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Found 27 results

  1. I'm starting to not see what's so special about being romantically in love with someone. I mean about more than half of romantic couples either break up with each other or divorce each other, while most platonic best friends remain friends until death. So I'm starting to think that having a platonic best friend is a lot better than having a romantic partner or spouse is.
  2. it seems recently that marriage has lost its importance, and maybe for good reason? People are free to live their lives unmarried if they choose to do so without getting scoffed at. But also, it makes marriage a little more special because people are doing it out of love rather than, say, financial security. what are your opinions? do you want to get married? do you see marriage as necessary? do you yourself want to get married and have wedding plans planned out, or do you want to elope? just to be clear, there's no debate going on here. don't talk about how romance is stupid and there will be no discussion on whether or not certain people have a right to marry, because everyone does (barring nonconsensual marriages, but still) personally, i like the idea of marriage, but if i were to get married i wouldn't want a big traditional wedding. no giving me away, maybe a veil just to complete the look, though my whole family would have to come also there's only gonna be a wedding and a reception, no weird side parties or whatever. or I'll just elope like my parents did
  3. Simply share on when you think is the best time for two people to be married. You can include details such as age, finical well-being, details of relationship closeness, time they've been together. etc. ~
  4. In the event we peacefully made contact with a universe of MLP FIM. No war, blah blah blah, trans-dimensional portal linking both universes, blah blah blah. And after some point during few months after first contact, a spinet MLP FIM Pony and Human fall in love, get married and have mutant babies together with magic. How do you think our more less open minded Humans like the Westboro Baptist Church would react? I think it be so funny if Westboro Baptist Church saw the Human male and a stallion (seeing how homophobic they are) to be the first xenophilia relationship to happen we between Humans and Ponies. I think the Internet would go insane.
  5. Ok, so i know nobody can control what your first child will be(well unless you adopt them), or your second, or 25th(how you could have 25 children sounds a bit crazy unless you adopted them all to be honest but uh..) However, i'm just curious frankly, i dunno the question came to mind, and i wondered what people would prefer for their first child. Regardless of if you end up having more then one child, i want to know what you think you'd prefer as your first born(Even if its your last) as far as gender is concerned. So, if you had the ability to control it, what would you be your preferred gender for your first child? Regardless of whether you'll have more or not. Your reasons could be based on you thinking one easier, or one would make it easier to raise another child, or you just prefer to have a girl or a boy and not the other. This isn't necessarily a which is easier to raise in your opinion, so don't be confused, but just which you prefer as your first born gender wise. If you don't plan on having any children thats ok, i'd still like if you participate with which you prefer, but its up to you. Remember everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so i'm sure people will have many different opinions. I'm simply curious to what others opinions are and what they prefer and why for their first born. So without further rambling and expressing the fact I am a super long winded and boring individual... Lets get on with this. What would you rather have a boy or a girl as your firstborn? I personally can see reasons for both frankly, but i have a slight inclination towards a girl, just because i'm a guy and girls end up being typically speaking to like their fathers more, where as sons and fathers tend to conflict more. Of course i hope both would love me regardless. And I do plan to have a girl and a boy 1 each, of course I guess i'll have to see how things play out in the future(And if for that matter I ever get someone willing to marry me and give me two children ;p.) So how about y'all?
  6. I've been kind of pondering on this solution and topic for quite awhile now. I was wondering... Is it possible to have a Marriage RP in the forums? You know, between two ponies, such and such?
  7. Since it's typically women who take men's last names, I was wondering how it makes you women on the forms feel about that. Are you okay with taking your husband's name? Men, what would you think of taking your wife's name rather than she taking yours? LGBT+, do you just play rock-paper-scissors or...? (I'm joking here, if it isn't obvious)
  8. Do a marriage proposal to the above person. Include whatever reasoning you deem fit. (You can also reply to previous proposals to you if you so please) Mlpforums, will you do me the honor of being my husband, or wife...or....websitteee....? Just because you're such a pretty website.
  9. There are still people who do not support gay rights. And there are still countries who have banned gay marriage. There are still shootings, massacres, funerals and more that have happened today. But if there is anything worth celebrating, it would be the SCOTUS decision on marriage. Personally, I'm a straight, white, male from Georgia. But I'll celebrate today. And I'll celebrate tomorrow. Then maybe it's time to get back to the grindstone on all these other issues. But either way, it's time to celebrate. Oh, and smile
  10. How about this Bronies You get to marry your favorite pony in your life and have kids together. Format of Post What if I married [your best pony] [optional picture] [the story] Now here is mine What if I married twilight sparkle Story: After a beautiful wedding with my best pony, twilight sparkle. We went to an island hotel and have our honeymoon there. During our honeymoon, I was happy that I was with her then we mate hard but nice. Then nine months later she gave birth to a pony. A mare said the nurse. So we together give her a personality. So I trained her to become a gamer and she train her to become a bright pony. So she is a nerd gamer pony. So we are both working parents after all. So get a caretaker. So our daughter is happy with games and books. So she had best grades and became a scholar to one the best universities in Equestria. Then we enjoy having trips around the globe during retirement. And I have a wonderful life
  11. Directions: You put I would marry:, and then put the ponies name of which you would marry. Simple.
  12. Since there are mules in Ponyville, does it mean a marriage of a donkey and a pony is valid ? Edit: Keep in mind mules are normally it really a good thing for a donkey and a pony to be together? I think the question has gone beyond Marriage law, It's an Ethical Crisis now! And is gay marriage or cousin marriage legal in Equestria? What's the legal age to marry? I think it's really an interesting topic....if it's okay to discuss it here..... What do you think and what would you like to be?
  13. :blink: :blink: :blink: Ok... I mean... seriously? Not too long ago, like last Thursday... me and my fiance went to the US Embassy for our meeting to have his Visa approved so we can travel back to America together. It was approved in less then 5mins and said they'd mail his visa to us within 10business days... So assumingly I figured it wouldn't arrive here for at least two weeks. WRONG It arrived here not more then an hour ago!!! TODAY!!! Now comes more chaos for me and him instead of the two of us offically getting some time to relax its just more planning, with our flights especially. Its alot to think about because we have to choose the cheapest flight we can that wont force us to stay at an airport over night (because that is a nightmare) land in an American airport with connection flights that take more then 3hrs of waiting because we need those 3hrs to get through immigration security with his visa and packet, and still be convient to my family about picking us up the next day on our arrival PANIC!!!! lol
  14. The user above you just proposed to you. What do?
  15. I "pity" those clones so much, that I came up with this idea: (read carefully!) + There once was a CEO whose company discovered the "Mirror Pool", and had his men fish out all the clones in the pool (with all their rule 63'd counterparts in the other "Mirror Pool") without being cloned in the process. After that, all the Pinkie Pies are placed on one side, and the Bubble Berries on the other. Millions of doctors were hired to strip them of their dimensional powers and Party Cannons, and then they awaken them with defibrillators-whatever they are. Each pony is placed inside a pen (with a bed and a decently-covered bathroom, and two windows to talk to its friends), and these are some of the rules: * no partying * all ponies MUST wear clothes: undergarments included. Dress code: males: shirt, shorts, undies. females: blouse, pants or dress or skirt, innerwear * all mane-styles must be different from other manes. * no going to the other side, though talking to the stallions/mares is allowed. * no fighting allowed * no escaping * only stallion-mare pairings allowed. No stallion-stallion, mare-mare pairings. Only one stallion with a mare. When they become mature (e.g. 21/23 yrs.) any who wishes to marry may ask the stable officers. The pink stallion and mare are taken to a place where they are wedded, and are taken to a row of houses. The couple may choose any one to do anything they like within there, most likely to consummate their love in total privacy. Any child they have will be raised first by the mother until it is weaned, in which it is separated and raised in the male/female ward, away from adults. Well, due to this oppression, all of them will really want to escape, or get sold to Humans. They're so depressed, that if you mention of bring anything to do with "parties" or "fun", they will be even more happier than a stabled horse brought to pasture. Due to the unpopularity of this scheme, and the people's desire to leave them in other countries to be destroyed by the dictators who live there, there have been plans to ship them all to a terraformed planet where they can be all by themselves, and build their own civilisation. Can you add to these ideas? Would you like to help these poor horses escape, and wreak havoc on the CEO? Oh, and one more thing: create a situation where a Pinkie Pie and a Bubble Berry meet by the opposite sides of the fence. And cue plenty of rivals from either side: girls eyeing after their "boy", and vice versa, all occuring at once.
  16. Is anybody about to get married? Do you know someone else who’s getting married? Are you otherwise involved in planning a wedding? What would you think about making it an MLP themed wedding? I’m certain Equestria Daily, Everfree Radio and other sources for everything Pony and Brony would love covering such a wedding. Here’s a page that has suggestions for an MLP themed wedding:
  17. Just as the topic says, are you a married brony/pegasister? Well let's chat about how the marriage is going! I'll go first, since I've not found any topics really relating to it. So me and my husband are newly weds, he's in fact a Trekkie and far from a brony, where as I'm a brony *Squee*. So I guess you can say its been going amazingly!!! Sure we have our little bumps along the way, nothing major. We are still struggling with what we plan to do in regards to getting our own place. The circumstances have forced us to live with my folks due to that we're going through an immigration process and job offers are scarce etc. But I know we'll get through these barriers together long as we support each other. We tend to have a routine in the morning, we get up, I make the bed and he starts up our computers, I'll get some coffee and water, he gets his fiber cereal, and we enjoy the rest of our day together. When evening falls and we've had our dinner, we let our pet rats out to play while we watch Star Trek lol! Then after we've had our fill we'll watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory, or Survivorman, Miami 24/7 Airport, or Mystery Diners, before brushing our teeth and going to bed, cycle repeats unless we want to be spontanious!
  18. In a parallel universe, where people are more tolerant than our own. People can marry sapient species like Zoidbeg, Human or even MLP FIM Ponies in this universe. But there's still small groups of racist xenophobes like the Westboro Baptist Church, that go around protesting outside the weddings of Human and Pony marrying, or Zoidberg and Human marrying. So, you would or would you not join the protest?
  19. Hey everyone, good to be back and good to see MLP Forums up and running again. Man, a lot changed during the outage. - I graduated with a Ph.D. in business - I got married to an awesome woman - We have two kids now, both are about to begin school - I bought a new house - I got promoted at my job - the Detroit Lions still didn't win a Super Bowl So yeah, kinda bummed I couldn't share all this great stuff with the forums as it happened. Oh well. Hope everyone experienced similar life growth during the outage like I did.
  20. After watching "A Canterlot Wedding" for the billionth time, I thought... Where are the rings put on a pony who isn't an alicorn of unicorn? Because in "A Canterlot Wedding" - the ring goes on the horn, and I couldn't possibly imagine where else a ring could go on an Earth pony of Pegasus. So yeah, any ideas?
  21. I recently saw a post that asks “Do your parents know you’re a Brony?” ( At least to me, that question seems to be inspired from an understandable assumption that people seem to make (as far as I’m concerned) that participants in movements such as The Brony Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”). But that general assumption is not always true (and I for one am gald it isn't). I do believe some people also thought that all participants in The Occupy Movement are young adults who are in High School or College (or are at least of “college age”); but in reality, people from all ages actively participate in Occupy, and I also do believe that The Brony Movement is something for everyone (except of course the more Adult Oriented activities). For example, I do see that some if not many of the shows crew who are married with children (notably Tara Strong) find time to dedicatedly participate with the Brony movement. So, are there any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers on these Froums who are married with children? Or, do any of you on these Forums know any Bronies (including Pegasisters) or general fans/viewers who are married with children?
  22. I was bored and came up with this out of nowhere. This one is a bit odd, so bear with me here. So, if you could marry any alien, what kind of alien would he or she be? Why? You may use aliens from any book, movie, game, or you can create your own. Go wild and remember, have fun! As usual, I shall start off. If I could marry any alien, she would be a Quarian from the Mass Effect trilogy. I find that quarians have a natural appeal to them. First of all, the fact that what they look like is a complete mystery to everyone in the galaxy. To me, I love how mysterious they are. Second, their accents. Sweet Celestia, their accents. I don't have to say much here other than I think their voices are really cute and sexy at the same time. Finally, their legs and hips. I don't know, but just the way their legs are shaped is quite attractive to me. Perhaps it's a fetish, who knows? Also, their hips are gorgeous. It's kind of hard for me not to notice that. The hips stand out to me as being sexy in all the right ways.
  23. :wub: In a German town called Husem, me and my fiance along with his mother went to buy our engagement rings. It was kinda another 'real deal' thing, that this is actually happening, we really are getting married after all this time! No we couldn't go all crazy and buy super expensive golden diamond rings, but we did manage to pick out a pair that fit us just right. They are made of a strong steel both paired together, mine being the only one that has 3 specks of diamonds in it. I was never one for jewelery, I never wear any in fact, but this is our wedding ring and I dont ignore tradition on weddings. I took one look at it and was proud to say "this is my wedding ring to you baby". He and I locked eyes like we did back when we first met, its that twinkle in us that never died since our first physical meet, and that butterfly feeling in our stomachs came fluttering back like when we made our first kiss. *sighs* I cant express the feeling of romance from it all. He and I both split the cost of the rings too. Granted I hear its usually the man who buys the rings but since we were doing it together and I have a hard time of people buying things for me, we both agreed to split the cost though he paid 5euros more then me meh... His mom then bought a bike lock with our names on it and the date we purchased the rings because they have a small tradition when couples who are getting married, lock their lockette on a stair fence at the front of the town. We bought a green locket with his name and mine and the date and hanged it, taking pictures while doing so. It was just GAH... amazing day with my future hubby
  24. Tara, if you're reading this, I want you to know that you are my favorite actress to ever exist... ever. You're beautiful. Oh my God are you beautiful. You should totally marry me. I'm a hero among my people. I'm a stronghold when the storms roll in. You KNOW you want this. You know it. I'm here for you. All you have to do is message me back and I'll get wedding plans on the way.