the statue was “wearing” the armour. Quick examination made clear that the armour was more like of a soldier, than a battle animal, besides, there were no saddle, no harness, in other words, nothing normally used to ride a… pony. Alex also noticed that not all the statues were the same, as it seemed to him from the first look. Half of them were unicorns, another half had wings, thus being technically pegasi. He giggled nervously. ‘Yet this feeling that I have seen those somewhere…’ “Well, dude,” Alex slapped the closest statue lightly on the muzzle with a cackle. “It seems, there going to be more ponies in my life from now on.” According to his “internal clock” Alex was wandering around the castle for about an hour already. He tried to keep the general direction of getting down to the ground floor, thus walking down every staircase, he could find not ruined. Yet he felt that he was covering much more distance horizontally than actually descending, not mentioning that he was to backtrack twice because of corridors blocked by collapsed walls. Alex completely forgot about his hunger. Now he was concerned about warming himself and getting some safe place to sleep without any risk to freeze completely till morning. He wasn’t sure if it was going to get any colder before the sunrise, considering he had no idea, where exactly the castle was situated. What he saw through the windows clearly showed that it wasn’t some polar region. For which Alex was immensely thankful. But every compartment without windows was noticeably colder; the stone walls didn’t keep warmth like probably they did, when the castle was full of life. He didn’t know if it was bad or good that he apparently was all alone there. Remembering now the yell he gave, when rolling down that stairwell in the tower, he came to the conclusion, that wasn’t the best thing to do. But the sound startled nobody and nobody came to check of the trespasser. So he guessed that tiptoeing wasn’t absolutely necessary, opening the few remaining doors, despite them screeching mercilessly, was safe as well. Next doors Alex faced were large, heavy, built of thick noble wood. Amazing ancient carving, highlighted by the moon light, coming through the high window behind his back, covered the door leafs. When he pushed them lightly, he was amazed by how easily and quietly they opened. It seemed that particular room was of great importance to the castle inhabitants, so they treated all the stuff inside with great care. The furniture stood intact in the dark room, most likely being of the finest quality, so it survived whatever disaster happened. “Gasp!” Alex stumbled in the doorway, as he noticed something deep in the room. A human figure in another passage at the far wall. At first he was worried a bit, but only for a second or two… “Hello!” Alex rushed inside the room. “I’m lost and…” He found himself staring at… Alex, same tired and bruised Alex in his dusty boxers and boots; Alex with quite a stupid look on the face, which already managed to grow some stubble. He extended his hand to touch a giant dimmed mirror about 10 feet tall. Alex gave out a deep sigh of relief and… despair. “Nasty mirror,” he muttered. “I almost thought that I found some help.” He took another look across the room, which, as he noticed, was a bedroom of some regal person most likely. Closer examination of the king-size bed revealed it being of no use, as there was nor sheets neither mattress left (they were probably that pile of dust beneath the bed). The wooden frame survived, but not the delicate cloth. Alex thought, he was going to have no sleep tonight, as other furniture in the room, at least the chairs and banquettes, were somehow not comfortable for him to relax properly. He remembered that every unbroken seat, he found previously, was as well… perhaps too low for his comfort. Other furniture like tables, cabinets seemed to be alright though. Alex proceeded through more and more rooms: spacious halls and small cabinets. Checked more bedrooms and bathrooms with the stone basins built into the floor – all with mostly time worn and broken furniture. He passed an enormous library, thinking that he probably was to wander around that castle till morning looking for the exit. He checked a couple of books (more automatically than hoping to find something helpful) one of which crumbled to dust in his hands. Nothing that could help, some historical stuff that could be interesting, if he wasn’t almost falling asleep on the spot. Well, if he wasn’t, he might have noticed that, despite understanding, what the books were telling, there was no single word written in plain English in them. But his tired mind noticed the content and completely missed, paid no attention to form – the symbols the books were written in. Finally, after one more staircase, he found himself on seemingly the first floor of the castle, in the long high hall of some regal value. High windows on both opposite narrow ends of the hall let enough light inside for him to see columns, chandeliers at the walls and ends of ceiling arcs, more sets of horse… pony armour, standing on their eternal duty along the walls, another single staircase at his end of the hall, going down and most likely to the castle front doors at some point. With the idea that going outside was definitely some daytime business, Alex headed to the opposite end of the hall, where he noticed a stepped podium with two… thrones. After approaching that three steps elevation with two large thrones Alex noticed, they were still in nice condition, not only stone frame, but also the soft seats and backrests. Another sign of those being made for the top-class noble asses, as Alex giggled inwardly. One throne was covered with a large ancient tapestry, also quite well retained. It must have fallen from the wall behind the thrones, as a similar tapestry hung behind the second throne. Alex rose the steps and took the tapestry by its edge to unfold it. The cloth was of amazing quality and lightness, unbelievable for its age, nowhere heavy and rough on touch, unlike almost every common tapestry. This one was made in black, all sorts of blue and silver colours with white outlining. Presumably night sky with stars and bright moon above and a dark blue slender winged horse figurine below facing… flying down. Another tapestry on the wall was generally in blue, white and gold, depicting the sky, sun disc high above and a white slender winged horse figurine flying up. Alex closed his eyes. The same feeling of unease flooded him again. Both images were painfully familiar, he knew he had seen them somewhere already. But they were parts of a single image in his memory. * That was one of those family days, when Alex and his parents were visiting relatives from another city. The latter lived in suburbs, without plenty means of entertaining people, especially younger ones. This and them having two daughters, 12 and 8 years old, practically meant that, while older members of the family were discussing all, what was usually discussed on family meetings, girls were totally Alex’s business. Besides cousins were under the impression of the 19 years old sibling, that sort of impression, which usually leads to looking up to with eyes wide opened, giggles, unintentional innocent flirting and tons of teasing. All harmless, at least until it starts coming at you as a storm… That day wasn’t going to be an easy one, as Alex told himself earlier in the morning. The relatives lived in a cottage with a large garden. So hide and seek, play catch, some more random running around, while both girls contrived to almost run him over a few times, made Alex finally unsure if he had two cousins only or maybe four… or even six already. “Hey, girls,” called he, getting up from the grass. “What about getting inside and having a bit quieter entertainment… before it becomes traumatic?” “Boo, spoilsport!” Older cousin bumped into him and grabbed in a bear hug. “Right when we started having fun.” “Two of you are too much for the “old Alex”,” he stuck out his tongue, teasing her. “You’re not old,” she wrinkled her nose, making her freckles jump. “Just a bit grumpy and into your computer stuff too much. Tell me the point of going to the gym, when you can just have fun outside for free with the same result.” “Yes, yes,” Eagerly jumped the younger, while Alex thought about a dignified answer to the previous question. “We can view some cartoons. Just got a new show on DVD.” She took Alex’s and her sister’s hands and rushed into the house, sweeping away all possible objections. “OK, what will it be?” asked Alex, when they sat in the living room. ‘Girly stuff,’ he shrugged mentally, while younger cousin turned the TV on and set the disc into the player already. It was the new show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As he suspected typical girly stuff. Yet despite pinkish gamma and girly hyper voices, what he watched was fun. It was the first episode, where a few pony girls were searching for some relics to prevent an evil alter ego of one of the two rulers of the land from returning from her 1000 years banishment. The land was called Equestria. ‘So original’, smirked Alex to himself. It was ruled once by two sisters: one reigned over the day and Sun, another – over the Night and Moon. The younger sister – Luna got jealous of Celestia, the older sister, thinking she was getting more attention and love, naturally being the princess of the day. Luna went completely mental, being spoiled by the shadow and turned into Nightmare Moon, who tried to take over the whole land and establish the eternal night by refusing to get the Moon down and let Celestia rise the Sun. It was impossible how Alex could still remember all those names and facts from the show. Celestia then entrapped her younger sister into the Moon, using those relics and started ruling the country on her own, day and night, Sun and Moon, while mourning of her once beloved sister. But after 1000 years certain conditions were met for Nightmare Moon to return and attempt revenge… With the help of the relics, the pony girls (main characters of the show) managed to cast out Nightmare Moon and return princess Luna as former kind and sane self. But those were details… There was the old castle of Two Sisters in that show. And there. Was. That. Sign! Of two regal sisters, rulers of the Moon and Sun. * Alex dropped the tapestry and covered his face with hands. It wasn’t obvious if he was going to shriek, cry or curl on the stone platform in disbelief and despair. ‘That simply can’t be true!’ cried his mind. ‘Come on, it was just a blasted movie, a cartoon for kids!’ Well, last time he tried to check, if he was sleeping or delusional, was painful and real. From all forms of insanity, this could be the least possible, Alex could imagine for himself, if thinking about insanity was his common practice. After a few minutes he managed to bring together, what remained of his trembling, tired and frustrated self. ‘I am regally screwed!’ he gritted his teeth heavily. ‘But, damn it, I’ll deal with this tomorrow!’ ‘I’m too tired for logical conclusions. No ponies or nightmares or else will take away my sleep. And I’ve finally found some “clothes”,’ Alex let out a sad grin. He grabbed Luna’s tapestry… ‘Oh, dear Lord, please, let me be mistaken!’ … and made some kind of toga, wrapping it around his tired body and finding it surprisingly nice and warm. He then climbed with his legs on that throne in front of him and curled, trying to find the possibly comfortable pose. Minutes later overloaded by today’s events Alex passed out. --- Author's note: If 't be true you like the story (and have FimFiction account, otherwise, you can't vote), please, take a minute to support the book hither: "Thumbs up" are very welcome, comments either. Mine most sincere gratitude in advance!
  2. Just curious because there's alot of people who think some ponies don't deserve their element.
  3. So I took a look at this photo and it got me thinking about AJs' parents. Then i thought about how the show would explain the weird match up of Applejack's family on the farm. Obviously I don't think the show will ever go that dark to say they died but i think there is the possibility of a very deep and meaningful episode. But why stop there? I wouldn't mind an episode or episodes where they give background info on the mane 6's families. We have seen some other parents like RDs father, plus rarity, twilight and even pinkie's family. But we haven't seen anything from Aj,Fluttershy And the biggest perpetrator of missing-parent-syndrome, Scootaloo. How do you think the episode would layout? Are you for something like this? Would you like to see it in a dark, deep, sad, so happy it makes you cry, or lighthearted way? I think they could possible do an episode where its a holiday for parents. P.S. Im pretty sure there is another topic like this somewhere else.
  4. I always want to ask this question to many bronies about their favorite character. But Since the show ended, i want to know if it change through out the 9 years of this shows. So please be honest on your choice
  5. I’m curious.. who do you like most from the mane6 and why? My main is Rainbow dash, i’ve loved her ever since i was little and when her design was still a little different (toywise she had no wings) but those Rainbow colors /happy look sure is nice. + fluttershy, she is a lot like me irl, friends who heard my voice often call me like her.
  6. Where the Mane Six has reached their goals since season 7 (Rainbow Dash joins the Wonderbolts, Fluttershy builds the sanctuary etc.), do you think there are/were more rooms for them to grow and be explored as characters? And if so, what would it be about? I think they should have made more new situations and perspectives on them to explore. Make a completely new concept from a character if necessary. I can't imagine making a new Mane Six episode without doing it and still being fresh and fun as much as before. I think the common way to tackle this topic, which was already done by the show, is to set up a new threat to their position. For example, Rarity was one of the earliest character that was already successful in their field. But in Canterlot Boutique, she was challenged by Sassy Saddles, and it's kind of conflict that couldn't have happened if she wasn't that successful already. Rainbow Dash faces something seemingly similar with Lightning Dust in The Washouts, but it was primarily about Scootaloo and the same kind of conflict could have occured even when Rainbow Dash wasn't a Wonderbolt. It would have been interesting if there were a new flyer who could genuinely fly faster than Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie in Pinkie Pride is similar, but she was already in the same position since the show's start. Another way is to explore around their new status. It would have been interesting if we could know more details about Fluttershy's new sanctuary. I think Fluttershy in her new sanctuary with her animal friends has a potential to be its own TV show. CMCs and the episodes after them getting cutie marks kinda does this, where they were consulting blank flanks, and they were a new episode materials. Rainbow Dash and her Wonerbolt academy episodes explores her new workplace, but the episodes were controversial and had mixed reactions. Most importantly, after she joins the Wonderboldts for good, all she had to do was practice off-screen and perform acrobatics, which was oddly less interesting than when she wasn't a Wonderbolt. The Wonderbolt academy and the Wonderbolt members wasn't explored interestingly and had bad impressions to be honest. Twilight with her new princess position was probably the biggest kind of it. Twilight Time cleverly deals with her change in position while keeping her character's charm and as a grounded character as well. Another way is to tackle the character in a completely new perspective. This can work regardless of their new status. In Amending Fences, Twilight has to deal with her past mistakes of being unfriendly. This is less about being a princess and more about being a friend. Forever Filly explores the characters from a new perspective, but it is about the change and the new status they were currently in. Where the Apple Lies is about Applejack's past. For exploring past mistakes, it is similar to Amending Fences, but it feels more like a separate story line of its own. And digging up the character's past has huge limitations. Applejack being a musician kinda falls into this category, but it wasn't explored completely, and I don't feel strong about the idea. More importantly, it's about the exterior, not the interior of the character. Slice of Life did this to the whole show itself and the background characters. If the Mane Six could be dealt with the same kind of touch, it could be great. My specific ideas about what the Mane Six episodes could have done after they reached their goals are this. After Rainbow Dash being a Wonderbolt : There could have been more thoughts about what being a Wonderbolt is and their role as a public service. Also, I would like to know more about the Wonderbolt members and their relationship with Rainbow Dash, and also the whole institution. There could have been more insight about being an athlete and about self-discipline. After Twilight being a princess : It would have been better if the episodes were more about being a good friend and less about being a princess, which is the whole point of being a princess of friendship. Ultimately that makes her a better princess as well. Rarity : Maybe the Mane Six should have had a more episodes about their romantic interest. And if so, Rarity would be the perfect pony. There could have been more about what being such a successful and famous designer is, and also an insight about the creator/consumer relationship which the show sometimes dealt. After Fluttershy and her sanctuary : Episodes about Fluttershy meeting new animals who need help. Showing how the sanctuary specifically works and what it's all about. Pinkie Pie : Her having a better sense of reality and reevaluating herself and a better understanding of herself. The Last Laugh was about her unnecessarily finding a purpose of life which she already knew. But she could at least think about it again more deeply. Applejack : Applejack already knows what to do. But there could have been more about her being in charge and being more comfortable about it, evolving from herself in Apple Family Reunion. Applejack episodes could also focus more about her as an individual and less about her family.
  7. If any of the Mane Six showed up in your house,how would you explain it to your parents/coltfriend/marefriend?
  8. Me: 16 to 21 yo. Lauren Faust: I think more about maturity level more than literally age. I think of them from anywhere from 12 - 17. I use the excuse that horses age differently than humans to give them their adult independence. Source:
  9. like Applejack in a farm i'm Raised on the hills near a small town it has cold winters celestia be praised for i loved snow as i've grown my hobbies start with nice long reads i'm a bit like twilight sparkle just before her friends she seeks a bit closed,not quick to chuckle which brings me to my other trait like fluttershy i'm very shy my similarities end there,not great for its plain i cannot fly like Rarity my greatest passion is in Art,i like to draw though i'm not well versed in fashion and i always look quite raw so if you are like Pinkie pie always looking for new friends don't hold back,just come say Hi lets form a bond that never ends p.s. as for you Rainbow Dash,i'm sorry you're too awesome to compare i couldn't fit you in my story but i wrote this verse,so there
  10. Red car is what I used to drive and I ponyfied it well I think, The beetle is the current pony rolling pony project.
  11. MY REVIEW: I know that everyone loves this episode, but I'm sorry: I honestly despised it. My main problem is that everyone besides the Mane 7 is a complete asshole. The other ponies don't just act a little jerky, they just flat-out insult, berate and abuse the Mane 6. Seriously, a group of ponies openly attack Fluttershy, but these ponies don't deserve my sympathy. Why? Because they don't have it. There's no personality in them besides "act rude towards Mane 6". They don't even show minor characters act like this and show a character development from kind to arguing, they're all brand new background ponies. Another problem is a huge consistency error. In the episode the Mane 6 publish their Friendship Journal, but at first everyone doesn't care about the lessons but rather about every pony treating the Mane 6 like celebrities, but then noticing flaws and attacking the Mane 6. Here's my plot-hole: The Mane 6 have been celebrities since the 2nd episode of the series! They've defeated tons of monsters and villains, helped Princess Celestia and several other ponies. They are virtually politicians but with more normal lives. If Equestria was the USA then the Mane 6 would be the Cabinet Members of the Twilight Administration. In this episode, they act like the Mane 6 were invisible until the book was published. Not just ponies from faraway places, but NORMAL EVERYDAY Ponyville citizens act like they've never met any of them. There are a few things that I enjoyed, like the song they played near the end, the few little pokes at the Brony community, and the message, to be fair is very well-thought out. But the message is also a double-edge sword. While it is a good message about not letting fads or popularity get in the way of your life and friendships, but this could have been made much more enjoyable and funny, but instead the main point of the episode is how unlikeable everyone else acts. they don't even learn their lesson! The episode just ends with all of Ponyville just arguing over how "weak and pathetic" the Mane 6 are. Dear writers: Where is the goddamn resolution? Nowhere, you just forgot. I personally hated this episode, it was incredibly mean-spirited and disgustingly cruel towards the Mane 6. All the other ponies in this episode can go burn in Hell, utter pricks. [Sorry if this review was ridiculously swear-filled and angry, I just had to get my anger out]
  12. Hi! I'm new 'round these parts so I thought I'd just throw some of my most recent art out there! There are some mistakes here and there, but these were just for practice anyway so I'm over it. I didn't want to take up too much space so I put all of the drawings into one image (which bothers me, what with the different background tones and whatnot), but you get the idea. ;P Direct link here: Thanks for taking a look!
  13. Every season that goes by, the more upset I get that Rarity has VIRTUALLY no backstory compared to the rest of the main 6. How did she get into fashion? Why does she wear makeup? Why does she choose to manipulate and bat her eyes at stallions (and Spike) into getting what she wants instead of simply asking nicely? Why does she like gemstones so much that she got upset when Spike said he was going to eat the fire ruby? It would make Rarity's 'negative' actions a whole lot more endearing if we knew WHY she did them. Instead people are just left to assume that Rarity is simply a shallow, selfish bitch and nothing more. It's probably why there's such a double standard when it comes to Rarity negative actions and everyone else's. For example, Fluttershy has be shown to care way more for animals than other ponies, which is negative in many situations, but it can be seen as endearing because we know that she was bullied relentlessly as a filly for being a weak flier. Animals don't judge her like ponies do. We also know how Fluttershy came to love animals in the first place. We know how Pinkie became the happy, bubbly pony she is, and when she realised she wanted to dedicate her life to making other ponies happy. We can forgive Pinkie for being insensitive and overbearing sometimes, because we know she has good intentions. We know Rainbow was bullied and given a horrible nickname as a filly, and she dropped out of flight school because she was lazy. We can (mostly) forgive Rainbow for being egotistical and arrogant, because we know it's to cover up some deep-seated insecurities she has and there is no malicious intent behind it. We know it was when Twilight saw Celestia raise then sun that one time that made her want to learn everything there was to learn about magic. We know how she got Spike. We know how she became Celestia's prized student. We can forgive Twilight for being a bad friend sometimes because we know she didn't have any before she came to Ponyville as she spend most of time studying. And Applejack is just Applejack. She doesn't really do anything wrong to begin with. Other than what happened to her parents, there isn't really anything worth knowing about her past. What do we know about Rarity's past? She found gems in a rock and put them on costumes, leading to her immediately getting her cutie mark. That's it. Nothing else. Doesn't give us much to work with when trying to analyse and understand her actions. So does anyone else think that Rarity's lack of backstory has anything to do with the criticism she receives?
  14. Oh, fan fics, where we re we might explore interesting takes of our favorite worlds and such. Many of them use OCs for their stories and such. But what about canon characters? We know that many fics put canon characters in unlikely situations, but not all put them in said situations without resorting in making them OOC. So. Which are the most interesting takes on canon characters that are not OOC in fanworks? Mine would be: Note: please, if said fact involves a mayor spoiler, please, put them in a spoiler tag -Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, no way our favorite nerdy princess would think of killing anyone, but Fallout EG made a good take if Twi was forced to take a life. we know the Fallout wastelands are no unicorns and rainbows, so, imagine the shock of Twi once she ended up in a nuclear war torn human world once she started to get worried about Sunny not responding to the messages in the book. Once shenanigans ensues, she gets her share of fights with raiders and other douches. Her lack of experience is compensated with her gifted tactical mind, overwhelming enemies with it. However, she developed a severe PTSD for all the killing she had, having nightmares, fearing she might become evil, and facing her friends and mentor in Equestria, out of fear of being outcast. -Black Widow: There's another character in Fallout Equestria Girls, she's an assassin of unknown purposes. She killed human Braeburn for yet undisclosed reasons (making a personal enemy out of Applejack), and many more people, mostly raiders, also fell victim of her. Well equipped, skilled, and deadly. It is of great shock once, in a fight between pony Twi, pony Sunny, Spikey Wikey and human AJ, it's discovered her identity: -Eris: From Persona EG, in a similar veil as Black Widow above, she's a badass female with her identity hidden. Unlike BW above, she's openly antagonistic towards the protagonists. Not only possessing a powerful persona of the same name, but also incredibly skilled close combatant. She's the most unlikely person, EVER: -Pinkie Pie: In the Friendship is Magic webcomic by Mauroz. Once she's transformed in a magical girl, she's the usual Pinks you'd expect, cheerful, fun loving, maybe a little flirty..... just the usual. But don't hurt her friends, or her idea of fun will turn into a sadistic enjoyment
  15. I just wanted to know everypony's opinion of who, out of the Mane 6, is your favorite singer during the songs and music scenes in the show. You can aslo discuss about specific songs by specific ponies you enjoy. For me, my favorite singers are both Applejack and Rarity. But if I had to pick only one, it would be Rarity, because her songs reminds me of the old Disney cartoons' songs~ 'Becoming Popular' is a perfect example I have. +EDIT+ Sorry for not adding the other wonderful singers we have along the show, like Flim & Flam, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Cadance. Their roles aren't just small compared to the Mane 6, but I'm also sure I'll be always forgetting some character as my memory is rather bad... You can still absent your vote for the poll and mention another singer that you enjoy.
  16. I hate to say it, but I'm getting a little board of the Mane 6. I feel like there is not much else to discover; we know all that we need to so far, but instead of abandoning them, let's start a new cast of main characters that already exist in the show! If you were to pick the new Mane 6, who would they be? They don't have to be only 6 characters; maybe more or less. They don't all have to be the same gender or age... they don't even have to be ponies! Be creative If I were to choose, I'd have the following characters: Vinyl Scratch, Minuette, Sonata Dusk, Sunset Shimmer, Dr. Whooves and Soarin'. ⁂ Vinyl Scratch -- Apart from being one of my favorite characters, Vinyl is a great character to have, being very unique. She is the one pony who is a DJ / Music producer that uses very modern sound structure in comparison of everypony musician. She is also roommates with Octavia, so we will see more of her too Also, Vinyl Scratch is the only character in the show featured, but not have a voice. A lot of fans want her to have one, although, I actually like the fact she doesn't. It adds to her unique personality and could add to some funny moments in the show, if she had to communicate to somepony who is aware of this, yet nopony else is. Minuette -- She has a history of being one of Twilight Sparkle's best friends, yet nopony ever believes she was ever a friend of the Princess of Friendship. Not that this really cares, being the joyfully pony she is. Minuette also knows Lyra and Pinkie Pie from Ponyville and not to mention her other friends, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts and Moondancer. Sonata Dusk -- Sure, she's evil... and not really a pony either. But as we have learnt from Sunset Shimmer, forgiveness and redemption is always a possibility. Her personality is very similar to Pinkie Pie's with a bit of added ignorance - so what could go wrong? Sonata Dusk is a siren who was banished to the human/equestria girls universe and took a form of a human. The Dazzlings and her self could still return to their old form by the use of something I won't say because of spoilers. But if Sonata were to go to the pony universe as a human, surly she would become a pony, right? Explanations aside, I think she would be a good character to have and learn more about. Sunset Shimmer -- She is already a very well developed character from the Equestria Girls movies and has some origins relating Princess Celestia. She could be the main protagonist for the show and follow in Twilight shadow, to prove to not only Celestia, but to her self how much she has learnt about the values of friendship. Dr. Whooves -- For starters, he's a colt, so there's some equality right there. Other than that, he is a scientist and based on some sort of character from a popular Sci-Fi TV series... who?~ His character is very interesting and has some similar interests with Twilight Sparkle. He is also friends with Derpy Hooves so... more Derpy! Soarin' -- Another Colt! c:We don't know too much about Soarin', apart from him being apart of the Wonderbolts. So it would be interesting to learn more about this character. He could also be an equivalent to Rainbow Dash, except not loud, cocky and egotistical (so basically, nothing like her, apart from being lazy and being a good flyer... .-. close enough.) If I were to add a character that is already in the Mane 6, I'd choose Fluttershy. She's kind, polite, sees the best out of everypony, and she's cute. There's no need to say anymore is there? I think it would be interesting to see how she could relate with everypony. It would be interesting to see any character relating with another. ⁂ What characters would you choose and why? I'd be interested to know your thoughts and ideas. *please try and keep your comments on the subject. c:
  17. YAAAS. Finally finished with it. 20+ hours put into this.
  18. Hello everyone, so I joined the mlpforums about 1 year ago. I was mainly active in the Fan Art section of the forums, posting drawings for fun. But due to problems with school and real life stuff, I ended up being inactive for a year or so. Even so, I still continued with traditional art and even tried digital art for a long amount of time. Eventually, I just ended up doing most of drawings or paintings in digital, using a drawing tablet. So I decided to "renew" my past drawings by using them as reference material, and drawing them in a more original concept. At the time, I practiced by looking up ponies on Google images and just draw what's on the screen, so I can get a feel for the proportions, and whatnot (which is perfectly fine because personally, it helps you progress as an artist). To sum up my rambling, I'll be posting the redo of my past drawings, sharing the progress with the community, hopefully enjoying the new artwork. Also, I'll be posting the past pony drawings so you can see the progress after a year. Updates would be whenever, depending on free time . Also one year of art doesn't qualify me to be any sort of master, so I know that I still have certain aspects to improve upon. Anyways, thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoy the artwork . Youtuber Fan-art for Subzero (MLP commentator). Not a redo, recent fan-art. Flash sentry and Twilight New Past
  19. Can also read it here: After reading, tell me your thoughts! -Shy ----------- In Canterlot City Hospital, an unconscious, fiery red and yellow haired teenager by the name of Sunset Shimmer was just admitted into the hospital with a life threatening injury. According to the ambulance drivers, she had deep gashes in her sides, chest and mid section. The front doors slammed open as the wounded teenager was taken on a gurney through the hospital hallways. The doctors tending to the girl began shouting orders to have her taken to the ER. “Patient’s name is Sunset Shimmer. According to her student ID she goes to Canterlot High and is seventeen years old,” shouted one of the nurses. “Get me her medical file, stat, and call her parents ASAP!” ordered the doctor. The nurse nodded. "Of course, Doctor. I'll get right on it." She rushed towards the front of the hospital and began typing on the computer. Soon, Sunset’s medical and emergency contact data was presented on the computer screen. She sent her findings to the ER station for the team tending to her. She found only one name on a list of contacts labeled “Adoptive Mother“ She rang. “Ms. De Lis? This is Canterlot Hospital. It’s about your daughter…” -=-=-=--=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-= About half an hour had passed when Sunsets adoptive mother, Fleur de Lis, ran through the open double doors of the hospital and stopped at the front desk wearing a pink and white dress. She was quite tall and had beautiful long pink hair and a body that screamed “model maker”. However, her face was completely drenched with tears, ruining her mascara. Following behind her was a man, dressed in a tuxedo with a monocle and had light blue hair and mustache. "I got the call and got over here as fast as I could. Where is she?" Fleur asked, frantically. "She's currently undergoing surgery in the ICU. We're not sure of her current status, but it was bad when she arrived.” She turned to the man. “And you are....” “Fancy Pants. I’m Fleur’s boyfriend, actually. But Sunset is like a daughter to me,” he answered. “Oh, my baby,” whispered Fleur as she held onto the counter to keep her balance, Fancy’s arms holding her around the waist to help. “I hope that she'll be okay…” The nurse guided them towards the ICU's waiting room, where they sat down and waited in each other’s embrace, praying Sunset would make it out okay. Although fifteen minutes had passed when a doctor came out, it seemed like a lifetime had gone by. The two turned pale upon seeing the blood on his gloved hands, uniform, and even a little bit on his mask. His cold expression didn't show any good signs and only increased their fears. He walked up them; they held their breaths. "Doctor, how is she? How's my Sunset? Is she going to live?" asked Fleur, doing her best not to jump the man and shake him for answers. The doctor sighed. "I'm sorry miss, but she's gone. We tried the best we could. We spent over an hour trying to save her life, but unfortunately, her injuries were... much too severe. I'm so very sorry". Those words, those horrid words that no parent ever wants to hear in their lifetime. It overwhelmed Fleur as she collapsed on the floor in an open sob. She whispered her daughters name over and over, asking why did this have to happen. She prayed to god, asking him to take good care of her while she's at peace. No longer suffering. Fleurs life changed completely. She had lost the one person she cherished the most out of anything in the world. Sunset Shimmer. Both Fancy and the Doctor wrapped their arms around Fleur comforting her and assuring her that she's in a better place. Fancy Pants was crying too, but not nearly as much as his girlfriend. He wanted to stay as strong as possible for his daughter. There was a long, dead silence in the hallway. Only the sounds of open cry could be heard. After the long embrace of pain and suffering, the trio let go of each other and Fleur stood back up on her two legs and turned to the Doctor with her discolored eyes. "Can…” sniff “…can I go see her?" The doctor wasn't sure upon seeing the pain Fluer was going through now that she had lost a loved one. He knew that she shouldn't have to go through anymore pain, but it was her daughter and she deserved to see her. Finally, he nodded and told them to follow him into the ER, where in front of them layed Sunset Shimmer who was covered with a blue blanket. A sign that she was no longer with them. Fleur gasped at the sight, but stayed strong. The doctor walked over to the Sunset Shimmers lifeless body "Would you like me to pull the cover down?". She nodded. The doctor proceeded and pulled the blue sheet down, revealing her face. A second later, her mom ran over and collapsed on her daughter's chest. The beating of her heart no longer existed. Her body still warm, yet lifeless. She looked as if she was only sleeping. Fluer began to cry again, this time even harder than before when she saw the injuries to her daughter’s chest, ribs and mid section. "Oh, sweetheart. My sweet, sweet Sunset". whispered Fleur as every memory she had of he daughter flipped through her head like a scrapbook. From the day she brought her home to the day she said goodbye when she went on her walk to her friends party. Fleur's shoulders heaved when the tears were starting to come down faster with every breath she took. Fancy Pants walked over and placed his hands on Fleurs shoulders. “Whatever expenses, whatever help you need, Fleur, I will do whatever it takes.” “Thank you,” whispered Fleur, as her tears continued to fall from her face down onto her daughter’s cheeks. The next few minutes were spent with the stroking of her daughters hair for the last time, when she heard a vibration coming from her daughters pocket. She reached for her phone and looked at the bright screen that flashed in her face. There it read, six missed calls by the name of Pinkie Pie as well as a flood of text messages saying "Where are you? Did you get lost in the town? We can't wait any longer!". Fleur knew exactly what she had to do. She dialed Pinkie Pie’s number, and a few moments later the phone picked up on the other end. "Hello? Sunset? Where are you silly! We've been waiting and waiting and we’re starting to get worried. Is everything okay?" Pinkie Pie asked on the other end "No" replied, Fleur. "What do you mean? Who is this?". "It's her mother." "Oh, well, where's Sunset? Why do you have her phone?". "Listen Pinkie, just… just get the rest of your friends and bring them to the hospital." She didn't say anything else, and hung up the phone.
  20. Okay, I hope I'm not the only person that's noticed this. It seems whenever something hard to explain happens in an episode, the writers just throw pinkie in with an interruption. Like,"Hey Apple Jack, where are your parents?" "Well ya see th-" "HEY GUYS, LOOK AT THIS REALLY COOL STICK!!!" Am I just rambling or does this actually make sense?
  21. Hey you guys! I'm SugarPie and I'm gonna start producing tshirts! I'm in the production stages and right now I need your help! I need your favorite quotes of your favorite of the mane6! I'll be sure to keep you all posted on when shirts will be up and where and those who help will have there usernames credited in the discription of the sales page!
  22. So I sometimes review games, I'm a brony, this an mlp forum, yeah I'll have to tackle this. So you all know about Fighting is Magic's cease and desist last year? Well it turns out people went and finished the game and released it. So I am here to talk about the game. For starters the music and graphics are pretty good actually. They seem to fit each area and the graphics don't seem bad considering it's fan made. It is also fun and ironic to have your favorite ponies from the show about friendship beating the crap out of each other for no reason. Seriously why are they doing that anyway? Could it be the work of Discord? Each move seems to fit the characters well. Pinkie can shoot a party cannon, Rainbow Dash can shot storm clouds at you, Twilight uses magic, Applejack has a lasso, etc. Now lets talk about what a lot of people seem to have problems with when playing, the AI difficulty. Maybe it's because I barely have any experience with these types of fighting games (I was more into smash brothers as a kid, a completely different fighting game style) but these AIs are way too overpowered. Seriously, you're lucky if you can get a hit. I can make it passed the first fight in story mode but not the second fight. A difficulty setting or a training mode would be nice. It would also be nice to include AIs in versus mode where you can set their difficulties to your playing level. Also, trying to perform a combo is near impossible. You have to try so many button combinations, it's confusing even when playing on a controller. Then again, a controller is still easier than the actual keyboard. So basically, If you're more of a casual gamer like me, I wouldn't recommend story mode at all unless you really wanna challenge yourself. I would recommend you to play versus mode with your brony friend if you want more of a fun factor. However story mode might be a fun ride if you're experienced with the Street Fighter style fighting. But alas, I'm not. I've only played one Street Fighter game, on a 3ds demo in a Game Stop for like 5 minutes. Overall, the game is a decent game that could use some tweaking. Then again, this is fan made so you can't expect it to be perfect. It just needs to be polished out is all. Final score: 7/10
  23. Ever since Show Stoppers we all have known what the CMC's talents are. From that point on all episodes centered around them getting their cutie marks seem pointless since we already know what their talents are. So I ask all of you, what do you think they should do? In my opinion they should shop the whole 'lets get our cutie marks' thing, maybe if you kept the CMC together but went in a different, more original direction with it, it wouldn't seem like they are beating a dead horse.
  24. Have you overlooked anypony in the show and then later came to like them or even love them? I sure did and 3 ponies in particular come to mind, Rainbow Dash: I was never one of her haters and I did like her but thought she was a tad overrated until Sleepless In Ponyville and Wonderbolt Academy changed my mind and bumped her to my 3rd and later 2nd favorite pony. I like that we got to see her sensitive side by taking on sisterly roll to Scootaloo and look forward to some more Scootalove in the future both because it is adorable and presents several opportunities for excellent character development for both of them. And we got to see that Rainbow Dash can be responsible as she risked her dream to become a Wonderbolt to do the right thing. She is still cocky and often reluctant to show her feelings but there is no question she has grown the most out of the mane 6. Rarity: While I wasn't one of her hard core haters I didn't like Rarity that much at first because I found her overly dramatic premadonna attitude to be annoying. But looking back at the episodes that focus on her found that while the writers emphasize that side of her a bit too much for my liking she can also in many cases be generous and cares very deeply about her friends and goes to great lengths to please her sister Sweetie Belle. She has a great deal of potential as a character that I hope comes out in season 4 as we haven't seen much of her in season 3. Twilight Sparkle: I overlooked her mainly because I tend to do that with leader characters in general because alot of them seem a bit too perfect sometimes and often find the other characters to be more interesting case in point is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Leonardo the leader of the group being my least favorite. It is not that I hated Leo I just don't find him as interesting as his brothers but I liked 2003 version because it showed that he is not always mr perfect. It was when a friend of mine observed that I have a lot in common with her that I realized he was right and rexamined her character and started to really relate to her to the point where she became my 2nd favorite pony and later became tied with Applejack and Luna for best pony.