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Found 8 results

  1. I am a junior Marine who just to my permanent duty station, and i was wondering if anyone else else on this site is a member of the armed forces, weather from the United states or overseas. And wondering what everyone else though of bronies in the military.
  2. I was having an argument with my brother who said that all bronies are on the lower end of the masculine side of the human race(typical hater stuff) and I asked him what he thinks is the most masculine thing he could think if and he said a soldier. I (unlike most in this generation) understand the sacrafice and hardships soldiers endure to keep us safe so i was wondering: has anypony ever, present or past served in war? If it's not too much to ask of course.
  3. Questioning the RJL signature at the bottom? Those are the initials of the people who I worked with for this. R-Me. J-My girlfriend. L-A very good friend. Will not give out names for obvious reasons.
  4. On one side: a ruthless, unstoppable automaton pony with a heart. The greatest thing to come out of Friendship is Witchcraft, perhaps the best headcanon interpretation of Sweetie Belle. She has so much power inside of her, you don't even KNOW what she can do. On the other side: the Marines. The few, the proud. The elite brotherhood of the U.S. military. Trained to weather unforseeable extremes to defend their nation. Unfortunately, not cartoons. But I imagine a few of them are pony fans. Who shall come out victorious?
  5. I been gone for awhile, but now i'm back to show how much I love everybrony and the United states Marines. I even had time to cook up this little quicky I'm jest happy to be back here with you girls, boys, sexy ladies, creepy guys, artist, music lovers, and others BTW If your doing nothing with your life but watching MLP, gaming, and being lazy GET YOUR LAZY A$$ UP AND JOIN THE MARINES
  6. I did this up as a proof of concept for what I want on my Standard Bearers standard for my Dark Angels Deathwing army. I hope to make many a heretic cower in its fearsome might!
  7. I was just wondering if there are any other military ponies on the forums? Reason for the random question is because I am currently at the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, CA and I am kind of alone out here. Public showers, public sleeping quarters and no real privacy. Want to see if any of my brothers/sisters out there are also my bronies or pegasisters in here. If so, what branch? What job, where are you stationed? What do you do and do you let your buddies know about your brony hood? I myself am stationed at Ft. Drum. Me and my wife(Pegasister!) are always looking to hang out as well. If anyone is up in north western NY, love to hear from ya some time. I was kind of despised last night in the showers last night cause I was approached by a group of what I would assume to be infantry guys. They saw my Rainbow Dash tattoo and decided to mess with me. Really embarassing considering it's usually a no go to really talk to anyone in the showers you dont know. The strange thing is that I've also been approached by someone, just one person, that said he really liked my tattoo, said I was brave for getting it and sporting it and that he was actually a big fan of Fluttershy. (Thus, part of the reason I made this thread Progress! By wild chance you're here and proud of your bronyhood, brother, I hang out in the Czee zone!)
  8. Just a thought, How do you think the Equestrian Miliary works? They obviously have one, It's easy to see all the guards the princess has. Twilight's brother is part of the Royal Guard, so I guess thats one branch. Is there an Air Force with Pegasi? A navy with ships ran by ponies? Army with unicorns? Do they have a multi gendered military? If they have multiple branches, can anypony join any branch (ie earth pony joining the airforce)? DO they need a military? Who are they defending themselves from? Please don't think to deeply about politics and such, not nessary. This has nothing to do with the American Military, SO DONT TALK ABOUT IT! THIS IS ONLY ABOUT EQUESTRIA! I am not trying to bring up contriversy, so dont bring it into this...please